Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 477 Book 4: 154: Igniting the Divine Flame

Chapter 477 Book 4: 154: Igniting the Divine Flame

Chapter 477 Book 4: 154: Igniting the Divine Flame

Book 4: Chapter 154: Igniting the Divine Flame

The evil aura was black. However, when it burst out, it appeared different from the black energy the Bat Ancestor unleashed. The Bat Ancestors black energy seemed righteous and orthodox compared to Shangguan Hens.

Huh? Its appearance slightly startled the surrounding vampires.

The Bat Ancestor turned his head to look.

Earlier, that black tortoise was not even worth a strike. What is up with his aura now?

Insignificant bat, you beat me into a sorry state earlier. Hehehehehehe! Shangguan Hen scowled ferociously as he looked in the Bat Ancestors direction.

When Shangguan Hen formed that ferocious expression, his aura soared exceptionally fast.

From the previous Nascent Soul Realm aura, it soared to the peak Nascent Soul Realm. Then, Lower Heavenly Palace Realm. Then, peak Lower Heavenly Palace Realm. Then, Middle Heavenly Palace Realm. Then, peak Middle Heavenly Palace Realm. Even after that, his aura continued to grow.


The evil aura exploded, scattering all the bats in the sky. In the blink of an eye, Shangguan Hens aura became no weaker than the Bat Ancestors.

How can this be possible? Crown Prince Ao Sheng goggled in a distant courtyard.

Who is this Shangguan Hen? Why did his strength suddenly soar to such a level? This is impossible!

Whoa! Shangguan Hen suddenly roared.

Suddenly, a gigantic black snake at least three kilometers long appeared behind Shangguan Hen.

Shangguan Hen stepped onto the snakes head, fiercely surveying his surroundings.

Countless bats flew in the sky. Nearby, the Bat Ancestors expression changed.

What monster is this? A three-kilometer-long snake?

A snake?

This snake has already grown to three kilometers. It could have evolved into a dragon long ago but did not?

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

The gigantic snake flicked its tongue out, slithering slowly around the rubble of Huangfu Palace Hall.

Acting all mysterious. Humph! the Bat Ancestor snorted coldly as he extended a finger.

Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech!

An overwhelming number of bats charged at the snake, looking like they wanted to drain it dry of blood.

Then, the snake opened its mouth wide and sucked.


The snake sucked in all the bats in an instant.

What? The Bat Ancestors expression changed.

This is real? He is not acting mysterious this time?

In the ruined palace, countless officials nursing their injuries looked at Shangguan Hen, on the head of the three-kilometer-long snake, in shock.

What is this situation? To think that Mister Shangguan is so incredible?

Alright. Leave this insignificant bat to me. I promised Shangguan Hen to save everyone. If everyone cannot flee, his consciousness will not rest easy. Ill block this insignificant bat. All officials, a.s.sist the citizens in leaving with everything you have, Shangguan Hen snorted coldly.

Yes! the surrounding officials cried out in joy.

Many thanks, Mister Shangguan! Many thanks, Mister Shangguan! countless citizens in despair cried out loudly.

Kill him! The Bat Ancestor pointed to Shangguan Hen.


Chang Shengs third brother suddenly charged down. He launched an attack, sending a manifested palm at Shangguan Hen.

A cold glint flashed in Shangguan Hens eyes. Then, the gargantuan snake he stood on swung its tail.

The manifested palm of Chang Shengs third brother exploded with a loud report. However, the force of the tail had not dissipated, continuing to charge at him.


The attack sent Chang Shengs third brother flying.

Then, the gargantuan snake spat out surging green energy.




The green energy covered the nearby bat spirits. The deadly toxin immediately started melting their bodies.

You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! the Bat Ancestor groaned coldly and threw a palm strike at Shangguan Hen.


The snakes tail clashed with that palm strike. s.p.a.ce trembled. Then, the Bat Ancestor threw another palm strike with his other hand.

Shangguan Hens expression turned cold as he held his palms up towards the sky.


The Bat Ancestors palm met with Shangguan Hens two palms. The clash knocked the Bat Ancestor away while Shangguan Hens figure stopped.

No victor emerged from this exchange.

However, the Bat Ancestor knew that he had used his full power in this palm strike.

Who are you?! Who are you?! the Bat Ancestor yelled with a ferocious expression.

Hehehehe! Who am I? Insignificant bat, dont you remember me? Shangguan Hen revealed a faint, sinister smile.

The Bat Ancestors face sank. However, he could not recall such an evil person.

Nearly everyone in Chaoge City felt stunned at Shangguan Hens sudden burst of power.

Is this person Mister Shangguan? To think that he is so incredible?!

Only a few people in the city showed expressions of joy. These were the black tortoises who previously followed Miao Chen.

Miao Chen had sent these twenty peak Nascent Soul Realm black tortoises to protect Shangguan Hen. Although they did not know why, they followed Miao Chens orders.

So, it turned out that Mister Shangguan is a senior of my black tortoise race.

That gargantuan snake? Is that the black snake of the black tortoise? What a huge black snake! Wait, thats not right. That is the snake created by the Black Tortoise Deity? That cant be, right?

But, who is he? Even Elder Miao Chen listens to him?

The twenty black tortoises goggled.

A victor did not emerge from the previous exchange. However, the Bat Ancestor could feel that Shangguan Hens strength was still growing. He showed a horrified expression.

