Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 472 Book 4: 149: Chang Sheng's Plan

Chapter 472 Book 4: 149: Chang Sheng's Plan

Chapter 472 Book 4: 149: Chang Shengs Plan

Book 4: Chapter 149: Chang Shengs Plan

Qian Exterminating City:

The Yuan Imperial Dynasty, the Ye Imperial Dynasty, the Xuan Imperial Dynasty, the Heaven Shaking Sect, and the Floating Cloud Sect had gathered here, preparing to march north to split the Qian Heavenly Dynasty among themselves.

Every imperial dynasty had the ambition to become a heavenly dynasty. They needed territory, citizens, and blessings; nothing could be missing. If the Qian Heavenly Dynasty did not get destroyed, these imperial dynasties would have difficulty advancing.

The Heaven Shaking Sect and the Floating Cloud Sect were middle-tier sects, but the same logic applied to them. They wanted to grow into upper-tier sects, becoming a holy land.

When the five factions gathered, they appeared imposing. The various armies set up camp, and everyone paid attention to a hall in the center.

The heads of the five factions met in that hall to discuss the various arrangements for their attack on the north.


Suddenly, the doors of the hall burst open.

The powerful experts inside started to pour out, bringing along their subordinates.

Humph! Floating Cloud Sect, in your dreams. Think this through properly!

The Xuan Imperial Dynasty? You want to be the leader? What a joke! You want us to do all the hard work while you reap the greatest harvest?

Ye Imperial Dynasty? We are dealing with the most difficult enemies and have the greatest drain, yet you are planning to take advantage?

Internal strife broke out among the five factions. Although they did not fight, their opinions diverged significantly. This discussion ended on an unpleasant note.

It was as Sima Zongheng, the Qian Nations imperial tutor, said. Everything was within the Qian Heavenly Emperors control. He not only laid a trap here, gathering the five factions, but also exposed the unstable elements of his Qian Nations heavenly court. He even seemed to have manipulated the discussions between the five factions from a distance, inducing internal strife when he wanted.

How could the sovereign of a heavenly dynastya person who climbed from ordinary status to become a supreme ruler of part of the worldbe a muddle-headed old man? He had planned all this to perfection long ago.

The five factions parted on an unhappy note.

The Bat Ancestor, Qin Zibai, and the Chang Clan elders represented the Yuan Nation.

The Bat Ancestor showed a sullen expression as he walked back to his camp slowly.

This continued until he reached his camps main hall.


The Bat Ancestor slammed his palm on the table.

What bullies! Humph! What do you mean my Yuan Nation is not sincere? Just because His Reverence did not come in person, my Yuan Nation is ranked last? What a joke! If His Reverence came, there would be nothing for them to do. If you are that capable, defeat me first! the Bat Ancestor said sullenly.

Bat Ancestor, I keep feeling that something is not quite right, Qin Zibai said with a frown.

Huh? The Bat Ancestor looked at Qin Zibai.

Somehow, I feel that someone kept nitpicking on details during this discussionno, more like sowing dissension on purpose. Qin Zibai frowned.

Sowing dissension? Are they trying to break the five factions alliance? The Bat Ancestors face sank.

Indeed. Did Bat Ancestor not notice? We had already come to an agreement before this. Why are we suddenly reallocating the spoils? The war has not even started yet. If we cannot unite everyone, there is no meaning in our five factions alliance, Qin Zibai said with a frown.

The Bat Ancestor nodded.

At the side, the Chang Clan elders did not say anything. Since the Bat Ancestor consumed Chang Mings fourth uncle, the vampires had been on edge.

Rest for today. We will continue the discussion tomorrow. I want to see who is sowing dissension.

The five factions resumed their discussion the next day.

However, the discussion again ended in everyone parting unhappily. The internal strife did not get resolved but became more severe. No one could tell who was sowing dissension, as even the leaders of the five factions raised some of the topics.

On the third day, the internal strife intensified.

On the fourth day, the internal strife worsened even further. Everyone nearly left.

The Bat Ancestor returned.

Chang Sheng, Qin Zibai, and the others showed unsightly expressions.

Its crumbling. The discussion between the five factions is crumbling, the Bat Ancestor said sullenly.

Indeed, Qin Zibai said bitterly.

Primogenitor, since this will not work out, we might as well prepare to return. If this cannot get resolved, we cannot march north! Chang Sheng advised.

