Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 84 - Fighting With Li Wei

Chapter 84 - Fighting With Li Wei

Chapter 84 - Fighting with Li Wei

Just after the chaotic battle had started in the Colosseum...

Countless gamblers atop the mountain peaks in the vicinity hissed in panic.

"Criminals? They are wearing masks, they are actually criminals? Criminals from the Valley of Crooks?"

"All the criminals have escaped? They are here for vengeance?"

"What a horrifying battle force, so cruel!?"...

In the past, the audience only watched the criminals as a pastime. They knew that the criminals were cruel, but they took the men ever so lightly, as they were trapped in cages.

No matter how cruel and ferocious the beasts in the cages were, the beasts couldn't harm them. They had nothing to worry about whatsoever.

But now, the beasts were out of their cages. But more importantly, they were organized!

How dreadful an organized battle force could be was perfectly evident from the battle in the Colosseum.

The battle force was just one aspect. The most important part about them was their cruelty, their extreme cruelty.

Much to their surprise, the criminals ripped away at their opponents with their bare hands. What was more ruthless was they would even tear off pieces of flesh with their teeth, and directly swallow them down.

At the sight of this, the gamblers had gooseb.u.mps exploding all over their bodies.

The criminals were simply horrifying!

In the beginning, some of the cultivators were ready to go over and provide their help for some benefits after watching this scene. But after approaching the b.l.o.o.d.y scene, they instead turned tail and ran away.

"It's the criminals, f.u.c.k, it's the criminals!" the group of cultivators who had gone to help cried out in fear.

In the blink of an eye, almost all of the Golden Tong disciples were eliminated. As for the ones that were still alive, they had all been captured.

In this brief period, everything was over. Such a combat force had sent chills down countless cultivators’ backs.

"Look, Boss Li is flying over to the criminals!"

"Boss Li is a Nascent Soul Stage cultivator, but there are only Xiantian and Golden Core Stage cultivators among the criminals!"

"What can the criminals even do to Boss Li?"

"Nascent Soul Stage!? What a powerful aura!"...

All the cultivators around kept their eyes focused on the Colosseum. With the curtain on the faraway battle fallen, over two thousand criminals led by Gu Hai were left to face off against the Boss of the Golden Tong, Li Wei!


Gu Hai stepped out right away, closely followed by the four captains. All the escaped men also had ferocious looks on their faces. They might not be able to resist the powerful imposing aura of a Nascent Soul cultivator, but all of them were content and fearless.

Under the grand and fearsome aura of the Nascent Soul Stage Li Wei, almost all the criminals tumbled left and right under the storm raised from his aura, as if they would be blown away any moment.

"How did you escape? A bunch of rats at the Xiantian and Golden Core Stage, who can't even stand against the wind, actually want to destroy my Golden Tong!?" Li Wei said, glaring at them, his eyes wide.

Gu Hai immediately waved his hand.

"Yes!" Shangguan Hen, Scar, Chen Tianshan, and Gao Xianzhi swiftly placed their hands on Gu Hai's back.

Thereafter, the lieutenants behind the four captains placed their palms on the backs of their respective captains promptly, the sergeants on the back of the lieutenants, and ordinary subordinates on the back of sergeants, one after another.

Starting with Gu Hai, on the back of each layer was four sets of stacking hands, palms placed upon backs. In the blink of an eye, layer after layer, seven layers were formed. Gu Hai stood at the topmost position of the fan-shape formation. Everyone had a savage look on their face as they withstood the imposing aura of a Nascent Soul cultivator.

"Release!" Gu Hai shouted.

Answering his shout with a roar of their own, raging True Qi promptly emerged from the hands of the criminals of the seventh rank, rus.h.i.+ng straight to the backs of the people in the sixth rank.

With another set of shouts from the sixth rank criminals, True Qi was once again released from their hands and into the bodies of the men of the fifth rank, along with the guided True Qi of the seventh rank.

With loud shouts, True Qi was being transmitted forward; to the fourth rank, the third rank, the second rank...

As the True Qi was guided to the second rank, where Gao Xianzhi, Chen Tianshan, Scar, and Shangguan Hen stood, their faces turned beet red... apart from Shangguan Hen, who had no change in his expression.

The True Qi transmitted by the individuals behind them was exceptionally fierce. If their own True Qi was a creek, then the True Qi transmitted from the men behind them was like a raging river.

If the river-like True Qi stayed in their bodies, they would explode very quickly.

As Gao Xianzhi was the one with the weakest cultivation, he vomited out a mouthful of blood. To be precise, it was because the True Qi coming from behind was simply terrifyingly fierce, and he was not able to bear it.

It was still under the condition that Gao Xianzhi had to transmit the True Qi to Gu Hai. He was just a conduit; nothing more, nothing less.

Four streams of river-like True Qi were completely instilled into Gu Hai's body. Everyone could not help but wonder whether their Lord could withstand the violent power that even sent the chills through the four captains.

