Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 267 Book 3: 88: Might of the Sword Devil

Chapter 267 Book 3: 88: Might of the Sword Devil

Chapter 267 Book 3: 88: Might of the Sword Devil

Book 3: Chapter 88: Might of the Sword Devil

I am the Sword Devil, Dugu Qiubai! the swordsman cloud beast said coldly. As he spoke, his voice contained a tone of pride as he looked down coldly.

All the Heptagold Sect disciples who managed to meet Dugu Qiubais gaze immediately felt a horrifying sword conception penetrate their hearts. Countless Heptagold Sect disciples instantly froze, unable to move while showing horror on their faces.

What a terrifying sword conception! the Foundation Rock Deity exclaimed in shock.

Dugu Qiubai? Is there such a person in this world? What a tyrannical name! Huangfu Chaoge said with shock on his face.

Roar! Heptagold Sword Qi! the sword-toothed tiger roared with cold eyes.

As the sword-toothed tiger roared, the golden sword qi storm around its body suddenly soared into the sky.

The golden sword qi showed an unprecedented might. One million golden sword qi moved in waves, sweeping sharply through the place.

Everywhere the golden sword qi went, Dugu Qiubais countless white sword qi blocked them.


The golden sword qi and the white sword qi clashed. The golden sword qi immediately and easily cut the white sword qi in half as they continued soaring into the sky.

Everywhere the golden sword qi went, nothing could stop it. Although there were more white sword qi, they got shattered in large numbers. It looked like the white sword qi would lose.

The Heptagold Sword Qi is made up of pure metal-attributed sword qi. That surpa.s.ses ordinary sword qi in quant.i.ty. This Dugu Qiubai is only form without substance? the Foundation Rock Deity said anxiously.

Hahahaha! Not even worth a strike! the countless Heptagold Sect disciples jeered fiercely.

Only the sword-toothed tiger maintained a grave expression.

While others observed the sword qi, the sword-toothed tiger observed the sword conception.

Although Dugu Qiubais white sword qi broke easily, the sword-toothed tiger sensed a hidden sword conception that was severalfold stronger than its own.

Furthermore, it was just a small portion of the white sword qi that shattered. There was still a sea of sword qi in the sky that seemed to contain a destructive aura.

Dugu Qiubai coldly looked at the distant sword-toothed tiger and revealed a cold smile.

That cold smile seemed to show disdain for the sword-toothed tiger.

Sword Breaking Stance! Dugu Qiubai shouted coldly.

Dugu Quibai did not draw his sword at all. He only let out a cold shout, and the chaotic white sword qi suddenly turned organized.

Then, the white sword qi headed for the golden sword qi.


The frontmost golden sword qi clashed with a white sword qi. However, this time, the clash did not take place mid-blade but at the tip.

Sword tip against sword tip. The golden sword qi suddenly paused in that instant.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

It was not just the frontmost golden sword qi. The tips of all the golden sword qi got stopped by the tips of the white sword qi in nearly an instant.

It seemed like a coincidence but not at the same time. The white sword qi stopped the one million golden sword qi instantly.

To others, it was just a moment. However, to the sword-toothed tiger, it seemed like time stopped. All its sword qi got instantly stopped?

Furthermore, after the one million sword qi got stopped, a white sword qi suddenly shot over.

It moved too quickly, so quickly that no one but that sword-toothed tiger could see it clearly.

That weak white sword qi instantly arrived before the sword-toothed tiger.

In that instant, with all the sword-toothed tigers sword qi stopped, one white sword qi of the other party seemed to have surpa.s.sed everything and charged over at a rapid speed.

It moved too quickly for the sword-toothed tiger to resist.


The sword-toothed tiger roared in rage.


The white sword qi knocked the sword-toothed tiger back, breaking its tail.


The golden sword qi filling the sky exploded and scattered. The sword-toothed tiger crashed into a mountain.


The mountain suddenly crumbled.

As the sword-toothed tigers tail fell from the sky, everyone inhaled sharply.

Everyone only saw that Dugu Qiubai called out Sword Breaking Form, and the one million golden sword qi paused. Then, the sword-toothed tiger got knocked away, and its tail got chopped off.

Thisthishow can this be possible? countless Heptagold Sect disciples exclaimed.

