Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 380 Book 4: 56: Glutton Spirits

Chapter 380 Book 4: 56: Glutton Spirits

Chapter 380 Book 4: 56: Glutton Spirits

Book 4: Chapter 56: Glutton Spirits

Xi Yans head?

The foundation rock golems stood there, feeling stunned.

This was a powerful Heavenly Palace Realm expert! Yet, His Majesty did it? His Majesty killed the murderer of the previous prime?

The foundation rock golems eyes immediately turned bloodshot.

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!

The foundation rock golems eyes brimmed with tears as they fell to one knee.

Ju Lu also knelt. His voice choked up as he said, When Prime died, we thought that we would never be able to take revenge. Heavenly Palace Realm and Nascent Soul Realm? While it is just the difference of one cultivation realm, they are worlds apart. Many thanks, Your Majesty! Many thanks, Your Majesty, for taking revenge for Prime! Many thanks!

Ju Lu bowed sincerely.

Many thanks, Your Majesty! the foundation rock golems said with choked-up voices as well.

The day the Foundation Rock Deity died was the darkest day of the foundation rock golems. They felt that revenge on Xi Yan would forever be beyond them.

On this day, Gu Hai did it.

The previous prime and Huangfu Chaoge had told all the foundation rock golems to submit to Gu Hai. While the foundation rock golems did so, they still felt worried.

Now, that worry had transformed into acknowledgment, grat.i.tude, and awe of Gu Hai. Only now did the foundation rock golems truly belong to the Han Royal Dynasty.

Ju Lu, Ill leave Xi Yans head to you to handle. The foundation rock golems have been feeling frustrated and resentful. I have helped all the foundation rock golems take revenge. It is best if all the foundation rock golems can now let go of their frustration and resentment. Gu Hai handed over Xi Yans head.

Many thanks, Your Majesty. Ill pa.s.s around this head to every foundation rock golem, Ju Lu said gratefully.

Gu Hai nodded.

By getting Ju Lu to do this, he could establish Ju Lus prestige among all the foundation rock golems and also fully obtain all the foundation rock golems hearts.

After Gu Hai gave some instructions, the foundation rock golems burrowed into the ground. Then, the flying s.h.i.+p continued towards Chaoge City.

The sky was slowly turning dark as Gu Hai made his way back to the bow.

Clack! Clack! Clack! Clack!

Gulp! Gulp! Gulp!

Purple Subtlety and Longevity were still eating.

Many Han Royal Dynasty officials stood at the side, bringing food and wine in a constant stream. At this time, they had all broken out in a cold sweat.

At the side, Long Wanyu kept staring at the two with a stiff expression. She gulped, rendered speechless.

YourYour Majesty! One of the Han Royal Dynasty officials walked over with a bitter expression.

Whats wrong? Gu Hai asked.

Theythey That official pointed to Purple Subtlety and Longevity.



ter Gu

Chomp! Gulp!

you are late. There is some more here! Purple Subtlety said while eating.

Theres no need. Go and finish it. Im not hungry, Gu Hai said with a strange expression.

Purple Subtlety nodded and continued eating.

Excellent food! Excellent food! After not eating for three thousand years, even my saliva felt tasty! Longevity called out while drinking.

Your Majesty, the foodthe food is almost finished, one of the officials whispered.

Huh? What do you mean the food is almost finished? Gu Hai raised his eyebrows.

No matter what, Gu Hai had invited Purple Subtlety and Longevity to this banquet. He had already said to let the two eat as much as they wanted. How could his subordinates say that there was no more food? Was this not just slacking off?

Your Majesty, this official cant do anything about this. This food was just for our own consumption, so we did not prepare that much. Even so, there was enough for ten thousand people. Ten thousand! That was for ten thousand people! that official said with a terrified expression.

Gu Hai:

Food for ten thousand people? Ten thousand?

Suddenly, Gu Hai no longer blamed these officials. They had indeed done their best already.

Only how long has pa.s.sed? Yet, the two of them have already eaten this much? Gluttons? No, glutton spirits?

Brother-in-Law, dont ever bring these two demons back to Chaoge City. Otherwise, your Chaoge City will be eaten into poverty in just a few days, Long Wanyu yelled with wide eyes.

Long Wanyu had personally seen these two super gluttons in action.

No, are these just gluttons? They are demons. Even though the sky was turning dark, these two never stopped.

What kind of stomach is that?

Your Majesty, there is not enough food. What should we do? the earlier official asked anxiously.

Gu Hai:

As Gu Hai looked at the two eating enthusiastically, he wondered,

Do I have to tell them that there is no more food?

Your Majesty, these are the last twenty sets of food. That official appeared bitter as he brought over some beef.

We got it. Gu Hai nodded, feeling flabbergasted.

Gu Hai looked at the two and stepped forward slowly. Sirs.

Gulp! Gulp!

Mister Gu, go on and eat. If it is just the two of us eating, it feels embarra.s.sing, Longevity said.

Gu Hai:

Long Wanyu:

Sima Feng:

Do you feel embarra.s.sed?

You two should take a rest from eating. Otherwise, its not good for your stomach, Gu Hai said with a bitter smile.

Its fine. We used to eat like this as well.

Indeed, we have already eaten like this for many years.

The two did not seem to care as they consumed the last twenty sets of food.

Upon seeing that the food was almost gone, Gu Hai smiled bitterly and said, Sirs, I mentioned taking a break because I have some things that I would like to ask you two about.

Oh? Mister Gu, go ahead and speak!

Indeed. You saved us and even let us eat as much as we wanted. You are a friend for sure. Just go ahead and ask.

The two immediately responded straightforwardly.

They looked at Gu Hai as they ate.

