Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 76.1 - Meng Tai, Feng Ling, Li Wei, Yue Yao, Part One

Chapter 76.1 - Meng Tai, Feng Ling, Li Wei, Yue Yao, Part One

Chapter 76.1 - Meng Tai, Feng Ling, Li Wei, Yue Yao, Part One

Meng Tai?

Gu Hai's brows twitched wildly. If this man is Meng Tai, who was opposing me in the Xiantian Endgame World?

"Two decades? Enduring? Ha!" Meng Tai turned his head, looking at Li Wei for confirmation. His face flashed with a deep-seated hatred.

"Don't look at me, only if you tell us what you know can I release you!" Li Wei stated with a cold smile on his face.

"Li Wei, oh, Li Wei! You still know me the best, hahaha, since you know me, do you think I will tell you?" Meng Tai said coldly as he spat a mouthful of saliva, again and again.

"You are truly stubborn and reluctant. Throne Master Ding, it seems your trip is in vain, again!" said the Song Jia Sect Chief, frowning.

Ding Rui gave a deadly glare to Meng Tai for a good long while before speaking, "Divine Battalion's Li Haoran is also here. We need to find it before Li Haoran does, therefore, Meng Tai has to open his mouth today!"

"En?" Everyone turned their gaze to Ding Rui.

"If he doesn't open his mouth, once Li Haoran finds it, then it will all be for naught. If Meng Tai doesn't speak today, we won't have the opportunity even if he does so in the future. Therefore, I have no choice but to force him. Although Meng Tai will be left crippled, it's what Meng Tai brought upon himself!" stated Ding Rui coldly.

Everyone looked at Ding Rui together, only to see Ding Rui slowly take out a token.

"Fire Throne Master token?" Gu Hai was taken by surprise.

The token bore a striking resemblance to his own Water Throne Master token, it was just that there was a flame pattern on it instead of a drop of water.

"Using the divine token to force me into dreaming?" Meng Tai's face distorted immediately.

"So you still remember!? Meng Tai, our Throne Master token is not just any ordinary treasure. You know its ultimate effect. If you don't speak now, then we will have to enter your dream!" said Ding Rui coldly.

"Pooh!" Meng Tai spate a mouthful of saliva. There was a sliver of panic in his eyes, nonetheless, he still didn't open his mouth.

"This is what you brought upon yourself!" stated Ding Rui coldly.

Stretching her hand, she triggered the Fire Throne Master token.

Suddenly, a flash of fiery light flooded the cave in the blink of an eye, as if a ma.s.s of flames was rus.h.i.+ng straight at Meng Tai.


As the fiery light shone upon everyone, everyone seemingly entered a trance-like state at once.

As a matter of fact, everything inside the cave was the same as before; everyone stood where they were, just like before. However, everyone's consciousness was inside a world of dream.


Inside the dreamland...

There was a huge sea of fire. A group of people stood at the edge of this sea of fire. Imprisoned in the sea of fire was Meng Tai, getting burned by blazing flames.

"Ahhh!" Meng Tai struggled in pain inside the sea of fire, but he could never get rid of the chain, no matter how much he struggled. His entire body was ablaze.

"Ding Rui, you betrayed the Ascendant Hall, you will not have a good death!" Meng Tai's hateful cries rang from within the sea of fire.

Ding Rui said, looking coldly at Meng Tai, "Meng Tai, your consciousness will be burned by my divine fire in this 'first level dreamland'. And whatever consciousness of your is burnt, it will be turned into memory scenes for me to see, until all of your consciousness is burned, whereupon you will turn into an idiot!"

Suddenly, a ripple appeared in the s.p.a.ce next to Ding Rui.

"Let's go, we will enter Meng Tai's 'second level dreamland' and watch Meng Tai’s memories!" Ding Rui said in a calm voice.

"Yes, Your Grace!" answered everyone.

Whereupon, everyone stepped into those ripples after Ding Rui.

Gu Hai was the last one to leave. He was taken aback, watching the proceedings before his eyes.

Level one dreamland would burn Meng Tai's consciousness and level two dreamland would show Meng Tai's memories?

Throne Master Token?

I still underestimated the Throne Master token!

Watching Meng Tai painfully suffering in the sea of fire, Gu Hai remained silent for a bit; he didn't say anything at all and stepped into Meng Tai's second level dreamland with the others.

After entering, Gu Hai suddenly appeared in a large hall.

The hall was filled with people at this moment.

"Throne Master Ding, can the people in the second level dreamland see us?" asked the Song Jia Sect Chief curiously.

"These are just Meng Tai's memories, we are only watching, and naturally, we are unable to interfere with them. Let me watch it carefully, I don't want to miss a single detail. After this time, Meng Tai may turn into a vegetable, I will not be able to see them a second time!" replied Ding Rui coldly.

"Yes, Your Grace!" answered everyone.


Inside the level two dreamland was a marriage hall, decorated with red; everywhere there was nothing but red.

[TLN: In traditional Chinese weddings, the hall and everything are mostly decorated with red. The red signifies good fortune.]

"Faster, faster, faster, the bridegroom and bride are coming!" a gleeful voice suddenly rang out.

Inside this dreamland, the one who was shouting most cheerfully was none other than Li Wei. This version of Li Wei wasn't blind in one eye. His both eyes were very intact. At this moment, his face was beaming with joy.

"Senior Brother, Senior Sister, quickly, the auspicious time has arrived!" shouted Li Wei in glee.

A bride and bridegroom were gradually walking over from not too far away. Slowly, they arrived at the center of the hall. The bridegroom's face was covered with a red veil.