The surrounding vampires goggled, stopping what they were doing.

Why are you stopping? Kill all of Chaoge Citys people! None of them can survive; they all must die! Forget turning them into vampires. Kill them all! Kill them all! the Bat Ancestor shouted suddenly.


The vampires and bat spirits answered.




Many citizens died miserable deaths in despair.

Humph! Shangguan Hen snorted coldly before suddenly waving.


Suddenly, countless small snakes appeared out of nowhere and charged at the surrounding vampires.

Your opponent is me! The Bat Ancestor flung out his sleeves as he snorted coldly.

Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech!

Countless bats blocked the small snakes.

The Bat Ancestor also charged at Shangguan Hen.

The gargantuan snake roared and swung its tail.

Shangguan Hen threw a palm strike.

Boom! Boom!

The Bat Ancestor got repulsed again.

Hahahaha! Insignificant black tortoise, no one can stop me from killing whom I want. Humph! You can forget about saving them with me around. Do you want to protect them? Well, watch them die! the Bat Ancestor sneered.

The Bat Ancestor blocked Shangguan Hen.

Shangguan Hen suddenly showed a ferocious expression. You are calling me an insignificant black tortoise? Hehehe! If not for the limitations of this body, I could have crushed you with one finger. Did you really forget me? Thats fine. I will show you!

As Shangguan Hen spoke, he turned his head.


A boundless blue light appeared around Shangguan Hens body, dyeing the world blue and lending him an air of divinity. The bright light immediately caused everyones expression to change.

Water deity? You are The Bat Ancestors expression changed.

Thats right. Its me! Shangguan Hen said with some ferocity.


When the divine light erupted from Shangguan Hens body, it was like a shock wave spreading throughout Chaoge City.

The twenty black tortoises in Chaoge City suddenly goggled. Tears of joy appeared in their eyes.

PriPrime? Prime, you are still alive? the black tortoises cried out in joy.


The divine light filled the black tortoises bodies like a flame seed falling into a bucket of gasoline. Overwhelming auras suddenly burst out of the black tortoises.

Ive recovered! Ive recovered! Its the Black Tortoise Deity! The Black Tortoise Deity!

Ive recovered as well! My divine connection! My divine connection! Ive recovered back to the Lower Heavenly Palace Realm!

Ah! Prime! Prime! Prime is still alive! My Black Tortoise Deity did not get destroyed! Its not destroyed!

The twenty black tortoises recovered their Lower Heavenly Palace Realm cultivation of eight centuries ago. They were immediately elated, crying in joy.

As they looked at Shangguan Hen, they felt incredibly excited.

Prime! Prime! Prime! the black tortoises shouted excitedly.

a.s.sist the citizens in the city in leaving! Shangguan Hen said coldly.

Yes! the twenty black tortoises roared with all their might.

Prime returned? My black tortoise races prime returned!

The expressions of the Bat Ancestor and the surrounding vampires changed greatly.

The black tortoise races prime? How can that be? If he came back to life, there is no point in fighting now.

In a distant courtyard, Ao Shengs expression changed as well. This is impossible. He cannot be the Black Tortoise Prime. The Black Tortoise Prime died long ago! He died long ago! But why can he drive Divine Energy and ignite the divine flame, allowing the black tortoise race to recover their Divine Energy, if he is not the Black Tortoise Prime?

The Bat Ancestors expression changed dramatically. This change stunned him.

No, no! You died long ago! The Bat Ancestor moved back in horror.

Hah! Insignificant bat, do you recognize me now? Shangguan Hen said ferociously.

This is not right! Not right at all! The Black Tortoise Prime had an overwhelming righteous aura, but your aura is overwhelmingly evil. You are not the Black Tortoise Prime! The Black Tortoise Prime cant have such an evil aura! the Bat Ancestor said as his expression changed.

You know quite a lot? The gargantuan snake slithered over slowly, bringing Shangguan Hen closer.

The black tortoise experts in the city quickly a.s.sisted the Han Nation officials in helping the citizens escape.

Now, the citizens no longer resisted. All of them waited for rescue while feeling horrified.

The surrounding vampires and bat spirits hesitated as they looked at the Bat Ancestor.

I know now! I know now! The Bat Ancestors expression suddenly changed.


The Black Tortoise Prime? Back when he opposed heaven with Old Mister Guan Qi, he had a perfect righteous aura. Heaven could not impose any punishment for sin. Not a single sin at all? Had he separated all the sin and his dark side from himself? Are you the evil side of the Black Tortoise Prime? The evil Black Tortoise Prime? Despite his death, you survived? You are still alive? the Bat Ancestor said, inhaling sharply.

You do know quite a lot. However, isnt it a little too late? Hehehehehe! Shangguan Hen said with a ferocious expression.

As Shangguan Hen spoke, the gargantuan snake moved quickly, approaching the Bat Ancestor. Then, he threw another palm strike.


Two palm strikes clashed. This time, Shangguan Hen did not move back, but the Bat Ancestor did.

You are still growing stronger? The Bat Ancestors expression changed.

In a distant courtyard, Ao Shengs expression changed as well. The evil Black Tortoise Prime?

Shangguan Hens original consciousness, which was suppressed by the Black Tortoise Primes will, suddenly quivered.

You are the evil side that the Black Tortoise Prime separated out? Thats impossible! As I remember, you were destroyed! Completely destroyed!