Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 256 Book 3: 78: Cooperation

Chapter 256 Book 3: 78: Cooperation

Chapter 256 Book 3: 78: Cooperation

Book 3: Chapter 78: Cooperation

On the White Cloud flying s.h.i.+p:

Gu Hai watched as Long Wanqings corpse completely disappeared, reduced to nothing. He had seen her spiritual souls shatter and scatter.

After Gu Hai roared in pain, he slumped to the deck. No one could understand the sorrow he felt at seeing Long Wanqing reduced to nothing before his eyes.

The Unborn Man stood at the side, his earlier pride and murderous air nowhere to be seen, appearing completely listless.

I killed my daughter with my own hands.With. My. Own. Hands.

Previously, when he tested Long Xiaoyues soul, he had forced his daughter to mental and physical exhaustion.

At the life-and-death Go puzzles on Nine-Five Island, he had watched as his daughter nearly died. At that time, he had felt jealous of Long Wanqings father for obtaining Long Xiaoyues heart and had been prepared to watch Long Wanqing die.

At Love Flower Valley, he nearly killed his daughter and Venerable Liu Nian when she protected Venerable Liu Nian.

Today, he had killed her with his own hands.

In the end, his daughter even said, You are not my father. My father is a matchless hero; no one in the world can get in his way.

Indeed, I am not worthy. How am I worthy?

Where was I when someone bullied my daughter after Xiaoyue died? When my daughters life hung by a thread, I just watched. When my daughter protected someone, I wanted to kill her?

Am I still worthy of being her father?

Lifespan cultivators never have a good fate. Because of you, both Xiaoyue and Long Wanqing suffered retribution. Unborn Man, they were both innocent but got implicated because of you. Furthermore, Long Wanqing died at your hands. Lifespan cultivators are destined to be alone. You are destined to be alone. Why did you get involved with Xiaoyue, even siring Long Wanqing? Why did you implicate them? Huangfu Chaoge looked at the Unborn Man with bloodshot eyes.

Without the Unborn Man, perhaps Long Xiaoyue would not have waited foolishly. Perhaps Huangfu Chaoge could have been with Long Xiaoyue. Perhaps Long Xiaoyue need not have died.

Huangfu Chaoge gave the Unborn Man a hateful look, wis.h.i.+ng he could rush forward and kill the Unborn Man.

Lifespan cultivators are destined to be alone. They are a detriment to themselves and their families. The hall master still has a younger sister. Are you going to cause her death as well? That is the person Long Wanqing cherished the most. Mu Chenfeng looked hatefully at the Unborn Man.

I still have a daughter? I still have another daughter? The Unborn Man trembled.

Do you want to cause her death as well? Venerable Liu Nian roared with a glare.

The Unborn Man froze on the spot and immediately slumped back down.

Venerable Liu Nian glowered at the Unborn Man and said, Unborn Man, do you know why I kept pitting myself against you? It was not out of jealousy for you being together with Xiaoyue. I liked Xiaoyue. As long as she was happy, I would have respected her decision. However, you are a lifespan cultivator. Sooner or later, you would hurt her. That was why I always pitted myself against you. Do you really think that I am jealous of you? Are you worthy?

Back then, because you turned into this neither-human-nor-ghost appearance, you told Xiaoyue that you envied other families, envied that they had daughters. Do you know what Xiaoyue did for you?

Do you know who is in the Southern Seas Purple Bamboo Forest? That person previously came to the Qian Heavenly Dynasty and caused trouble. Do you know how much he ridiculed Xiaoyue? As the Qian Heavenly Dynastys princess, Xiaoyue and he were practically like fire and water, unable to coexist.

[TL Note: As mentioned in an earlier TL Note, the princess t.i.tle used for Long Wanqings younger sister was that of a lower-ranked princess. The usage of princess for Long Xiaoyue was the other one, denoting a higher-ranked princess, usually the daughter of the empress or a favored daughter of a concubine.]

Did you know that she knelt before him just so you could have daughters?

