Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 181 - Zither House Dispute

Chapter 181 - Zither House Dispute

Chapter 181 - Zither House Dispute

A thousand high-grade spirit stones as pocket money for a Houtian Stage cultivator!?

How could not anyone be aggravated by this? Not to mention Mu Chenfeng, even Mu Chenfeng's subordinates were awfully irritated the past two days.

At first, when they were a.s.signed to a group of Houtian Stage cultivators to protect, they were rather reluctant. After all, no matter what, they would have to take out the money from their own pockets along the way!

However, since the beginning, when those Great Han officials went out of the Xiaoyue Palace, they got to experience what was called a local tyrant first hand...

When they were just considering whether to walk or call a crane carriage...

Hearing the first words that came out of a Great Han official's mouth forced them to not consider that problem again.

"How much for hiring your crane carriage for a day?"

"A middle-grade spirit stone!"

"What? So cheap? Give me fifty carriages for two days then!"


"A high-grade spirit stone for fifty carriages for two days!? It's really cheap!"...

"Well! This sword!"

"This sword is engraved with a flame array. It's absolutely powerful. Look, when you wave this sword, it immediately exudes a fiery glow!"

"How much?"

"A middle-grade spirit stone!"

"What!? So cheap? Does your shop have swords of different attributes? Give us one each, wrap them for us!"


"A middle-grade spirit stone for a weapon, it's really cheap!"...

"How much for this pill?"

"This healing pill, a middle-grade spirit stone. No, since everyone has come to my shop for the first time, I will give you 10% off, ninety low-grade spirit stones!"

"What!? This much for such a good pill!? I will take five hundred. In the future, if I ever get sick, I can take one and get better immediately, so good!"


"Ah, right! I will take five hundred of those cultivation pills for the Houtian Stage. They are really cheap!"...

At this point, the group of Wood Throne disciples finally came to understand why they had hired fifty carriages at once. It was for carrying their goods! These local tyrants, heavens! Where did they get so much money?

As a result, the group of Wood Throne disciples actively built good relations.h.i.+ps with everyone. The officials were all extremely polite to them, as well. From time to time, they bought some things for the Wood Throne disciples. Suddenly, everyone was on friendly terms with many Wood Throne disciples.

However, this team of carriages had also become a sensation.

Everyone noticed this team of huge spenders, but whoever had seen such local tyrants that were just in the Houtian Stage?

Sometimes, such Houtian cultivators couldn't even buy a saber. But this group was nothing but rich. If they came to like anything, they would buy it instantly, without a moment of thought. However, they had a request, they would ask every store owner to let them take a look at their accounts.

“I bought so many things without even bargaining, so, the least you can do is let me take a look at your account book, right?”

Many of the stores offered their account books, but there were some stores that refused.

“Refused!? Alright, then, I won't buy anything!”

As such, this peculiar team had also become an attraction on the business streets.

Along the way, Gu Hai's men smashed open a wide path for themselves with their wealth. They were like G.o.ds of Wealth. They pressed forward like this wealth was nothing to them. Every store liked exactly these kind of men.

Everything was going far too well until they encountered the World's First Zither House.

Originally these local tyrants encountered nothing but smooth sailing due to their wealth. But when they arrived at the World's First Zither House, they finally encountered a malevolent ent.i.ty.

They were all detained by the guards of the World's First Zither House!


At the other end of the street, many store owners acted without delay. They had secretly raised the prices in their store, waiting to butcher this group of fat sheep.

But they all have been detained? What's the meaning of this?

Some of the store owners could not sit still, and finally came to see what was going on. However, they were all driven away.

A group of Great Han Royal Dynasty officials had been captured in the blink of an eye!

But what could they do? Their cultivation was simply too low. Houtian Stage!? They simply couldn't put up a fight.

But a few of the officials were smart. They immediately gave up any resistance and stuffed a few high-grade spirit stones into Wood Throne disciples' pockets, asking them to quickly go back and report everything.

