Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 306 Book 3: 126: A General Unrivaled in the World

Chapter 306 Book 3: 126: A General Unrivaled in the World

Chapter 306 Book 3: 126: A General Unrivaled in the World

Book 3: Chapter 126: A General Unrivaled in the World

Dong dong dong dong dong dong!

General is formidable!

The sound of one million people drumming intensely in unison, together with four million soldiers shouting, shook the world, sending a surge of hot-bloodedness through the countless soldiers in Southern Suppression City.

The bronze statues attacking Southern Suppression City also paused.

When a three-hundred-meter-tall military tent appeared, all the music Dao soldiers demeanor turned respectful, cheering on a powerful war G.o.d within the tent.

Four million soldiers and one million drummers presented a contrast to the military tent. Even though the tent had not opened yet, it already gave an imposing, stern, unrivaled impression.

Furthermore, as the drumming and the shouting continued, a powerful aura seemed to manifest within the tent. A strong wind came from within the tent.

What an intensely aggressive aura! Venerable Liu Nian exclaimed.

I have never seen such a ferocious military piece before. Manifesting the power of millions of soldiers into one? March of the General? What kind of general is this? Sima Changkong said.

At the other side of the city gate tower, Prince Shenwu sat on a throne, not interfering with Sima Changkongs plans. Instead, he watched quietly. Even with the extremely tense atmosphere, he did not move at all. However, when this March of the General appeared, he narrowed his eyes as he looked at that tent.

It is still building up power? What an intense piece! Prince Shenwu appeared slightly surprised.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

As Ensnaring Performance continued playing, the strong winds around the tent grew.

Far in the distance, Army Breakers expression turned cold. Humph! Acting all mysterious. Destroy it!

After Army Breakers command, the bronze statues around Southern Suppression City paused and turned to look. Then, the nearest ones immediately flew towards the tent.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Ensnaring Performance appeared ashen. It is not hard to play Masters piece. However, how could it be so easy for me to infuse all my focus and energy? This is so tiring!

Hah! Hah!

Hundreds of bronze statues rushed towards the tent. It looked like they would arrive and destroy the tent soon.

Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong!

General is formidable!

The drumming and roars reverberated in the air. The hundreds of bronze statues were about to arrive.

Open the tent! the four million soldiers shouted simultaneously.

At the soldiers shout, the tent opened abruptly as hundreds of bronze statues approached en ma.s.se.

The instant the tent opened, a vast, ferocious river gushed out of the tent. However, this river contained not water but ferocious saber qi that tore apart everything in its path. Then, it clashed with the manifested palms from hundreds of bronze statues.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The saber qi river shredded the manifested palms. However, it remained equally ferocious after doing so, continuing to rush towards the hundreds of bronze statues.


A loud impact rang out as the hundreds of bronze statues charging over suddenly rebounded, looking like petals tossed into the air.

These bronze statues did not even have time to let out miserable cries before the surging saber qi river knocked them back in the sky and sent them flying in all directions.

Gasp! Saber qi? No, this is aura? The moment this generals aura appeared, it knocked away hundreds of bronze statues? How strong is this general? Countless soldiers in the city revealed shocked expressions.

Ding! Ding! Dong! Ding!

The zither music contained a grand tone that only a suona could produce. As the aura intensified, surging saber qi swept through the place, ferocious and wanton.

The area right outside the tent had the most saber qi. Dust clouds rose, obscuring the scene.

General is formidable! the four million soldiers shouted simultaneously.

The tent vanished amid the dust clouds, but a thirty-meter-tall silhouette appeared slowly.

That was an armor-clad general.

Wearing a phoenix-wings headdress and golden chainmail armor with four large banners on his back, the general walked on lotus silk and clouds.

[TL Note: Here is a picture of the Monkey King, Sun Wukong, wearing such a headdress: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/c/ca/TheMonkeyKing.jpg. This headdress serves as a mark of rank, making the wearer very visible and easy for the soldiers to identify whom to take orders from. The phoenix wings are normally made from pheasant tail feathers.]

Each of the banners had a large character embroidered on golden silk. Together, they read

Unrivaled in the world.

The banners fluttered in the wind, flapping loudly. However, the words unrivaled in the world made the countless soldiers in Southern Suppression City reveal expressions of astonishment.

What was more important was the face of this general.

Far away, when the one million souls that Gu Hai led saw that generals face, they gaped, revealing stupefied expressions.

At this moment, Prince Shenwu, Sima Changkong, Venerable Liu Nian, and the soldiers showed strange expressions.

Gu Hai? Army Breaker exclaimed far in the distance.

To think that the general wearing the four banners on his back with the words unrivaled in the world had Gu Hais countenance. This scene shocked Army Breaker for quite a while.

My master composed this piece. Of course, I have to use Masters appearance, Ensnaring Performance explained to Venerable Liu Nian.