The Foundation Rock Deity also rubbed his eyes, finding this unimaginable.

Somethings not rightsomethings not rightthe defensive ritual array is useless against Dugu Qiubai. He can attack the sword-toothed tiger, which is in the defensive ritual array! Huangfu Chaoge said as his eyes lit up.

When Huangfu Chaoge said that, everyones eyes lit up. Indeed. This defensive ritual array did not stop Dugu Qiubai.

Tail! My tail! Roar!

The sword-toothed tigers voice came from the rubble. Then, countless shattered rocks blasted apart as it leaped out.

The sword-toothed tiger roared as it looked at Dugu Qiubai. At this moment, Dugu Qiubai only gently waved his hand, and a horrifying pressure pressed down on it.

The cloud sea of sword qi in the sky slowly gathered, forming a three-kilometer-long sword. The gigantic sword appeared black. It exuded a terrifying might, pressing down on the ritual array and pointing at the sword-toothed tiger. When the sword-toothed tiger saw the gigantic sword, its eyelids twitched wildly.

How is that a sword? Three kilometers long? Its more like a staff? the Foundation Rock Deity exclaimed.

An unsharpened sword? It seems somewhat like a sword of black iron? Huangfu Chaoge said, feeling puzzled.

[TL Note: Dugu Qiubai had three swords, used in different phases of his life. His first sword was a sharp sword, the second was a flexible sword, and the third was a large, heavy, and blunt sword. After a certain point, he stopped using a sword, instead using everything and anything as a sword.]

A great sword with no edge. No techniques work against absolute strength! Dugu Qiubai shouted.

As Dugu Qiubai spoke, the three-kilometer-long black sword chopped down.

Oh no! He wants to break the ritual array! Roar! The sword-toothed tiger soared into the sky.


A three-kilometer-long golden sword manifested around the sword-toothed tiger and charged over.

The golden manifested sword and the black-iron great sword clashed outside the ritual array.

An earthshaking report rang out as the golden manifested sword shattered. Then, the defensive ritual array exploded and shattered as well.


The defensive ritual array exploded, and the one hundred thousand mountains shook violently.

Blargh! Blargh!

The powerful shock waves had the many Heptagold Sect disciples vomiting blood.

The black-iron great sword was like a sword-shaped mountain as it stabbed into the ground, pressing the sword-toothed tiger under it into the ground.


The Foundation Rock Deity looked at that black-iron great sword in horror.

No! No! I will not lose! I am a metal deity! I made use of the power of the sect. How could I lose to you in the sword Dao? Break! The sword-toothed tigers voice suddenly came from underground.

A strong impact suddenly struck the black-iron great sword. The sword-toothed tiger seemed to be putting in everything it had.


Before the full-powered strike equivalent to a Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators, the black-iron great sword exploded along with eighteen mountains around it. Shattered rocks shot in all directions, reducing the one hundred thousand mountains to a sorry state.

Argh! The shock wave struck countless Heptagold Sect disciples, causing them to cry out miserably.

The sword-toothed tiger turned into a beam of sword light, fueling itself with hatred. It looked like it would charge out of the ground soon.

Dugu Qiubais expression remained cold. It is just a piece of spiritual metal. You are a metal deity, not a sword deity. The swordyou still dont understand the sword.

You old fogey! How dare you say I dont understand the sword? Watch me tear you apart! the sword-toothed tiger roared, about to come out of the ground.

Sword? Do you think that swords can only be metal? As long as your sword conception is strong enough, even the gra.s.s, the trees, stones, and bamboo can be swords, Dugu Qiubai said coldly.

As Dugu Qiubai spoke, the ground below shook.


Suddenly, a huge sword of stone appeared in the ground and rushed at the sword-toothed tiger.

What? The sword-toothed tigers expression changed.


The huge stone sword knocked the sword-toothed tiger back, pus.h.i.+ng it into the distance.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Many sword-shaped mountains stood erect on the ground; some stood vertically, some stabbed into the ground at an angle. As they pushed into the ground, they quickly landed heavy attacks on the sword-toothed tiger. The surrounding cultivators goggled at this sight.

Using the earth as swords? The mountains, rivers, gra.s.s, and trees could all be swords? That meant that Dugu Qiubai had unlimited swords? Anything he could think of could become a sword?