Gu Hai smiled bitterly. He no longer dwelled on the topic of eating. Instead, he asked, What was going on with the earlier matter? Can you explain it to me? Also, three thousand years? That isnt an ordinary persons lifespan.

Three thousand years was not something an ordinary person could achieve. Since these two had not eaten for three thousand years, they had to be older than that.

Oh? You are asking about that? We are heaven-grade brushes. I am a calligraphy Dao brush, and he is a painting Dao brush, Purple Subtlety said while chewing on some beef.

Heaven-grade brushes? Sima Feng exclaimed.

The two glanced askance at Sima Feng, their expressions saying he was inexperienced and ignorant.

Thats not right. I heard that the heaven-grade brushes draw on the laws of the calligraphy Dao and the painting Dao; all of them are very learned. Yet, the two of you are Sima Feng appeared confused.

Very learned? We are very learned, Purple Subtlety protested, puzzled.

Indeed. You cannot even speak coherently. We are learned people. Longevity glared.

Very learned? Yet, you knocked up so many people?

Very learned? Then, why are your table manners so crude?

Sima Feng appeared disdainful and was about to retort.

Sima Feng! Gu Hai raised his hand and stopped Sima Feng.

Sima Feng looked at Gu Hai and could only keep silent, enduring the depression in his heart.

Heaven-grade brushes can live for a long time? Gu Hai wondered.

Of course. Our lifespan is different from yours. As for the underground palace you were asking about, hah We dont know much, either. Who knows what went wrong with that old fogeys mind? He got us to periodically strengthen the talisman scripts that they laid down. Three thousand years have pa.s.sed since then, Purple Subtlety explained.

Old fogey? Gu Hai echoed quizzically.

Our master. Unfortunately, we sense that he is already dead, so we are free now, Longevity explained.

That old fogey was really miserly. We are heaven-grade brushes! Heaven-grade, I say. Anyone would treat us as treasures if they refined us. That old fogey was an important guest of the Jiang Clan. He was so rich, but he frequently let us starve, Purple Subtlety complained.

Oh? He is dead? He let you starve? Gu Hai marveled.

Yes. The two of us eat a little more than average, but we do a lot as well. We brought out his calligraphy Dao and painting Dao to the greatest degree. All we asked for was food, yet he resisted as if his life depended on it. Eventually, he even locked us up in that underground palace, getting us to seal that monster Jiang Ba, Longevity complained.

Eat a little more than average?

Long Wanyu goggled.

This is a little more than average?

That old man was an important guest of the Jiang Clan? He should not have lacked food, then, Gu Hai said.

Thats what we said as well. However, he refused to give us food, saying that he was poor every day. Eventually, he said he couldnt be bothered anymore and let us eat anything we could find in the one hundred mountains where he stayed. After he left for a month, he scolded us when he returned, Purple Subtlety recalled.


Indeed. We only ate up the ten thousand animal spirits in his one hundred mountains. He did say we could eat anything we wanted there. Longevity recalled that unpleasant memory.

Gu Hai:

Ten thousand animal spirits in one month? Long Wanyu goggled.

Indeed. We even ate sparingly! Purple Subtlety nodded.

Gu Hai:

Just thinking about it makes me angry. Never mind, Im not eating anymore. Purple Subtlety swallowed his last mouthful of beef, then drank some wine before stopping.

Purple Subtlety, you are stopping? Im only thirty percent full, Longevity said as he held his last vat of wine.

Thirty percent full?

Everyones expression turned stiff again.

Im not eating anymore. d.a.m.n it, that old fogey refused to let us eat. He even hid something delicious in Major Metropolitan City. It has been three thousand years. That thing should now be Purple Subtletys eyes lit up.

Longevitys eyes suddenly lit up. Thats right. Thats right. Hahahaha! That old fogey is dead now. In that case, only the two of us know about it, right?

After Longevity said that, he spat on the deck.

Mister Gu, we shall not intrude any further. Lets meet again in the future. Many thanks for the treat! Purple Subtlety said excitedly as he stood up.

Gu Hai nodded.

Gu Hai was not familiar with the twos capabilities. However, the ridiculous ability of Longevitys painting had roused the desire to recruit these two into the Han Nation. If that strange ability was used in the right situation, it could be something incredible. Even the Middle Heavenly Palace Realm Bi-An King could not endure it. How could he just let them slip by?

So, the first thing Gu Hai did before leaving was to find these two.

However, seeing the twos appet.i.te made Gu Hai give up on this thought.


They ate ten thousand animal spirits in one month. Ten thousand! If I brought them back, who knows how many problems they would cause?

Hence, when the two said they were leaving, Gu Hai did not try to retain them, despite their potential.

Indeed. Mister Gu, we are going to Major Metropolitan City. Goodbye! Longevity called out.

Gu Hai was about to say goodbye when his expression suddenly changed. Sirs, I have something that I would like to trouble you with!

Oh? The two looked at Gu Hai, wondering what it was.

You recall that Fairy Waner, Lin Waner, who was with me, right? Gu Hai asked seriously.

Of course. That la.s.s looks at you differently. Purple Subtlety nodded.

She is also going to Major Metropolitan City. If you meet her there, please do your best to help her if she is in any danger, Gu Hai requested gravely.

Mister Gu, you are too polite. It is just a minor matter. Rest a.s.sured.

Indeed. You not only saved us but even treated us to a feast. We will definitely keep this matter in mind, Longevity also a.s.sured Gu Hai.

Many thanks, Gu Hai said with a smile.

After sending the two off and watching them fly to the horizon, everyone on the flying s.h.i.+p released bated breaths.

Glutton spirits! everyone criticized immediately.

Are they going to bring disaster to the citizens of Major Metropolitan City? Long Wanyu said with a strange expression.