Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 186 - Pianos Selling Like Hot Cakes

Chapter 186 - Pianos Selling Like Hot Cakes

Chapter 186 - Pianos Selling Like Hot Cakes

"This piece is called Canon, I have used the piano to play it five times. I presume the Zither Daoists here have already remembered it, I welcome everyone to use their own instruments to play Canon!" Gu Hai's voice was transmitted everywhere through the Sound Amplifying Array.

Immediately, countless Zither Daoists in the city were shaken up. Yes, we can play it with guqin!

A song without any conception was attractive to ordinary cultivators. But to those who understand music, it was hard to come by. You don't have any conception, can I integrate my conception into it!?

Since the first time Gu Hai finished playing it, everyone knew that this was a tune handed down generation after generation.

It was like a devil's whisper, constantly echoing in their minds.

Setting aside the ordinary cultivators, the Zither Daoists took out their respective guqins and started playing the Canon!

Five times were enough for everyone to remember. But it didn't stop at just guqin, they were using flutes, guzheng, pipes, and all kinds of instruments. A tune handed down the ages was mystical just like this. It was so moving even after being played out by various instruments.

But every time they played it, the cultivators would miss the piano tune played in the beginning.

Piano? What kind of zither is it?

"Canon! What a strange name!" In a nearby courtyard, a curious look showed up on Fairy Wan'er's face.

Having listened to Gu Hai's tune, the crowd of cultivators outside the This Street's First Zither House no longe spoke of Gu Hai in disdain.

Even without the conception, this tune was extremely touching, simply perfect. At least, with their musical standards, they could not find any faults.

Long Wanqing, Grandmaster Liunian, and Shangguan Hen heaved a long sigh in relief. There eyes flickering with praise as they looked at Gu Hai.

Mu Chenfeng, on the other hand, was at a total loss. My dao of zither can't even compare to this stupid brat! Impossible! He simply haven't played out any conception, yet, this tune...

Inside the World's First Zither House across the street...

Young Master An's and Jiang Tianyi's faces turned ashen.

Downstairs, the World's First Zither House was already devoid of its customers; not one was there!

From the first time they had finished listening, the two knew it was anything but good for them.

"He isn't that skillful in playing, it's very rusty. But this tune...!" Jiang Tianyi's face turned incomparably hollow.

If it was just an ordinary tune, they could forget it. As the Manager of the World's First Zither House, Jiang Tianyi himself was a grandmaster-level Zither Daoist. How could he not recognized that it was a cla.s.sical piece!

"Canon! Hmph! Jiang Tianyi, where are your men? Didn't you prepare long time ago? Why have they not come out yet?" Young Master An spoke in a deep voice.

Jiang Tianyi nodded and transmitted his orders to the few Zither Daoists in the crowd.

The countenance of the few Zither Daoists turned ugly immediately. You want me to criticize a tune handed down through the ages?

But as they say, if you take somebody's money, you have to avert disaster for him. At this moment, all they could do was brace themselves.

"Just this, it was unbearable and hopeless, I don't even know what to call it!" a Zither Daoist coldly rebuked.

"Ah!?" All the cultivators around broke into an uproar as they focused their gazes at the man.

"It's Grandmaster w.a.n.g! The grandmaster-level Zither Daoist from East City. He has reviewed many tracks. He is a man of n.o.ble character and high prestige!" someone immediately recognized him.

Atop the terrace, Gu Hai turned his head and took a glance at this Grandmaster w.a.n.g before speaking as a smile appeared on his lips, "Are you talking about my Canon?"

"That's right! It's just a h.e.l.l lot of repet.i.tions, non-stop repet.i.tions. I didn't hear any tune, no, all I heard was twenty-eight repet.i.tions. It was simply a childish song!" Grandmaster w.a.n.g belittled ruthlessly.

"That's right, a song without even a bit of conception is simply noise!" another person walked out of the crowd and commented.

