Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 453 Book 4: 130: Asura Secret Realm Entrance Blueprint

Chapter 453 Book 4: 130: Asura Secret Realm Entrance Blueprint

Chapter 453 Book 4: 130: Asura Secret Realm Entrance Blueprint

Book 4: Chapter 130: Asura Secret Realm Entrance Blueprint

Above a vast sea:

Leaving Bing Ji at the helm, Gu Hai entered closed-door cultivation in the flying s.h.i.+p.

The water deity endlessly absorbed the cold energy from the ice mountain in the water deity palace. Although his water deity did not make a breakthrough, he could sense his strength increasing daily.

After cultivating for some time, Gu Hai let out a long breath and opened his eyes.


Gu Hai took out two items with a flip of his hand. One was a coffin.

The Slaughter Heavenly Emperors body? How can I use it? If only I could refine it into a zombie as well. Gu Hai frowned as he looked at the coffin before him.

That was an Upper Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators body. Even without checking it, he understood how ridiculously powerful this body was.

Unfortunately, Gu Hai did not know the Yinggou Art. Otherwise, he could forge this body like Imperial Emperor Xi Yu had done with the Divine Blood Army soldiers.

Thus, he put this away for now and checked on the other item.

This was the scroll that the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor wagered back then.

What is recorded in the scroll?

Gu Hai carefully unfurled the scroll.

When the scroll was open, it did not produce any grand sights or manifestations, presenting only rows of densely packed words.

Is it a cultivation technique? Gu Hai wondered.

Gu Hai continued slowly unfurling the scroll. Aside from the densely packed words, there were some strange ritual array diagrams. He saw a row of large words at the front of the scroll.

Asura Secret Realm entrance blueprint

Asura Secret Realm entrance blueprint? Gu Hai read out these words with some bewilderment.

The small, densely packed words and ritual array diagrams described an entrance. Were these directions on how to open the Asura Secret Realms entrance?

Asura Secret Realm? Gu Hai frowned dubiously.

Gu Hai had heard of asuras before. He had heard of them frequently on Earth.

Arent asuras the demons that the Buddhists often speak about?

However, this is the first time Ive heard of the Asura Secret Realm. What is that place?

Gu Hai continued reading.

The world hides secret realms. Enter the secret realm, and you can live forever. The Asura Secret Realm, a battlefield of slaughter. Enter with your soul body, and you cannot die. Destruction without being extinguished. An endless cycle of death.

After reading the first line of words, Gu Hai felt startled.

The world contains many secrets I dont know, and I do not deny this. However, what does the first line mean? Enter the secret realm, and you can live forever? Live forever? Enter with your soul body, and you cannot die. Destruction without being extinguished? An endless cycle of death?

Gu Hais eyelid twitched slightly. He roughly understood the situation.

This Asura Secret Realm is a battlefield? A strange battlefield where I can raise my strength but cannot die? When my soul body enters, the soul cannot die?

Six millennia? The Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty entered that place to train the soldiers? Was it preparing to nurture an invincible army? Thats right. There were at least five million Divine Blood Army soldiers. They all reached the Heavenly Palace Realm. Gu Hai narrowed his eyes.

Furthermore, one only needs to make certain arrangements for the body, and it will be connected to the soul body. As the soul body grows stronger, the body will also grow correspondingly.

This is a battlefield for training soldiers? Gu Hai raised his eyebrows.

What does the Han Royal Dynasty lack now? Soldiers! Strong soldiers! An invincible, murderous army.

Furthermore, few know about this Asura Secret Realm. Perhaps even no one else?

Gu Hais eyes narrowed further as he took a deep breath.

Indeed, this is a good treasure.

Gu Hai carefully read the Asura Secret Realm entrance blueprint once again. Although he still did not understand some parts, he remembered every word.

The Asura Secret Realm? Slaughter Heavenly Emperor, you have given me a great gift, Gu Hai said after a deep breath, carefully putting the scroll away.