The general slowly made his way out of the dust clouds, showing a ferocious expression. Then, he looked up at the sky, staring at the dark clouds of fate manifested by Miserable World.

General is formidable!

Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong!

The drumming and shouting reverberated everywhere. Holding one of the phoenix wings from his headdress in his hand, the general appeared very ferocious.

You wont be able to do as you please with this general here! That general glared as he extended his hand to point at the sky.


The saber qi all over the place suddenly gathered. Then, they condensed into a saber qi dragon that charged at the dark clouds of fate in the sky.


The saber qi dragon roared ferociously. Everywhere it went, the world suddenly turned cold.

The dark clouds of fate trembled and vomited lightning to strike the saber qi dragon.


Millions of lightning bolts struck the saber qi dragon, but it did not break. Instead, it faced the lightning head-on and grew one hundred times, and electricity started crackling all over its body.

You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Army Breakers expression changed.


Countless lightning bolts suddenly gathered within the dark clouds of fate, forming an electric dragon that rivaled the saber qi dragon in size. This electric dragon appeared ferocious as it roared at the saber qi dragon below.

The two dragons roared at each other and started clas.h.i.+ng in the blink of an eye.




The huge impact suddenly illuminated the world, so bright and piercing that most people could not keep their eyes open. The powerful shock waves sent a storm surging in all directions.

Dust, sand, and stones flew in the air for tens of thousands of kilometers from Southern Suppression City, all the way to Army Breakers location. Dust clouds covered the place, blurring vision.

It broke! The dark clouds of fate broke!

General, the dark clouds broke!

Gu Hai broke Miserable World again!

Countless soldiers in the city immediately started cheering.

They saw the dark clouds of fate in the sky ripped into pieces. The saber qi dragon and electric dragon both exploded.

I can see! I can see!

Im no longer deaf! The five senses that Miserable World cut off are all back!

The soldiers previously affected by Miserable World cheered excitedly.

No! Thats impossible! Army Breaker goggled in disbelief.

General is formidable!

General is unrivaled!

General is powerful!

The four million music Dao soldiers kept cheering.

General, capture the ringleader first to capture all the followers. Then, we can withdraw in victory! A voice suddenly rang out in the air.

Order received! the general answered.

With this shout, Army Breaker felt an enormous threat to himself.

What? Capture the ringleader to capture all the followers? Capture me?

You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! All you bronze statues, attack this general with everything you have. Destroy him! Completely destroy him!


Suddenly, one million bronze statues rushed over, charging towards the general.


Tens of thousands of bronze statues surrounded the general in the blink of an eye. Bronze statues filled the place in all directions.

Break! the general shouted.


A puissant force suddenly knocked the tens of thousands of bronze statues away. Countless soldiers in Southern Suppression City gaped in shock at the sudden scattering of the bronze statues.

How can this be? That general knocked tens of thousands of bronze statues with just one punch? someone exclaimed.

Wrong, that generals fist probably struck the fairies in the bronze statues from a distance. It is the fairies that he knocked away. Am I right, Ensnaring Performance? Sima Changkongs eyes narrowed.

At the side, Ensnaring Performance appeared pale. Playing this piece was extremely grueling, especially when he had to focus fully and infuse all his energy. He simply had no strength to speak to anyone at this moment.

Indeed, Ensnaring Performance had struck the fairies. However, it looked like a strike on the bronze statues to others.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The general rushed towards Army Breaker. Without even considering the generals vigorous and nimble figure, just the punch alone elicited expressions of shock from countless soldiers. With another punch, hundreds more bronze statues went flying. Then, the general punched again.

The general rushed out from his soldiers, charging over to the enemys ringleader.

This general was a brave and ferocious warrior. As he rushed over, the number of bronze soldiers facing him increased. However, none of them could last a move from him. He sent tens of thousands flying with one punch.

The region between Southern Suppression City and Army Breakers location became filled with bronze statues knocked into the air.

Quickly, go back and finish him off! Finish him off! Army Breaker roared while glaring.

However, that general approached inexorably.

Miserable World was useless, and the one million bronze statues seemed like paper before him. The general kept knocking them away with loud bangs and booms.

The general continued running towards Army Breaker at breakneck speed. In the blink of an eye, he had already covered more than half the distance.

Everywhere he pa.s.sed, his fists now knocked at least one hundred thousand bronze statues into the air.

The scene of this general sweeping his way through looked extremely shocking to Southern Suppression Citys soldiers. Those were peak Nascent Soul Realm bronze statues, yet they seemed like ants before this general. The general kept sending them flying, making them look like petals tossed into the air.

One single person was defeating a vast army with two fists?

Now, the generals figure was the focus on the intense battlefield. Nothing else mattered. The generals two fists defeated everything.

Unrivaled in the world?