Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 349 Book 4: 27: The War Ends

Chapter 349 Book 4: 27: The War Ends

Chapter 349 Book 4: 27: The War Ends

Book 4: Chapter 27: The War Ends

Long Wanyus c.o.c.kiness seemed to pour salt on Chang Mings wound, infuriating him.

Chang Ming immediately burst out in rage. You la.s.s! Watch as I


Chang Sheng threw another slap.

You cant watch your mouth? Is that it? Chang Sheng yelled furiously.

Chang Ming:

Qin Zibai:

Gu Hai:

Prince Shenwu:

Everyone looked at this father-son pair in confusion. The situation seemed complex and hard to understand.

Only Long Wanyu, who had antic.i.p.ated this, appeared disdainful and c.o.c.ky.

Father! Chang Ming felt conflicted as he held his cheeks.

Father immediately slapped me upon arriving. What did I do wrong?

Chang Ming seemed to want to say something. However, Chang Sheng glared at him, daunting him into silence.

After dealing with his son, Chang Sheng looked at everyone.

When he saw Long Wanyu, he suddenly revealed an extremely warm smile. Princess Wanyu, we meet again. My son is ignorant and offended you. Please forgive him.

Princess Wanyu?

Qin Zibai suddenly raised his eyebrows.

Although he did not know Long Wanyu was a seer, he knew how much the Qian Heavenly Emperor treasured her.

This is Long Wanyu?

Chang Ming held his cheeks, wanting to vomit blood. He thought to himself,

Am I really your son? It turns out that you slapped me because of this la.s.s?

Never mind, its fine. He is rather unlucky. Just properly take him in hand in the future, Long Wanyu said arrogantly, as though she was an elder.

Chang Sheng said with a bitter smile, Dont worry. I will discipline him more strictly.

He added gratefully, This time, it is all thanks to Princess Wanyus mediation, which allowed the Qian Nation and the Yuan Nation to reach an agreement. Otherwise, who knows how many more people would have died in the war between our two nations.

When Chang Sheng spoke, everyone immediately understood. No wonder Chang Sheng was so polite to Long Wanyu. The peace agreement between the Yuan Nation and the Qian Nation was Long Wanyus work?

Of course! If that old fogey still did not agree, I would have pulled his beard out, Long Wanyu immediately said c.o.c.kily.

Qin Zibai:

Old fogey? Pulled his beard out? Who in the world would dare to speak about the Qian Heavenly Emperor like that?

After looking at Long Shenwu, Qin Zibai was confounded.

You are all inured to this already?

Chang Ming glared at Long Wanyu, feeling conflicted.

Who exactly is this la.s.s?

After thanking Long Wanyu, Chang Sheng turned his head to look at Gu Hai and Prince Shenwu.

Chang Sheng greets Mister Gu and Prince Shenwu! Chang Sheng said with a slight bow.

Gu Hai returned the bow.

Chang Sheng? His Holy Eminence already gave you the edict? Prince Shenwu frowned.

Yes. The war between the two nations is already over. The edict will reach Prince Shenwu soon, so I wont elaborate. Chang Sheng smiled.

Mister Gu, my son previously offended you. Please dont take it to heart, Chang Sheng continued politely.

Chang Ming? Its fine. He did not cause the Han Nation any losses. Gu Hai shook his head.

Chang Sheng nodded. Then, he turned to look at Qin Zibai.

Supreme Commander Qin, the war is already over. Please recall the soldiers. I have an edict from His Reverence asking Supreme Commander to withdraw and return immediately. Someone else will deal with the rest. Chang Sheng looked at Qin Zibai gravely.

Qin Zibai frowned slightly as he said, Grand Duke Chang Sheng? You went to the Qian Nations capital for peace talks. While we no longer have a quarrel with the Qian Nation, this Han Nation is not part of them. The Han Nation took twelve cities from us. We have to take them back.

Gu Hais eyes turned cold.

It looks like this Qin Zibai has not given up yet.

Chang Sheng shook his head and said, No. Supreme Commander Qin, it is all over. According to the results of the peace talks, aside from returning all of the Qian Nations previous territory in Ying Province, we are not to make any more attacks, including on the Han Royal Dynasty.

