Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 392 Book 4: 68: You Have No Talent

Chapter 392 Book 4: 68: You Have No Talent

Chapter 392 Book 4: 68: You Have No Talent

Book 4: Chapter 68: You Have No Talent

In the underground palace:

The Bat Ancestor opened its mouth and absorbed all the n.o.ble spirit from Chivalrous Legends. The crying of the supernatural beings stopped only after thirty minutes.

Flap! Flap! Flap! Flap!

Suddenly, a few small bats appeared strangely in the underground palace and entered the Bat Ancestors mouth.

After swallowing the small bats, the Bat Ancestor narrowed its eyes slightly. Oh? It is from the Qian Nations envoys? Gu Hais composition?

Huh? Gongyang Shen suddenly opened his eyes.

A Qian Nation envoy?

An envoy of my Qian Nation? Ha! Hahahaha! Gu Hai? Unexpectedly, such a talent appeared in the Qian Nation during my absence over the past few years. An excellent Chivalrous Legends! Excellent calligraphy Dao! Gongyang Sheng laughed.

Dont get too c.o.c.ky. According to my messenger bats, there is just one calligraphy Dao cultivator. Gu Hai? I dont think Ive heard of him before. How long has it been? Would it be that easy for the Qian Nation to produce excellent calligraphy Dao cultivators? Although Chivalrous Legends is incredible, you can write poems of such a level too, yet you are still trapped here. What more, that Gu Hai? This Chivalrous Legends is already his limit, the Bat Ancestor sneered.


Right after the Bat Ancestor spoke, the cries of supernatural beings rang out again, even louder than before.

Gu Hai had started reciting Bring in the Wine in Five Sacred Mountains Academy.

The cries of the supernatural beings were severalfold louder than before, echoing in the entire underground palace.

There is more? How can this be? There is no n.o.ble spirit. How can there be the cries of supernatural beings? the Bat Ancestor exclaimed.

No. The poem is not finished yet. The n.o.ble spirit is still brewing! Gongyang Shengs expression changed.

Huh? The Bat Ancestor raised its eyebrows.

That was his limit? Bat Ancestor, it looks like you were wrong again. In human life, accomplishment must bring one to cloud nine. Do not allow an empty goblet to face the moons bright s.h.i.+ne. Heaven made me; my abilities must have a purpose, one I must discern. I spend a thousand gold pieces completely, but they will return? Excellent! Haha! Excellent! Gongyang Sheng started guffawing.

However, the Bat Ancestor showed a sullen expression.

As Gu Hai recited the poem, the crying of the supernatural beings grew louder, dealing a majestic shock.

The poem was like an earworm, lingering in ones mind after one heard it just once.

A lovely s.h.i.+p and furs worth a thousand gold pieces in wages. Call the waiter to swap them for fine wine, and together with you, Ill wipe out the cares of ten thousand ages. Excellent! This Gu Hai is incredible. An excellent poem about wine! A gleam flashed in Gongyang Shengs eyes.

So what if supernatural beings are crying? There is no n.o.ble spirit, the Bat Ancestor said coldly.


When the final stroke was completed outside, a blazing sun soared into the sky, continuously spewing out boundless n.o.ble spirit.

The world appeared like it was day for tens of thousands of kilometers around. The light instantly rushed into the underground palace.


A white shock wave formed, scattering the blood mist in the underground palace.

The underground palace instantly turned bright.


The Bat Ancestors expression changed as it opened its mouth and sucked. However, the sudden influx of n.o.ble spirit was overly vast. It could not absorb everything in time. A portion rushed towards Gongyang Shengs head.


Gongyang Shengs body gave off white light; it looked as though he would struggle free from the blood chains.

Humph! This n.o.ble spirit is not enough. Blood, come! the Bat Ancestor snorted coldly.


The blood in the underground palace surged up in waves and immediately enveloped Gongyang Sheng.

Bat Ancestor, my Qian Nations men are here. Hahahaha! Gongyang Sheng guffawed as the blood covered him.

