Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 155 - Killing Everyone

Chapter 155 - Killing Everyone

Chapter 155 - Killing Everyone

Still holding Feng Ling's body, Meng Tai seemed to have lost his entire strength.

Only after a good long while did Meng Tai suddenly break into a crazed laughter. "Ha, hahahaha, bury you with Li Wei? You want to be buried with Li Wei!? Hahahaha!"

Meng Tai had always been self-centered. He could give up anyone. His master had schemed against him; as such, he just acting in kind when he imprisoned him. When he knew the Ascendant Hall Lord was about to die, he didn't do anything; he let her die, all so that he could stay alive. As long as no harm befell him, he could even throw away Feng Ling.

He could abandon anyone and everyone.

But at this moment, Meng Tai suddenly discovered that there was one person in his life that made him extremely sad after he had abandoned her. Although he had abandoned Feng Ling in the beginning, in his heart, Feng Ling had not abandoned him. He believed that Feng Ling would not give up on him.

But now, Feng Ling has abandoned me! She has chosen Li Wei!? Even in death, she wants to be buried with Li Wei!? She didn't want me!?

It turned out I was not so important, I too can be abandoned!?

"Husband, Feng Ling's greatest happiness is becoming your wife!"

"Husband, you are my entire world, I will forever be with you!"

"Husband, do you want a boy or a girl? Hei hei!"

The past had already turned into a puff of cloud and mist. A teardrop trickled down the corner of Meng Tai's eyes as he held Feng Ling's corpse.

"Meng Tai, you killed Feng Ling, I will fight it out with you!" Li Wei screamed in anger.

Roaring, he charged at Meng Tai at once.

Li Wei's roar suddenly brought Meng Tai back to his senses. As he raised his head, his eyes flickered with a murderous look.

"Go to h.e.l.l!" Meng Tai roared in anger as he sent out a palm strike with a flip of his hand.

Li Wei had already suffered grievous injuries. Even though Meng Tai had not mobilized the strength of all the weiqi pieces, the blow with his entire strength was still extremely terrifying.

BOOM! A thunderous explosion immediately followed as Li Wei was sent flying, coughing blood in the air. Soon after, he crashed near Wei Yang, who was hanging on by a breath.

Li Wei's entire body was covered in blood, spasming in pain. Nonetheless, his eyes were completely focused on Meng Tai, like he wanted to tear his skin, pull out his tendons, and drink his blood. "You killed Feng Ling, you killed Feng Ling!"

A savage look covered Meng Tai's face. He looked at the Feng Ling's corpse in his embrace, and then turned his gaze back on the nearby Li Wei before saying flatly, "Let you two be buried together? Fat chance, Feng Ling is mine, even in death, she is still mine! I will not let you die so easily, I will let you two watch, watch as I become the biggest winner! I am the biggest winner!"

"Hahaha, ke ke ke!" Wei Yang weakly broke into laughter, followed by a fit of coughing.

"Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, why are you laughing?" Meng Tai demanded in a chilling tone.

"Why I am laughing? I am laughing at your end... everything has come to naught! Perhaps you might get the inheritance, you might get the dragon vein, but so what? You don't have anyone in this world left! You lost! You are the biggest loser!

“The only one who was not supposed to change for you until death was Feng Ling, but she abandoned you. What else do you have? You have nothing, hahaha!" Wei Yang said, laughing and sneering.

With a cut-throat look on his face, Meng Tai stared at Wei Yang and said coldly, "Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you think that your two-bit words can make me feel ashamed, make me feel too ashamed to even show my face? Hmph! I won't let you all die so easily, I want you to watch! I will make you all regret!. Then, it will be enough. I want you all to feel regret! Hmph!”

Turning his head, Meng Tai no longer paid any attention to the dying Wei Yang and Li Wei.

He lightly put down Feng Ling's corpse on the ground before lowering his head, looking at the ground below.

"Elder Guanqi's inheritance!? The earth dragon vein!?" Meng Tai's eyes flashed with a ferocious look.

Clenching his right fist, Meng Tai fired a punch towards the ground below.

At this moment, Meng Tai had the white and black pieces under his grasp. He was already the sole winner of the game!

