Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 31 - Sky Saber Life And Death Game

Chapter 31 - Sky Saber Life And Death Game

Chapter 31 - Sky Saber Life and Death Game

Carefree Valley...

"Throne Master Meng, wait for me!" shouted Song Qingshu, terrified.


Having been chased closely by fifty demon beasts, Song Qingshu and the others were driven into the mountain valley.


Song Qingshu missed a step and came rolling down the mountain.

Meng Tai with his Ascendant Hall subordinates came to stop halfway up the mountain outside the mountain valley; looking up at those standing fifty demon beasts in trepidation.


Demon beasts' roars resounded from every direction. Apparently, there were demon beasts upon all the mountains surrounding the Carefree Valley. Wolf Demons, Leopard Demons, Snake Demons, Tiger Demons, various kinds of demon beasts with savage looks on their faces, all roaring as they drove silhouettes into the mountain valley one after another.

"How can this be possible?"

"So many demon beasts? How can there be so many demon beasts?"

"Let me go, I did not mean it, I didn't kill anyone!"

"I will immediately leave the Xiantian Endgame World, just let me go!"

The demon beasts all around burst into roars. Meanwhile, the black-robed men blowing the flutes slowly made their appearances at the back of the horde of demon beasts.

The sound of the flutes was quite melodious, but when it fell in everyone's ears, it sounded as grating as a death knell.

"Throne Master?" an Ascendant Hall disciple anxiously looked at Meng Tai.

"It seems that we are going to meet with a calamity!" Meng Tai said, an ugly look on his face.


Outside the mountain valley, at the top of a peak, the red-robed Ninth Young Master pursed his lips into a cold smile as he looked at the crying and shouting cultivators in the mountain valley.

"Ninth Young Master, almost every outsider that could be found all around has been flushed here, a total of 2,600 people!" a black-robed man reported respectfully.

"All of them are here? That's good!" replied the Ninth Young Master coldly.

Taking a step, Ninth Young Master bent over and coldly looked below.

"Who are you? Aren't Weiqi Empyrean Court disciples not supposed to intervene in our affairs?" shouted Meng Tai fearfully.

"Not to intervene? Humph, it's n.o.body's fault but your own for not understanding the rules!" stated Ninth Young Master in an icy tone.


Countless demon beasts roared together as they gazed at everyone. Everyone also looked at Ninth Young Master together worriedly.

"Why did you force us to here, what do you want? There aren't any rules in the Xiantian Endgame World..." cried Meng Tai.

"Don't tell me about the rules, I just like to hear your screams, what can you do about it? Don't say that I did not give you a way out, this is an endgame left by the Lord, it's also the most simple endgame diagram. If you can solve it, I will give you a way out, but if you can't solve it, then your life and death will be decided by this endgame!" stated Ninth Young Master coldly.

While speaking, he waved his wide sleeve.


Immediately afterward, billowing black mist gushed out from the sleeve of Ninth Young Master. The black mist soared into the sky, seemingly transforming into dark clouds that blotted out the sky, shrouding the entire Carefree Valley in the blink of an eye.

Up above the dark clouds, slight glimmers bloomed one after another, like the stars dotting the dark curtain of the night.

"An endgame left behind by Elder Guanqi?" Meng Tai cried out in sudden fear.

A horrified look blanketed the faces of countless cultivators below in the mountain valley.

"What? How can we solve the endgame left by the Elder Guanqi?"

"Elder Guanqi is the best in the world when it comes to Dao of Weiqi, who can solve it?"

"What array is this? Why do I feel like death has covered us?"

"I also feel the same, all the hairs on my body are standing at their ends as if a saber is hanging over my head!" the group of cultivators cried out in fearful antic.i.p.ation.

"Didn't I tell you, this is not the strongest endgame, it was just casually constructed by Grandmaster Guanqi! However, I also think that you can't solve it! But who told you to go crazy and ma.s.sacre the residents of Carefree Valley? You also enjoyed their despair, right!?" From the dark clouds came the cold laughter of Ninth Young Master.

"It's not related to me, I didn't kill them!"

"I did not do it, let me out!"

"I'll leave immediately, I beg of you, please let me go!"

Everyone burst out with their own cries.


Suddenly, a huge platform fell down from the dark clouds and landed at the center of the mountain valley.


A huge weiqi board appeared atop the platform. The weiqi board was already spotted with a fair number of weiqi pieces; forming an endgame. Starlight from the dark clouds suddenly came beaming down one after another and fell upon each weiqi piece, seemingly connecting each weiqi piece to a star.

"What array game is this?" shouted Meng Tai in fear.

"Sky Saber Life and Death Game, where the winner lives and the loser dies! Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready, hahaha!" Ninth Young Master's chilling cold waves of laughter resounded amid the dark clouds.


A cultivator suddenly charged towards the mountain in fear, wanting to rush out from under the dark clouds.


Suddenly, a saber’s cry cut the air as a chill rushed straight into the heart of everyone, before a white light emerged suddenly among the dark clouds.

The white light was an enormous, hundred-zhang long saber qi. The saber qi tore through s.p.a.ce, bursting forth with an ear-piercing sound of tearing through the wind, as it charged straight at the man rus.h.i.+ng on the mountain.

AHHHH! The man shouted and immediately took out a long sword to meet the saber qi.


The longsword stopped in mid-air as the saber qi went across the man's body and disappeared thereafter.

Everyone's eyes went wide as they looked at the man who seemed to have an immobilizing spell cast upon him. 

