Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 89 - Wei Yang's Letter

Chapter 89 - Wei Yang's Letter

Chapter 89 - Wei Yang's Letter

In the Golden Tong...

With the revelation of Gu Hai's face, the cultivators' center of attention had s.h.i.+fted from gambling to Gu Hai himself!

After Gu Hai stepped into the inner section of the Golden Tong, the inner section was guarded by the former convicts around the clock, preventing the cultivators from approaching.

However, it didn't matter if they couldn't approach, so long as Gu Hai was still there! Nonetheless, there were some among the cultivators who started to move in secret.

Therefore, all the cultivators had their eyes on the inner section. Fortunately, Gu Hai never came out.

Currently, a few cultivators were standing quietly in a cove.

Their brows were furrowed as they gazed at a few nearby former gladiators wielding swords and sabers on lookout.

"Is there any movement?" one of them asked, probably having just arrived.

"Nope, apart from changing their s.h.i.+fts. However, even then these lots are awful vigilant, we simply cannot approach. In fact, we have been discovered by them already!" another man stated, furrowing his brow.

"What in the b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l is that Gu Hai doing inside?"

"Look, something is going on!"


"Fog? How did so much fog appear so suddenly? So quick and thick!?"

"It is still increasing!"

"The fog is covering all the sky!? The entire inner section is shrouded in a fog!"

"Array! That's an array!"...

The group of cultivators who were keeping a close watch on the inner section were taken aback as a surprised look dawned on their faces.

Very soon, the more distant men disappeared into the fog. The swirling mist was particularly eerie.

At the sight of this, countless spies had huge changes spread across their faces.

"Gu Hai must have arranged an array! So, he isn't ready to come out?"

"No, no, don't you remember the Xiantian Endgame World? That's just a front! In the beginning, Gu Hai laid out an array, making everyone believe that he was still inside, but he secretly escaped!"

"Gu Hai is doing it again...?"

"Quickly go back and inform the others. We have to the seal the inner section completely, we cannot let Gu Hai escape!"

"Quickly inform everyone!"...

Outside the array, many cultivators started to move.

Of course, there were some who vigilantly made their way into the grand array.

However, as soon as they stepped into the mists, a huge qi saber suddenly emerged from the fog, shooting straight at them.

"Ah~!" That cultivator suddenly gave out a miserable scream as he was split in twain.

"Ah~!" "Ah~!" "Ah~!"...

Pitiful screams rang everywhere across the grand array. Upon hearing those screams, the countless cultivators outside felt fearful and apprehensive. Nonetheless, some of the cultivators were able to escape in the end. Unfortunately, most of them had lost limbs. The lightest of the injuries suffered were still huge gaping wounds in their stomachs.

"Array? That's the Sky Sabers Life and Death Game!"

"What on earth is a Sky Sabers Life and Death Game?"

"The Sky Sabers Life and Death Game is a grand array that Gu Hai learned inside the Xiantian Endgame World after dispelling it! Gu Hai has laid out a grand array in the inner section!"


Panic-stricken looks took over the faces of countless watching cultivators. At this moment, each and every one of them was gloomy and anxious.

With the emergence of the Sky Sabers Life and Death Game, the cultivators around were no longer able to even approach the inner section.


In a house next to the Colosseum, Meng Tai was still cuddling with Feng Ling, who was still in a trance-like state. He narrowed his eyes when he saw the sudden appearance of an array full of clouds in the inner section.

"Gu Hai? You sure are courageous, you chose to remain even when you are aware everyone will join hands to hit you hard!" Meng Tai's face turned ugly.


Atop a peak...

"Ninth Young Master, Gu Hai has once again laid out a Sky Sabers Life and Death Game, and it is even bigger, to boot! He has actually covered the entire inner section. How can he possibly change it so much?" a subordinate asked, utterly confused.

"Gu Hai's array is laid using spirit stones. But back then, Grandmaster's spirit treasure was used to arrange the Sky Sabers Life and Death Game. This one is simply too lacking. After having expanded it so much, blocking a Golden Core Stage is already its limit; it is simply unable to block a Nascent Soul Stage cultivator. So long as he isn't stupid, a Nascent Soul Stage expert can come and go freely. Let's just wait for Luo Tiange to arrive!" Ninth Young Master answered calmly.

"Yes, sir!"


Inside the Sky Saber Life and Death Array...

Apart from the criminals guarding the Colosseum and the Valley of Crooks, all others were gathered in front of the Dragon Turtle Hall.

Excavated next to the Dragon Turtle Hall was a huge pool, its bottom full of spirit stones that numbered in the hundreds of thousands, actually tiling the bed of the pool. The crowd of onlooking criminals made a fuss at the sight of such luxury. The spirit stones were arranged in the form of an array. Swirling ma.s.ses of Spirit Qi were congealing inside the pool, wafting a dense qi into the air. 

"It's a spirit pool!? How is this possible?"

"It sure is, I'll be d.a.m.ned, Father saw one on the Two-Six Island in the past, but didn't get the chance to take a dip in it!"

"I have soaked in one, it truly is a spirit pool!"

"Spirit pool? Aren’t they bred by heaven and earth? But these pits were just dug out!"

"Array! An array is arranged using the spirit stones!"

"When can I go inside, f.u.c.k, I want to bathe in the spirit pool!"...

At this moment, the former prisoners looked at the huge pool greedily.

Although they very much desired to go inside, they held themselves back nevertheless.

"Captain Chen, can we go inside?" The men looked to Chen Tianshan standing in the forefront.

