Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 304 Book 3: 124: Bone Mountains

Chapter 304 Book 3: 124: Bone Mountains

Chapter 304 Book 3: 124: Bone Mountains

Book 3: Chapter 124: Bone Mountains

The Life Ender Saber released black energy that frantically consumed the century lifespan immortality peach tree from inside.


When the Life Ender Saber sent Gu Hai one-thousandth of the energy, his expression changed. It felt like a ma.s.sive river rus.h.i.+ng in. The energy was so vast that if he tried to absorb it, he would explode in less than five breaths of time.

The century lifespan immortality peach trees energy is so pure? This slightly startled Gu Hai.


The century lifespan immortality peach tree shook wildly as though in intense pain.

Outside, Mister Dongfang looked into the distance. Long Wanyu had already disappeared into the horizon long ago.

Humph! Mister Dongfang snorted coldly.

He no longer cared about Gu Hais life and death. No one had ever escaped after getting sucked in, including the previous Heavenly Palace Realm expert.

Mister Dongfang flung his sleeves out, and the ritual array regained its original appearance.

The century lifespan immortality peach tree extended its roots into the ghost pool. As Mister Dongfang watched the ghosts in the ghost pool cry out miserably, he revealed a cold smile and said, There is no point in cursing me. You can forget about escaping once you enter my ghost pool. Just obediently help me grow century lifespan immortality peaches.

You old monster! You will die a horrible death!

If I manage to escape, I will eat your flesh and chew on your bones!

Argh! You old monster! Ill kill you! Argh!

As the blue flames burned the souls, the souls suffered extreme pain.

After more than two hours:

Alright, most of the impurities in you have been removed. This is the best fertilizer for the century lifespan immortality peach tree, Mister Dongfang said with a cold smile.

Ill kill you!

I want to eat your flesh, chew on your bones, and drink your blood!

Old monster, Ill fight you to the end!

One million souls roared in horror. All of them glared at Mister Dongfang in anger. A black energy gathered above the souls heads.

Overwhelming resentment? Good. The more resentment, the better for the century lifespan immortality peach trees growth. I want you to be resentful! Hehehehe! Mister Dongfang snickered excitedly.

Mister Dongfang flung his sleeves out. A century lifespan immortality peach tree root entered the ghost pool, and a strong suction pulled in the souls.

Argh! Old monster, you will die a horrible death! the souls roared.

Cursing me with a miserable death? Well, you can do it in the century lifespan immortality peach tree. All who go in will become nourishment. Gu Hai is waiting for you in there! Mister Dongfang said coldly.

As Mister Dongfang spoke, the century lifespan immortality peach tree suddenly trembled.

Huh? Whats happening? Mister Dongfang felt startled.

Then, the root extended into the ghost pool turned pale-white with a faint metallic sheen.

Why did the root turn white? Is that bone? The century lifespan immortality peach trees root turned into bone? Mister Dongfang felt slightly startled.

The suction on the souls stopped. Although that root turned to bone, the other parts of the tree squirmed frantically.

What happened? What happened? Mister Dongfangs expression changed.

He extended his hand and formed a hand seal.


The large tree flailed about, exposing countless roots. However, the roots all turned into bone in the blink of an eye, rendered immobile.

Not only that. A white energy rushed into the ground and turned it whiteinto bone. This effect was like a ripple in still water, spreading out in the blink of an eye.

This is? Mister Dongfangs expression changed.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

The white on the ground swept out in all directions, reaching Mister Dongfangs feet in an instant.


Suddenly, a bone spike erupted from the ground at Mister Dongfangs feet and shot at him, looking like it would skewer him.


Mister Dongfang immediately leaped aside, his expression changing.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Spikes continuously erupted from the ground, quickly growing taller, like a huge mountain, as they chased Mister Dongfang.

Dastardly thing! Bone? I have my sinister wind that can melt flesh and bones. Destroy it! Mister Dongfang roared furiously while glaring.

A surging, sinister wind howled when Mister Dongfang waved his hand.


The sinister wind seemed to have transformed into a ferocious beast. However, as it rushed over, the ossification energy spread out and instantly turned it into bone. Countless bones floated in the air, surrounding Mister Dongfang and chasing him. Now, bone spikes filled the entire place, creating a world of bones.

Whawhat? Mister Dongfang screamed, wanting to jump out.

However, the many huge bone spikes from earlier had already soared into the air, forming dozens of bone mountains. Furthermore, they surrounded Mister Dongfang, completely encasing the interior of the ritual array.

The place was filled with bones. Mister Dongfangs ritual array had turned into bone in an instant, forming a large enclosed s.p.a.ce. Now, Mister Dongfang had nowhere to flee to.

The surrounding bones significantly constrained Mister Dongfangs maneuvering s.p.a.ce.

No! How can it be like this?! My ritual array! My century lifespan immortality peach tree, move! Mister Dongfang exclaimed.


Suddenly, a bone spike penetrated Mister Dongfangs right shoulder, pinning him to a bone mountain.


Just at this moment, the ghost pool below also turned into bone and exploded.

The countless souls there instantly gained their freedom.

Ah! Kekekeke!

