Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 405 Book 4: 81: The Slaughter Nation Appears

Chapter 405 Book 4: 81: The Slaughter Nation Appears

Chapter 405 Book 4: 81: The Slaughter Nation Appears

Book 4: Chapter 81: The Slaughter Nation Appears

The Bat Ancestor and Archduke Xi Kang led their soldiers to check the Divine Strategy Battalion, especially Li Shenji. However, they did not find anything, so they could only watch as the Divine Strategy Battalion left.

Archduke Xi Kang, His Reverence instructed me to receive the envoys, yet you used the Purple Dragon Token to hara.s.s the Qian Nation envoys. Lets see how you are going to give His Reverence an account. Humph! Mo Yike snorted coldly.

Mo Yike flung out his sleeve and strode back into the Mo Residence.

Archduke Xi Kang and the Bat Ancestor appeared unsightly.

If it is not them, then are there other people? the Bat Ancestor said with a sullen expression.

Archduke Xi Kang showed a bitter expression as he looked at the Purple Dragon Token in his hand.

He had embarra.s.sed the nation at Five Sacred Mountains Academy not long ago. Now, he made such a mistake here. How was he to give the emperor an account when he returned?

Xi Kang, continue searching. Those people must still be near Major Metropolitan City. Are they trying to find Gongyang Sheng? Gongyang Sheng? The Bat Ancestors expression changed.


The Bat Ancestors figure flashed, immediately flying away and heading back to Bat Valley.



The bat spirits and vampires outside Bat Valley greeted him respectfully.

The Bat Ancestor ignored them and returned to his underground palace.

When he entered the underground palace and saw the calm blood pool, a thought suddenly occurred to him.

Is Gongyang Sheng still here?

Where is he? the Bat Ancestor roared furiously.


The Bat Ancestor swung his hand, sending all the blood splas.h.i.+ng up. However, there was nothing but blood in the blood pool. There were no signs of Gongyang Sheng at all.

Gone? Gongyang Sheng disappeared?

The Bat Ancestors expression suddenly changed.


The Bat Ancestor stepped out of the underground palace, and his aura erupted.

Ah! Primogenitor!

Prime, what happened?!

The vast aura suppressed all the vampires and bat spirits, forcing them prostrate as they looked at the Bat Ancestor in horror.

Speak! Who entered? the Bat Ancestor demanded with a ferocious expression.

No one. No one at all! the group of bat spirits said in horror.

No one did? Yet, the thing I had in there disappeared! The Bat Ancestor appeared sullen.

Primogenitor, its true! No one entered. We dont even know where the entrance is. Primogenitor, spare us! the vampires yelled in horror.

The Bat Ancestor showed a sullen expression. Only after killing a few vampires and bat spirits did he feel certain that no one had entered the underground palace.

However, Gongyang Sheng was still gone.

Search! Search everywhere! Find that masked man! the Bat Ancestor ordered in a rage.


The surviving vampires and bat spirits flew away fearfully. However, the Bat Ancestor knew that his subordinates would have difficulty finding that masked man.

Hence, the Bat Ancestor returned to the underground palace, fuming with rage.

If they did not enter from outside, then from underground? Thats impossible. I laid a ritual array underground as well. No one can enter. The Bat Ancestor started searching the bottom of the blood pool with a skeptical expression.

After the Bat Ancestor sank deep into the blood pool, his expression suddenly changed.

Thats not right. Where is the heat? It is no longer hot? Did Gongyang Sheng escape from here? The Bat Ancestor turned sullen.

After carefully checking, he found that the blood pool no longer heated up.

Tabdak! Tabdak! Tabdak! Tabdak! Tabdak! Tabdak!

Suddenly, the Bat Ancestor vaguely heard galloping hoofbeats.

The Bat Ancestor appeared slightly confused.

Hoofbeats? Why are there hoofbeats?

The sounds came from where the fire calabash had been. Without its suppression, the red talisman scripts below kept cracking. A strong force seemed to be struggling to get out.

The hoofbeats rang out along with rumbling, growing increasingly louder. As the red talisman scripts cracked and shattered, the bottom blood pool churned endlessly as though something was coming out.

The Bat Ancestor perked up his ears and listened.

Long live His Holy Eminence! May His Holy Eminence live for ten thousand years!

Long live the Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty! May the Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty last for ten thousand years!

Souls, awaken!


Loud shouts came from below the blood pool.

The Bat Ancestors expression suddenly changed.

The Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty? Thats impossible! the Bat Ancestor exclaimed.

A loud sound suddenly came from the Bat Ancestors location as the blood splashed out violently. After the red talisman scripts all disappeared, the thing that was sealed below broke free.


A loud report rang out as the underground palace and the surrounding Bat Valley exploded.


Countless bat spirits instantly died despite them fleeing in all directions. The vampires turned into swarms of small bats as they scattered every which way.


As the blood soared into the sky, it instantly dyed the entire sky red.

The ma.s.sive explosion drew the attention of everyone in Major Metropolitan City.

In the city, Mo Yike, Archduke Xi Kang, Chang Ming, and Chang Sheng immediately flew to the highest floating island and looked into the distance, their expressions changing.

There was also a large floating island at Gu Hais manor.

Everyone stood on the floating island and looked west. A crimson light soared into the sky, stabbing into the clouds and forming a huge crimson cloud that seemed to cover the world.


Then, the crimson cloud released surging blessings.

What is that? Li Shenji raised his eyebrows.

Are those blessings? Why did blessings appear to the west of the city? Could it be that they came from under that seal? Long Wanyus expression changed.

What seal? Li Shenji and Ye Shenzhen asked in surprise.

