Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 269 Book 3: 90: The Heptagold Sect, a Nest of Demons

Chapter 269 Book 3: 90: The Heptagold Sect, a Nest of Demons

Chapter 269 Book 3: 90: The Heptagold Sect, a Nest of Demons

Book 3: Chapter 90: The Heptagold Sect, a Nest of Demons

Inside the Twenty-Nine Line-Pair World Ritual Array:

The intense battle continued for several days. The one million soldier cloud beasts were incredibly ferocious; the Heptagold Sect disciples could not resist. They either fought to the death or surrendered. Gu Hais group captured them all.

Gu Hais group found a pool in the valley where the sword-toothed tiger stayed. This pool was full of golden water.

This is the Divine Heptagold Water. Even without me doing anything, you just need to fill the love flower treants dantian with Divine Heptagold Water, and they will repair themselves. Furthermore, this Divine Heptagold Water can even accelerate their growth. This must have been formed by the sword-toothed tiger over a millennium, right? Huangfu Chaoge frowned.

Gu Hai waved and collected all the Divine Heptagold Water.

Master! Master! Ive forced out the sword-toothed tigers metal deity! Hurry! Hurry! Ensnaring Performances excited voice came from the distance.

The group rushed in Ensnaring Performances direction.

Everyone saw that the pinned sword-toothed tiger had a translucent golden ball coming out of its forehead.

Indeed. The metal deity already died long ago, the Foundation Rock Deity said.

Right now, the sword-toothed tiger was on its last breath, greatly weakened. It showed the whites of its eyes, like it had turned into an idiot. The power of the citizens contained within it had long since vanished. However, when it saw Ensnaring Performance, its dazed expression suddenly turned incredibly horrified, filled with an instinctual terror.

Master, after singing for nine days, I finally coaxed its metal deity to come out. Arent I incredible? Ensnaring Performance said excitedly.

Mister Gu, your method is truly awesome. Previously, the sword-toothed tiger remained stubborn. It would rather die and destroy the metal deity. Yet, you let it suffer something even more horrifying than death. After nine days of singing, no matter how strong-willed the sword-toothed tiger was, it still crumbled, Huangfu Chaoge sighed.

Previously, Huangfu Chaoge did not believe that this would work, so he tried listening to Ensnaring Performance sing. After one song, he felt completely ill at ease. His worldview had crumbled. After Ensnaring Performance finished one song, Huangfu Chaoge felt like he could no longer keep in tune, either. If he had not stopped in time, he might have wished to kill Ensnaring Performance with one slap.

Terrible singing had its benefits too.

This sword-toothed tiger was indeed extremely strong-willed. Huangfu Chaoge could no longer endure it just after one song. However, the sword-toothed tiger listened for nine days before turning into an idiot.

Mister Gu, Ill help you! Foundation Rock Deity said from the side.

Many thanks! Gu Hai nodded.


The Foundation Rock Deity placed both palms on the sword-toothed tiger.

The surging energy of an earth deity poured out, immediately forcing the metal deity, which was already halfway out, into Gu Hais body.


The metal deity rushed towards Gu Hais lungs.

Gu Hais lungs turned golden in the blink of an eye, resonating with his blue kidneys and green liver.

After Gu Hais lungs turned golden, the metal deitys energy struck at the lung aperture.


A loud report rang out as the lung aperture burst open.


Blood dribbled out from Gu Hais mouth. The force had been too great, mildly injuring him.

Ah! Sorry! Mister Gu, my control is not very good! Foundation Rock Deity said apologetically.

The Foundation Rock Deitys deity was much weaker than the black tortoises deity, after all. Furthermore, the wood deity had taken the initiative to help Gu Hai open the kidney aperture, so he did not get injured at all then.

Its finejust minor injuries. I will recover soon. Dont disturb me for now, Gu Hai said as he sat down cross-legged.


When Gu Hais lung aperture burst open, golden light shone. A brilliant golden s.p.a.ce appeared in Gu Hais lungs.

