Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 163 - Li Haoran's Death

Chapter 163 - Li Haoran's Death

Chapter 163 - Li Haoran's Death

Li Haoran was already powerless; he had no strength to resist. Gu Hai stretched his hand out, searching Li Haoran. Very quickly, he found a golden token!

"It's not in the Divine Battalion Token, it's in his bracelet, the bracelet! The Dragon Drawing Jade is inside the storage s.p.a.ce of the bracelet!" Long Wanqing shouted just outside the defensive barrier.

"Oh!" Gu Hai lowered his head, looking at the severed, now-skeletal right arm of Li Haoran. There was indeed a bracelet clasped about the bones of the arm.

Kicking the bones away, Gu Hai picked up the bracelet.

Just as he was searching through it, a figure abruptly appeared out of nowhere.

"Wei Shengren!?" Grandmaster Liunian was dealing with his wounds, and looked up at the newly-arrived Wei Shengren in astonishment.

"Liunian, how did you end up like that? That's not like you!" Wei Shengren asked in a calm and poised manner.

Hearing this, a wry smile immediately appeared on Grandmaster Liunian's face as he explained, "It's Elder Guanqi's weiqi game, and I was not a player. How could I resist?"

Wei Shengren shook his head, before turning his gaze towards the nearby Li Haoran.

Long Wanqing's expressions changed irregularly as she looked at Wei Shengren, garbed in his half-black and half-white robes. After remaining silent for a while, her lips finally parted as she said, "Senior Shengren, I wonder if there was any harvest from your trip to the underworld?"

"Wei Shengren!?" A slight furrow emerged on Gu Hai's brow as he looked at Wei Shengren.

Gu Hai could tell that Wei Shengren was actually not a piece after entering the weiqi game! He wasn't a white piece, nor was he a black piece, and not a transparent piece either! How did he come in?

In the next moment, Wei Shengren stretched his hand out and waved.

A gale of wind rose by his side, and a pale green silhouette slowly congealed.

Bit by bit, that pale green silhouette became clear. The silhouette soon revealed to be a girl wearing muslin, looking lost and confused. Slowly, intelligence returned to her eyes.

"Lu Yi, is that you? Lu Yi!?" Long Wanqing cried out in surprise.

"That's a ghost? An earth soul that is about to reincarnate! Where did you find her?" Grandmaster Liunian asked, astounded.

"Ghost? Is that Lu Yi's ghost? Lu Yi, do you remember me? I am Wanqing, I am Wanqing!" Long Wanqing suddenly cried out in joy.

As the ghost turned her gaze at Long Wanqing, a happy look showed up on her face immediately. "Missy, you...you have grown!"

"Lu Yi, when you left, I was six years old. When I heard your news, you were already... I am now thirty years old!" Long Wanqing told her, a forlorn smile on her lips.

"Twenty years!? Haha, it's really a nightmare! I believed that I would never be able to help in Hall Lord's revenge, but who would have thought that before I reincarnated, I would still get the chance, I still have the chance! Hall Lord really died very miserably!" The ghost started crying.

All the cultivators around stared at Wei Shengren in varying degrees of surprise and awe.

A ghost? How did Wei Shengren find it?

"Lu Yi, who was it? Who killed my mother? Tell me, tell me!" Long Wanqing anxiously asked.

"Who? Who? Hahaha, who would have thought that the Hall Lord's killer would be him, the one guy who was so diligent to Hall Lord... Li Haoran! It's him, he killed Hall Lord!" the ghost shouted in hatred, pointing at Li Haoran.

"What?" Long Wanqing's expression changed.

The nearby Gu Hai was also remained silent, watching the proceedings quietly.

"Impossible! How could it be him?" Grandmaster Liunian also shouted out, shocked.

"Mister Liunian, how come you are a monk?" The ghost looked at Grandmaster Liunian.

Grandmaster Liunian just shook his head. He didn't explain.