No! The Bat Ancestor suddenly narrowed his eyes.


The five factions are just s.h.i.+rking responsibility. Most importantly, they are worried about the Qian Heavenly Emperor. No one dares to be the first to face the Qian Heavenly Emperor. Thats why they are s.h.i.+rking. The Qian Heavenly Emperor is a hurdle that they can never cross. The vanguard may face the Qian Heavenly Emperors full-powered retaliation. No one is willing to do that, the Bat Ancestor said coldly.

What should we do if no one dares to be the vanguard? Chang Sheng asked with a frown.

The Bat Ancestor retorted with a cold smile, My Yuan Nation can.

Oh? Chang Sheng felt slightly startled.

His Reverences spies obtained some information long ago. Long Wanyu is currently in Chaoge City. Only Li Shenji and Ye Shenzhen are by her side. If we capture Long Wanyu, would the Qian Heavenly Emperor dare to target us? The Bat Ancestor smiled coldly.

Gu Hais Chaoge City? However, His Reverence promised Gu Hai not to hara.s.s Chaoge City for a decade. Chang Sheng frowned.

Humph! It is just Chaoge City. What are you worried about? Dont you know, nothing is more important than the nations interest? the Bat Ancestor said coldly.

However, His Reverence has made a promise. Wont going back on his promise result in him losing the confidence of the citizens? Chang Sheng asked worriedly.

Losing confidence? Hahahaha! What is there to lose? All that will happen is that the Yuan Nation will be at its peak strength! the Bat Ancestor countered coldly.

But this is just Primogenitors opinion, right? His Reverence cant possibly agree to that, right? Chang Sheng frowned.


The Bat Ancestor suddenly took out a decree.

Huh? Chang Shengs expression changed.

His Reverence already agreed. He even gave me a decree. Humph! His Reverence guessed that things wouldnt go that smoothly, antic.i.p.ating this internal strife. He gave me this decree in case it is needed. The Bat Ancestor smiled coldly.

His Reverences decree? Chang Sheng exclaimed.

Chang Sheng received the decree and carefully read it. After he verified that it was Imperial Emperor Xi Yus handwriting, he showed an expression of disbelief. Thats impossible! How could His Reverence do this? How?

Alright, Chang Sheng, cut the c.r.a.p and prepare to set off. We are heading to Chaoge City. Humph! Nine-Five Island managed to run, but can Chaoge City run? Gu Hai? I shall complete what I failed to do on Nine-Five Island in Chaoge City! the Bat Ancestor said with a glare.

Chang Sheng suddenly raised his head. Bat Ancestor, are you going to kill all of Chaoge Citys citizens?

Humph! Kill them? How can it be so simple? the Bat Ancestor snarled.

Clearly, the Bat Ancestor wanted revenge on Chaoge City.

Qin Zibai appeared anxious, but he could only sigh.

Chang Shengs eyes glazed over for a while before his expression finally changed. No.

Huh? The Bat Ancestor looked at Chang Sheng coldly.

Chang Sheng seemed to have made a decision. He took a deep breath and said respectfully, Primogenitor, I think this is not good.

Why so?

Long Wanyu? After her trip to the Yuan Nation, the Qian Heavenly Emperor must have sent experts to protect her. It would not be just Ye Shenzhen and Li Shenji. Primogenitor, if we go now, we might return with nothing to show for our efforts, Chang Sheng said gravely.

After Chang Sheng spoke, the Bat Ancestor frowned slightly. After some thought, the Bat Ancestor nodded.

The Qian Heavenly Emperor had to take charge in Heavenly Court City, so he could not possibly be there. However, Long Wanyu definitely would receive more protection. Ye Shenzhen and Li Shenji? It could not be just those two.

However, I have to go there, the Bat Ancestor said coldly.

No. Im not preventing Primogenitor from going. Instead, Im preventing Primogenitor from going like that. Chang Sheng shook his head.

Oh? The Bat Ancestor looked at Chang Sheng.

Bat Ancestor, it does not matter who comes first or last among the five factions. The Qian Nation has not been destroyed yet. Isnt it too early to discuss how to split the Qian Nation? Chang Sheng said with a bitter smile.

Indeed. I also feel that it is too early. However, they ended up arguing over it, the Bat Ancestor said.