Long Wanyu c.o.c.ked her head, ignoring the two.

Blessings? Why would blessings come from underground? Furthermore, they are increasing? Long Shenwu showed a sullen expression.


The blessings were mixed with a crimson energy as they churned in the sky. As the crimson blessings increased, they eventually became comparable to the blessings above Major Metropolitan City. Furthermore, a humongous crimson blessings dragon coalesced amid the crimson blessings.

When the crimson dragon appeared, the golden blessings dragon above Major Metropolitan City suddenly opened its closed eyes.


The Yuan Nations golden blessings dragon roared as though exerting dominance as it stared ferociously at the crimson dragon that suddenly appeared across it.


The crimson dragon roared back at the Yuan Nations golden dragon, unyielding. It also appeared extremely ferocious.

This change startled the Major Metropolitan City citizens and caused an uproar.

The golden blessings dragon had not moved in many years already. To think that it roared today?

Why is there a blessings cloud sea in the west? Furthermore, a crimson one?

Where did so much blessings come from?

To think that it is no lesser than that of my Yuan Nation? This is impossible. Where did it come from?

Isnt that place near Bat Valley?

Amid the startled cries of countless citizens, Major Metropolitan Citys defensive barriers were activated.

From various vantage points, countless citizens watched the many bats flee in the distance.

The Bat Ancestor instantly arrived at the periphery of the city.

Hurry! Inform Xi Yu! Its the Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty! Its the Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty! the Bat Ancestor shouted at the city, his expression changing.

The citizens appeared confused, but the expressions of Mo Yike, Archduke Xi Kang, and Chang Sheng changed.

Outside the city, the expression of Qin Zibai, who was searching for the masked men, changed as well. He quickly led his soldiers back to Major Metropolitan City.

The Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty? Archduke Xi Kangs expression changed again.

Archduke Xi Kang could no longer be bothered with anything else. He rushed over to the imperial palace. Many other officials rushed to the Great Sigh Palace Hall as well.

Your Reverence! Your Reverence! Archduke Xi Kang arrived in a fl.u.s.ter.

However, a group of guards was stationed at the Great Sigh Palace Halls entrance.

Milords, please stop. His Reverence instructed that he is not to be interrupted until he comes out. The captain of the guards stopped everyone.

Hurry! This is a major matter that impacts the entire nation. Hurry! I need to see His Reverence. I have the Purple Dragon Token! Archduke Xi Kang shouted, taking out the Purple Dragon Token.

His Reverence decreed that no one was to interrupt him until he came out, not even for the Purple Dragon Token! No matter how major it is, you can only wait for His Reverence to come out! the guard captain shouted.

What? Archduke Xi Kangs expression changed.

Mo Residence:

Mo Yike stepped onto the floating island in his residence. Then, he looked to the west. When he saw the churning crimson blessings, his expression turned sullen.

Is the matter that the Bat Ancestor and Archduke Xi Kang are concealing the Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty? Mo Yikes eyes narrowed slightly.

As Mo Yike looked at the distant crimson blessings dragon, he raised his eyebrows. Father died young, before he could tell me of some matters. I have always felt that this is not the best location for the Yuan Nations capital. Nevertheless, His Reverence chose this place. Major Metropolitan City? Is this a secret that only the first-generation officials following His Reverence know about?

Qin Residence:

Clan Head, the west of the city is in chaos. Blessings appeared, and the Bat Ancestor is saying that the Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty appeared. Clan Head, what should we do? the Qin Clan disciples shouted anxiously towards a door.

Inside that room, Qin Zibais fatherthe old blind man from beforefrowned while sitting on a chair. The Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty? Was there an error in His Reverences plans?

Chang Clan:

The vampires also goggled as they looked into the distance, showing horrified expressions.

Cough! Cough! Cough! Chang Sheng had yet to recover from the extraction of three of his ribs. As he looked into the distance, his eyelids twitched slightly.

How could it be to the west of the city? How could it be to the west of the city? Chang Sheng appeared worried.

Father, do you know something? What is the Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty? Chang Ming asked in surprise.

Gu Hais manor:

The Bat Ancestors voice had spread throughout the entire city.

The faces of Gu Hai and the others sank as well.

The Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty? Do those blessings belong to the Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty? Could it be that Long Shenwu narrowed his eyes.

Gongyang Sheng stepped forward, slightly narrowing his eyes. The Eighty-One Palace Diagram? I understand now. The Eighty-One Palace Diagram is the Slaughter Heavenly Dynastys Nine-by-Nine Sun Sealing Ritual Array?

Lord Gongyang, you are familiar with this Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty? Ye Shenzhen looked at Gongyang Sheng.

Six thousand years ago, the Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty was a powerful nation in the Divine Continents north. At that time, the Qian Heavenly Dynasty had not been established yet. The Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty killed countless people, waging war everywhere. It was extremely bloodthirsty, slaughtering anyone who refused to submit. This earned it great infamy. However, the Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty suddenly vanished on a particular day six thousand years ago, along with its strongest Divine Blood Army. No one knows why it vanished. Some people suspect that the Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty sinned too heavily and incurred the wrath of heaven, so heaven destroyed the entire dynasty. After six thousand years, it is appearing again? Gongyang Sheng raised his eyebrows.

Oh? The powerful Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty from six thousand years ago? Gu Hai raised his eyebrows.

The capital of the Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty was called Central Metropolitan City, and the Yuan Nations capital here is called Major Metropolitan City. Is Imperial Emperor Xi Yu aware of some secret? That must be it. Otherwise, he would not have imprisoned me to help them solve that Eighty-One Palace Diagram. Humph! Gongyang Shengs face sank.