"Is it because of Hall Lord? Hahaha, I should have thought of it! Mister was so infatuated with Hall Lord. With Hall Lord's death, Mister's heart is also dead! However, it's true! I was Hall Lord's maid, I was with Hall Lord at that time. It was Li Haoran, it was him, he went crazy and killed everyone with us! I was also killed by him! Before I died, I saw him kill Hall Lord with an arrow! Hahaha, who would have thought that Li Haoran would actually sneak attack us! It's him, it's him!" the ghost shouted in enmity, pointing at Li Haoran.

Long Wanqing's expression changed. Before Ding Rui died, she also said the same, but she was silenced by Li Haoran. At that time, Gu Hai began to suspect Li Haoran. It was only I who didn't believe it!

Glancing at Gu Hai, Long Wanqing's eyes flickered with shame and uneasiness.

However, Gu Hai was staring at Wei Shengren, because if the result was certain, Wei Shengren and Grandmaster Liunian would not have that expression!

"I didn't do it, I didn't kill her. It was not me, ke ke ke, it was not me!" Li Haoran's eyes went wide as he denied it, shocked.

"It's you, Li Haoran! I saw it with my own eyes. Apart from me, Ding Rui was also there! Ding Rui also saw it! Where is she?" the ghost shouted.

"It really was Li Haoran!?" Long Wanqing's eyes widened as she blurted it out.

"Impossible, if it was Li Haoran, Long Wanqing's Grandfather would have certainly discovered it. Li Haoran would have been discovered for sure!" Grandmaster Liunian, on the other hand, shook his head.

"It's not me, I didn't do it! I didn't do it!" Li Haoran cried in horror feebly.

"I saw it with my own eyes, it can't be wrong!" The ghost looked at Li Haoran with hatred.

Wei Shengren, on the other hand, gradually made his way over to Li Haoran. Gu Hai opened the defensive barrier, allowing Wei Shengren to come in.

"Li Haoran, Li Shenji's nephew? Back then, Li Shenji created the Divine Battalion single-handedly. Eventually, he handed it over to you! Li Shenji was an esteemed figure, how could he have a b.a.s.t.a.r.d nephew like you?" Wei Shengren calmly wondered.

"Ah! Senior, you know my uncle?" the weakened Li Haoran cried out excitedly, as if clutching at a last straw.

"Tell me, did you kill the previous Ascendant Hall Lord, Long Xiaoyue? Did you kill Long Xiaoyue?" Wei Shengren asked.

Wei Shengren's voice seemed to be filled with some kind of devilish charm. Many among the people who heard it momentarily turned muddle-headed. It seemed as if it had some kind of curse laden.

Li Haoran's eyes also became vacant as he replied unconsciously. "I didn't do it, I did not kill Long Xiaoyue. I wanted to pursue her, but she didn't look at me. I didn't kill her!"

In the next moment, a thrum reverberated out from somewhere. Everyone around started, and returned to their senses. They all looked at Wei Shengren in fear.

Just a moment ago, Gu Hai also felt a kind of devilish charm storming into his brain. Had it not been for the shockwave sent out by the black piece in the s.p.a.ce of his glabella, he too would have almost lost his wits!

"Senior, it's him, I saw it with my own eyes, I swear on my earth soul!" the ghost cried out anxiously.

"What did you do to me? My uncle will not let you go!" Li Haoran also cried out, panic-stricken.

"Your uncle, Li Shengji? Hahaha, if you have killed Long Xiaoyue, do you think your uncle would dare to pick a quarrel with Long Xiaoyue's father?" Wei Shengern rebuked Li Haoran, calm and poised.

Hearing this, color immediately drained from Li Haoran's face.

Apparently, the reputation of Long Wanqing's Grandfather was too great. Even if Li Haoran was arrogant because of his uncle, it was impossible to compare him to Long Wanqing's Grandfather.

"I also think Li Shenji wouldn't dare to do this. How could you, Li Haoran, dare to kill Long Xiaoyue? Aren't you afraid of getting entire family ma.s.sacred?" Wei Shengren looked at Li Haoran, confused.

"Yes, if it was Li Haoran, he would have long been discovered!" Grandmaster Liunian stated, perplexed.

"But I saw him!" the ghost cried, pointing at Li Haoran.

"That's a b.l.o.o.d.y lie, I didn't do it, I didn't kill Long Xiaoyue!" Li Haoran roared, anxious.

