Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 159 - Hall Lord, Why Are You So Careless?

Chapter 159 - Hall Lord, Why Are You So Careless?

Chapter 159 - Hall Lord, Why Are You So Careless?

Meng Tai was out of the game; a typical example of failing to succeed for lack of a final effort! After having resorted to all kinds of intrigues and vile schemes, in the end, he was left all alone in this world, his body laden with injuries.

Gazing at the dragon vein under the transparent ground, he felt that the hideous dragon head was mocking him. He didn't have the qualifications to vie for it ever again, after being kicked out of the game.

"Ha! Haha, hahahaha!" Suddenly, Meng Tai started laughing.

It was like he was laughing at himself for being too naive, for being too stupid. While laughing, he looked in the direction where the corpse of Feng Ling lay. Staring at Feng Ling, who once used to love him to death; however, when her death approached, she gave up on him.

Originally, I already had many things, but I didn't know how to let go of things and gambled everything away; gambled away Feng Ling...

While laughing, two lines of tears of remorse poured out from Meng Tai's eyes.

However, things were still not over yet. All around him, countless angry cultivators were swarming after him.

"Let's beat him to death, let's beat him to death!" Everyone was roused to action.


Under everyone's blows, Meng Tai was. .h.i.t, again and again, making him cough up blood. Despite all that, rather than resisting, he kept on laughing, but tears kept on pouring out of his eyes; regret mingled with self-reproach.

"Still laughing, beat him to death! Beat him to death!" With everyone so roused, Meng Tai was. .h.i.t continuously.

It was rather difficult for their anger to dissipate. However, while everyone was beating Meng Tai...

"Ahhh~, ahhh~, ahhh~!" Suddenly, ten people let out blood-curdling screams, shocked and terrified.

Hearing those screams, everyone beating Meng Tai stopped immediately as they spotted those ten men shriveling at an astonis.h.i.+ng speed. Swiftly, all that left of them was their mummified corpse; all of their energy had been completely extracted.

At the sight of this,hysteria broke among all the cultivators. Everyone was suddenly struck with terror. They immediately pulled back from Meng Tai.

Everyone believed that Meng Tai had extracted those ten men's energies. However, Meng Tai was still hanging by a breath.

"It's him, it Li Haoran! It's Li Haoran! He became a player, ahh~! No, don't drain me, ahh~!"

The shrill cry caused everyone to turn their heads around and look.

What they saw thoroughly astounded them. Li Haoran in his golden armor was standing on a boulder, protected by a st.u.r.dy defensive barrier ten zhang in diameter. Outside of the defensive barrier stood the Divine Battalion soldiers. Li Haoran had not even let his trusted aides enter the defensive barrier.

"What's going on? What happened to Long Wanqing?" Everyone was taken aback momentarily.

Very quickly, they spotted Long Wanqing lying in the nearby rubble, holding her stomach. Spewing out a mouthful of blood, Long Wanqing picked herself up. She looked shocked and baffled.

"Why? Commander Li, why? Didn't I promise to give you a piece?" Long Wanqing's eyes turned red with tears as she screamed at him.

With a wave of Li Haoran's hand, the energy of another group of men was forcefully extracted and drawn into his body. Very quickly, a ruddy complexion returned to Li Haoran's face.

He glanced at Long Wanqing with a cold look in his eyes. Without paying any attention to her anymore, he turned his gaze in Meng Tai's direction.

"The first key, Qiang Wei, was killed by you! The second key, Feng Ling was also killed by you! Meng Tai, oh Meng Tai, why were you so careless? Why did you leave the third key? Hahaha!" Li Haoran started laughing crazily.

"Ke ke ke, Li Haoran, you too won't have a good end!" Meng Tai said, a forlorn smile on his lips.

"I like that expression of yours! Hahaha, just a while ago, weren't you beating me so happily? What about now? On the verge of death! Just dead meat!" Li Haoran coldly sneered as he waved his hand.

