Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 457 Book 4: 134: Defeating Jiu Ming

Chapter 457 Book 4: 134: Defeating Jiu Ming

Chapter 457 Book 4: 134: Defeating Jiu Ming

Book 4: Chapter 134: Defeating Jiu Ming

Gu Hai killed Cui Tong in one saber strike.

The eyelids of the island masters who defected twitched wildly. They suddenly suspected that they might have made the wrong decision.

Far away, Cui Tongs black tortoise subordinates goggled in incredulity.

The surrounding angels seemed at a loss as they looked at Jiu Ming.

Jiu Mings face sank. How could he have imagined that Gu Hai had already become this strong?

YourYour Majesty? Youyouyou, Miao Chen said with wide eyes.

Cui Tong is roughly equal to me, yet His Majesty needed only one saber strike. Would His Majesty also need just one saber strike to deal with me if it were me? No wonder Bing Ji remained still. What exactly did His Majesty experience in the past few years? How could he have become so strong?

Gu Hai looked up at the angels in the sky. Then, he extended his hand and took out the Marionette Controller.

The Cross Annihilation? No, that is an imitation. That Jiu Ming goggled.

Gu Hai flung out his hand.


Gu Hai shot two thousand-odd threads from the Marionette Controller at the angels.

Oh no! Stop! Jiu Ming rushed into the sky while glaring.




Startled and furious cries came from the two thousand angels in the surroundings. When Gu Hai flung out his arm, he accurately gained control of all the over two thousand Nascent Soul Realm angels.

Humph! You came to our Han Nation and hurt our citizens? As we said before, you can all forget about leaving! Gu Hai said coldly.

As Gu Hai spoke, intense flames appeared in his handthe inextinguishable divine flame.


The flames traveled along the Marionette Controllers threads, rus.h.i.+ng towards the angels.

Argh! On no! Leader, save me! Save me!

What flame is this? I cant put it out!

Inextinguishable divine flame? Is this inextinguishable divine flame?!

The angels appeared anxious.

Use the holy light energy flame to block it! Use the holy light energy flame to block it! one of the angels cried out.


Suddenly, the angels released a white energy flame. When it appeared, it blocked the inextinguishable divine flame outside their bodies. However, the inextinguishable divine flame did not die out. Instead, it burned the energy flame that the angels produced.

The angels expressions changed.

It did not die out? How can this be?

The inextinguishable divine flame is burning the holy light energy flame. Once we stop the holy light energy flame, it will burn us. What should we do?

The holy light energy flame uses a lot of energy. We cannot maintain it for long!

Gu Hai suddenly pulled on the strings as the angels showed anxious expressions.


Controlling all the angels like they were puppets, Gu Hai made them raise their swords to attack Jiu Ming, who was charging over.

No! Leader, we cannot control ourselves. We are not trying to attack you! The angels expressions changed.

The two thousand angels flew over and surrounded Jiu Ming. Then, they swung their swords at him.

The besieged Jiu Mings expression changed. Then, he snorted coldly and released a dazzling white light from his body.


A tempestuous aura burst out and knocked away all the angels that charged over.

Now, two pairs of wings appeared on Jiu Mings back as he gave off an aura severalfold stronger than Cui Tongs, a holy radiance akin to that of the blazing sun.

Middle-stage Lower Heavenly Palace Realm? Miao Chens face sank as he s.h.i.+elded Gu Hai.

Oh? He is slightly stronger than that insignificant thing from earlier? Gu Hai said coldly.

Humph! Dont compare me to that fool, Cui Tong. A Nascent Soul Realm cultivator? How many more of those attacks can you use? Ill show you the difference between someone who has established their heavenly palace and someone who has not! A holy light sword appeared in Jiu Mings hand as he glared.

Then, Jiu Ming waved.


The world suddenly turned bright.

Holy light cage, cleanse the flame! Jiu Ming pointed with his sword.


A white flame erupted from the sword. The moment the flame appeared, it exuded a shocking aura as it curled towards Gu Hais flying s.h.i.+p.

A holy flame? To think that you managed to produce a holy flame? No, thats impossible. Only six-winged angels can do that. It was sealed in your sword, right? Miao Chens face sank.

Miao Chen extended his hand and sent an attack towards that white flame charging over.

A manifested palm clashed with the white flame and exploded with a loud report. Then, the white flame continued sweeping towards Miao Chen.



The attack instantly knocked Miao Chen back while vomiting blood. The holy flame caused many cracks to appear on his body, from which more blood spurted.

Your Majesty, be careful! Miao Chen did not forget to call out a warning as he went flying.

Jiu Ming revealed a faint, cold smile and said, Second Young Master sealed it for me. Humph! Do you think you can break Second Young Masters holy flame?

As Jiu Ming sneered, he pointed his sword at Gu Hais flying s.h.i.+p.

The inextinguishable divine flame? Hah! Lets see which is more incredible, your inextinguishable divine flame or my holy flame. Break! Jiu Ming shouted coldly.


A large fireball about three hundred thirty meters wide rushed at Gu Hai.

This was the holy flame of a six-winged angel. Jiu Ming was confident that it would be stronger than the inextinguishable divine flame and that no one here could block his second young masters holy flame.