No, go back and report it to Gu Hai!

After getting the rundown, Gu Hai, Long Wanqing, Grandmaster Liunian, and Mu Chenfeng immediately had a change in their expressions.

"What are you looking at? Let's go, call the men, we are going to the World's First Zither House to take our men back!" Long Wanqing's eyes were wide with anger as she shouted furiously.

"But the World's First Zither House is King Lu Yang's property!" Mu Chenfeng protested, as his face distorted.

"What's the matter, I am shouldering the responsibility, aren't I? Let's go quickly!" Long Wanqing cried out.

"Sorry for the trouble, Throne Master Mu!" Gu Hai said. He was frowning as well.

Mu Chenfeng took a look at Gu Hai. Had it been before, Mu Chenfeng would not have taken this risk. But now, he was holding the treasured pa.s.s in his hand, thanks to Gu Hai. Could he still betray him, could he still cast aside this man!?

"Alright, I will immediately call my men!" Mu Chenfeng nodded in agreement, gritting his teeth.

Very quickly, Mu Chenfeng called out two thousand Wood Throne disciples and followed Gu Hai and his party to the World's First Zither House.

Gu Hai did indeed have deep pockets. With just a wave of his hand, he hired twenty huge crane carriages. Stuffing all the Ascendant Hall disciples into them, the team marched forth towards the World's First Zither House!

Along the way, Mu Chenfeng glanced at Gu Hai several times with a strange look. After holding himself back for so long, he finally could not help but ask, "Throne Master Gu, I heard Hall Lord mention that you have only been cultivating in the secular world, and had never come in contact with spirit stones until a year ago, right!? Then, how did you come to acquire so many spirit stones?"

All Gu Hai had been thinking about was the World's First Zither House's situation. He wasn't in the mood to deal with Mu Chenfeng. As such, he casually replied, "Uh, I started a small business, and happened to earn a little!"

Started a small business!? Small business? In such a short time, did you go and rob a bank? Does your Thousand Islands Seas, that backward region, even have a bank?

Mu Chenfeng sank into deep thoughts, puzzling over the issue. He didn't ask anything else.

The crane carriage was very fast. Not long after, the team arrived at the World's First Zither House.

At this moment, the World's First Zither House was surrounded by a sea of people. Some of the Wood Throne disciples were still arguing with the World's First Zither House. The cultivators in the surroundings and the shop owners were all watching from far away.

"The World's First Zither House is breaking the rules, how can they rob their own guests? Isn't this what swindlers do?"

"Hey, lower your voice a bit, this is King Lu Yang's property!"

"However, you can't blame them, I also find it strange. How can these Houtian cultivators have so much money?"

"But I heard that they are Ascendant Hall members!"

"What's wrong with the Ascendant Hall? This is Ying Province, King Lu Yang's site!"...

While everyone was locked in a discussion with each other, a team of twenty huge crane carriages came to a halt before the World's First Zither House. Very soon, a team of a hundred men disembarked from each carriage. A total of two thousand men who were armed to teeth emerged from the carriages, looking at the World's First Zither House before them with murderous expressions.

"Look, the Ascendant Hall Lord has brought men to fight!"

Reeling back in horror, everyone gave way, one after another.

"Throne Master, Throne Master, you are here!"

"Ah, Hall Lord, you are also here, awesome, some of us have been injured by them!"...

A few dozen Wood Throne disciples voiced their grievances quite loudly.

Gu Hai and Long Wanqing were walking in the front, closely followed by Grandmaster Liunian and Mu Chenfeng.

Gu Hai's face was ashen, while Long Wanqing looked anxious. Grandmaster Liunian, on the other hand, was completely calm. As for Mu Chenfeng, worry was clearly written on his face.

"What are you doing, do you still want to cause trouble? If you don't leave, we will arrest you all!" someone at the entrance stated coldly.