Tens of thousands of palm auras suddenly emerged as Li Haoran mobilized everyone's power. Meng Tai was sent flying yet again.


After all the thras.h.i.+ng, Meng Tai spewed a mouthful of blood once more. The tens of thousands of palms sent him cras.h.i.+ng to the ground, covered in blood, horribly mutilated, all his bones were broken.

"Ke Ke!" Meng Tai kept on coughing up blood. He was on his last breath.

"It doesn't matter if they are dead, but if you are dead, then, where is the fun in that? Let me give you a piece of advice, if you are doing something and miss something, you will never amount to anything. If you want to do great things, you must learn to pull up the weeds by their roots, just like this!" A smiling Li Haoran waved his hand.

Suddenly, Li Wei, from amid the crowd, was dragged out by some kind of power.

"Not good, protect Li Wei, protect Li Wei! Once Li Wei is dead, we won't have any chance to escape, ever!" Wei Yang yelled, alarmed.

"Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, why do you waste so much time with all this blabbering! Let's go together!" Li Wei said in a frigid tone.

Li Wei and Wei Yang rose into the sky together, held by Li Haoran's power.

Everyone's faces turned ashen.

"You want to kill Li Wei?" someone cried in shock and horror.

"That's right!" Li Haoran stated coldly, taking out a golden longsword right after."Cut!" A golden sword aura shot straight at Li Wei.

"Noooo!" Li Wei roared aloud.

Even if he screamed, it was too late for anything. Li Wei was split in twain by the golden longsword in the blink of an eye.

At the sight of this, all the cultivators were panic-stricken.

"The final key, the final key! Li Haoran, you want to repeat the same mistake as Meng Tai, you want to kill everyone?" Wei Yang cried out, alarmed.

A gus.h.i.+ng ma.s.s of energy was forcefully withdrawn from Wei Yang. Wei Yang simply couldn't resist, he had also been seriously injured. How could he have any strength left?


Followed by the heartrending cries, Wei Yang shriveled down and stopped breathing in the blink of an eye, turning into a mummified corpse. Li Haoran was far faster than Meng Tai in forcefully extracting energy!

"Another one is dead, and faster than before! He is even more terrifying than Meng Tai!"

"Li Haoran, you are the Divine Battalion commander, you can't kill us!"

"Commander Li, there is no injustice or hatred between you and us, my patriarch's son is also your Divine Battalion soldier!"...

All the cultivators around were seized with panic. They stared at Li Haoran in horror.

"Hahaha!" With a wave of Li Haoran's hand, another bunch of cultivators had their energy extracted at an astonis.h.i.+ng speed.

"No, Commander Li, let us go!"

"You are no better than Meng Tai! Help me, ahh~!"

"No, not me, ahh~!"...

Blood-curdling screams rang out to no end inside the Weiqi of Death.

Protected by the defensive barrier, and with the three keys - Qiang Wei, Feng Ling, and Li Wei - dead, no one could pa.s.s through the barrier; Li Haoran was invincible!

"Hall Lord!" Grandmaster Liunian came over and helped Long Wanqing up.

Long Wanqing, on the other hand, pushed away Grandmaster Liunian's hand and ran over to Li Haoran and screamed, her eyes red, "Li Haoran, why? Tell me why!?"

Li Haoran turned his head, looked at Long Wanqing coldly, and replied, "Little girl, you are really so easy to fool!"

"What are you talking about?" Long Wanqing asked, glaring at Li Haoran. Her face distorted in anger and shock.

"A golden piece? How could that be enough? A golden piece is simply unable to help me break the seal. If it won't help me solve this Weiqi of Death, then, what's the use? Healing? Don't be naive, what I want is that Elder Guanqi's inheritance below! What I want is the earth dragon vein!" Li Haoran said proudly.

"You lied to me! Why would you lie to me? Didn't you say that you would never lie to me? You also saved my life, then, why would you lie to me?" Long Wanqing screamed back.