Chaoge City:

Milord! Milord! Things are bad! A Divine Night Guard rushed over to Ye Shenzhen.

After some time spent recuperating, Ye Shenzhens complexion had improved significantly. Even so, his hair remained snow-white.

Whats wrong? Ye Shenzhen frowned.

That subordinate immediately proffered a scroll. Milord, take a look. This is the Qian Denunciation that the Yuan Imperial Dynasty issued ten days ago!

The Qian Denunciation? Are they denouncing my Qian Heavenly Dynasty? Hah! Ye Shenzhen revealed a cold smile.

Yes. Ten days ago. The Yuan Imperial Dynasty, the Ye Imperial Dynasty, the Xuan Imperial Dynasty, the Heaven Shaking Sect, and the Floating Cloud Sect formally announced their alliance to denounce the Qian Heavenly Dynasty, claiming that the Qian Nation is tyrannical and treacherous, a shame on nations, that subordinate said anxiously.

Three imperial dynasties and two middle-tier sects? Haha! The Qian Nation is tyrannical and treacherous? A shame on nations? Ye Shenzhen sneered.


Has the information reached His Holy Eminence? Ye Shenzhen asked.

Yes. We immediately sent it to the capital, Heavenly Court City. His Holy Eminence will know soon, that subordinate said respectfully.

It has already reached Heavenly Court City? Thats good. Thats good. Its good that it happened early, Ye Shenzhen said while revealing a cold smile.

Milord, the three imperial dynasties and two middle-tier sects are coming to look for trouble. Will this chaos be, that subordinate said with a worried expression.

Ye Shenzhen looked at him coldly and said, Is that something you should be concerned with?

Huh? That subordinates expression turned stiff. He immediately lowered his head and said, Yes. This subordinate overstepped.

Just focus on your duties, Ye Shenzhen said coldly.

Yes! That subordinate left after answering.

Ye Shenzhen looked south.

The Qian Denunciation? Ha! One day, you will realize how laughable that is! Ye Shenzhen smiled coldly.


Suddenly, a figure flew over and landed beside Ye Shenzhen.

Battalion Commander Li? Ye Shenzhen looked at Li Shenji.

Eunuch Ye! Li Shenji said with a smile.

Isnt Battalion Commander Li protecting the princess? Why are you here? Ye Shenzhen frowned.

Eunuch Ye, this Li does not understand something. Would Eunuch Ye explain it to me? Li Shenji said gravely.


I just received the news that these five factions are marching north, formally turning hostile. However, I do not understand. I noticed these five factions long ago. His Holy Eminence must be even clearer on the situation than me. Why did His Holy Eminence not do anything until now? Li Shenji asked seriously.

Ye Shenzhen looked at Li Shenji with narrowed eyes for a while. Then, he shook his head and said, How can I fathom His Holy Eminences thoughts?

Li Shenji felt slightly startled. Then, he showed a faint, bitter smile. He understood that Ye Shenzhen would not explain the Qian Heavenly Emperors thoughts to him.

Alright. Ill change the question. Of these five factions, which ones can I deal with? Li Shenji asked seriously.

In other words, which factions should Li Shenji not touch?

Ye Shenzhens eyes suddenly narrowed. Battalion Commander Li, you know quite a lot.

Eunuch Ye is humorous. It was just a guess on my part, and I was unsure. I also want to do my part for the Qian Nation. Will Eunuch Ye tell me?

Ye Shenzhen smiled faintly and shook his head. Battalion Commander Li, sorry. I do not understand what you are saying.

Huh? Li Shenjis expression turned slightly stiff.

Ye Shenzhen shook his head and left.

However, as he walked away, his expression turned extremely sullen.

As Li Shenji watched Ye Shenzhen leave, a look of certainty flashed in his eyes. Indeed, it is as I expected. The five factions banding together to attack the Qian Nation is a trap that the Qian Heavenly Emperor set? It looks like the heads of many important people will fall this time.


Great Sigh Palace Hall, Major Metropolitan City:

The Bat Ancestor, Archduke Xi Kang, and the Chang Clan elders returned. Now, only some important officials remained in the palace hall.