"It's Grandmaster Chen, the grandmaster-level Zither Daoist of South City! He had once entered the Silvermoon House!" someone recognized the man again.

"Without any conception, it's just noise!" A cold smile appeared on Gu Hai's lips as he agreed.

"Hmph, what steel zither!? I don't even know what to call it. Such unconventional skills aren't worthy of talk!"

"A strange zither crafted from ordinary material, and you want to sell it for a hundred high-grade spirit stones? Are you dreaming? You must be crazy about money!"...

A bunch of Zither Daoists stood out and kept on criticizing the Canon, kept on criticizing how c.u.mbersome the piano was, kept on mocking Gu Hai for asking for a sky-high price.

All the cultivators who were originally charmed by the Canon were also seized by confusion at this moment.

Is this piano really a mess!? Is this tune really intolerable to the ears? But I found it pleasing to hear! Why are these grandmaster-level Zither Daoists condemning it?

Many cultivators were confused by this scene. They sunk into their thoughts, puzzling over it. At the same time, they started to feel a bit skeptical about the Canon and the Piano.

Inside the World's First Building across the street, a smile slowly appeared on Young Master An's and Jiang Tianyi's face. Once the public's opinion is turned around, let's see how are you going to stand back up!

Gu Hai cracked a slight smile as he looked at the nearby Shangguan Hen. Noticing Gu Hai's glance, Shangguan Hen immediately nodded in acknowledgment, as if he was about to do something.

"A bunch of idiots, such a wonderful tune has actually become wasted by your mouths! So stupid! Hahaha!" Suddenly, peals of laughter rang amidst the crowd.

"Huh?" Gu Hai was slightly taken aback.

The nearby Shangguan Hen shook his head, expressing that it wasn't arranged by him.

As Gu Hai turned his head to look, he saw a middle-aged man gradually pus.h.i.+ng his way out from the crowd. An extremely handsome man, who was wearing a loose purplish-red gown and had his long hair combed to the back, tied into a ponytail. Furthermore, there was an aloof air around him.

"Who are you?" The group of Zither Daoists had their eyes widened as they looked at the man who had suddenly interrupted.

"A group of idiots like yours isn't worthy enough to know who I am, hahaha!" the man ridiculed them as he broke into laughter.

Turning his head, the man looked to Gu Hai and said after slightly bowing down, "I was very lucky to hear the Canon today. Although it's different from all the pieces I have previously heard, but my humble self is sure that this tune will certainly be pa.s.sed down the ages. Also, it will set a new style of music. My humble self is Sima Changkong. Today, after having heard this tune, my trip to Silvermoon City was not in vain. Mister Gu, the sound produced by this piano of yours is really unique, can it just play this one tune?" asked Sima Changhong.

Gu Hai looked at the man before him and answered, cracking a slight smile, "No, this tune is not only for this piano!"

"Oh? So to say, this piano can play other tunes that are handed down the generations?" Sima Changkong was taken aback for a moment slightly.

"This is just the beginning!" Gu Hai said with a smile.

"If that's the case, my humble self would like to buy ten pianos!" Sima Changkong stated as a smile blossomed on his face.

"Have you looked at my notice?" asked Gu Hai.

"Half a year, right!? I know, I am willing to wait for it!" Sima Changkong stated, making nothing of it.

"A hundred high-grade spirit stones for one!" Gu Hai emphasized.

"Hahaha, money is like dirt, how can it scale the music of the heavens!" Sima Changkong broke into laughter as he answered.

"If that's the case, please sign the contract there!" Gu Hai pointed nearby.

Siman Changkong nodded his agreement.

Under everyone's attention, Sima Changkong made his way over to a few Great Han officials. Those Great Han officials had long prepared to sign the contract. They immediately handed out the contract to Sima Changkong.

As Sima Changkong swept a glance at the contract, a slight smile appeared on his lips. "What a pre-sale contract, interesting, hahaha!"