"Hahaha, little girl, you are really naive, you still don't believe? Who said I saved you? Ah, right, it's because of the scene I staged that you believe I saved you. At that time, you were very easy to fool!" Li Haoran said, sneering.

"What?" Long Wanqing was startled.

"I might as well tell you the truth, in any case, you can't do anything. After today, none of you will escape alive from here, including you, Long Wanqing!" Li Haoran stated in an emotionlessly.

"Impudent! Li Haoran, you...!" Long Wanqing's subordinate immediately wanted to swear at Li Haoran.

"Stop, let him speak!" a red-eyed Long Wanqing shouted, staring at Li Haoran. She had a very unwilling look on her face.

"Why did your cousin push you down the cliff? Do you remember her expression at that time?" Li Haoran asked, smiling coldly.

"She said that I insulted her mother, but I didn't, I...!" Having spoken halfway through, Long Wanqing was suddenly struck with the brutal truth.

"It's you, you lied to my cousin, saying I insulted her... that's why she was so angry, and after seeing that I didn't admit it, she pushed me off the cliff! She almost killed me, but you saved me. She had a guilty conscience, so, she didn't continue her revenge! It's you, everything was staged by you!" Long Wanqing's face distorted in anger as she cried out.

Li Haoran simply smiled coldly. He didn't bother to explain anymore.

"Li Haoran, I, Long Wanqing was also blind, why did I believe you? You did everything, all in order to use me!" Long Wanqing had an aggrieved look on her face, which slowly turned to that of remorse.

"That's right! Long Wanqing, enough with the nonsense, give me the Dragon Drawing Jade! Hurry up!" Li Haoran stated emotionlessly.

"Hahaha, you used me to get the dragon vein? You want my Dragon Drawing Jade!? Fat chance, I won't give it to you, it's impossible!" Long Wanqing's eyes flickered with a profound hatred.

"You will! Isn't that right, Grandmaster Liunian!?" Li Haoran said as he waved his hand.

A billowing ma.s.s of energy was forcefully extracted from Grandmaster Liunian's body.

"Ahhh~!" Grandmaster Liunian let out a painful scream. The prayer beads in his hand suddenly flew out.

"Nine Star Beads!"

Two sets of Nine Star Beads shot straight towards Li Haoran.


Unfortunately, the defensive barrier was just too strong. The Nine Star Beads were simply unable to break the barrier.

Just as Grandmaster Liunian wanted to rush over...

Ten thousand palm auras suddenly smashed down on Grandmaster Liunian's body, sending him flying at once.

"Ahhh~!" Grandmaster Liunian spewed out a mouthful of blood as he flew back.

"Long Wanqing, if you don't hand me the Dragon Drawing Jade, I will suck Grandmaster Liunian dry, hahaha!" Li Haoran said, a cut-throat look on his face.

"I will give it to you!" Long Wanqing waved her hand regretfully.

The Dragon Drawing Jade immediately flew out of her hand.

Whereupon, Li Haoran waved his hand, drawing the Dragon Drawing Jade into his hand.

"It sure is the Dragon Drawing Jade, hahaha!" Li Haoran broke out into laughter.

"I have given you the Dragon Drawing Jade, now, quickly release Grandmaster Liunian!" Long Wanqing was filled with remorse and worry.

"When did I say I would release Grandmaster Liunian?" Li Haoran stated as a cold smile crept up on his lips.

Long Wanqing's scalp tingled, as if she simply couldn't recognize the current Li Haoran. How can this be? How can he be so much worse than I thought?

Gu Hai wanted me to be on guard against him. Last time, he even put a blade to my neck so that I would be on guard. How could be so stupid? Why am I so stupid?

In a flash, Long Wanqing realized how stupid she had been, to the point of being absurd.

"Hmph, it won't be just Grandmaster Liunian, there is still you! Have I said that I would let you go?"The corner of Li Haoran's lips rose into a grim smile as he finished.

With a wave of his hand, a powerful force a.s.sailed Long Wanqing, as if it would extract her energy.

