Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 469 Book 4: 146: Chang Sheng's Hypothetical Situation

Chapter 469 Book 4: 146: Chang Sheng's Hypothetical Situation

Chapter 469 Book 4: 146: Chang Shengs Hypothetical Situation

Book 4: Chapter 146: Chang Shengs Hypothetical Situation

The lightning fell continuously in the sea region where Nine-Five Island previously was.

The thunderstorm continued even after Gu Hai, the vampires, and the angels all left. When the Bat Ancestor and Yehua heard what the fishermen on the nearby islands said, they immediately realized that Gu Hai had fooled them.

If it was not the dragon races prime, then earlierearlier?

Gu Hai tricked us? The Bat Ancestor suddenly felt like vomiting blood.

Gu Hai! That fraud! Yehua glared, feeling so depressed that he almost vomited blood.


The Bat Ancestor and Yehua charged back into the stormy region nearly simultaneously to search for Gu Hai.

I got fooled?!

Gu Hai was right before me. He stood right before me, and I did not even dare to touch him? I was even so frightened?

What dragon races prime? There was no one at all! It must be a hoax that Gu Hai created, and I just stood there believing it? I even let Gu Hai criticize me, not daring to retort at all?

After realizing the truth, the Bat Ancestor and Yehua felt like Gu Hai had given them another slap. Furthermore, they could not even retaliate after that slap.

The Bat Ancestor and Yehua nearly exploded from anger.

Gu Hai, Ill shred you into pieces! the Bat Ancestor roared ferociously.

This development pushed the Bat Ancestor to the brink of madness.

How did this happen?!

Gu Hai! Get out here! Yehua also showed a ferocious expression.

At this moment, he no longer had his elegance and decorum. Before countless Solar Divine Palace cultivators, he had gotten tricked several times by an insignificant royal dynasty in this insignificant Thousand Islands Sea?

The Bat Ancestor and Yehua frantically searched the stormy region. However, Gu Hais flying s.h.i.+p had long since disappeared without a trace.


The two soon flew back out of the stormy region.

Search everywhere! Find Gu Hai! Find him! the Bat Ancestor roared at his subordinates.

Yes! The vampires and bat spirits immediately scattered to search, going around the stormy region.

Find Gui Hai, that fraud! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Yehua seemed to have gone mad as well.


The angels also quickly searched the stormy regions vicinity.

The stormy region turned very tense.

However, Gu Hai had already left. How were they to find him?

Chang Sheng and Chang Ming traveled quickly on a flying s.h.i.+p.

Father, how did Gu Hai do that earlier? That aura? Chang Ming appeared confused.

Chang Sheng frowned. After some silence, he finally sighed, Gu Hai? What an incredible person!


So many people wanted to kill himno, everyone wanted to kill himand he was alone. Despite that, he managed to fool everyone, Chang Sheng sighed.

Indeed. Chang Ming nodded and entered deep thought.

Heavens favored? Ming`er, if it were you, could you have resolved such danger? Chang Sheng looked at Chang Ming.

Huh? Chang Ming felt slightly startled at this question.

From the start to the end, Chang Ming could not figure out how Gu Hai had done it. He could only show a bitter smile and say, I couldnt.

Chang Sheng showed a gratified smile upon seeing his son lower his head. Its good that you understand.

This child still does not understand how Gu Hai did it. Chang Ming showed a bitter smile and a frown.

This is the power of wisdom and boldness. Over these years, you gave up your greatest advantage because of a little bit of luck. Ming`er, this is why you should think more when you do things in the future, Chang Sheng sighed.

Yes! Chang Ming said while biting his lips.

Thats right. What do you think of Gu Hai? Chang Sheng suddenly looked at Chang Ming seriously.

Huh? Chang Ming again felt slightly startled.

What do you mean, what do I think of Gu Hai?

What if, someday, I told you to follow Gu Hai? What do you think about that? Chang Sheng asked seriously.

Father, stop joking. Follow him? How can that be possible? Not seeking trouble for him is already giving him face! Chang Ming yelled.

