Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 263 Book 3: 85: Southern Suppression Supreme Commander

Chapter 263 Book 3: 85: Southern Suppression Supreme Commander

Chapter 263 Book 3: 85: Southern Suppression Supreme Commander

Book 3: Chapter 85: Southern Suppression Supreme Commander

Duke Lu Yang rebelled and established the Ying Royal Dynasty, declaring Ying Province independent.

This news soon reached the Qian Heavenly Dynastys capital, shocking the entire heavenly court. Both civil and military officials of the heavenly court were immediately summoned to an a.s.sembly.

Outside the heavenly court, guards carefully patrolled in troops. A bleak, murderous air spread throughout the palace.

Everyone outside the palace hall could sense the asphyxiating pressure within the heavenly court.

There was no noise or clamor in the heavenly court, only the sound of knuckles rapping on the thrones armrest. The knocking was extremely gentle. However, it was like thunder in this silent palace hall.

Not to mention the officials inside, the guards at the entrance also felt suffocated.

This silence continued for a long time before a stern voice rang out in the palace hall.

Since everyone has nothing to say about Duke Lu Yangs rebellion, then we shall leave this to the third crown prince, Prince Shenwu, to deal with. If there are any objections, voice them now. We will not blame any objectors now. However, we do not wish to hear any voices of dissent after this.

The palace hall turned silent again.

Clearly, none of the officials dared to interject. Rebellion was a major offense. Even if anyone were on good terms with Duke Lu Yang, they would not dare plead for mercy.

Although the Qian Heavenly Emperor spoke in a calm tone, an implacable quality in his words suppressed everyone as he issued the arbitrary decision.

The Qian Heavenly Emperors voice rang out again. We install Long Shenwu as the Southern Suppression Supreme Commander and bestow him the Golden Tiger Token, giving him authority to use all military powers within Yong Province to deal with the rebellion and sweep away all rebels. Officials of Yong Province are to obey the supreme commander in all things. Anyone who disobeys will be labeled a traitor!

Long live His Holy Eminence! May His Holy Eminence live for ten thousand years! the many officials cried out in response to the Qian Heavenly Emperors orders.

The many officials had no objection to Long Shenwu being the Southern Suppression Supreme Commander.

Word of the imperial decree and the authorization to move troops spread immediately to Silver Moon City. Simultaneously, the Qian Heavenly Dynasty also announced Duke Lu Yangs treachery to the world, telling all the citizens.

This news set the Qian Heavenly Dynastys citizens abuzz.

Prince Shenwu was made the Southern Suppression Supreme Commander, given authority to use all the troops in Yong Province to deal with the rebellion.

While Emperor Lu Yang pacified the internal strife in Ying Province, Prince Shenwu also received the decree and organized a vast army to counter him.

In the Ying Royal Dynastys imperial palace:

Lu Yang looked coldly at the information sent from the frontlines.

Prince Shenwu? Long Shenwu? Humph! Indeed, that old thing had been plotting this. He had gotten Long Shenwu to rule Yong Province and build up an army long ago. Long Shenwu has managed Yong Province for fifteen years, so he already has a firm grasp on the officials and soldiers in Yong Province. Now that there is a decree and a righteous cause, Long Shenwus army will gather at the borders within two months and start a war with my Ying Royal Dynasty? Emperor Lu Yang said coldly as he put down the report in his hands.

Hence, Your Majesty, we need to deal with everything in Ying Province within two months. Mo Yike nodded.

Ao Shun! Lu Yang looked to the dragon crown prince at the side.

Present! Ao Shun stepped forward.

There are still four stubborn holdouts. Ill have to trouble you to get the dragons to attack at full force and break into those cities. Break in first and kill anyone who resists; show no mercy! Lu Yang said.

Yes, Your Majesty! Ao Shun answered.

In the valley outside Foundation Deity City, Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty:

The Foundation Rock Deity worriedly looked at Huangfu Chaoge. Your Majesty, Duke Lu Yangs army left, but the Heptagold Sect seems to have gone mad; it started attacking my Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty in full force. Its armies have captured our cities.