Had it not been for the explanation given by Gu Hai earlier, no one would have dared to do this!

The four captains were very well aware that had it been them, they would have exploded in a b.l.o.o.d.y flash.

"My Lord, are you okay?" Gao Xianzhi asked, worried.

The group of criminals acted very swiftly. Just a moment ago, Gu Hai had waved his hand, and in the next moment, everything was as good as done. At the sight of this, even Li Wei's expression changed.

The horrifying and imposing aura of the Nascent Soul Stage Li Wei was just like a tornado around him, bursting forth like a storm blowing over the two thousand criminals in front of him. Originally, under the pressure of such a terrifying aura, the former prisoners seemed like they would be blown away.

At this moment, that raging storm of power pressed towards Gu Hai.

However, to everyone's surprise, a similar imposing aura suddenly burst out from Gu Hai with a loud bang. Gu Hai's raging aura, just like a flood cras.h.i.+ng down the mountain, slammed into Li Wei's oncoming aura.

The subsequent collision between the two auras burst forth with a loud bang, sending stones flying everywhere.

Much to everyone's astonishment, Gu Hai's aura was no weaker than the Nascent Soul Stage Li Wei's aura!

"Huh?" Li Wei's face immediately changed, fury rising up higher.


"Gathering the True Qi of more than two thousand criminals into one man?"

"Impossible, even a Nascent Soul Stage cultivator wouldn't be able to bear such a huge power. He would explode for sure!"

"He should have exploded, right? What a body that man has!?"...

Cries of surprise rose up all around as the gamblers stared with their eyes wide. The formation wasn't surprising, at all, neither was gathering all that power at one place difficult. What was difficult was one man to bearing such tremendous power.

Even if one could withstand so much power, he simply would not need others to gather it in such a way because it would affect his or her agility adversely.

Weren't the criminals only in the Golden Core Stage or Xiantian Stage? How could they acc.u.mulate so much energy?, everyone wondered.

"#1? That's right, I remember his figure, it's the criminals from the round before last, it's #1 with the cultivation of Xiantian Stage!" someone among the gamblers suddenly shouted, seemingly recognizing Gu Hai.

"Xiantian Stage? Impossible! A cultivator in Xiantian Stage would have exploded by now!?"

"Right, that's right, it's him, he made me lose so much money, I will never forget him!"

"Xiantian Stage? #1?"...

The raging stream of True Qi gathered into Gu Hai's body, and slowly, following Gu Hai's True Qi, congealed a purplish true dragon around him.

The true dragon let out a roar as it faced off with the turtle-like monster around Li Wei. The storms generated from their auras clashed loudly. Surprisingly, Gu Hai’s aura held its ground against Li Wei; the storm was in no way weaker than Li Wei's, even a little bit.

"Now, do you still think we can't stand against the wind?!" Gu Hai challenged Li Wei coldly.

Upon hearing this, Li Wei's expression immediately changed as he looked at Gu Hai in astonishment. He was also alarmed by the sheer physical strength of Gu Hai's body. However, in the next moment, a sliver of a sneer crawled up on his lips as he retorted, "Rats will never be able to defeat a man, ever! Even if you gang up, all you can do is force me into a stalemate!"

While speaking, Li Wei brandished the sword, slas.h.i.+ng it at Gu Hai.

As the sword strike was launched, ten streaks of sword qi emerged from the sword right away, along with a tremendous sword aura, charging straight at Gu Hai. The sword aura was like a storm, cutting and mowing down everything in its wake as it whizzed through the air with a sharp buzzing.

A savage look immediately showed up on Gu Hai's face as he brandished his fist, intending to clash with the sword aura head-on.

Following the path of Gu Hai's punch, a three-zhang wide purple aura in the form of a punch was congealed, heading straight towards the sword aura.

The punch aura and sword aura crashed into each other with a loud boom!, shaking earth and sky. Surprisingly, the punch aura was on par with the sword aura. The punch aura immediately broke apart from the subsequent collision, but the sword aura didn't fare any better, as it also collapsed soon after.

"Hmph, so, you think that you will be fine after gathering everyone's strength? You are simply unable to move! Kid, you are courting death, plain and simple!" Li Wei's face turned cold as he moved to the side, wanting to avoid a head-on confrontation with Gu Hai and cut the criminals down from the flank.

Li Wei's plan was indeed correct. If Gu Hai wanted to move, he would need an organized movement of more than two thousand individuals, which would be quite inconvenient. He had the power, but it was simply difficult to move in an agile manner.

Gao Xianzhi and the others were incomparably anxious. They were simply unable to move. And the Nascent Soul Stage Li Wei had arrived at everyone's back with just a step. Li Wei could slaughter everyone thoroughly.

A distressed look was plastered on everyone's faces.

Li Wei had already flown to the back of everyone. He once more slashed his sword as a cold smile appeared on his lips. "You wanted to die, right, don't you worry, I will send each and every one of you to h.e.l.l, one by one! I will seal your cultivations once again and send you back to the Valley of Crooks! And in regards to the sins you have committed this time, each rat will be left with just one claw, only!"

