Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 443 Book 4: 120: The Bat Ancestor Falls into a Trap

Chapter 443 Book 4: 120: The Bat Ancestor Falls into a Trap

Chapter 443 Book 4: 120: The Bat Ancestor Falls into a Trap

Book 4: Chapter 120: The Bat Ancestor Falls into a Trap

A twitching man led the Bat Ancestor, Archduke Xi Kang, and the Chang Clan elders to Vacant City.

Soon, they gathered outside Vacant City. When the Bat Ancestor saw the fog-covered Vacant City, a gleam flashed in his eyes. Indeed, this is the place.

Surround Vacant City. Dont let her escape! Archduke Xi Kang shouted.


The various subordinates directed the zombies and split up.

Nearly everyone partic.i.p.ated in this operation, bringing two hundred thousand zombies here.

The twitching man revealed a faint smile.

When some of the citizens in the distance saw these two hundred thousand zombies, they smiled excitedly.

Alright. Enter the city and capture Bing Ji! the Bat Ancestor shouted.



The army flew quickly towards the city. As they flew, a citizen in the distance suddenly shouted, Activate the ritual array!

Many citizens immediately released beams of red light from their hands.


Fog suddenly appeared behind the Bat Ancestors group. Then, the sky changed color.

What? Everyones expression changed.

The clear sky for thousands of kilometers around turned overcast in the blink of an eye. The overwhelming crimson light even dyed the clouds above the distant Vacant City crimson.

Archduke Xi Kang rubbed his eyes. Whats going on? Isnt Vacant City covered in white fog?

This we fell into a trap? The Bat Ancestors expression suddenly changed as he turned his head to look at the twitching man who had led the way.

That twitching man suddenly opened his mouth and bit a vampires neck.

Argh! Argh! Primogenitor, save me! As that vampire cried out, his body dried up in the blink of an eye, turning into a withered corpse.

Previously, it had only been vampires drinking human blood. Who would dare to drink a vampires blood?

How dare you?! Archduke Xi Kang suddenly glared.

Without needing instructions from Archduke Xi Kang or the Bat Ancestor, their subordinates sent over a large number of zombies.

Just at this moment, that twitching mans figure trembled and withered. Then, a crimson soul body came out of the body.

A soul body? The surrounding peoples expressions changed.

The vampire whose blood got sucked earlier had been controlling a zombie. After that vampire died, the controlled zombie immediately lost its wits.

While that zombie was in such a state, the crimson soul body rushed into that zombies body.


When the soul body merged with the zombie, it squeezed out some blue energy.

This is? The Bat Ancestors eyelids twitched.

After the twitching mans soul body emerged, it possessed the zombie? How could that happen? Zombies could be possessed?

That zombie spasmed for a while before it suddenly stilled.


All at once, that zombie released a horrifying aura, forcing the vampires rus.h.i.+ng over to back off.

Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

Thumping like war drums being pounded on came from the zombies chest.

The zombie came to life? Archduke Xi Kangs expression changed.

Ha! Hahaha! I finally got my body back! Hahahahaha!

That zombie suddenly started laughing. No, it was no longer a zombie but a Divine Blood Army soldier who found his body. He had resurrected.

When the soul body and physical body merged, he exuded an overwhelming baleful aura.

Many zombies rushed over from the surroundings.

That Divine Blood Army soldiers expression turned cold as he swung his hand.


A colossal palm appeared and knocked the zombies back.




The zombies roared.

That Divine Blood Army soldier smiled and said, Brothers, you have suffered. Soon, you will recover your physical bodies, just like me!

The Bat Ancestor, Archduke Xi Kang, and the Chang Clan elders gaped.

The souls of the Slaughter Heavenly Emperors Divine Blood Army? the Bat Ancestor exclaimed.

Brothers, there are two hundred thousand bodies here. Come and claim them! Hahahahahaha! that Divine Blood Army soldier shouted.

That shout spread to the distant Vacant City.


Many figures soared into the sky in the distance, and surging, baleful energy rushed over.

Lower Heavenly Palace Realm? Even after the soldier returned to his body, he only possessed the power of a peak Lower Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator. However, the Bat Ancestor did not dare to fight him at this moment.

Is this the Slaughter Heavenly Emperors trap?

Lets go! the Bat Ancestor shouted as his expression changed.

Where do you think you are going?

Return my body!

My body!

Humph! I will use your blood as an offering to my comrades!


The rumble of loud voices came from the distance.

The Bat Ancestors group quickly fled to the forest while using a few zombies to block the Divine Blood Army soldier who regained his body.

However, they had spread out the two hundred thousand zombies around Vacant City earlier, so a large number of zombies were soon surrounded.


The sounds of fierce fighting came from everywhere.

Slow down! Slow down! That is my body. Dont damage it!

Be careful! That is my body. Just kill that vampire!

Let me see if this is mine!

Anxious voices came from the surroundings.

The Bat Ancestors expression changed dramatically from fright; he did not dare to step forward.

The Bat Ancestor was a late-stage Middle Heavenly Palace cultivator. However, this was the Slaughter Heavenly Emperors trap. There was still the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor. It would be over for him if he did not hide, and the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor showed up.

Everyone urgently wanted to leave. However, they could not get out of this strange ritual array. No matter how far they flew, they remained near Vacant City.

Thisis this an independent world? Are we unable to fly out? Archduke Xi Kangs expression changed dramatically.

The Nine-by-Nine Sun Sealing Ritual Array? The Bat Ancestors expression also changed dramatically.

Gu Hai and Bing Ji moved around the Nine-by-Nine Sun Sealing Ritual Array.

The ritual array covered a large area, encompa.s.sing Vacant City and a large portion of the land around it in an independent world.

Like the Bat Ancestor and the others, Gu Hai and Bing Ji could not exit the ritual array.

Avoiding the twitching citizens, they moved around the periphery and soon arrived at a small village.

YourYour Majesty! Bing Ji showed an unsightly expression.

Everyone in the village was dead, reduced to withered corpses. Someone had drained their blood.

They spared no one? Gu Hais face sank.

They feed on blood to replenish the souls energy consumption. The more blood they drink, the more sinful they become. However, the Divine Blood Army clearly does not care about this, Bing Ji said with an unsightly expression.

Lets go!

Gu Hai and Bing Ji continued searching for a way out. However, they only found corpses when they pa.s.sed the various villages. No one remained alive; everyone had died.

This continued until a loud sound came from the distance. The two looked over.

Its the Bat Ancestor? Bing Jis expression changed.

They are s.n.a.t.c.hing back their bodies? Indeed, they plan to s.n.a.t.c.h back their bodies. Gu Hais face sank.

Bing Jis expression changed. After the zombies and the souls merged, their auras seemed to increase by tenfold instantly.

Tenfold? Gu Hai looked at Bing Ji in shock.

Yes, at least tenfold.