The Heptagold Sect Master personally led his sects experts and the fifteen-million-strong army of their eighteen cities to attack our Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty. According to the reports from the frontlines, the Heptagold Sect have broken their alliance with my Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty. Are they trying to take advantage of the situation? Huangfu Chaoge pondered.

Taking advantage? Mister Huangfu, your thinking is too shallow, Gu Hai said while shaking his head.


I have been reading the information you provided me these days. Guess what I saw? Ha! This Heptagold Sect should be one of Duke Lu Yangs hidden forces, Gu Hai said seriously.

Oh? Huangfu Chaoge said, feeling puzzled.

The Heptagold Sect was established a millennium ago. Their foundation is a metal deity puppet. This metal deity puppet can be considered a spiritual treasure, something similar to an imperial seal, able to anchor the sects blessings. Furthermore, according to the information I read, Duke Lu Yang happened to eliminate an animal spirit race thirteen centuries ago, the sword-toothed tiger race, Gu Hai said.

Oh? The sword-toothed tigers? That sounds familiar. Huangfu Chaoge nodded.

Tiger animal spirits are metal attributed. The sword-toothed tigers deity should be a metal deity. The Heptagold Sect formed three centuries after the metal deity died? That is too much of a coincidence. Furthermore, Duke Lu Yang attacked the Heptagold Sect three times. Your information showed that those battles dealt no damage whatsoever and were not considered intense battles. The Heptagold Sect appeared out of nowhere and, strangely, possessed a group of experts. They quickly controlled eighteen cities and remained silent, not getting involved with the world and just developing silently, Gu Hai said seriously.

However, that does not prove that the Heptagold Sect is Duke Lu Yangs hidden force, the Foundation Rock Deity said, feeling puzzled.

It has been one millennium. Duke Lu Yangs people never visited the Heptagold Sect. Aside from Chu Chen, the Heptagold Sects elders never visited Ying Province, either! Gu Hai said.

No visits for one millennium and three wars that did not matter? They were hiding a connection on purpose? Huangfu Chaoge said with narrowed eyes.

The Heptagold Sect is subordinate to Duke Lu Yang? Then, the Ying Royal Dynasty could have been an imperial dynasty had they added the Heptagold Sect. The Foundation Rock Deitys expression changed dramatically.

Thats not all, Gu Hai said while shaking his head and narrowing his eyes.


There are two royal dynasties and two lower-tier sects bordering Ying Province. Aside from the Heptagold Sect and the Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty, there are the Ravenous Wolf Sect and the Huang Royal Dynasty as well. Ha! According to my a.n.a.lysis, these two factions are also Duke Lu Yangs hidden forces. Duke Lu Yangs preparation over the past few millennia was not just one Ying Province, Gu Hai said seriously.

The Heptagold Sect, the Ravenous Wolf Sect, and the Huang Royal Dynasty? They are all subordinate to Duke Lu Yang? Thats impossible! the Foundation Rock Deity exclaimed.

These three large factions were each in no way inferior to the Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty. To think that they were all Duke Lu Yangs subordinates. If the three factions attacked at the same time, how could the Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty resist?

Duke Lu Yangs faction is too large, right? Huangfu Chaoge said in shock.

Indeed. It is very large. These three factions, taken together, would be about eighty cities, a size similar to Ying Province. If they had merged with Ying Province and gathered the blessings together, Duke Lu Yang would be an imperial emperor by now, ruling the Ying Imperial Dynasty. Unfortunately, he did not merge them, letting those three factions remain in hiding. If not for the Heptagold Sects sudden attack, I would have overlooked them, Gu Hai said.

Duke Lu Yang hid his strength very deeply, Huangfu Chaoge said with a frown.

Deeply? Haha! There is still one thing that I have not figured out yet: the south of your four factions, Gu Hai said with a frown.

The Yuan Imperial Dynasty? Huangfu Chaoges expression changed.

Thats right. The Yuan Imperial Dynasty is a powerful faction. Even if your four factions banded together, you would not be a match for the Yuan Imperial Dynasty, right? Gu Hai smiled.