However, Chang Sheng stared at Chang Ming and said, Put aside your past grudges. What if, someday, I wanted you to follow Gu Hai? Could you do that?

Ah? Father, dont make up such hypothetical situations. We are Yuan Nation officials. How can I be loyal to Gu Hai? Furthermore, how capable can he be? Chang Ming said in disdain.

How capable can he be? He is just one person, yet he played the Bat Ancestor and Yehua in the palm of his hand! He is just one person, yet he established the Han Royal Dynasty! He is just one person, yet he managed to obtain twenty-four cities on the Divine Continent in a few, short years, despite so many people vying for them! He is just one person, yet he managed to destroy the Ying Provinces Duke Lu Yang! He is just one person, yet he stirred up huge commotions in Major Metropolitan City and withdrew from Imperial Emperor Xi Yus presence unharmed! He even managed to make Imperial Emperor Xi Yu promise not to hurt his citizens! He is just one person, yet he caused the destruction of the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor and his five million Heavenly Palace Realm Divine Blood Army soldiers! Do you still think that he is incapable? Chang Sheng said.

Uh Butbut he is just a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. I have already reached the Lower Heavenly Palace Realm, Chang Ming objected somewhat weakly.

Indeed. He is just in the Nascent Soul Realm, and you have already reached the Lower Heavenly Palace Realm. You are even a heavens favored. However, what have you done over the past few years that can compare to what Gu Hai has done? Your luck only resulted in some minor accomplishments. Which of them can compare to Gu Hais deeds? Chang Sheng asked.

Father, you dont have to belittle me to praise Gu Hai, right? Chang Ming smiled bitterly.

I am just correcting your att.i.tude. Look at your grudge against Gu Hai; it is actually one-sided. Gu Hai has never cared about you. He even saved you from Mo Yikes hand previously, right?

Yes! Chang Ming said, feeling depressed.

He felt upset with Gu Hai, but the other party did not even care about him. That was the most depressing part.

What if, one day, I wanted you to follow Gu Hai? What would you do? Chang Sheng asked.

Me? Father, lets not talk about this, Chang Ming said gloomily.

Clearly, Chang Ming felt strongly against his fathers hypothetical situation.

Hah, Chang Sheng sighed.

Chang Sheng understood that it would be impossible to change Chang Mings att.i.tude so quickly.

Father, dont worry. Even if I dont follow Gu Hai, I can still live a good life, Chang Ming consoled when he saw his father sigh.

Chang Sheng shook his head. He looked into the distance and sighed again. You dont understand. If one day, we are no longer around, many factions will target you, a heavens favored. You would be a walking treasure. Even if they have to turn you into a puppet, others will want to obtain you. By then, you would not be yourself. I think highly of Gu Hai because of his capability, character, boldness, and judgment. Perhaps he can protect you.

Ah? Father, why would you all no longer be around? You will be fine. Even if the sky falls, theres the primogenitor to prop it up, Chang Ming said, feeling bewildered.

The primogenitor? Hah! A faint trace of resentment and hatred flashed on Chang Shengs face.

One day and one night later, the thunderstorm left.

The sky cleared once again. However, Gu Hai had long since disappeared. There was no way to find him.


Suddenly, a loud sound came from the distance.

Whats wrong? Chang Ming stared.

Chang Sheng and Chang Ming immediately looked over. They saw a black light and a white light clas.h.i.+ng in the distance.

The primogenitor and Yehua are fighting again. Chang Shengs expression changed.


Lets go over! Chang Shengs face sank.

When the angels and vampires could not find Gu Hai, they flew towards the center of where the thunderstorm had been.

Since they could not find Gu Hai, the earlier battle resumed.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

You old thing, its all your fault. If not for you, how could Gu Hai have run?! Yehua roared while glaring.

You insignificant thing, it was you. You were the one who mentioned the dragon races prime. Had you not said that, how could Gu Hai have escaped? the Bat Ancestor roared back while glaring.