The lung aperture opened. I reached the Golden Core Realms sixth layer! Gu Hai said after a deep breath.

Wisps of metal-attributed Veritable Essence spiraled in the lung aperture. However, there was too little of it, much less than what the kidney aperture and liver aperture had. It could not form a stream of Veritable Essence and circulate the body.


Gu Hai opened his eyes, and the shock wave resulting from his breakthrough spread out.

At the side, the sword-toothed tiger slumped over after losing the support of the metal deity. It took its last breath and stopped breathing.


Suddenly, Gu Hai sensed the Heptagold Sects scattering blessings rush towards him as though responding to him.

The metal deity anchors the Heptagold Sects blessings. After you refined it, the Heptagold Sects scattered blessings got drawn to you? Huangfu Chaoge felt mildly startled.


The blessings rushed straight for Gu Hai.

Gu Hai took out his Heaven Suppressing Divine Imperial Seal with a flip of his hand.


The dragon vein in the Heaven Suppressing Divine Imperial Seal roared and seemed to generate a suction.


The Heaven Suppressing Divine Imperial Seal seemed to filter the surging blessings and sent them back out with a deep, rolling sound.

Refined by the Heaven Suppressing Divine Imperial Seal, the filtered blessings were no longer the Heptagold Sects blessings but the Han Royal Dynastys blessings.

The surging blessings charged out of the Twenty-Nine Line-Pair World Ritual Array with a


, heading for the sky above the Han Royal Dynastys Soaring Palace Hall.


Gu Hai plundered the surging blessings for the Han Royal Dynasty.

In the blink of an eye, sixty percent of the Heptagold Sects blessings vanished.

As for the remaining forty percent, a portion scattered, while most of the rest lingered without scattering.

Gu Hai put away the Heaven Suppressing Divine Imperial Seal and frowned as he looked at the lingering blessings in the sky.

You have refined the metal deity that anchors the blessings. However, there is still the Heptagold Sect Master, who is connected to the blessings. You can only plunder the rest of it by killing him, Huangfu Chaoge explained.

Gu Hai nodded. Although he found it a pity, plundering sixty percent of the blessings was already enough.

Your Majesty, we have collected all of the Heptagold Sects spirit stones. There are about eight hundred million superior-grade spirit stones, a Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty elite said after flying over.

There are only eight hundred million superior-grade spirit stones? Why so few? The Heptagold Sect was established even earlier than my Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty, the Foundation Rock Deity said sullenly.

Duke Lu Yang probably took most of it, Gu Hai said.

Huangfu Chaoge nodded.

Your Majesty! Your Majesty A Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty elite ran over with horror on his face.

Huh? Huangfu Chaoge appeared puzzled.

Your Majesty, youd best come and take a look for yourself, that elite said bitterly.

Everyone appeared puzzled as they followed that elite to a valley.

A group of captured Heptagold Sect disciples with sealed cultivations knelt on the ground in that valley.

That valley had many lavish buildings, and there were cages inside. However, these cages did not have wild beasts in them but beautiful women. Just a glance found at least a thousand of them. Some of them did not wear anything, while some wore thin erotic clothing. There were dog collars on their necks, and they had whip marks on their bodies.

However, these one thousand-odd caged beautiful women all lay in pools of fresh blood. They had died recently.

Whats going on? Huangfu Chaoge looked at a Heptagold Sect disciple.

These are the sect masters and the elders playthings. They are beautiful women collected from all over the world. There are people dedicated to taming them. If a disciple showed outstanding performance, they would be rewarded with one, a Heptagold Sect disciple said with a lowered head.

Tame? Taming humans like wild beasts? The Heptagold Sect Master is extremely disgusting! Huangfu Chaoge said in rage.

Your Majesty. Thisthis woman. Isnt she the Fairy Peony whose beauty surpa.s.ses everyone else in my Foundation Deity City? She got captured as well? They all died? The Foundation Rock Deity looked at a particular cage in shock.