"No, there is a possibility...!" Wei Shengren pondered, as his voice turned heavier.

"Oh?" Grandmaster Liunian narrowed his eyes as if he had also thought of something. "Erasing the memory? Li Haoran erased that part of his memory!? If he didn't have the memory, and forgot that matter, then no matter what, no one would be able to get anything from him!"

"Erasing the memories?" Long Wanqing repeated, astounded. "He finished the matter to such great lengths!? But if he erased his memories, that would have harmed his three souls!"

"Let me take a look at your three souls to see if they are damaged or not. If there is a place where they are damaged, then, you have  erased that memory!" Wei Shengren stretched his hand out, about to grab Li Haoran.

"No… noo!" Li Haoran screamed in horror.

Just as Wei Shengren was about to grab hold of Li Haoran's head-

A golden glow suddenly emerged from Li Haoran's glabella. Li Haoran's countenance changed as his face contorted in excruciating pain. "Ahhh~!"

“What!?” Wei Shengren immediately cried out, astonished.

BOOM! Li Haoran's head blew apart, raising a gale of wind in all directions.

As the gale of wind dissipated, Li Haoran's head was long gone.

"Who is it?" Grandmaster Liunian's expression hardened as he stretched his hand out, sending his nine praying beads out.

The nine praying beads immediately bloomed with a dazzling azure halo, covering everything around. However, the gale of wind died down, bit by bit, as if nothing had happened.

Wei Shengren promptly waved his hand to grab something.

His hand closed on a sizzling ma.s.s of transparent green mist.

"This-!?" Grandmaster Liunian blurted out, shocked.

"Li Haoran's three souls have been shattered to pieces!" Wei Shengren stated in a chilling voice.

"Li Haoran committed suicide!?" Long Wanqing wondered aloud, astounded.

"No, it was not a suicide! Someone killed him to silence Li Haoran!" Grandmaster Liunian's expression changed. "Who the h.e.l.l was it? Who could possibly destroy Li Haoran's three souls under our noses?"

"No! Something underhanded must have been done to Li Haoran's three souls. That man might be far away from here. All he had to do is trigger some kind of contraption, and Li Haoran's three souls blew into pieces immediately!" Wei Shengren laid out his speculations in a heavy voice.

"Li Haoran is dead! Hall Lord, you can now rest in peace, Li Haoran is finally dead!" The female ghost broke into phantasmal tears as she called out sadly.

"Alright, thank you very much for your help! I will send you back to the Underworld!" Wei Shengren thanked her calmly.

"Yes, thank you, Senior!" the ghost replied, crying with grief and joy.

With a thrum, the ghost slowly disappeared before everyone's eyes. At the sight of this, every cultivator was dumbfounded.

"My mother's revenge can be considered finally over!?" Long Wanqing had mixed feelings, gazing at Li Haoran's corpse

The nearby Gu Hai let out a bitter laugh as he said, "Haha, previous Hall Lord's revenge!? Perhaps it has just started!"

"You mean to say...!" Long Wanqing looked at Gu Hai. After having gone through so many things, she trusted Gu Hai a great deal.

"Li Haoran was just a p.a.w.n. Grandmaster, what do you think?" Gu Hai looked to Grandmaster Liunian.

Grandmaster Liunian's expression changed irregularly before he nodded in agreement. "Li Haoran must have been possessed at that time. Someone must have used spiritual force to forcefully possess Li Haoran, and then killed Xiaoyue using Li Haoran's hands!"

Long Wanqing's face turned unsightly as she asked, "Who? Who could possibly possess Li Haoran?"

"Naturally, the mastermind must be someone far stronger than Li Haoran. That man's cultivation should have already reached the Heavenly Palaces," Grandmaster Liunian said, an ugly look on his face.

"A Heavenly Palace cultivator?" Long Wanqing's expression changed for the worse.

"Now we don't have any clues! That mastermind has gone to great lengths to keep everything watertight. After possessing Li Haoran, he even constrained Li Haoran's three souls! Haha, Little Girl, the person you provoked this time is really hard to find!" Wei Shengren's voice still bore traces of bitterness.