"Li Haoran, you won't have a good death, my Grandfather will avenge me!" Long Wanqing cried out. She regretted deeply of being too stupid and naive, for believing in Li Haoran.

"You grandfather, how would he know that I killed you? Hahaha, well...?" Li Haoran started laughing crazily before stopping altogether abruptly, ceasing any action against Long Wanqing.

He even stopped withdrawing energy from Long Wanqing or Grandmaster Liunian.

"Wait... you said, Gu Hai sent you in, sent you to Li Wei's location… then, you can see everything going on in here from the outside!? Impossible! How can you see it?" Li Haoran's face began to distort in shock and horror.

"Ke ke ke, Li Haoran, you are finally afraid! If you hurt Long Wanqing, the people outside will definitely see it. Long Wanqing's grandfather would definitely kill you. Hahaha!" Grandmaster Liunian broke into laughter as he coughed up blood.

"No! Long Wanqing, tell me, or I will immediately kill Grandmaster Liunian!" Li Haoran asked in a cruel manner.

A powerful suction force shot immediately towards Grandmaster Liunian, making Grandmaster Liunian weaker.

A profound sorrow accompanied by deep hatred took over Long Wanqing's face as she answered, "I will tell you, and you will let go of Grandmaster Liunian!"

"Hurry up!" Li Haoran roared.

"The people outside cannot see all the people inside... but, they can see the people around the player. When you are holding the golden piece, everyone can see whatever you are doing!" Long Wanqing said sadly.

An unsightly look presented over Li Haoran's face. "I see, so it was like this!"

"Now, let Grandmaster Liunian go!" Long Wanqing pleaded.

Li Haoran shook his head. "I won't kill you. I can't kill you, Long Wanqing, but Grandmaster Liunian has to die, he is an old calamity! He is trapped here, but once he gets free of it, he would pose a danger to me. He needs to die, I can only let you go!"

"What?" Long Wanqing cried in shock.

"Let me take your energy, Grandmaster Liunian!" Li Haoran stated coldly.

A powerful ma.s.s of energy was quickly withdrawn from Grandmaster Liunian's body. His condition was getting more and more dangerous.

"No, Li Haoran, I will fight it out with you!" An aggrieved and furious Long Wanqing suddenly charged at Li Haoran. With a flip of her hand, she took out a magical tool. Just as was about to attack...

"Hmph! I can't kill you, but that doesn't mean you can do whatever you want!" said Li Haoran as he sent out a palm.

BOOM! Long Wanqing simply could not resist and was immediately sent flying.


Tears of regret trickled down Long Wanqing's eyes in the air.

"Gu Hai, I am sorry, I should have listened to you, I made a big mistake..." Long Wanqing coughed up blood as she fell towards the ground.

"Hall Lord!" Long Wanqing's subordinates cried. However, right then, their energy was forcefully being extracted, and their desperate shouts did nothing.

Long Wanqing was about to crash into the ground and fall into a stupor.

Suddenly, a pair of arms emerged between Long Wanqing and the ground.

Just as Long Wanqing was about to crash into the ground, she was caught by that pair of arms, gently yet firmly; she had not suffered any injuries.

"Huh?" Li Haoran hadn't expected that someone would dare to catch Long Wanqing at this moment.

As everyone laid their eyes on the man who had caught Long Wanqing, their eyes widened as they cried out in shock.

"Ah, ah, that's...that's...!" Many cultivators were inexplicably excited, as if they had caught sight of the final straw that would save their lives.

Long Wanqing believed that she would fall on her head, but she never expected to be wrapped in a warm embrace so suddenly.

"Gu...Gu Hai!" Long Wanqing looked at the man holding her in disbelief.

"Hall Lord, why are you so careless?" Gu Hai gently smiled.

Gu Hai's smile wiped out all of Long Wanqing's suspicions. In the blink of an eye, all the grievances she had suffered broke out as she burst into tears.

"Gu Hai, I am sorry, I didn't listen to you!" Long Wanqing's grievances and hatred, just like an endless river, gushed out.