Your Reverence, isnt issuing the Qian Denunciation now too early? Mo Yike asked with an unsightly expression.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu looked north and shook his head. Its not early. If we keep waiting, there will be no more opportunities.

Ah? The officials appeared bewildered.

Alright. Lets not discuss the timing anymore. The army has already marched to the frontlines, and the war has started. There is no turning back, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu said sullenly.

Yes! Everyone nodded helplessly.

I install Qin Zibai as the Northern Expedition Left Supreme Commander and Chang Sheng as the Northern Expedition Right Supreme Commander. Lead the soldiers north and meet with the allied army. Attack the Qian Nation together and get to Heavenly Court City as soon as you can, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu declared.

Yes! Qin Zibai and Chang Sheng answered.

Xi Kang, Mo Yike, stay in the imperial court to stabilize the nation. Arrange for all resources and coordinate with the two supreme commanders as they charge towards the Qian Nation, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu instructed.

Yes! Mo Yike and Archduke Xi Kang answered.

However, Archduke Xi Kang appeared extremely unsightly, clearly unwilling.

Bat Ancestor! Imperial Emperor Xi Yu looked at the Bat Ancestor.

Your Reverence, dont make any arrangements for me. Dont stop me, either. I have to go. I must go. If I dont go, I cannot suppress the anger in my heart. I know that you promised not to hara.s.s the Han Royal Dynasty for ten years. However, everyone considers the Han Royal Dynasty to be only those twenty-four cities. Nine-Five Island does not count. Nine-Five Island is not a part of that! the Bat Ancestor said agitatedly.

Huh? Imperial Emperor Xi Yus expression turned sullen.

However, the Bat Ancestor seemed to have already gone mad at this point. He did not care about giving face to Imperial Emperor Xi Yu at all.

Im not going to those twenty-four cities. I want to go to that Nine-Five Island. Even if I cant find Gu Hai, Ill find his son. Lets see if he shows up or not! the Bat Ancestor shouted vengefully.

Indeed. Your Reverence, there is no way for me to vent the hatred filling my heart if Gu Hai does not die! Archduke Xi Kang said anxiously.

Your Reverence, please allow us this! The Chang Clan elders all knelt.

Your Reverence, please allow me this! the Bat Ancestor said in indignation.

Your Reverence, if we capture Gu Hais son, we can guarantee Gu Hai will not make any rash moves. Your Reverence should be aware of this. That Gu Hais destructive ability is top-notch. If we capture his son, we wont have to worry about Gu Hai at the very least, Archduke Xi Kang said anxiously.

Your Reverence, do you know how we felt back then? Wewe The Bat Ancestor was so anxious that his eyes turned bloodshot.

When Imperial Emperor Xi Yu thought about the scene back then, his sullen face twitched slightly.

What would I do if it happened to me?

Your Reverence, this official can temporarily pa.s.s the right-flank soldiers to Lord Qin. In any case, they are just going to gather with the allied army. Nothing should go wrong. We will accompany the primogenitor and quickly return. Perhaps we can return before our soldiers reach the allied army, Chang Sheng said after some thought.

Thats right. We will go and return quickly! the Bat Ancestor immediately called out.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu thought for a while. As he looked at everyone, he understood that the Bat Ancestor and the others could not calm down without resolving this matter.

Never mind. Bat Ancestor, the Chang Clan can go, but the zombie army cannot. With battle imminent, the zombies cannot leave the battlefield. Xi Kang, you remain here and wait for news, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu said indifferently.

Ah?! Archduke Xi Kang appeared unwilling.

Thank you, Your Reverence! The Bat Ancestor bowed gratefully.

Quickly go, and quickly return! Imperial Emperor Xi Yu said.

Yes! the Bat Ancestor and the Chang Clan elders answered.

Nine-Five Island? Nine-Five Island? Gu Hais son?

The Bat Ancestor and the others immediately showed ferocious expressions as they thought about it.