After finis.h.i.+ng reading the contract, Sima Changkong took out a brush and signed the contract before he took out a thousand high-grade spirit stones.

All the cultivators looked at the man buying a few sheets of paper for a thousand high-grade spirit stones in a daze. Then, they focused their gazes together on the group of Zither Daoists who were criticizing the piano a moment ago.

This was a slap in the face, a blatant slap in the face!

Just a moment ago, you were still saying that this piano was useless, and now, in the blink of an eye, there is someone willing to spend a thousand high-grade spirit stones to buy this piano which will be delivered in half a year!

The faces of the Zither Daoists turned red in shame. But at the end of the day, they just had too thick of a skin.

"Hahaha, this is all staged by Gu Hai himself!?” one of the Zither Daoists broke into cold laughter as he stated.

"Uh!?" All the cultivators in the surroundings were slightly started.

The other Zither Daoists immediately supported, "That's right, who will be willing to spend a thousand high-grade spirit stones to buy a few sheets of paper? I wouldn't, would you? Hahaha, this is all staged!"

"That's right, this is too fake! Do you think that by doing this, we will buy your piano?"

"Dream on! Even if you gave me a hundred high-grade spirit stones, I wouldn't take that twisted thing!"...

The group of Zither Daoists continued to mock.

The crowd of cultivators, who hadn't recovered from the shock given by Sima Changkong, were at a loss once again.

When all was said and done, they were all just ordinary cultivators. In their opinion, only a tune with conception was a good tune. Furthermore, since grandmaster-level Zither Daoists were criticizing it, then, perhaps it must really be bad…?

Sima Changkong didn't pay attention to them, and read the contract in his hand.

Meanwhile, Long Wanqing and the others were seized with worry.

At this moment, more and more cultivators were started to gather from everywhere, curious about the elegance of the piano.

However, with a large group of Zither Grand Daoists giving their reviews, criticizing how bad this piano was, everyone also became skeptical.

"Give me a contract, I want a piano!" another man who did not care about the money stepped forward to buy.

"Another one is buying!"

"Don't buy it, a dozen Zither Grand Daoists are saying that the piano isn't good, why are you still throwing your money away?"

"I liked it, I am not short on money anyway!"...

The effect of Canon was huge!

Gu Hai didn't continue to justify himself. Although more and more people were criticizing the piano, many were still buying the piano.

After two hours, thirty pianos had already been pre-sold.

Many wanted to buy, but with the pre-sale condition and grandmasters' reviews, they gave up on this idea. For a moment, their faces were filled with worry.

With the grandmasters sparing no effort to criticize the piano, like they were itching to go up and smash the piano into pieces...

Countless cultivators wondered whether they should buy or not.

Right across the street, vitality slowly recovered to Young Master An's ghastly face.

A smile bloomed on Jiang Tianyi's face as he heaved a long sigh of relief and said,"Young Master An, their momentum has stopped!"

It was a close call earlier, Gu Hai was almost successful in his marketing. Fortunately, I had prepared everything.

But right then, a cry suddenly resounded as a huge celestial crane dove down from the sky in the distance, landing on the streets. Standing on the celestial crane's back was an azure-robed man.

"That's Silvermoon House's young president!" someone cried out in shock.

"Silvermoon House's young president, Yun Mo!? Why is he here?"

"Young President Yun Mo has not made an appearance in the past few years!"

"Is it because of Canon!?"...

The crowd of cultivators looked to the suddenly arrived azure-robed man curiuosly.

"Who is Gu Hai?" Yun Mo suddenly shouted.

A sliver of surprise showed up on Gu Hai as he slowly stepped out. "Your humble servant is Gu Hai, who is Your Excellency?"

"I am Yun Mo from Silvermoon House. The President liked your Canon and sent me to give you the pa.s.s for the Zither Conferring a.s.sembly!" Yun Mo smiled and handed over a pa.s.s.