"Arrest everyone!? Who gave you the right? We are the personal guards of His Holy Majesty, you are really gutsy!" Long Wanqing's eyes went wide.

"Huh!?" The faces of the guards at the entrance turned stiff immediately as they turned their gazes on  Long Wanqing.

"Get out of the way!" Long Wanqing shouted.

"The World's First Zither House isn't the place for you to act as you wis.h.!.+" that guard roared back.

Just as they were about to step up, Grandmaster Liunian pointed his finger and a prayer bead flew out.

BOOM! That guard was immediately sent cras.h.i.+ng back into the World's First Zither House.

Long Wanqing and Gu Hai continued to press forward, making their way into the building.

"Your Royal Majesty, Your Royal Majesty, we are here!"

"Your Royal Majesty, your minister was negligent in his duties, they robbed us of all our spirit stones!"

"Your Royal Majesty, they s.n.a.t.c.hed all our spirit stones!"...

Not too far away, the team of Great Han officials, who were locked in chains at this moment, started shouting together.

All around them was a group of World's First Zither House's cultivators, wearing yellow robes and holding whips. They appeared to be questioning the Great Han officials.

Seeing that the officials were still alive, Gu Hai heaved a gloomy sigh.

In addition, a number of Wood Throne disciples were lying here and there on the floor.

"Who gave you the right to actually detain my Ascendant Hall men?" Long Wanqing shouted furiously, as her eyes widened in anger.

"So these thieves are your Ascendant Hall men! Sister Wanqing, why, your Ascendant Hall men are thieves!?" a grating laughter soon resounded in the building.

"Hmm?" Everyone's eyebrows momentarily twitched as they looked for the source of the laughter.

The World's First Zither House was a strange building. It was somewhat like the large shopping malls found on Earth. At the center was a huge square, and on either side were various stores around a circle, exhibiting their goods, floor after floor.

Everyone raised their heads to look.

They soon saw a white-robed young scion sitting on an extended terrace on the third floor. With a cup of tea in his hand, he was coldly gazing at everyone below.

Standing behind the white-robed young master was a man carrying a golden saber on his back. A table was placed next to him, a pile of spirit stones placed upon it. Obviously, they were the spirit stones taken from the Great Han officials. It seemed that they had been placed there for Long Wanqing and the others to look at, to infuriate everyone.

"Lu An!?" Long Wanqing's eyebrow twitched instantly.

"Young Master An!?" Mu Chenfeng cried out as his face distorted.

Grandmaster Liunian also narrowed his eyes. Gu Hai's face sank as well.

"Sister Wanqing, it's really a small world, you also came to Silvermoon City!? Well, do these thieves belong to your Ascendant Hall? It's unlikely! I remember that your Ascendant Hall only recruits elites. They are all Houtian Stage cultivators, when did your Ascendant Hall's threshold become so low? Furthermore, your Ascendant Hall seems to have recruited a group of thieves and robbers!" How about I help you deal with them, lest they tarnish your Ascendant Hall's reputation!" Young Master An stated, as a smile spread across his lips.

"Thieves? Who are you to call them thieves? Does having money makes you a thief?" Long Wanqing coldly rebuked, her brow furrowing.

"This is the World's First Zither House. If I say they are thieves, then, they are thieves! Moreover, the spirit stones on them are all mine!" replied Young Master An, as the corner of his lips rose into a cold smile.

Long Wanqing still wanted to continue arguing, but was pulled aside by Gu Hai.

"It's useless to argue. Since they are my men, let me come!" Gu Hai cracked a smile.

"But...!" Long Wanqing was slightly worried.

Gu Hai, on the other hand, stepped forward.

"World's First Zither House!? Ha, where is the manager of this place?" Gu Hai suddenly asked.

"Oh!? Kid, I was talking with Long Wanqing, what thing are you? How dare you interrupt us!?" Young Master An coldly glared at Gu Hai.

