Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 191 - Dark Clouds Looming Over The City

Chapter 191 - Dark Clouds Looming Over The City

Chapter 191 - Dark Clouds Looming Over the City

The Miserable World, just from the point of the tune, it was an extremely powerful piece of music. At least, only the symphonies back on Earth had such a grand and majestic manner to them.

Even for Gu Hai, it was the first time listening to such a majestic melody that could be played with a guqin.

Guqin can also be so magnificent.

The surging music was incomparably majestic. Nonetheless, this melody seemed to be filled with endless sadness, like the entire world had given up on you, like it was tormenting you, tormenting your life, tormenting your soul.

The five senses were slowly deteriorating.

The sky was slowly darkening, but it wasn't that the dark clouds had covered the entire sky, neither it was that the night had fallen, no, but rather your vision was slowly deteriorating, slowly disappearing.

Blind!? Everyone was about to turn blind just because of this conception!

"What should I do!? I can't be blind, I can't be blind, noooo~!"

"Who is going to save me? Conception, I don't want to be entangled with this conception, who will help me, ahhh~!"

"I am blind, what am I going to do in the future? Will I always remain blind?"...

Countless cultivators started crying, panic-stricken.

The sky grew darker and darker by the moment as everyone became more and more blurry. This was a great cause of panic. In the blink of an eye, the hearts of countless cultivators were seized with palpitations.

The crowd of countless cultivators quickly bolted towards the World's First Zither House, hoping to stop Fairy Wan'er from playing any more.

However, all they could find was a vortex of cloud; Fairy Wan'er was nowhere in sight.

"Where? Demoness, where are you? Come out!" all the cultivators in the vicinity of the World's First Zither House shouted tragically.

With their eyesight gradually deteriorating, it was even harder to look.

The Miserable World was continued to be played.

Eyesight!? No, it was just the beginning, the sense of smell, sense of touch, even, even their hearing were slowly deteriorating. Sight, sound, taste, smell, touch, all the five senses were slowly deteriorating.

As far as the zitherist were concerned, they could lose four of their five senses, but hearing!? Once they lost their hearing, how would they even play anything!? Their dao of zither would stop progressing right then and there!

Panic and fear continued to spread and grow by the moment.

Countless zitherist sat down on the ground, cross-legged, and started playing their own guqins.

Conception poured out from their guqin, trying to resist the disappearance of five senses brought on by the Miserable World. However, their conception could only hold on for a while before being blown away by the endless imposing manner of the Miserable World.

"World's First Zither House, I can't exist under the same sky as you!"

"Noooo~, Demoness, stop playing, World's First Zither House, stop it quickly!"

"Heavens, I am losing my hearing, I am turning deaf, I am turning deaf! How will I play zither in the future?"...