Yet, you came to kill Gu Hai on whose behalf? You killed Long Wanqing on whose behalf? Duke Lu Yang? Do you know, based on our current investigation, Duke Lu Yang is the most likely culprit behind Xiaoyues death?

He killed Xiaoyue, yet you helped him kill Xiaoyues daughter and son-in-law?

I dont know if Xiaoyue can come back to life. However, how are you going to give an account to her if she does? What are you going to say? Are you not embarra.s.sed to see her again?

The Unborn Man trembled and said, Duke Lu Yang had the la.s.ss three spiritual souls. With those three spiritual souls, I can revive her!

Are you sure that it is Xiaoyues three spiritual souls? Are you sure? Venerable Liu Nian stared at the Unborn Man.

There is always the possibility. I am willing to try for the la.s.s, the Unborn Man said bitterly.

Go on and try then! Gu Hai is here! Bring Gu Hais head back! Go and help Xiaoyues enemyher murderer! In any case, you already killed your daughter. Killing another person will not matter. Go on! Kill him! Go ahead and kill him! Oh, right, go ahead and kill Long Wanqings younger sister as well. In any case, you are capable of it. You can do anything! Venerable Liu Nian roared.

The Unborn Man took a deep breath, but he no longer dared to move.

Venerable, please stop. Gu Hai, who had slumped to the ground expressionlessly earlier, stood up slowly.

At this moment, Gu Hai appeared incredibly calmfrighteningly calm.

Gu Hai looked at the Unborn Man. However, instead of blaming the Unborn Man, he said calmly, Senior Unborn Man, right now, the most important thing is Wanqings revival. Of the three spiritual soulsthe heavenly soul, the earthly soul, and the mortal soulthe heavenly soul is with you. You can repair her mortal soul and find her earthly soul. I will have to trouble Senior for this. I ask that you track down her earthly soul with all your power. Right now, I, Gu Hai, am incapable. When I am stronger and capable of doing so, I will track her down together with you. Right now, I can only trouble you.

The Unborn Man looked at Gu Hai and remained silent.

As for whether Long Wanqings heavenly soul and earthly soul are with Duke Lu Yang or not, I will investigate that. Dont worry. I will investigate thoroughly. Duke Lu Yang? Ha! Duke Lu Yang! Gu Hais voice contained a hint of ice.

But the Unborn Man said, showing some worry.

No buts. If you go to Duke Lu Yangs official residence now, you might not be able to obtain Long Xiaoyues other two spiritual souls. He might or might not have them. Either way, you wont get them. On the contrary, if you dont show up, Long Xiaoyues two spiritual souls will be Duke Lu Yangs bargaining chip. If he does have them, that will ensure the greatest safety for her two spiritual souls. If you go, you will destroy Long Xiaoyue. If you do not go, Long Xiaoyue might still return to life. Are you still going, then? Gu Hai looked at the Unborn Man calmly.

Ill search for Long Wanqings reincarnation, the Unborn Man said through gritted teeth, sounding determined.

Ill leave Wanqing to you. I will do my best for Long Xiaoyue. Gu Hai nodded after taking a deep breath.

The Unborn Man revealed a sorrowful smile. Ha! Theres no need for you to ask. If I cannot bring Wanqing back, Im not qualified to bring the la.s.s back. All the more am I not qualified to meet her again.

As the Unborn Man spoke, he took out a black jade talisman, which gave off faint black energy, with a flip of his hand.

This jade talisman is an enchanted treasure. Liu Nian, please hand it to Long Wanqings younger sister to protect her. If anything happens, she just needs to shatter it, and I will rush over immediately, no matter where I am. The Unborn Man extremely carefully proffered the jade talisman to Venerable Liu Nian.

Have you not harmed Xiaoyue and her daughters enough? Venerable Liu Nian demanded coldly.

The Unborn Man remained silent as he held the jade talisman.

Venerable, please pa.s.s it on to Wanqings younger sister. No matter what, the Unborn Man is still her father. Let her decide for herself, Gu Hai said calmly at the side.

Venerable Liu Nian gave the Unborn Man a hateful look. Then, he stretched out his hand and took the jade talisman.