Old monster, Ill eat you!

Old monster, Ill kill you!

The souls let loose immediately rushed at Mister Dongfang.

Dastardly things! You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! The enraged Mister Dongfang struck the bone spike pinning him.

That bone spike shattered. However, there were too many bone spikes around. In another blink of an eye, twenty bone spikes pinned Mister Dongfang back to the bone cliff, holding him in place.

Soon, what looked like one million ferocious souls descended upon Mister Dongfang, who finally revealed a horrified expression.

How can this be?! century lifespan immortality peach tree, heed my call! Quickly protect me! Quickly protect me! Mister Dongfang roared.


The century lifespan immortality peach tree in the distance suddenly exploded, filling the sky with ashes and smoke.

What? Mister Dongfang felt startled and confused.

However, he saw a surging black fog appear after the explosion. When the black fog withdrew, it revealed a sorry Gu Hai.

Huff! Huff! Huff! Huff!

When Gu Hai came out, he panted endlessly. He had held his breath for too long earlier.

Gu Hai, its you! Ah! No! Mister Dongfang roared in despair, as the one million ferocious souls had already reached him.


Ill eat you!

Old monster, die!

The souls let out ferocious cries, frantically gnawing on Mister Dongfang.

Argh! Dont eat me! Dont eat me! Argh!

Mister Dongfang shrieked in agony as the one million ferocious souls consumed all his flesh.


A pile of bones with their marrow sucked out fell to the ground.

Hah! the souls roared as they vented the resentment in their hearts.

When Gu Hai came out and looked around, he was horrified to discover that the surroundings had turned into a world of bone.

One-thousandth of the century lifespan immortality peach trees energy actually turned such a large region into bones? Gu Hai exclaimed in shock.

However, before Gu Hai could marvel at his work, the scene of one million ferocious souls gnawing on Mister Dongfang gave him chills.

This group of ghosts looks too ferocious, right?

The souls howled wildly. After venting their resentment, they finally felt much better. Then, they turned their heads to look at Gu Hai.

Many thanks, Benefactor!

The souls bowed solemnly. The one million souls all felt grateful, and providence surged towards Gu Hai.

The souls bowed in grat.i.tude. Gu Hai exhaled slowly as he nodded. Its nothing much. You should be reincarnating. Go and get reincarnated then.

The one million souls swayed there for a while. However, they remained there, not leaving. All of them showed confused expressions.

Whats wrong? Gu Hai asked in puzzlement.

I dont know. After that evil demon Dongfang used the blue flame to refine us, not only can living people see us, but we cant enter the nether realm anymore, either! one of the souls said with an unsightly expression.

I cant, either!

I cant do it!

What should we do? I feel that this soul bodys energy is decreasing little by little in this state!

Will we perish when our Soul Energy runs out?

The souls appeared horrified. They all immediately started speaking, making this bony world very noisy.

Everyone! Everyone! Gu Hai called out.

The souls stopped and looked at Gu Hai.

You cant reincarnate? How about you follow me to Southern Suppression City then? There has to be someone who knows how to help you all! Gu Hai suggested.

Oh? Alright, I will listen to Benefactor!

Many thanks, Benefactor!

After nodding, Gu Hai changed his clothes and looked at the towering bone mountains in the surroundings again. Then, he showed a bitter smile.

The mountains and forest had all turned into bones. Gu Hai could restore them to their original appearance. However, he would need even more energy than before to do so. How could he have such energy now?

Gu Hai walked around the valley, getting the ghosts to find a crack in the bones. Then, he followed them out of the bone valley.

He took about two hours to exit the bone valley.


s.p.a.ce trembled in the bony valley. A sinister wind blew as a white-robed child walked out of a spatial ripple. This persons white robes had golden thread embroidered on them.

This white-robed child looked at Mister Dongfangs skeleton. Then, he took out a small bottle and extremely stingily poured a drop of liquid on this skeleton.


The skeleton shone with a faint light. Then, blood and flesh quickly sheathed the bones. More flesh and blood appeared. Soon, they formed a child with mangled flesh. It was Mister Dongfang. The white-robed child had revived him, bringing him back to life from white bones with just a drop of that liquid.

Mister Dongfang trembled and returned to life.

The white-robed child tossed white robes to Mister Dongfang, and Mister Dongfang quickly dressed himself.

Number Seven Dongfang, you died again! If not for me being in the nearby nether realm, you would have been destroyed, the white-robed child said indifferently.

Mister Dongfang immediately knelt. True Body, please forgive me. I got careless this time!

The white-robed child remained silent for a while. I made ten clones and scattered you all over the world to help me plunder lifespan. You are the most troublesome of the lot! Humph!

True Body, please forgive me. II Number Seven Dongfang stammered worriedly.

Alright. You caused such a big commotion. You have probably startled the Qian Heavenly Dynastys lifespan cultivator and cant stay here for much longer. Come with me! the white-robed child said indifferently.

Yes, True Body! Number Seven Dongfang said respectfully.


Suddenly, the s.p.a.ce in front of the two trembled slightly. Then, Number Seven Dongfang stepped forward, following after the white-robed child, and vanished.