The two experts started fighting again.

Light versus dark. Since they could not find Gu Hai, they vented their hatred and resentment on each other.


Suddenly, a pure and holy light flared behind Yehuas three pairs of wings. Then, the image of a fourth pair suddenly appeared. It looked more material than illusory. Then, his strength soared.


Yehua threw a palm strike and sent the Bat Ancestor flying.


The Bat Ancestor suddenly spewed out blood and glared at Yehua. Your strength increased again? Whats going on? What is that additional pair of wings? Upper Heavenly Palace Realm? Your strength reached the level of an Upper Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator?

Humph! Good that you know. Old thing, you are not a match for me. Right now, I have the strength of eight wings. I could have killed you at the Solar Divine Palace back then, but I let you escape. Humph! Father once divined that the blood race you created would be ant.i.thetical to the angel race my father created. They counter each other. Either you would conquer us, or we would conquer you. Humph! I think it is best that you remain here forever to prevent any future trouble! Yehua shouted.

As Yehua spoke, he extended a hand to suppress the Bat Ancestor. An incredibly dazzling, cross-shaped light appeared in the middle of the manifested palm he sent out.

The light of this manifested palm formed an intense holy flame that instantly arrived before the Bat Ancestor. The Bat Ancestors expression changed as he countered with a palm strike.


The holy flame quickly melted the Bat Ancestors black manifested palm, completely suppressing the Bat Ancestor.


The Bat Ancestor spewed out another mouthful of blood. Then, he goggled at Yehua. Ant.i.thetical? What do you mean ant.i.thetical? The blood race I created and the angels counter each other? How can that be possible?

Go die! Yehua showed a ferocious expression as he put more force into his attack.

Primogenitor! The Chang Clan elders rushed over.


The six-winged angels and the Solar Divine Palace experts blocked them.

The holy flame surged as if it wanted to burn up the Bat Ancestor.

Bat Ancestor? Ha! This is already your limit. You are dead now! Yehua said coldly while glaring.

Hah! the Bat Ancestor suddenly roared.


With a loud rumble, a huge force separated him from Yehua.


The Bat Ancestor spewed out another mouthful of blood as he looked at Yehua in shock.

Hah! You forced a separation despite your heavy injuries? What is the point of that? You cant escape today! Yehua said with a ferocious expression.

Hah! Hahahaha! Insignificant thing, do you really think that you can kill me today? The Bat Ancestor suddenly showed a ferocious expression.

Oh? You are already severely injured. What else do you have to rely on? Yehua sneered.

The Bat Ancestor showed a ferocious expression and revealed a cold smile. Did the Supreme Genesis not tell you why we want to spirit-a.s.similate humans?

Why do we want to spirit-a.s.similate humans?

We have to drain our essence blood when we spirit-a.s.similate humans. Do we waste essence blood just to create something we dont need? Hah! The Bat Ancestor revealed a faint, cold smile.

As the Bat Ancestor smiled coldly, he extended his hand and made a grabbing motion.


The Bat Ancestor suddenly yanked over Chang Mings fourth uncle, who was in the distance.

Primogenitor, what are you trying to do? Chang Mings fourth uncle asked in shock.

However, the Bat Ancestor just looked at Chang Mings fourth uncle ferociously. Then, he suddenly opened his mouth.

Primogenitor, what are you trying to do? Ah! Ah! Dont eat me! Dont eat me! Primogenitor, I am your most loyal servant! Dont eat me! Dont! Chang Mings fourth uncle cried out.

I nurtured you for so long already. It is time, my servant! the Bat Ancestor said coldly.


The Bat Ancestor consumed Chang Mings fourth uncle in one mouthful.

All the angels and vampires fell silent as they looked at this scene in horror.

The Bat Ancestor ate Chang Mings fourth uncle?


The instant the Bat Ancestor consumed Chang Mings fourth uncle, black energy suddenly erupted from his body. An aura several times stronger than before burst out.

Nearby, Yehuas expression changed.