Huangfu Chaoge smiled bitterly and said, That is an imperial dynasty, a middle-tier nation. We are only royal dynastieslower-tier nationsand lower-tier sects. How can we compare? The Yuan Imperial Dynasty is incredibly strong. Our four factions are just sandwiched between the Yuan Imperial Dynasty and the Qian Heavenly Dynasty. Could the Yuan Imperial Dynasty be

Gu Hai shook his head and said, I have too little information at the moment and cannot figure it out. I keep feeling that they have a relations.h.i.+p with Duke Lu Yang. However, they are definitely not Duke Lu Yangs subordinates. They are like a patient, ravenous wolf waiting for the chance to deal a critical strike.

Oh? Huangfu Chaoge felt startled.

More importantly, when Duke Lu Yang marched on the Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty, these factions ignored him. That seemed too strange, so I could not help connecting them. The three smaller factions should be Duke Lu Yangs hidden forces, and the strong Yuan Imperial Dynasty should be a ravenous wolf lurking while waiting to take advantage, Gu Hai said.

If it is as you say, then it is indeed troublesome. Huangfu Chaoge frowned.

I still have another piece of evidence, Gu Hai said.


What t.i.tle did the Qian Heavenly Emperor give Prince Shenwu when he granted Prince Shenwu full authority to deal with Duke Lu Yangs rebellion? Gu Hai asked.

The Southern Suppression Supreme Commander? the Foundation Rock Deity said.

Indeed, the Southern Suppression Supreme Commander. Why not the Rebellion Suppression Supreme Commander? Why the Southern Suppression Supreme Commander? Southern suppression? We are southeast of the Qian Heavenly Dynasty. Southern suppression? Suppress the south to guard it? Suppress the south to capture it? Or suppress the south to scare it? Gu Hai asked.

You mean that it is not just to deal with Duke Lu Yangs rebellion, but also, the Foundation Rock Deity exclaimed.

At the level of the Qian Heavenly Emperor, every name givenevery t.i.tle givenhas meaning. Southern Suppression Supreme Commander? Haha! If he wants to complicate things, so be it. Now, we are facing a war with the Heptagold Sect, Gu Hai said seriously.

Indeed. The Heptagold Sect has many experts. They have eighteen cities under them. It will be very troublesome when their fifteen-million-strong army charges over. Furthermore, you said that the Huang Royal Dynasty and Ravenous Wolf Sect are also subordinate to Duke Lu Yang. Would they Huangfu Chaoge sank into deep thought.

Actually, it is easy to deal with the Heptagold Sects attack, Gu Hai said with a smile.


Strike where it hurts; just beat them to death in one blow! Gu Hai said coldly.

[TL Note: The expression strike where it hurts can be literally translated as strike seven inches below a tip of a snake. That is said to be the weak spot of a snake, and hitting that spot hard can kill the snake in one go.]

How do we do that? Huangfu Chaoge asked.

When fighting with a snake, one might get bitten. Now, it depends on whether Mister Huangfu is willing to go all out and fight with everything you have. The snake will bite you if you lose, and the Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty will suffer greatly. If you win, you will beat the snake to death in one go. This is a fight to the death, deciding victory in one battle. I wonder if Mister Huangfu dares to gamble on this or not? Gu Hai smiled.

Destroying the Heptagold Sect in one go? How can that be possible? the Foundation Rock Deity said skeptically.

However, Gu Hai stared at Huangfu Chaoge and said, Mister Huangfu, the Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty is in grave danger now; there are ravenous wolves all around. It wont be just the Heptagold Sect but a group of wolves if you keep dragging things out. There will no longer be a chance. Since the Heptagold Sect dares to come and bite, then we have to strike it at its weak spot. We can lay a super-large ritual array and deal with all of them in one go.

A super-large ritual array?

Yes. The Twenty-Nine Line-Pair World Ritual Array. It requires an astronomical amount of spirit stonesprobably all the spirit stones in your national treasury. At least two billion superior-grade spirit stones. Are you willing to gamble on this? A strong battle hunger flashed in Gu Hais eyes.