These are women collected from all over the world All the Golden Core Realm Heptagold Sect disciples knowknow about this, that Heptagold Sect disciple said.

You killed them all? You killed them all the moment we broke the ritual array? Huangfu Chaoge asked coldly.

The group of Heptagold Sect disciples stammered, Wewe were worried about incurring the wrath of the Divine Foundation Royal Emperor, soso we

Thats not right. Your Majesty, they were trying to destroy the entire valley earlier, said a Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty elite at the side.

Continue searching! Huangfu Chaoge ordered coldly.

The Heptagold Sect disciples appeared anxious but did not dare stop the Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty elites.


A Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty elite exclaimed, Your Majesty! Your Majesty

Huangfu Chaoge and Gu Hai rushed over. Then, they saw a large kitchen.

The corpses of many beauties hung upside-down in the kitchen. However, their heads were missing. They all appeared to have died miserable deaths. There were also ten-odd special-looking tables.

Monkey brain table? Gu Hais expression immediately changed.

This was something that Gu Hai had only seen on Earths television.

It was on a television program about eating monkey brains. Live monkeys would be restrained and have their heads clamped, poking through the center of a table. The monkeys skull would be cut open before boiling oil was poured on it. After that, the monkey brain was ready for eating as the live monkeys screeched shrilly.

However, this time, what was restrained in the clamps were not monkeys but beautiful women.

The heads of the beautiful women were already cracked open and empty.

Divine Foundation Royal Emperor, I have never eaten this. I have never eaten this. It was not me!

The sect master and the elders ate them. They said that beautiful women were beautiful because they had nutrients that boosted ones recovery in their brains. These nutrients could boost cultivation, so they ate the brains. We are not qualified to eat this. We have never eaten this!

Divine Foundation Royal Emperor, we did not eat this. We are not involved!

All the Heptagold Sect disciples knelt, pleading for mercy in horror. All the so-called playthings were just lies. The truth was that they ate human brains?

Huangfu Chaoge got gooseb.u.mps.

The Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty elites felt shocked. This Heptagold Sect was not just aiding and abetting wicked deeds; this was simply a nest of demons. To think that they nearly allowed these Heptagold Sect disciples to destroy the corpses?

Execute all the captives! All of them! Huangfu Chaoge roared.

No, dont! Dont! the captive Heptagold Sect disciples called out in horror.

Mister Huangfu, please calm down, Gu Hai said.


Will killing them soothe your hatred? The more important thing is to publicize what took place here. The Heptagold Sect is immoral, a nest of demons. Whoever is their master is a demon. After this is publicized, lets see who dares to claim the Heptagold Sect as their own? I think Lu Yang would not dare to collect the Heptagold Sects eighteen cities, Gu Hai said with a cold voice.

Huangfu Chaoge gave the Heptagold Sect disciples a hateful look and nodded.


Suddenly, the ritual array shook.

Huh? An expert is attacking the ritual array? Have the Heptagold Sect Master and the others returned? Gu Hai raised his eyebrow.


Outside the Twenty-Nine Line-Pair World Ritual Array:

Surging blessings flowed to the northeast, causing the Heptagold Sect disciples expressions to change dramatically.

Its Huangfu Chaoge. He killed the sword-toothed tiger and plundered my Heptagold Sects blessings? The Heptagold Sect Masters expression changed dramatically.

No, Foundation Deity City does not lie in that direction, right? Chu Chen said in surprise.

As the many Heptagold Sect disciples roared furiously, a strong aura suddenly came from the distant horizon.


A figure suddenly flew over from a distance and hovered in the air. The storm caused by his arrival sent the surrounding soldiers tumbling.

The ex-dragon-crown-prince, Ao Shun, arrived.

The Heptagold Sect disciples by His Majestys side heard the sword-toothed tiger calling out to gather energy from the citizens. They realized that something happened, so His Majesty immediately sent me. Whats going on? Why did your Heptagold Sects blessings decrease by so much? Ao Shun snorted coldly.

When Ao Shun let out his cold snort, the surroundings turned icy.