No! No! No! No! the sword-toothed tiger shouted in horror.

s.h.i.+ng! s.h.i.+ng! s.h.i.+ng! s.h.i.+ng!

Suddenly, ten mountain-like swords pierced the sword-toothed tigers body, pinning it to a mountain.

The sword-toothed tiger could not move. It opened its eyes wide, showing an unresigned look.

How could you have such a strong sword conception? Let me down! I want a rematch! the sword-toothed tiger roared while glaring.

Dugu Qiubai looked at the sword-toothed tiger coldly and sneered, You are not worthy of my drawing my sword.

The sword-toothed tiger ended up pinned to the mountain in complete defeat.

Only now did everyone realize that Dugu Qiubai had a sword in his hand that he never drew. Dugu Qiubai had never drawn his sword?

How strong was this Dugu Qiubais sword Dao?

It was not just the rest that felt shocked. Gu Hai also goggled in shock. Although he manifested Dugu Qiubai, he only simulated the undefeatable concept of Dugu Qiubai. However, the Twenty-Nine Line-Pair World Ritual Array used its power to manifest Dugu Qiubais pride and att.i.tude?


Under Gu Hais control, Dugu Qiubai scattered.

Master, Dugu Qiubai is awesome. II could not help wanting to compose a few songs for him. Why did you make him disappear? Ensnaring Performance yelled.

Gu Hai rolled his eyes and ignored Ensnaring Performance.

You only know that Dugu Qiubai is incredible. However, do you know that his expenditure is even more incredible? Just manifesting him for this long cost at least eight hundred million superior-grade spirit stones. Eight hundred million superior-grade spirit stones! That is eight trillion inferior-grade spirit stones! Keep him out? Are you going to pay?

The defensive ritual array is already broken, and the sword-toothed tiger has been defeated. The rest is up to you, Gu Hai said.


Cloud beasts manifested in the surroundings once again, bringing out Xiang Yu, Cao Cao, Goujian, Lu Bu, and others.

The one million soldier cloud beasts appeared again.

The Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty elites immediately took control of the cloud beasts. Then, they faced Gu Hai and said respectfully, Yes, Mister Gu!

The earlier Dugu Qiubai had fully convinced this group of elites. This Mister Gus ritual array was incredible.

I am Xiang Yu, sons of Jiangdong, charge with me!

I am Goujian! My three thousand soldiers, charge with me!

Various shouts rang out as one million cloud beasts charged at the Heptagold Sect.?????e?n?vel.?o?

Azure Foundation City:

The Heptagold Sect Master led his army in attacking the city.

After about half a month, it looked like they would break in soon. However, this battle had been too difficult. It was even more intense than at Heavenly Peace City. Countless corpses piled up like mountains.

At least another three million died. More than ten elders fell as well, Chu Chen said with an unsightly expression.

We are about to break into the city. They cannot last much longer. We will break into the city tomorrow at the latest. After we break into the city, we will slaughter! the Heptagold Sect Master said coldly.

Yes! the Heptagold Sect experts said with ferocious expressions.

Huh? The Heptagold Sect Masters expression changed suddenly.

Sect Master, whats wrong? Chu Chen asked, feeling puzzled.

Blessings. The sword-toothed tiger drew power from the sects citizens. Something happened at headquarters? the Heptagold Sect Master said with an unsightly expression.

I also heard the sword-toothed tigers voice. It was sent through the blessings cloud sea. Something happened? Chu Chens expression changed.

The surrounding Heptagold Sect disciples had also heard the sword-toothed tigers voice, causing them to reveal shock.

Huangfu Chaoge? I was wondering why we heard nothing from him recently. To think that he created a diversion and went straight to my Heptagold Sect? the Heptagold Sect Master said in shock.

Ah? Sect Master, what should we do now?

Humph! The sword-toothed tiger is there, and he drew power from the people. Huangfu Chaoge will not be a match for it. Continue attacking the city. Continue. Progress faster! the Heptagold Sect Master said coldly.

Yes! everyone answered.

The attack on the city continued. However, the Heptagold Sect Masters expression soon changed again.

Sect Master, what did you sense now?

Somethings wrong. The sword-toothed tiger lost, and its on its last breath? How can it be? How can it be? the Heptagold Sect Master exclaimed.