Gu Hai took it in a daze.

Countless cultivators amid the crowd had their eyes pop open.

"What did I just hear? The Old President liked the Canon? I didn't hear it wrong, right?"

"Why did Grandmaster w.a.n.g say that the Canon was just so-so, he can't bear to hear it, even hopeless, don't know what to call it! Uh, who should I listen to?"

"Hey? What about Grandmaster w.a.n.g?"...

All the cultivators curiously turned their gazes at the group of grandmasters. And at this moment, the faces of the grandmasters' were filled with shame and anger, they could not wait to find a hole to hide in.

Had it been other Zither Grand Daoists praising the Canon, they could still argue bearing their status in mind. But now, it was the Old President of Silvermoon House who was singing a different tune than them, their heads were caught in the door.

[TLN: It's just a derogatory expression meaning you have done something stupid. It's just like the expression, water has gone to his head.]

Who didn't know what high prestige the Old President enjoys? In Silvermoon City, no one was his match when it came to the Dao of the Zither. He was standing at the peak in Silvermoon City.

If he said it was good, then, that would be the standard, everyone's standard!

Now the Old President likes the Canon! Then, what we said earlier will just be treated as bulls.h.i.+t?

Their faces were slapped, even more ruthlessly and loudly than Sima Changkong had. After today, everyone would come to know their deeds. They had lost all of their dignity.

"It's good to hear that the Old President liked it. Thank you very much for the pa.s.s!" Gu Hai thanked them with a smile.

"President said that your piano is extremely strange, he wants me to buy one and bring it back!" Yun Mo said with a smile.

"I am truly embarra.s.sed, the crafting of a piano is very complex. Currently, I only have this one here, and I need it for display. We will start s.h.i.+pping it after half a year, according to the order of the contracts!" Gu Hai stated, shaking his head.

A furrow immediately appeared on Yun Mo's brow as he nodded, "Alright, then I will order two!"

"Thank you very much for your patronage!" Gu Hai smiled.

Paying the money, Yun Mo left with the contract.

At this moment, the crowd of cultivators was struck dumb with amazement.

Silvermoon House! That's the world-renowned zither crafting clan! They are not just renowned in the Great Gan Empyrean Dynasty, but in the entire world! And they want to buy the piano!?

Who said that this piano is unconventional? Well, where did the group of grandmasters go? Where are they? Weren't they just stopping me from buying the piano? Where are they? Why is no one here?

"Give me one, I want one, hurry up, here are the spirit stones!"

"I came first, I came first, give me one!"

"Give me the contract, hurry up, my contract number is earlier, hurry up!"...

Immediately, countless cultivators swarmed over like bees. The Great Han officials who were taking care of the contracts almost tumbled down from their stations.

Who knew how long it would take to craft the piano!? If one signed it later, he or she would get it later!

This was the piano that even the old president of the Silvermoon House wanted to buy!

A hundred high-grade spirit stones!? Pooh! A hundred high-grade spirit stones for the piano which even the Old President fancied is nothing! If you can't afford to buy it, get the f.u.c.k out of the way, don't stop me from buying it!

A tide of people immediately charged at the Great Han officials. The officials set their tables, dividing the people coming to buy into groups.

"Don't fight, don't fight, line up, please come one by one!" the Great Han officials shouted at the top of their voices.

The scene was still a mess. The cultivators who arrived later, after seeing the crowd in front battered black and blue from the struggle, also rushed to line up one after another. This was the mentality of the herd; if he is buying, you are buying, then, I will also buy!

Furthermore, even the Silvermoon House Old President pointed out that it was necessary. This was not just an instrument, but a symbol of one's status!

Meanwhile, standing at the terrace, Gu Hai and his group looked at the World's First Zither House across the street. The corner of Gu Hai's lips rose into a warm and gentle smile.

But this warm and gentle smile looked like utmost mockery to Young Master An and Jiang Tianyi!