However, Gu Hai revealed a faint, cold smile.

As he held the Life Executioner Saber with one hand, he pointed a finger on the other hand.


Suddenly, a small wisp of flame came out of Gu Hais fingertip.

This small flame, no bigger than a candles flame, rushed towards the three-hundred-thirty-meter fireball.

Hah! Hahahaha! You overestimate yourself! To think that you want to use a small wisp to deal with my holy flame? Do you think that it is the Samdhi True Flame? Jiu Ming mocked as he rushed over.

Jiu Ming felt confident that the gigantic fireball could not only destroy Gu Hai but also completely burn up the flying s.h.i.+p.

Killing Gu Hai does not matter. If Gu Hai dies, this group of people will no longer care about holding on to Ao Shun, right? Furthermore, I brought Cui Tong over. Although I look down on him, I still have to give an account to those black tortoises.

Die, Gu Hai!


The colossal holy flame swept across. Jiu Ming did not care about the small flame that Gu Hai shot out. However, that small flame clashed with the holy flame fireball at this moment.


The moment the small flame contacted the holy flame, the white holy flame started burning. That was right. A strange scene appeared: the holy flame burned up. It instantly turned red, looking like it had become fuel for the small flame.

The holy flame burned out in a heartbeat, leaving just that wisp of flame flying towards Jiu Ming.

Thats impossible! Why?! Why is it gone?! Disbelief filled Jiu Mings eyes.

How could the three-hundred-thirty-meter holy flame disappear like that?

Even the bloodied Miao Chen appeared confused.

The flame? That was right. The small flame was the Samdhi True Flame.

Gu Hai could not absorb the Samdhi True Flame for now. However, he could send out some of it.

The holy flame was not even worth a strike before the Samdhi True Flame. Gu Hai had not yet seen any fire that surpa.s.sed the Samdhi True Flame.

The Samdhi True Flame reached Jiu Ming in the blink of an eye.

The disbelieving Jiu Ming swung his sword at the flame.

The sword and the flame connected.

The sword exploded, and the flame instantly burned Jiu Mings shoulder.


The remaining Samdhi True Flame exploded.


Jiu Ming flew back in pain.

That flame had blasted off his entire right arm.

The small flame had exhausted all its energy, but its destructive power sent a chill through the surrounding peoples hearts.

That is Jiu Ming, a middle-stage Lower Heavenly Realm cultivator! Yet, a small flame could put him in such a miserable state?

Third Cycle!

Gu Hai pressed his advantage, swinging his saber again.

The earlier scene repeated. Piercing purple light blinded everyone, forcing them to close their eyes.

No! You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Jiu Ming screamed in fear.


A loud report rang out, and the purple light disappeared.

Jiu Ming did not die. While the Third Cycle could kill an early-stage Lower Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator, it was somewhat insufficient for a middle-stage Lower Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator.

Jiu Ming, who had lost an arm, now lost three of his four wings. The attack mangled his flesh and knocked him far away in a weakened state.

Oh? Still alive? Humph! Gu Hai snorted coldly, about to charge forward.

Jiu Ming suddenly s.h.i.+vered. He no longer dared to continue fighting, so he quickly fled into the distance.

Gu Hai, you will die for sure! You are dead now. Second Young Master will not let you off. Second Young Masters projection is in the Thousand Islands Sea. You are dead now. I will tell Second Young Master, and he will rip you to pieces! Jiu Ming roared in a rage.


Jiu Ming turned into a beam of crimson light flying into the distance.

Where are you running to?! Miao Chen gave chase while scowling.

At this moment, Jiu Ming was severely injured. Soon, it looked like Miao Chen would catch him.

You too, Miao Chen. I will make sure you get ripped to pieces. Argh! the mangled Jiu Ming roared furiously.


Jiu Mings final wing burned, releasing a white energy that flowed into his body. Then, his speed increased.


Jiu Ming immediately put some distance between himself and Miao Chen, vanis.h.i.+ng over the horizon.

Humph! Angel Wing Burning Art? You ran fast enough! Miao Chen snorted coldly, feeling upset as he flew back.

At this moment, all the island masters, the black tortoises, Ao Shun, and the others goggled, stupefied.

Gu Hai killing Cui Tong with one saber strike had already been very hard to accept.

Yet, Gu Hai could reduce Jiu Ming to such a sorry state with one saber strike? Furthermore, there was that flame?

Isis this the Gu Hai that we know?

Didnt the Han Royal Emperor enter the cultivation world just a few years ago?

Gu Hais strength increased to such a ridiculous level in a few years. Does that mean that our centuries of cultivation were wasted? This does not make sense.

Upon returning, Miao Chen appeared incredibly confused as well. However, he was also excited.

Indeed. This is the person that Prime chose. Primes judgment is incredible compared to mine.

While everyone still felt shocked, the angels who had no control over their bodies showed despair on their faces.

Leader is gone. What are we to do now?

Its your turn now! Gu Hais expression turned cold as he looked at the surrounding island masters.

The five hundred renegade island masters suddenly s.h.i.+vered.