Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 369 Book 4 45: Blood Dragon

Chapter 369 Book 4 45: Blood Dragon

Chapter 369 Book 4 45: Blood Dragon

Book 4 Chapter 45: Blood Dragon

Dragon Vein City:

The city gates were shut, and a ritual array activated. A crimson mist appeared, encasing the entire Dragon Vein City.

Outside the underground palace, the expressions of the cultivators, who had just gotten their abdomens cut open, changed.

Oh no! Somethings wrong!

Lets go!

Many cultivators immediately rushed towards the city gates, no longer caring about the nearby underground palace.

Boom! Boom!

Loud sounds came from the eastern and western city gates. However, the experts could not break the city gates open.

The Bi-An King frowned as he looked at the ritual array in the sky. Then, he extended his hand, sending a chain soaring.

Even though severely injured, a Middle Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator was still extremely powerful.


The chain crashed into the ritual array above before bouncing back with a loud report.

What? The Bi-An Kings expression changed.

The surrounding cultivators all showed sullen expressions as well.

Dragon Vein City is sealed? Who did it? The expressions of the surrounding cultivators changed.

That was a strike from a Middle Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator. Even against the barrier of an ordinary city, it should at least crack the barrier. However, nothing happened here.


Suddenly, a dragon vein came from the distance.

The sound of the dragon vein? Its from the west? someone exclaimed.


Many cultivators immediately rushed to the west.

Qin Zibai and Mister Dongfang were in the west.

A b.l.o.o.d.y stench came from the west. A mist of blood, so dense that it seemed liquid, covered a certain area, looking like churning blood covering the area.

A dragon head suddenly emerged from the blood-covered area in front of the frontmost ten cultivators rus.h.i.+ng over.



The dragon head was huge, more than three hundred meters tall. Before the cultivators that rushed over could cry out, the huge dragon head swallowed them in one gulp.

What? The cultivators at the back stopped dead in their tracks, their expressions changing.

They saw heads appear on the scales around the blood dragons neck.

That is the Zhang Clan Head?

Thats the Azure Sea Sect Master?

Someone recognized these heads. These were the ten cultivators that the blood dragon just swallowed. They had been instantly refined and turned into the blood dragons scales?

Thisthisthis is

The dragons horn is damaged. Theres no doubt. This is Xi Yans dragon vein. Theres no mistake.

Mister Gu did not lie to us? So, it is all true?

The expressions of the surrounding cultivators changed wildly.


The blood dragon had a ferocious expression as if it would charge over and swallow up all those who had come.

Soon, more and more bodies came into view in the blood-covered area. Various heads appeared on the dragon scales. When the cultivators saw this, they all felt a chill.?r???????v?l.?o?

This is a dragon vein? How can it be used to attack? one of the cultivators exclaimed.

This is a lifespan ritual array? A lifespan cultivator refined Xi Yans dragon vein into an ominous ent.i.ty?! the Bi-An King said with a cold expression.


The blood dragon suddenly charged over.

The Bi-An King showed a ferocious expression as he immediately threw a palm strike.


A Middle Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator possessed extraordinary might. The Bi-An King managed to stop the blood dragon, blocking it.

Bi-An King, you said that this is a lifespan ritual array? Are we all trapped by a lifespan cultivator? someone exclaimed.

Xi Yan? Qin Zibai? The Bi-An King showed a ferocious expression.

The Bi-An King put more force into his palm strike, but the blood dragon seemed to be growing stronger. He would not last much longer.

Find the lifespan cultivator and kill him! Thats the only way we can leave. Hurry! the Bi-An King shouted.

Suddenly, Mister Dongfangs voice came from the blood-covered area. Hehehehehe! Qin Zibai, what is the point of opposing me? Why are you not going to the Bi-An King? How are you going to give an account to Imperial Emperor Xi Yu if something goes wrong?

Humph! Qin Zibais cold snort came from the blood-covered area.

Qin Zibais figure flashed as he charged out, holding a sword in his hand. He swung it at the Bi-An King.

Huh? The Bi-An Kings expression changed.

The Bi-An King pulled his hand back and sent out a chain to clash with Qin Zibai.


Two Middle Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators started fighting, kicking up a violent storm.

Now unhampered, the blood dragon roared as it charged at the other cultivators.

Oh no! Quickly, run! the cultivators exclaimed.


The blood dragon opened its mouth and sucked, pulling in many weaker cultivators into its mouth.

Quickly leave!

Save me!

The surrounding cultivators ran frantically.

Humph! After my blood dragon eats these people, Ill send it after you. Hehehe! Mister Dongfangs voice suddenly rang out.

Dont! Dont eat us!

Milord! Save me!


Shouts came from the blood-covered area.

Qin Zibais expression changed. Mister Dongfang, eat those outside first. You are not to touch my men. Otherwise, I will not do anything!

Qin Zibai, what is the point of your pity now? Hahaha! Mister Dongfang sneered.

Perhaps we will gain enough energy with the blood dragon eating the people outside. If you dont agree, Im really not going to help at all! Qin Zibai roared furiously.

Alright, alright, alright, alright! Qin Zibai, Ill give you face this once and eat those outside first. Humph! Mister Dongfang said coldly.


The blood dragon immediately charged out of the blood-covered area and rushed into the surroundings. A white-robed Mister Dongfang stood on the back of the blood dragon.