"My humble self is the Ascendant Hall Water Throne Master, Gu Hai. This group of thieves that Young Master An just took down happen to be my subordinates!" Gu Hai smiled slightly as he replied.

"Hmph, you don't have the rights to speak here, f.u.c.k off!" Young Master An said mercilessly.

Gu Hai no longer paid any attention to Young Master An and started looking about.

"A nation has its own laws, a guild has its own rules. The World's First Zither House is the pride of the Silvermoon City's business, yet you are starting to destroy your own sign board!? Or has the manger planned to not do any business in Silvermoon City?" Gu Hai's face finally locked on an emaciated old man standing next to Young Master An.

"My humble self is the Manager of the World's First Zither House, Jiang Tianyi! The World's First Zither House is King Lu Yang's property! Whether we are destroying our signboard or not, an ignorant brat like you doesn't get to clamor here. Young Master An's words are the rules of the World's First Zither House!" The emaciated old man coldly glared at Gu Hai, his eyes flickering with disdain.

"Hmph, Ascendant Hall disciples, barge in, we are taking our men back!" Long Wanqing roared in fury.

Suddenly, two thousand Wood Throne disciples barged into the building. Each and every one of them had drawn their swords and sabers, as if they would forcibly take away the group of Great Han officials.

"Hall Lord, don't be angry!" Mu Chenfeng cried out in worry.

However, Long Wanqing simply turned a deaf ear to Mu Chenfeng and ordered the two thousand Wood Throne disciples to forcibly take the officials away.

"Hmph! You have come into my World's First Zither House, you have to follow my rules!" Young Master An let out a cold snort.

Immediately afterwards, numerous archers emerged on every floor.

Very soon, the archers nocked their long arrows and pointed them directly at the two thousand Wood Throne disciples who had taken their weapons out. Surprisingly, the archers numbered over three thousand. Each and every one of them had a ferocious look on their faces, as if they would fire away at a single command.

"Wait, wait, Young Master An, let's talk it out peacefully! Wood Throne disciples, put away your weapons!" Mu Chenfeng cried out in shock.

"Lu An, you have been waiting for us!?" Long Wanqing stared at Young Master An with wide eyes.

"Sister Wanqing, I said, this is my site, you must respect my rules! I am going to properly interrogate these thieves, I want to see how they stole my money! After I am finished interrogating them, I will hand them to the government. If you want them, you can go to the government and look for them! However, I will not be responsible if they are missing their arms and legs!" Young Master An said with an indifferent smile.

"Don't you dare!" Long Wanqing screamed in fury, glaring at Young Master An.

"Oh? I just don't understand why do you care so much about this group of Houtian Stage ants?" Young Master An looked a bit puzzled.

Just as Long Wanqing was about to erupt in anger, Gu Hai gently stopped her.

"Young Master An, they are my subordinates, and today, I must bring them back with me. Young Master An, please state your price, I will redeem them and leave!" said Gu Hai, taking a deep breath.

"Your Royal Majesty, your ministers have committed a capital offense!" the group of Great Han officials knelt down to Gu Hai together.

A frowning Lu An finally turned his gaze on Gu Hai. "Ascendant Hall Water Throne Master!? Ha, it seems I haven't paid attention to you, you actually seem to be an important figure!? You really have deep pockets! You are actually talking about redeeming your men with me!? Previously, these Houtian Stage idiots didn't even resist, they have no courage! They directly allowed themselves to be detained, and you still want to redeem these wastes!?"

"That is what I told them to do, protecting themselves is their first priority! Young Master An, please state your price!" Gu Hai asked in a deep voice.

Lu An, narrowing his eyes, studied Gu Hai.

The nearby Mu Chenfeng also gawked at Gu Hai. Are these turtles from the Thousand Islands Seas all local tyrants? Your subordinates getting their way with money before was still nothing, but you too? You want to move Young Master An with money? Has Young Master An never seen money?