"My Lord is preoccupied with something, wait for a while, you can bathe in it later!" Chen Tianshan told them.

"Captain Chen, is this really a spirit pool?" the freed convicts asked in antic.i.p.ation.

A confident smile bloomed on Chen Tianshan's face as he replied, "But of course! Later, you will know how beneficial it is. My Lord has spent a fortune on it!"

"It really is the spirit pool!"

"So many spirit stones! I can't wait anymore!"...

Everyone grew extremely impatient.


"As my Lord has said, today the spoils from looting the Golden Tong over these last two days will be distributed. However, everyone will only get a middle-grade spirit stone. The rest of the spirit stones are either used to arrange the array or are piled up here. My Lord has created this spirit pool for everyone, nouris.h.i.+ng your bodies so that all the invisible injuries can be healed. Your bodies come first!" Chen Tianshan explained.

The freed prisoners from the Valley of Crooks cheered immediately.

"Uh, why are spirit stones being used to create a spirit pool?" the men asked excitedly.

"It's my Lord's decision, it's not open for discussion!" Chen Tianshan stated in a deep voice.

"Well, alright!" The men immediately grew respectful.

With time, everyone suddenly discovered that their lord was growing more and more mysterious. How could a Xiantian Stage cultivator arrange such a tyrannical array?

Then, there was the spirit pool! A freaking spirit pool! They had never heard anyone of arranging one before.

Their awe of Gu Hai grew even greater.

"Captain Chen, when can we start, I can't wait any longer!" a man shouted out.

"Be patient, our Lord will arrive soon!" Chen Tianshan rebuked in a deep voice.


The greedy look in the criminals' eyes grew even more obvious. They hoped Gu Hai would appear as soon as possible.


At this moment, Gu Hai was standing in a remote hall.

Apart from Gu Hai, Gao Xianzhi, Scar, and Shangguan Hen, another man was also here, standing around a vegetative Li Wei.

At this moment, Li Wei's hair had been completely shaved off.

Everyone's brows were twitching, looking at Li Wei's bald head.

"How did you discover this?" Gu Hai looked at that criminal.

"Subordinate was a forensic examiner in the past. As a result, this lowly one is quite familiar with markings on a human body. When my Lord asked me to guard Li Wei, I examined a bit and discovered tattoos on his head. And when I shaved him bit by bit, I saw this pattern!" that man answered in a heavy voice.

"This tattoo? A peony flower? No, this peony is rather strange, its yellow color may not be surprising, but why isn't it completely blooming?" Scar asked, furrowing his brow.

"A peony tattoo on the head is nothing. What is most important to note is, why does Feng Ling also have a peony tattoo on her head?" Gao Xianzhi wondered aloud, his brow also deeply lined.

"Li Wei? Feng Ling?" Gu Hai narrowed his eyes. "I remember, Meng Tai recognized Feng Ling from the tattoo on her head. In other words, when Feng Ling was still Meng Tai's wife twenty years back, she already had that tattoo!?"

"My Lord, subordinate has studied this tattoo, and judging from the gaps in it, he should have obtained it in childhood!" Shangguan Hen deduced as a frown appeared on his forehead.

"If they received this tattoo as children, isn't it possible for all four of them to have it?" Scar wondered, frowning.

"It's highly unlikely, because Meng Tai was able to distinguish Feng Ling from Yue Yao through this tattoo!" Gao Xianzhi rejected this notion right away as he shook his head.

"Then, how did Feng Ling and Li Wei get this peony tattoo in childhood? Why...?" Scar was utterly confused.

Gu Hai narrowed his eyes and said, "It looks like the situation between the four brothers and sisters of Golden Tong is more complicated than we imagined! Perhaps Meng Tai's choice to remain is related to this!"

Everyone nodded their agreement.

"After bathing in the spirit pool, continue searching the inner section!" Gu Hai ordered in a deep voice.

"Yes, my Lord!" everyone respectfully confirmed.

"My Lord, subordinate was able to unlock Li Wei's storage ring today, I have not gone through it, perhaps...!" Shangguan Hen reported suddenly.


Gu Hai took the storage ring at once.

In the blink of an eye, he immediately emptied the ring, piling everything up on the ground.

Apart from a large quant.i.ty of spirit stones, the rest was Li Wei's daily necessities. There weren't any special magical tools.

"Well, there is a letter!" Scar picked up a sealed letter without further ado. "From the looks of it, it was written a long time ago. Let's open it and read!"

Unsealing the letter, everyone started to read. The letter was short, entailed as follows:

My dear apprentice, Li Wei, you are still young and lack common sense. Don't give this letter to anyone, including your senior brother and sisters. You can't tell anyone about it. Once you grow up, you will slowly understand.

Recently, I have always felt someone watching me. I don't know what will happen next. However, my Golden Tong has its mission. I can't break it in my generation.

Your second senior sister Feng Ling is my daughter. I ask you to take good care of her, and protect her. I don't know why she was chosen, but she is the key. A very important key.

My Golden Tong has a very big secret. When the time is ripe, it will unveil itself. I can't say much, or this letter will do more harm than good.

All you have to do is live a good life and protect Feng Ling. If something happens to me, this secret will help you and your brother and sisters reach the sky in one giant leap.

Finally, I am not sure how to put this. I have watched your great senior brother Meng Tai grow up, he is too cunning. Even when I am watching him every day, I don't know what he is mulling over. Don't believe him too much!

Wei Yang


"Wei Yang? The master of Meng Tai and Li Wei?" Scar cried out in astonishment.