Meng Tai was leading the bridegroom over. He was over the moon with joy.

Suddenly, Li Wei jumped out and said to the guests, "Ladies and gentlemen, please be quiet, I would like to say something, quiet down please!"

In response, every guest quieted down at once and turned their gazes to Li Wei together. Meng Tai also looked at Li Wei with extra interest.

Only to see, Li Wei dragging a girl from the crowd. The girl was none other that Yue Yao who Gu Hai had seen just a while ago.

"Li Wei, what are you doing!" Yue Yao blushed shyly.

"Yue Yao, come, today is my Great Senior Brother and Second Senior Sister's big day, it's Senior Brother and Senior Sister's joyous occasion, and naturally, it is also our joyous occasion!" cried Li Wei immediately.

Yue Yao nodded with a smile.

"Great Senior Brother, our master has already pa.s.sed away. It was you, Great Senior Brother, who brought the three of us together. G.o.d only knows how grateful I, Li Wei am. All these years, we have relied upon each other, I am really grateful to Great Senior Brother for bringing us up all alone, and I sincerely wish happiness to Great Senior Brother and Second Senior Sister for this G.o.dsent marriage. Today, let me and Yue Yao perform Senior Brother and Senior Sister's marriage, okay? We don't need others to perform it, let me and Yue Yao perform it, okay?" Li Wei said excitedly.

"Yes! Elder Sister Ling, I and Li Wei will perform your marriage!" Yue Yao also got excited immediately.

"Alright!" agreed Meng Tai with a big smile on his face.

"Bow to the heavens and the earth! Thank the heavens for bringing you together!" shouted Li Wei, excited.

a.s.sisting the bride with one arm, Meng Tai and the bride bowed to the heavens and the earth.

"Bow to the friends and families! Thank the friends and families for acting as your witness!" shouted Yue Yao, excited.

a.s.sisting the bride with one arm, Meng Tai and the bride bowed to the friends and families.

"Bride and Bridegroom, bow to each other! May you remain together your whole life, never to be separated!" shouted Li Wei and Yue Yao together.

Meng Tai and the bride bowed to each other.

"Send them to the bridal chamber!" shouted Li Wei and Yue Yao, excited.

A group of people sent Meng Tai with the bride to the bridal chamber.

In the blink of an eye, only Meng Tai and the bride were left in the bridal chamber.

Meng Tao slowly lifted the red veil, revealing an exceptionally beautiful girl.

"Feng Ling, you are really beautiful today!" Meng Tai said, blus.h.i.+ng.

"Great Senior Brother!" The bride Feng Ling's eyes were full of tenderness.

"Still calling me Great Senior Brother!?" asked Meng Tai, laughing.

"Husband!" called Feng Ling, shyly.

"My wife!" Meng Tai's eyes were also filled with love. Slowly, Meng Tai and Feng Ling were in each other's arms…


The memory scenes continued to change, intermittently, some just directly skipped over. All that could be remembered were the deepest parts of the memory. Some of the trivial matters of life had long since disappeared in his memory.

Gu Hai quietly watched everything from one side. He had never thought that Meng Tai, Li Wei, and Yue Yao would be martial brothers and sisters, ever. And there was also that Feng Ling, for that matter.

After some time, scenes of deeper memories were once again being played.

It was inside a great hall.

Li Wei rushed in, beaming with great happiness.

"Great Senior Brother, you are back!?" said Li Wei excited.

Meng Tai smiled and nodded, "Li Wei, how is your Golden Tong today?"

"It's really flouris.h.i.+ng, we are making tons of money every day, especially after the addition of the Colosseum and those masks, the spirit stones are flowing into our pockets continuously!" said Li Wei, excited.

"That's good, very good. As impressive as the Ascendant Hall might be, the risks are too great. You are managing Golden Tong very well. This is our foundation. Master died too soon, and unfortunately, he didn't get to see the flouris.h.i.+ng Golden Tong!" Meng Tai heaved a slight sigh.

"Right, what about sister-in-law?" asked Li Wei, curious.

"Your Senior Sister Feng Ling!? She is chatting with Yue Yao in the back. I have not seen her for a long while. Women, they never stop talking!" said Meng Tai as he broke into laughter.

"That's right, that's right!" agreed Li Wei with a laugh, simple and honest.

"Right, I heard you and Yue Yao also going to marry?" Meng Tai looked at Li Wei.

Li Wei suddenly got bashful. "Did… did Yue Yao tell you?"

"I am warning you, Yue Yao is your junior sister! If you bully her, I and Feng Ling will not let you off!" said Meng Tai. There was a serious look on his face.

"How can I bully Yue Yao? It would be a lot better if she didn't bully me!" cried Li Wei immediately, feeling wronged.

"Well, you better remember!" said Meng Tai, breaking into a laugh.

"Senior Brother, you are back at Nine-Five Island, is something the matter?" asked Li Wei, curious.

A serious look immediately covered Meng Tai's face as he nodded and said, "That's right, there is indeed something that I have to attend to. The Hall Lord is leading a team of Ascendant Hall disciples here. It's very important. Hall Lord has even given a gag order, no one is allowed to speak anything!"

"Senior Brother, don't you worry, I won't say anything!" said Li Wei, shaking his head immediately.

At this moment, some tender giggles came from the back door. It was none other than Feng Ling and Yue Yao, who walked in from there.

"Great Senior Brother, you are back, did you bring us anything?" asked Yue Yao immediately.

Li Wei looked at Yue Yao, his face filled with love.

"I am waiting for you and Li Wei's big day. I will send you a big gift!" said Meng Tai, bursting into laughter.