Huh? What do you mean we are not to make any more attacks, including on the Han Royal Dynasty? Qin Zibais face sank.

It means that from now on, we are no longer permitted to continue the offensive. The Yuan Nation is not allowed to send its soldiers to the Qian Nation or the Han Nation, Chang Sheng explained gravely.

What? Why? Qin Zibai demanded furiously while glaring.

This is written in the contract. It is the final clause added by the Qian Heavenly Emperor, Chang Sheng replied gravely.

Huh? Qin Zibais face sank.

Prince Shenwu also appeared shocked.

The Qian Heavenly Emperor added a clause forbidding the Yuan Nation from attacking the Han Nation? Why would His Holy Eminence add such a clause?

Gu Hai also appeared confused. He turned his head to look north.

The Qian Heavenly Emperor? Is he protecting my Han Nation?

Just these casual words prevented the Yuan Imperial Dynasty from attacking me further?

Gu Hai understood that without the Qian Heavenly Emperor adding this clause, the Yuan Nation and Han Nation would be embroiled in a war to the end. Even if Qin Zibai returned in failure today, he would bring even more experts in the future. The Han Nation would never have a moment of peace.

The Han Royal Dynasty had just entered the Divine Continent. Although it already had twenty-four cities, the support from its citizens was not firm yet. Gu Hai needed time. If war broke out incessantly, the citizens would feel resentful.

Now, the Qian Heavenly Emperor gave the time that Gu Hai needed?

Dissatisfaction flashed in Qin Zibais eyes.

However, Chang Sheng appeared extremely determined. Even if Qin Zibai did not want to obey, Qin Zibai had to. This was the nations matter. It could not be influenced by pride.

Withdraw and return to the capital! Qin Zibai shouted, feeling depressed.


The army behind Qin Zibai immediately responded with a unified roar.

Chang Ming held his cheeks, still upset.

Father! Chang Ming looked at Chang Sheng, appearing to have something to say.

We will speak after we return! Chang Sheng immediately showed a cold expression.

Chang Ming:

Princess Wanyu, Mister Gu, Prince Shenwu, we will take our leave first. Chang Sheng bowed to everyone again.

Go on, then. Go back! Long Wanyu smiled.

Prince Shenwu frowned but nodded.

Gu Hai bowed slightly as a form of sending off the guest.

Just as Chang Sheng was about to leave, a voice suddenly came from Chaoge City.

Chang Sheng brat! The speaker was the Great Light Sovereign Deity, who was sitting in the pavilion shelter on the floating island. He looked out of the city while holding a wine cup.

His voice was not loud, but it instantly spread everywhere.

Huh? Everyones expression suddenly changed.

Whowho dares to humiliate my father?! Chang Ming shouted.

Shut up! Chang Sheng shouted at Chang Ming.

Chang Ming:

Why am I so unlucky? Father is scolding me for everything I do?

There is still another expert? Qin Zibais expression changed as he looked to the city.

Chang Shengs expression turned solemn, and horror flashed in his eyes. He suddenly bowed in Chaoge Citys direction and said, This humble Chang Sheng greets the Great Light Sovereign Deity!

The Great Light Sovereign Deity? Prince Shenwu suddenly raised his eyebrows, his eyes flas.h.i.+ng with a trace of astonishment.

The Great Light Sovereign Deity is in Chaoge City?

With the Great Light Sovereign Deity here, isnt Chaoge Citys safety guaranteed? How could Gu Hai lose the city with him here?

The wide-eyed Prince Shenwu looked at Gu Hai.

Since when did Gu Hai have connections with the Great Light Sovereign Deity?

Qin Zibai showed an uncertain expression. Clearly, the intelligence he obtained was not comprehensive enough. He had not even been aware of the Great Light Sovereign Deitys presence here. When he figured out that it was the Great Light Sovereign Deity, his expression changed wildly. He looked at Gu Hai, appearing completely shocked.

No wonder he does not fear me at all.

However, no one knew that the Great Light Sovereign Deity would not have helped Gu Hai. In fact, he wished to see Gu Hai die.

The Great Light Sovereign Deitys voice rang out. Go back and tell Imperial Emperor Xi Yu that I will be going over soon. It is time we settled the grudges between us.

Chang Shengs and Qin Zibais faces sank.