Humph! So what if they came? So what if they wrote this poem? Everything in Major Metropolitan City is mine! Roar! the Bat Ancestor snorted coldly before rus.h.i.+ng out of the blood pool, suddenly turning into a black-robed man.

There was a cross-shaped scar above the mans right eye. His figure flashed, and he suddenly rushed out of the underground palace with a cold expression, heading toward Five Sacred Mountains Academy.

In Five Sacred Mountains Academy:

When Gu Hai asked Archduke Xi Kang to give pointers on Bring in the Wine, everyone looked at Archduke Xi Kang.

Give pointers? What a joke! Even a fool could tell that, given his level, Archduke Xi Kang was not even worthy of reading it. What more, give pointers?

This was a blatant face slap.

Everyone felt heartache as they looked at Archduke Xi Kang.

Of all the people to offend, you offended Mister Gu? Of all the things to compete in, you competed in poetry? Isnt that just offering your cheek for him to slap?

It is one thing to compete in private, yet you put on a live broadcast?

This is great now. Two hundred million citizens got to see your face getting slapped badly. Your face even seems to be swelling up.

You completely embarra.s.sed the Yuan Imperial Dynasty!

Archduke Xi Kangs complexion alternated between red and white.

The supernatural cries in the surroundings had not ended yet; they were louder and grander than those of Chivalrous Legends. As the white light shone brightly, Archduke Xi Kang could not find a place to hide.

Gu Hai looked at Archduke Xi Kang coldly.

Bring in the Wine is one of Earths Li Bais consummate works. If this poem cannot keep you in check, then it would not do Li Bai justice.

This is the peak of a legendary poet. How can you, an ordinary person, compare to him?

Gu Hai believed that after this Bring in the Wine, his trip to Major Metropolitan City would be much smoother. At the very least, no one would dare to challenge him in composing poems.

Youyouyouyou are only seventy-odd years old. How could you possibly Archduke Xi Kang looked at Gu Hai in despair.

Hah! I have already said, writing poems does not depend on your age but your talent. For talented people, even a child can write a masterpiece! Gu Hai with a cold smile.

Gu Hais words were not mere nonsense. Back on Earth, Luo Binw.a.n.g came out with a famous poem at age seven. Swan, swan, swan. Its neck extends toward the heavens. Your white feathers float on the emerald water. Your red feet send out clear waves.

[TL Note: Luo Binw.a.n.g is a famous Early Tang dynasty poet, known as one of the four great poets of his time. Here is a Wikipedia entry on him: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luo_Binw.a.n.g. The swan poem quoted here is very commonly known by children, often the first poem they learn.]

Yet, many excellent scholars and successful candidates in the imperial exams failed to leave behind a masterpiece even after they died of old age. That was the difference in talent.

Talent? Archduke Xi Kang stared at Gu Hai, his eyelids twitching.

Indeed. You have no talent! Gu Hai nodded very sincerely.

You have no talent!

You have no talent!

You have no talent!

Gu Hais words were like an earworm, endlessly echoing in Archduke Xi Kangs mind.

I have no talent? No! That is impossible!

However, there is a clear example before me. Gu Hai just joined the cultivation world from the ordinary, mundane world. How old is he? Yet, he came up with Chivalrous Legends and Bring in the Wine. Can my works compare to those?

Compared to him, do I really have talent?

The realization of lacking talent suddenly dawned on Archduke Xi Kang.

Be it the surrounding officials or the Major Metropolitan City citizens, everyone acknowledged Gu Hais words.

Indeed. Gu Hai is right. He can compose poems on a whim.Even if I have talent, can I compare to him?


Archduke Xi Kang suddenly vomited blood, Gu Hais declaration of You have no talent! echoing endlessly in his head.

Archduke Xi Kang! the Yuan Nation officials cried out.

However, Long Wanyu rejoiced upon seeing that.

It serves you right for daring to criticize my brother-in-law.

Bing Ji, Li Shenji, and Sima Feng stared at Gu Hai with complicated expressions. Who could have thought Gu Hais calligraphy Dao was so incredible?