Standing on the blood dragon, Mister Dongfang controlled it as it swept through the place.


The dragon opened its mouth and sucked, pulling the fleeing cultivators in front of it into its stomach.

Quickly run! Scatter! The many cultivators fled in extreme horror.


The entire Dragon Vein City turned chaotic.

Kill the lifespan cultivator! Kill that lifespan cultivator!

Many cultivators dodged the blood dragon, wanting to kill the Mister Dongfang on the dragons back.

However, once these cultivators approached Mister Dongfang, the heads on the scales under him suddenly came to life. Their necks extended as they charged out like snakes with human heads.

The heads bit the cultivators that rushed over.

Argh! The many cultivators immediately sustained injuries.

In fact, one of these strange heads even swallowed a cultivator.


The blood dragon quickly digested the cultivators consumed by the heads on its scales, and new heads appeared on nearby scales.

The surrounding cultivators inhaled sharply.

As the blood dragon ate more cultivators, the b.l.o.o.d.y stench coming from it grew heavier. Its aura inspired chills even from afar.

Furthermore, the blood dragon grew increasingly stronger.

Flee? Ordinary cultivators could not flee at all.

Nearby, the Bi-An Kings expression changed.

A lifespan ritual array? Layering of energy? You are consuming everyones energy to layer them in the dragon vein? What are you planning? the Bi-An King exclaimed.

Not for you to know! Qin Zibai said coldly as he blocked the Bi-An King.


Dragon Vein City turned chaotic.

As Gu Hai and Ju Lu stood outside the blood-covered area, their eyelids twitched wildly.

Mister Dongfang? He is not dead? Gu Hais eyes turned cold.

Ah! Ju Lu suddenly let out a startled cry.

Huh? Gu Hai turned his head to look.

Your Majesty, I tried to enter the blood-covered area earlier. However, this blood seems to be strongly corrosive. Even my energy cannot resist it, Ju Lu explained.

Oh? Gu Hai frowned slightly.

Then, he reached into his tunic.


A black light encased Gu Hais entire body. It was from the black jade talisman that the Unborn Man left for Long Wanyu. Then, Gu Hai tried touching the blood. The black light covering Gu Hai blocked the bloods corrosive effect.

Wait outside for me! Gu Hai said.

Ah? Your Majesty, why are you fine? Ju Lu exclaimed.

However, Gu Hai ignored Ju Lu. Instead, he stepped into the blood-covered area.

While the outside was chaotic, the interior was neat and tidy.

There was a large valley inside. Some of the buildings were very dark, and an area with black fog lay in the distance.

In a nearby plaza:

At this moment, eighty thousand people were trapped in eight crimson b.a.l.l.s thereten thousand in each. All of them showed horrified expressions.

Save me!

Supreme Commander! We have been following Supreme Commander for so many years already! Supreme Commander, spare me!

Someone, save me! Someone, save me!

Qin Zibais subordinates? Gu Hai said in shock.

As Gu Hai looked at these people in shock, they suddenly noticed him.

Gu Hai?

The Han Royal Emperor?

Han Royal Emperor, save me! Save me!

Emperor Gu, we have committed many sins in the past, marching on the Han Nation for Qin Zibai. However, we were just following orders. Emperor Gu, please save us!

I am willing to swear fealty to Emperor Gu! Emperor Gu, please save me!

Everyone immediately pleaded vehemently.

Gu Hai remained silent for a moment. Then, he approached.

He looked at a crimson ball and gently poked it with the black light from the black jade talisman.


Suddenly, that crimson ball popped like a bubble.

Ah?! Ah?! We are saved? the people who had been inside cried out incredulously.

Then, Gu Hai did the same to the rest of the crimson b.a.l.l.s, immediately breaking them.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

Gu Hai saved eighty thousand people in the blink of an eye. All of them showed expressions of wild joy.

Many thanks, Mister Gu! Many thanks, Mister Gu! Everyone was grateful to Gu Hai, but they still felt horrified.

Everyone, I recall that you are Qin Zibais subordinates? Gu Hai said with some puzzlement.

Upon hearing Gu Hais question, the people he rescued suddenly fell silent. They all clenched their fists, and their eyes turned bloodshot.

I was blind to have followed Qin Zibai!

Qin Zibai, that ingrate! My entire clan served him, yet he actually sold us to a lifespan cultivator!

To think that he even pretended to protect us? Eat those people outside first? Hah! Haha! Qin Zibai is an insidious knave!

Everyone felt extremely furious and sorrowful.

To think that Qin Zibai helped the lifespan cultivator trap us, showing no care for us?

They felt a chill in their hearts.

No matter what Qin Zibai thought, everyones past loyalty had long since vanished.

Everyone, Im trying to find Xi Yan. Does anyone know where he is? Gu Hai asked.

There. In that small lifespan ritual array. Xi Yan is nothing good, either. He captured all his subordinates, wanting to kill them. Earlier, we criticized Xi Yan for being a terrible fellow. Unexpectedly, Qin Zibai is the same. One of the cultivators pointed the way to Gu Hai.

Oh? That way? Gu Hai raised his eyebrows.

Emperor Gu, are you trying to deal with Xi Yan? I have a method. Well help you! someone shouted excitedly.