Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 496 Book 4: 173: A Peerless State Scholar

Chapter 496 Book 4: 173: A Peerless State Scholar

Chapter 496 Book 4: 173: A Peerless State Scholar

Book 4: Chapter 173: A Peerless State Scholar


The doors to the palace hall that Gu Hai was in opened.

Many officials had gathered outside the palace hall.

Salutations, Your Majesty! the officials greeted.

Your Majesty, what were you cultivating? Why Chang Ming looked at Gu Hai in shock.

The ten days of divine sounds had thoroughly shocked Chang Ming. He initially thought he had learned an incredible cultivation technique from his wild-looking master. However, that cultivation technique was nothing compared to Gu Hais.

Gu Hai did not answer Chang Ming. Instead, he looked at the officials and asked, Did any citizens get injured or die from the shock waves?

The official leading the group answered with a bitter expression, Yes. This official has already pacified the citizens and checked on them. Although we had the ritual array to protect us, the shock waves from Imperial Emperor Xi Yu were too powerful. Some of it seeped past the ritual array. There were nearly one million casualties.

Nearly one million? Gu Hais expression turned cold.

Yes! Venerable Liu Nian is currently chanting the scriptures for the dead to find peace, that official said respectfully.

Bring us over, Gu Hai said.


Surrounded by officials, Gu Hai quickly headed to where the citizens gathered.

It had been ten days. The hazy sky had already cleared up.

Gu Hai entered the residential area of the citizens.

Salutations, Your Majesty!

Long live Your Majesty! May Your Majesty live for ten thousand years!

Countless citizens bowed to Gu Hai. Be it because of the battle ten days ago or the phenomenon that lasted ten days, the citizens now had even more respect for Gu Hai.

Soon, Gu Hai and his group arrived at an area filled with coffins.

Hundreds of thousands of family members wailed as they hugged the coffins. Venerable Liu Nian sat in the center, chanting the scriptures, trying to help the dead find peace.

Your Majesty? The family members felt slightly startled when they saw Gu Hai. However, sorrow still lingered in their eyes.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yus attack and Qin Yuns World Cleansing Shut Eyes Meditation both possessed a might surpa.s.sing what a royal dynasty could take. Perhaps it was Gu Hai who brought this disaster upon them, but no one blamed him.

Even though no one blamed him, Gu Hai found this unbearable in his heart.

Bring wine! Gu Hai called out.

The officials immediately brought Gu Hai a flask of wine.

Chaoge City citizens? Several months ago, we were not in Chaoge City, allowing the Bat Ancestor to come and harm the citizens. That was our mistake. Ten days ago, we were at Chaoge City, but we still failed to protect hundreds of thousands of citizens. That was our great mistake. We are ashamed. We sincerely offer this wine as a toast to the souls of the brave departed as a sign of our apology! Gu Hai slowly poured the wine on the ground.

[TL Note: Pouring wine on the ground in front of a grave is how wine is offered to the dead in Chinese culture. This practice is pretty widespread and is not limited to Asia. Here is a Wikipedia entry on it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Libation.]

Your Majesty, its not your fault!

Your Majesty, you did your best. It is not your fault!

Without Your Majesty, all of us would be dead. Your Majesty, dont blame yourself!

The citizens immediately consoled Gu Hai.

You trusted us, but we failed to protect everyone. How can we be blameless? The Yuan Imperial Dynasty repeatedly came to humiliate the Han Royal Dynasty, causing the deaths of Han Nation citizens several times. If we do not take revenge for this, how can we face everyone? Now, we make a promise before all the brave souls of the departed and the citizens. We will fight the Yuan Nation to the last gasp! Brave souls of the departed, wait and see. We will avenge you. We will use the Yuan Nations destruction as an offering to everyone to make up for the Han Nations humiliation! Gu Hai shouted.

Long live my emperor! May my emperor live for ten thousand years! tens of millions of citizens saluted.

Send word to the various city lords. Gather our military forces and officials and follow us to attack the Yuan Imperial Dynasty! Gu Hai said.

Yes! the officials shouted.

After the Han Royal Dynasty issued a Yuan Denunciation, Gu Hai mobilized the military to the south to avenge the nations humiliation and settle the grudge. At the same time, the Qian Heavenly Dynasty issued a Declaration of Exterminating Four Factions and sent its military to the Floating Cloud Sect, the Xuan Imperial Dynasty, the Ye Imperial Dynasty, and the Yuan Imperial Dynasty.

Southern Suppression Supreme Commander, Long Shenwu, led the attack on the Yuan Imperial Dynasty, marching his soldiers into the Yuan Nations territory.

The flames of war broke out in the Yuan Nations territory.

Major Metropolitan City:

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu finally returned.


Dispirited, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu charged into the Great Sigh Palace Hall and shut the palace doors.

Your Reverence! A group of officials gathered at the Great Sigh Palace Halls entrance. However, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu refused to open the door.

Wheres my father? Did anyone see my father? Qin Zibai anxiously asked the officials.

Lord Qin, His Reverence returned alone. We did not see your father. The officials shook their heads.

Qin Zibai felt exceptionally anxious. However, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu shut himself up in the Great Sigh Palace Hall. No one could do anything about it.

On tenterhooks, Qin Zibai rushed straight to the imperial prison.

Mister Mo! Mister Mo, His Reverence returned. However, he shut himself in the Great Sigh Palace Hall and refuses to meet anyone! Qin Zibai called out to Mo Yike.

Mo Yike remained leaning against the corner, showing a faint, bitter smile. It looks like His Reverence suffered a great shock in Chaoge City.