After that, the Unborn Man suddenly bowed deeply to Venerable Liu Nian.

Why are you bowing to me? Venerable Liu Nian asked hatefully.

The Unborn Man did not say anything, just maintained his deep bow. He had been irresponsible as a father. All these years, it was Venerable Liu Nian who took care of Long Wanqing.

Im sorry. Thank you! the Unborn Man said sorrowfully.

After that, the Unborn Mans figure trembled and vanished before everyone.

The Unborn Man left, but everyones pained heart did not recover.

Venerable Liu Nian looked at the jade talisman in his hand. Then, he looked at the spot where Long Wanqings body disintegrated. He smiled bitterly, a sorrowful smile of disappointment and frustration.

I watched Wanqing and her younger sister grow up. I see them as my own daughters. Unexpectedlyunexpectedlyhah, Venerable Liu Nian said bitterly.

Venerable, Wanqing will definitely come back to life, Gu Hai said while clenching his fist.

Gu Hai, I have to return immediately and report Wanqings death to His Holy Eminence. I have no idea how I am going to give an account to the little princess. Before we left, she told me to protect her elder sister. Should her elder sister even lose a single hair, she would give me a tough time. Haha Venerable Liu Nian said, feeling upset.

The Qian Heavenly Emperor? Long Xiaoyues father, Wanqings maternal grandfather? Since he could establish a heavenly dynasty, why did he leave his daughters death alone? He couldnt have found nothing, right? During this short time, we managed to find clues leading to Duke Lu Yang. As the Qian Heavenly Emperor, he must have capable men under him, Gu Hai said with a skeptical expression.

He does. Perhaps he already knows that it was Duke Lu Yang but is unwilling to make a move on Duke Lu Yang. Perhaps he has other plans? Venerable Liu Nian sighed.

Huh? Gu Hai looked at Venerable Liu Nian.

I know about this matter, Huangfu Chaoge sighed softly at the side.


Duke Lu Yang and the Qian Heavenly Emperor are sworn brothers, Huangfu Chaoge said.

That is still not logical. Long Xiaoyue is his daughter, Gu Hai said.

Back then, before the Qian Heavenly Dynasty existed, there was a Ying Imperial Dynasty. The Ying Imperial Emperor was Duke Lu Yangs father. Later on, when Duke Lu Yangs father reached the end of his lifespan, the surrounding royal dynasties wanted to use that opportunity to destroy the Ying Imperial Dynasty and replace it. The Qian Heavenly Emperor managed to monopolize the Ying Imperial Dynasty with Duke Lu Yangs help. They formed a strong bond. Rumor had it that the Qian Heavenly Emperor once promised Duke Lu Yang that the two of them would rule together when everything settled down. However, Duke Lu Yang ended up as the ruler of a va.s.sal state, Ying Province. They did not rule together. Perhaps the Qian Heavenly Emperor felt guilty towards Duke Lu Yang, Huangfu Chaoge sighed.

Like how there is no second sun in the sky, a person cannot have two masters. How can a nation have two emperors? Gu Hai frowned.

Indeed. Perhaps that is why the Qian Heavenly Dynasty never made a move on Duke Lu Yang, Huangfu Chaoge sighed again.

Gu Hai narrowed his eyes, hate flas.h.i.+ng in them. Huangfu Chaoge, I agree to your earlier invitation. I will help you to deal with Duke Lu Yang.

Oh? Huangfu Chaoge looked at Gu Hai.

Wanqing cannot die for nothing. The Unborn Man is Wanqings father. He only killed Wanqing by mistake, and I still need him to revive Wanqing. I cannot do anything about him. I can only wait for Wanqing to come back to life. However, Duke Lu Yang? I only rejected joining his official residence, yet he sent the Unborn Man to kill me, causing Wanqings death. Ha! Haha! Hahaha! I can no longer keep avoiding this, Gu Hai said with a ruthless look in his eyes.

Thats fine. Join my royal dynasty, and I will give you authority, Huangfu Chaoge said seriously.

No. I am the master of the Han Royal Dynasty. We are just cooperating with your Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty, Gu Hai said seriously.