With a loud crack, the sword cut through the air as a hundred streaks of sword qi charged straight towards the group of criminals, straight towards the right arms of the men who were transmitting their True Qi to Gu Hai. It seemed as if a hundred men would lose their arms in the next moment.

More importantly, a tremendous sword aura soon followed the hundred trails of sword qi, charging straight at the back of Gu Hai's head.

This time, it was even fiercer than before. Gu Hai's back was facing Li Wei, and more importantly, Gu Hai was unable to move. It seemed that Gu Hai would be cut down by the sword aura.

"So what if the criminals have gathered their power? They can't move, all they could do was stretch their necks out and let themselves get beheaded!"

"Yes, but what a pity! It was just a pillow with an embroidered case from the beginning!"

[TLN: Outwardly attractive, but inwardly worthless. In this case, looked strong, but were weak.]

"Xiantian Stage is Xiantian Stage, they can never fight against a Nascent Soul Stage cultivator!"...

At the sight of this, countless cultivators immediately shook their heads as they sighed.

An intense death premonition immediately rose up in everyone's hearts, sending jitters through the men. Horrified looks immediately haunted everyone's faces; they didn't know what to do.

"My Lord!" Scar cried out anxiously.

Though the sword aura seemed it was about to cut through the back of Gu Hai's head, Gu Hai didn't turn his head even a little. It seemed the beheading of Gu Hai was imminent. 

But suddenly, a dense fog emerged from the back of Gu Hai's head.

The smoke spread in every direction in the blink of an eye, before an enormous qi blade emerged from the back of Gu Hai's head.

The qi blade was a ten zhang long, far larger than Li Wei's sword aura.

The qi blade clashed with the sword aura with a loud crash, breaking the sword aura into nothing. More importantly, after breaking through the sword aura, the qi blade whizzed across the sky, pressing down upon Li Wei in the blink of an eye.

"What!?" Li Wei's face immediately distorted as he fired out a punch in response.

The punch aura smashed into the qi blade, and only then did the qi blade vanish.

On the ground, the sword qis following the sword aura also suffered volley after volley of smaller qi blades, shattering the swords qis one after another. For a moment, echoes of loud crashes reverberated in the Colosseum.

"What the h.e.l.l happened?" At this scene, all the cultivators watching were perplexed, their eyes wide with shock.

Where did that qi blade come from? How can the qi blade be so powerful? How can a Xiantian Stage criminal possibly fire qi blades?

At this moment, billowing mist had covered all the criminals. Vaguely, one could see star-like twinkles amid the rolling fog.

"That's an array!?" someone cried out suddenly.

"Array?" Li Wei's face immediately changed upon hearing this.

"That's right, it's an array. Since I have this power, why would I ever clash with you head-on? I have the power to lay down an array. RISE!" Gu Hai shouted out.

With Gu Hai as the center, a dense cloud of fog promptly rose into the sky with a loud bang. The cloud of fog was like a crazed dragon, charging straight towards Li Wei.

Li Wei's face immediately changed as he retreated skywards. However, the cloud of fog was exceptionally fast. In the wink of an eye, clouds of fog had covered the entire Colosseum. As fast as Li Wei was, his speed wasn’t a match for the fog, and he was surrounded by the clouds in an instant of swirling mists.

Once trapped inside the formation, it was like the world had turned upside down. Li Wei was simply unable to tell which way was up and which way was down, which way was left, which way was right; he was totally confused. He flew at an astonis.h.i.+ng speed, but he was unable to extricate himself from the clouds regardless of how fast he moved.

"What!? How is this possible?" Li Wei was shocked as he cried out in disbelief.

Suddenly, a qi blade emerged in front of Li Wei, heading straight towards him.

"Hmph, petty tricks!" A hideous look showed up on Li Wei's face as he slashed with his sword.

Yet, no more than a second later, qi blades ten zhang long suddenly appeared all around him, one after another, slicing towards Li Wei. Li Wei immediately trembled as a premonition of death shrouded his heart.

"Im...impossible!" Li Wei cried out in shock as he hurriedly fired a sword aura towards the incoming qi blades.

"Nothing is impossible, it's just that you are ignorant! Nothing more, nothing less!" Gu Hai's voice, accompanying the qi blades, charged straight at Li Wei.

A loud rumble immediately thundered within the clouds of fog.

Outside, countless cultivators watched the proceedings in the Colosseum, their eyes wide with shock. At this moment, billowing clouds of fog had already covered the area. Such a shocking reversal in that kind of situation was totally outside everyone's expectations.

"How could a Xiantian Stage cultivator possibly arrange an array?" Many cultivators voiced the same thing, mind-boggled.

On the other hand, from his seat atop a nearby peak, the Ninth Young Master’s pupils constrict as he blurted out, "Sky Saber Life and Death Game!?"