Composing on a whim? He managed to crush Archduke Xi Kang mentally to the point of vomiting blood? What do you not know?

If you have no talent, then you have no talent. Is there a need to vomit blood? Purple Subtlety said in disdain.

He did not want to pay to treat us to meat and wine. Just acknowledge that you are stingy. Is there a need to put on a pretense by vomiting blood? Longevity also said in disdain.


Youyou! Archduke Xi Kang vomited blood again as he looked at the two gluttons.

Am I truly a stingy person? Where did these two fools come from? To think that their words are so harsh?

Gentlemen, lets leave it be. Dont get angry with Archduke Xi Kang. We are guests from distant places, after all. The strong dragon scorns suppressing the local snake, Gu Hai whispered to the two.

At this moment, everyone looked at Archduke Xi Kang and Gu Hai. Although Gu Hai spoke softly, everyone still heard him.

The surrounding Yuan Nation officials expressions turned dark again.

What do you mean by The strong dragon scorns suppressing the local snake? You are the strong dragon, and Archduke Xi Kang is the local snake?

If Archduke Xi Kang could kill with his gaze, Gu Hai would have already died several times over.

However, Archduke Xi Kang had no way to refute. He was the one who offered his face to be slapped.

For a time, the many officials had mixed feelings.

Mo Yike, Chang Sheng, and others showed faint, bitter smiles. However, they did not step forward at this moment.

Gu Hai seemed to have divine help when writing poems. If he suddenly had a spurt of inspiration and wrote a few more poems, then the Yuan Imperial Dynasty would be completely embarra.s.sed.

Alright. Since Archduke Xi Kang does not wish to offer pointers on my Bring in the Wine, then it is time to put it away, Gu Hai said while shaking his head.

Clearly, Gu Hai understood his boundaries. It would not be good to go too far.

Bing Ji stepped forward and gently rolled up Bring in the Wine.


The boundless n.o.ble spirit in the sky withdrew into the paper. The blazing sun in the sky immediately set, entering the paper as Bing Ji slowly rolled it up.

Just at this moment, a strong, cold wind blew in the surroundings. Surging blood clouds appeared in the sky without any warning.

Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech!

The blood clouds exploded, instantly turning into countless bats covering the sky and the entire Five Sacred Mountains Academy.


Suddenly, a black-robed figure appeared in the air.

As this black figure stood in the air, a terrifying aura spread out in all directions.


The gusts turned the banquet into a sorry sight.

Everyone raised their head to look.

Chang Shengs expression changed abruptly. He was the first to rise.

Salutations, Primogenitor! Chang Sheng bowed extremely respectfully.

The officials of Chang Shengs faction and some other Yuan Nation officials bowed in respect as well.

Salutations, Primogenitor!

The ones who saluted the black-robed man were vampires. With this, the black-clad mans ident.i.ty became clear.

The Bat Ancestor? Li Shenji suddenly narrowed his eyes.

Greetings, Bat Ancestor! Mo Yike and Qin Zibai bowed slightly. Many of the officials bowed as well.

Bat Ancestor! Archduke Xi Kang said bitterly as he wiped the blood off his lips.

The Bat Ancestor appeared to be a man in his fifties. There was a cross-shaped scar above his right eye.

The instant the Bat Ancestor appeared, Bing Jis expression changed. She clutched the scroll in her hands and immediately moved towards Gu Hai. Some fl.u.s.ter flashed across her face.

Huh? When Gu Hai noticed Bing Jis fl.u.s.ter, he revealed a trace of puzzlement.

The Bat Ancestor ignored everyone. Instead, he stared at Chivalrous Legends, which was not rolled up yet.

Ha! Not bad. An excellent Chivalrous Legends. Excellent n.o.ble spirit! The Bat Ancestor revealed a faint, cold smile and extended his hand.

What are you doing? Gu Hai wrote that for us! Purple Subtlety grabbed Chivalrous Legends and glared at the Bat Ancestor in the air.

Huh? The Bat Ancestors expression turned cold.