Yes. I will bring your words back to His Reverence, Chang Sheng said respectfully.

Humph! The Great Light Sovereign Deity let out a faint sound of acknowledgment and did not say anything more.

Chang Sheng and Qin Zibai gave Chaoge City complicated looks.

Return! Qin Zibai shouted.


The flying s.h.i.+ps slowly turned around, regrouping with the rest of the Yuan Nation soldiers in the distance before leaving the Han Royal Dynasty.

By now, the flying s.h.i.+p that Chang Sheng arrived on had also flown over.

Chang Sheng boarded that flying s.h.i.+p with the depressed Chang Ming, and they left.??e??????vel.?o?

The Yuan Nation soldiers had come with ferocious momentum. However, Gu Hai had blocked them outside the city, and they left in defeat.

Long live Your Majesty! May Your Majesty live for ten thousand years! the citizens in the city cheered.

Prince Shenwu showed a complicated expression as he turned his head to look at Chaoge City.

In Chaoge City:

The Great Light Sovereign Deity suddenly arrived before Bing Ji.

Bing Ji, since things have settled down in the Han Nation, I wont be staying any longer. It is time for me to go, the Great Light Sovereign Deity said indifferently.

Bing Ji did not give the Great Light Sovereign Deity any face, saying, You should have left long ago.

Before I leave, just one final reminder. Remember your ident.i.ty. Ha! The Great Light Sovereign Deity cackled.


The Great Light Sovereign Deity suddenly turned into an azure beam of light shooting into the sky. A huge peac.o.c.k appeared within the azure light. Then, it flapped its wings and headed west, moving so fast that it vanished over the horizon in an instant.

Outside the city, Gu Hai, Prince Shenwu, and the others frowned when they saw this.

Reporting to the Han Royal Dynasty citizens, the Yuan Nation soldiers have withdrawn. The Han Nation is safe! Gu Hai called out.


Gu Hais voice instantly reached the twenty-four cities and Nine-Five Island.

The citizens who lent Gu Hai strength earlier were startled. Then, they rejoiced. Hahaha! We are safe! Long live the emperor!

However, the citizens who did not lend their strength to Gu Hai earlier felt shocked.

How can this be? The emperor chased away the Yuan Nation soldiers? I did not lend my strength earlier, as I did not think much of the emperor. How did the emperor

Regardless of what the citizens thought, the war had come to an end.

Prince Shenwus army remained outside the city, while Gu Hai brought Prince Shenwus group to the city center.

The flying s.h.i.+p flew in the city, rus.h.i.+ng towards Huangfu Palace Hall, and soon arrived.

Bing Ji, Shangguan Hen, Gao Xianzhi, Baili Zhan, and others had been waiting there long ago.

This officialGao Xianzhisalutes Your Majesty! Gao Xianzhi saluted respectfully.

Baili Zhan and the others bowed.

You may dispense with the formalities. Gu Hai smiled.

Gao Xianzhi salutes the Southern Suppression Supreme Commander, Gao Xianzhi now saluted Prince Shenwu.

[TL Note: There is a nuance here that some might not be aware of. In Chinese society, the order in which one greets or salutes people reflects the importance of the person. By saluting in this order, its clear that Gao Xianzhi sees Gu Hai as more important or of higher priority/status.]

General Gao, you may dispense with the formalities! Prince Shenwu immediately said with a smile.

Your Majesty, this official made a mistake when I lured the enemy over, resulting in some differences in the expected result. Your Majesty, please forgive me, Gao Xianzhi said, feeling embarra.s.sed.

Prince Shenwu and the others frowned slightly.

Gao Xianzhis command of his troops can already be called divine, yet he actually claimed to have made a mistake?

Its fine, just some minor mistakes. It did not impact the overall situation, Gu Hai said while shaking his head.

Thank you, Your Majesty! Gao Xianzhi said respectfully.

Reporting to the Southern Suppression Supreme Commander, this humble officer heard everything via a ritual array earlier. The war between the Yuan Nation, the Qian Nation, and the Han Nation has ended. This means that Gao Xianzhis duty has been fulfilled. As such, I hand over my command token and resign as the sixth battalions commander, returning to the Han Nation! Gao Xianzhi took out the sixth battalions command token.