Mister Mo, you are good at a.n.a.lyzing. What do you think happened to my father? My father did not return; what could have happened to him? Qin Zibai asked nervously.fr???e???vel.???

Mo Yike looked up at Qin Zibai. Then, he shook his head and said, I dont know. After all, it will take some time to figure out what happened in Chaoge City. What I do know is that the Qian Nations soldiers have already invaded my Yuan Nations territory.

But Qin Zibai still felt anxious.

Lord Qin, theres no need to worry too much about your father. After all, you cant change anything. It is better to think of how to get His Reverence to deal with the Qian Nations soldiers, right? Mo Yike said, forcing a smile.

The agitated Qin Zibai could only nod in agreement. However, His Reverence has refused to meet anyone since he returned. What should we do?

Mo Yike said after some silence, If His Reverence refuses to meet anyone, there is no way to deal with the matter. Hah. In that case, deal with it on my behalf.


Right now, you hold prestige in the military. Immediately inform the various cities to mobilize all the soldiers to defend with everything they have, Mo Yike said.

Me? However, I do not have that authority. Mobilizing the army on my own accord is greatly disrespectful! Qin Zibai argued fearfully.

Just mobilize the military. His Reverence will not blame you, Mo Yike said with certainty.


Because of your father, Mo Yike said confidently.

What happened to my father? Qin Zibais expression changed.

Mo Yike showed a faint, bitter smile, realizing that he had slipped up. However, he shook his head and said, Would your father mobilize the military?

Qin Zibai fell silent.

The Yuan Nation is in danger; this is urgent. Lord Qin, since His Reverence is not dealing with it, only you can command the military, Mo Yike said gravely.

I will listen to you. Qin Zibai nodded.

Many thanks, Mo Yike said in grat.i.tude after letting out his bated breath.

Without the authority to do so or a sovereigns order, mobilizing the military was treason. No one would agree to this. However, Qin Zibai did. Mo Yike was grateful for that.

Also, take my token to the officials of my Mo Clans factions. Get them to contain these people, Mo Yike added seriously.

As Mo Yike spoke, he took out a scroll with many names on it.

ThisMister Mo, you asked me for paper and brush to write down these names? Contain them? Could it be? Qin Zibais expression changed.

Mo Yike nodded. Perhaps some of them are innocent. However, I do not have the time to make certain. We are facing difficult times. I would rather arrest the wrong person than let any of them escape.

Qin Zibai looked at Mo Yike in confusion. Mister Mo, His Reverence already imprisoned you. Why are you still working so hard?

I am loyal to the Yuan Imperial Dynasty, not His Reverence, Mo Yike sighed.


I promised my father that I would do whatever I can to protect the Yuan Imperial Dynasty, no matter what. Unless the Yuan Nation is destroyed, I have to be loyal to it. Imprisoned? Hah! It is just the death penalty. I do not mind another charge! Mo Yike said bitterly.

Qin Zibai remained silent as he looked at Mo Yike. Eventually, he bowed respectfully to Mo Yike. Mo Yike, you are indeed a peerless state scholar. Please accept a bow from me.

Mo Yike smiled faintly.

Mister Mo, my Qin Clan will aid you. I will listen to whatever instruction you have, Qin Zibai said seriously.

Mo Yike nodded. Many thanks, Lord Qin!

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu refused to meet anyone. Nevertheless, the Yuan Imperial Dynasty continued to operate as normal.

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However, the central command of the entire Yuan Nation moved to the imperial prison. Mo Yike gave out instructions, a.s.signing the officials various tasks.

The Mo Clan and Qin Clan took action, quickly arresting many officials in the imperial court. Most of them were Qian Nation spies. Mo Yike did not have time to make certain about the minority who might be innocent.

While information was continuously sent to the frontline, information from the frontline also reached Major Metropolitan City. Indeed, when Mo Yike received the information, the Qian Nation had already conquered three cities.

My father died! Hahahaha! My father died! Father! Qin Zibai lamented incessantly.

Seeing Qin Zibais sorrowful expression, Mo Yike sighed softly, Uncle Qin? Hah! So, that is the case. So, that is the case. He repaid his debt of grat.i.tude to His Reverence.

Who killed my father? Is it Gu Hai? Is it the Qian Heavenly Emperor? Is it Long Shenwu? Qin Zibai demanded with a ferocious expression.

Lord Qin, why do you not consider His Reverence? Mo Yike countered.

Upon hearing Mo Yikes words, Qin Zibai immediately slumped down. Indeed, his father had died for Imperial Emperor Xi Yu. No one killed him. He did it to save Imperial Emperor Xi Yu. He could not blame Gu Hai, the Qian Heavenly Emperor, or Long Shenwu.

In the end, your father is different from mine. When my father died, he wanted me to be loyal to the Yuan Nation. When your father died, he repaid all of the Qin Clans debt of grat.i.tude to the Yuan Nation. Hah! Uncle Qin? Everyone underestimated you, even my father! Mo Yike smiled bitterly.

Before Father left, he really was saying goodbye to me. Why could I not tell?! Why could I not tell? Qin Zibai said sorrowfully.

It would have been useless even if you could. Uncle Qin made up his mind six centuries ago. How could you have stopped him? Uncle Qin could give up his sight for six centuries for this one day. How could a few words from you sway him? Mo Yike said, forcing a smile.

Qin Zibai appeared dejected.

This time, His Reverence suffered a great shock. The Yuan Nation cannot do without His Reverence. We need to get His Reverence to pull himself together, Mo Yike said through clenched teeth.