Thats why we should only discuss that after destroying the Qian Nation. It does not matter who holds Long Wanyu hostage as long as we can destroy the Qian Nation. That being said, if Primogenitor wants to go to Chaoge City, you can egg the masters of the other four factions into going, Chang Sheng said seriously.

Oh? The Bat Ancestor narrowed his eyes, thinking about the feasibility of the suggestion.

With two imperial emperors and two Dao lords going with Primogenitor, what can you not accomplish? By then, we will capture Long Wanyu without anything going wrong. After that, it would not matter what Primogenitor does with Chaoge City. I will accompany Primogenitor to the discussion tomorrow and convince them to go along. That way, nothing can go wrong, Chang Sheng said seriously.

The Bat Ancestor thought for a while before suddenly laughing. Hahahahahaha! Excellent! Chang Sheng, no wonder His Reverence values you so much. You think far into the future.

No. All this was Primogenitors thoughts. I just listened to what Primogenitor said and made some minor alterations. Chang Sheng smiled.

Thats right. Thats right. Hahahaha! Excellent! You all will come to the discussion with me tomorrow. Humph! Nothing will go wrong this time! the Bat Ancestor said coldly.

Yes! everyone answered.

Qin Zibai frowned at Chang Sheng. However, he felt helpless.

Chang Mings second uncle and third uncle did not notice anything and immediately went back to rest.

Chang Sheng returned to his accommodations as well.

Father, why did you say that earlier? Chang Ming asked, finding it somewhat strange.

Earlier, Chang Sheng had obviously been pandering to the Bat Ancestor. That had never happened before.

Chang Sheng extended his hand and set up a sound isolation ritual array. With a solemn expression, he said, Chang Ming!

Ah? Chang Ming felt confused upon seeing Chang Sheng suddenly turn stern and solemn.

I have something for you to do now. I hope you will not disappoint me, Chang Sheng said gravely.

Father, speak, Chang Ming urged, feeling bewildered.

I cannot save the others, but I managed to obtain a chance after much difficulty. You. You have to grasp it well. You must do it well, Chang Sheng said seriously.


The Bat Ancestor is going to Chaoge City to deal with the Han Nation. He wants to capture Long Wanyu and exact his revenge on Chaoge Citys citizens. That is a calamity for the Han Royal Dynasty. However, it is an opportunity for you. They will head to Chaoge City only after tomorrows discussion. There is still one day. Immediately bring a letter from me to Chaoge City and notify them, Chang Sheng said seriously.

Notify them? Notify whom? Chang Ming asked, feeling startled.

Notify Chaoge City. After that, notify Gu Hai. This is a great favor that we are selling him. You must grab hold of it! Chang Sheng glared.

After speaking, Chang Sheng went to the desk, picked up a brush, and started writing.

Ah? Notify? Father, you are not joking, right? Chang Ming said in shock.

Right. Go as fast as you can. Hurry! Chang Sheng said with some excitement.

Father, are weis this betraying the nation? Chang Ming looked at Chang Sheng, confused.

Chang Shengs hand paused. Then, he looked at Chang Ming. The nation? Hah! His Reverence showed me great grace, so when the Bat Ancestor wanted to nurture a clan back then to raise his strength, I agreed when His Reverence told me about it. However, when we were turned into vampires, that already repaid his grace. My second brother and third brother will die for sure. Perhaps I will die as well. However, you cannot die. The nation abandoned us long ago. What is there to betray?

Chang Ming felt startled. He remained silent, digesting his fathers words.

After a while, Chang Sheng finished writing two letters and placed them in two envelopes.

Right now, Shangguan Hen is in charge of Chaoge City. Hand this letter to Shangguan Hen, Chang Sheng said seriously.

Chang Ming gritted his teeth but eventually nodded.

Hand this letter to Gu Hai in person, Chang Sheng said gravely.

Ah? I can deliver the one for Shangguan Hen. After all, he is in Chaoge City. Howeverhowever, where is Gu Hai? Ihow am I to give it to him? Chang Ming said, at a loss.

I guess that Gu Hai should be on his way back from the Thousand Islands Sea and heading to Chaoge City. As for how to find him, it is up to you. You are a heavens favored. You enjoyed great luck with things that did not matter in the past. I hope that your luck will not fail you this time, Chang Sheng said seriously.

But Chang Ming protested with a bitter smile.

Go. Do as I said! Chang Sheng said seriously.