The moment everyone was staring...


The escaping man suddenly divided into two right through his midline and fell into a pool of blood.



The screams of some female cultivators rang out among the crowd. A fine and living person was so easily cut in two in the blink of an eye by that saber qi?

"Let's rush together! We will definitely be able to break out!" someone among the crowd shouted.

"Oh!?" Ninth Young Master's sneer came from the dark clouds.

"Sky Sabers Life and Death Game have a total of 9,324 sky sabers, anyone who doesn't believe, you are free to try!" Ninth Young Master's voice shook the sky.

Suddenly, everyone came to their senses.

There were only a total of 2,000 or so cultivators, but there were over 9,000 sky sabers?

Gazing at the dense dark clouds covering the sky, everyone felt a chill running through their body as though sky sabers were hanging right across them in the dark clouds. As long as they moved even a bit, they would be cut in two in the blink of an eye.

"No, I don't want to die! Boohoo, I don't want to stay here!"

"I didn't kill anyone, I haven't killed anyone!"

Cries of fear rang out in the valley. Many psychologically weak cultivators had already broken into tears. Having seen the strike just a moment ago, everyone understood the situation very clearly. Not to mention them now when their cultivation was in Xiantian Stage, even when their cultivation was in Golden Core Stage, they would still be annihilated in one strike for sure. Even with the cultivation of the Nascent Soul Stage, they would still not be able to escape. With 9,000 sky sabers hanging above their heads, everyone's faces were covered with despair.

An ugly look flashed across Meng Tai's face.

Song Qingshu's eyes widened as a look of despair appeared on his face.


Elsewhere, in the spirit pool cave inside the Carefree Valley...


Suddenly, a slight sound rang around Gao Xianzhi as a ripple from his body spread around him.

"Broke through!? I broke through to the second level of Xiantian Stage!?" Gao Xianzhi exclaimed excitedly.

However, when he saw everyone was immersed in raising their cultivation, Gao Xianzhi suppressed the excitement in his heart and continued absorbing the billowing Spirit Qi.


In the small pond where Gu Hai was...

The blue light was the brightest, and the water-attributed Spirit Qi was also the most vigorous. Nonetheless, Little Rou's body was like a bottomless cave as the billowing water-attributed Spirit Qi was absorbed into her at a terrifying speed, nouris.h.i.+ng the young naga.

Coiled comfortably on the shoulder of Gu Hai, Little Rou enjoyed the endless water-attributed Spirit Qi.

On another note, a purple hue still lingered around Gu Hai.

The Spirit Source Qi quickly fused into Gu Hai's body and there was not the slightest sign of halting, the spring seemed inexhaustible. One hour, two hours, three hours... after four hours, Gu Hai felt that he still needed more Spirit Qi than the time when Clear River Sect Chief used the spirit stones to help him.


A dragon’s roar resounded within Gu Hai's dantian.

Suddenly, the one drop of True Yuan turned into nine drops of True Yuan.


The nine drops of True Yuan fused into one and transformed into a peanut-sized True Yuan droplet. A huge burst of power spread around Gu Hai's body, splas.h.i.+ng the water in the spring.

"Gathering the drops into a bead? The second level of Xiantian Stage!?" Gu Hai opened his eyes as a sharp gleam flashed across his eyes.

Without a moment of hesitation, Gu Hai closed his eyes again and continued absorbing the Spirit Qi in the water.


After another day, Little Rou's injuries had actually been completely cured. At this moment, she was stupidly staring at Gu Hai while absorbing the billowing Spirit Qi. Looking at Gu Hai, her face was flushed slightly as a pretty smile appeared on her lips.


After another day...

Gu Hai's mind stared at the True Yuan bead within his dantian, gazing at the billowing Spirit Qi pouring into his dantian. Under the constant absorption, the True Yuan bead transformed into nine as nine peanut-sized True Yuan beads appeared, seemingly about to merge for the second time and attack the third level of the Xiantian Stage.


The circling dragon True Qi seemed to acc.u.mulate power; storing up a large amount of power for making a try at the third level.


Suddenly, Gu Hai's expression changed as he opened his eyes.

Little Rou, who was staring at Gu Hai, was scared to h.e.l.l as she moved her gaze away in a panic.

"There is no more Spirit Qi?" Gu Hai looked at the pool, knitting his brows.

Sure enough, the pool was devoid of any color; the previous blue and purple hue had disappeared.

"Ah!? Ah!? Oh! It seems to be gone!" Little Rou discovered the change too.

The nearby Gao Xianzhi and Chen Tianshan too opened their eyes in succession. As the two looked at the clear water, a sliver of regret flashed past their eyes.

"What a pity, I wish it could have remained for a bit longer!" Chen Tianshan said regretfully.

The same was true for Gu Hai, but quickly a chuckle escaped his mouth as he said, "Forget it, this breakthrough is quite sufficient already!"

"Well, why has Grandmaster Lian Sheng still not woken up?" asked Little Rou curiously.

Everyone looked at Grandmaster Lian Sheng curiously. Grandmaster Lian Sheng seemed to be sitting quietly and meditating, completely still.

"Or should we wake up Grandmaster?" Chen Tianshan asked, frowning.

"No need, Grandmaster had already told us not to disturb him!" said Gu Hai, shaking his head.

"En!" everyone nodded agreement.

"Ah, that's right, I seemed to have heard screams coming from outside! No, it seemed the screams were coming in every moment!" stated Little Rou suddenly with a frown.

"Oh?" Everyone's expressions flickered.