"Give me your power, break this barrier for me!" Meng Tai roared aloud. Immediately after, all the white and black pieces started to tremble as over sixty thousand phantoms appeared behind him, transferring their strength into Meng Tai.

As a terrifying power gathered into Meng Tai's right fist, flames started to flicker around it. The terrifying strength started to pulsate, giving rise to a terrifying storm.

In the next moment, Meng Tai's fist struck the ground below with a deafening thunderclap.

The transparent peony under his feet fiercely quivered as crack after crack began to appear on it. Nonetheless, it wasn't broken completely.

As long as the transparent ground wasn't breached, he was unable to get the inheritance.

Meng Tai's face immediately sank.

"It's still not enough!? The power is still insufficient!" A somber look took over Meng Tai's face as he looked at the two golden pieces in his palm.

"Hahaha...hahaha, Meng Tai, you still can't get it! Elder Guanqi planned it very well. You don't have the qualifications. They, the three keys, simply couldn't touch the golden pieces. They have been excluded by Elder Guanqi. You too, you too are a disciple of the three clans, you also don't have the qualifications, hahaha!" Wei Yang laughed.

"Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you sure are a blabbermouth!" Meng Tai remarked in an emotionless manner.

Is mobilizing everyone's power not enough?

Meng Tai's face turned ashen. Turning his head, he looked at all the cultivators.

"It seems I am not mobilizing your entire strength. Maybe if all of your strength is brought together, perhaps...!?" A cut-throat look flashed past Meng Tai's eyes.

Stretching his hand, he grabbed a hold of a white piece.

"What are you doing? What do you want to do? Don't catch me!" that cultivator cried out in shock and horror.

"I want all your energy!" Meng Ta said, his face savage.

Immediately afterwards, the golden piece withdrew that cultivator's entire strength.

In the blink of an eye, that cultivator's entire body shriveled, turning into a mummified corpse. At the same time, the corresponding weiqi piece clone shattered into pieces with a bang.

Now, there was a s.h.i.+mmering golden ball of light in Meng Tai's palm.

"Indeed, draining your entire energy is far more than what I could mobilize a moment ago!" Meng Tai remarked as his face turned ferocious.

With a wave of his hand, another cultivator was pulled over.

"No, no, no!"

As another weiqi piece clone shattered, that man also turned into a mummified corpse.

Meng Tai began to slaughter everyone, one after another.

"You...you want to kill everyone? You want to pull out all of their power!?" Wei Yang shouted, shocked and horrified.

"Your turn has still not arrived, just wait and watch, ha!" Meng Tai said with a brutal look on his face.

"No!" "I will fight it out with you!"...

The heap of mummified corpses grew as the entire strength of the cultivators was forcefully extracted, one after another.

Everyone was completely horrified. They wanted to rebel against Meng Tai, but inside the weiqi grand array, they were only weiqi pieces, while Meng Tai was a player. They simply couldn't revolt, they were at Meng Tai's mercy completely.

Right then, Meng Tai pulled Li Haoran before him!

"I am Divine Battalion's Li Haoran! Meng Tai, do you want to die?" Li Haoran cried out anxiously.

Li Haoran felt like he was bound in shackles as he was pulled in front of Meng Tai.

"Li Haoran!? Hahaha, tell me, the Lord Li who Yue Yao wanted to report to at that time, that Lord Li was you, right?" Meng Tai's face suddenly turned hideous as he spoke.

Back then, Yue Yao was trying to send a message out, for which she was beheaded by Meng Tai. At that time, she had mentioned Lord Li!

"Meng Tai, you sure are ruthless, you even killed your own sister!" Li Haoran replied mercilessly.

"At that time, I didn't even know that she was my sister! In any case, anyone who blocks my road deserves to die. I am cruel, I am cold-blooded, so what? Commander Li!? As a matter of fact, Yue Yao died because of you! Hmph, since it's like that, then, you can go and repent to her!" Meng Tai stretched out his hand, catching Li Haoran.

Immediately afterwards, a billowing stream of power was forcefully extracted from him!

Li Haoran's face distorted momentarily. He took a step forward. His entire body bloomed with a dazzling golden glow as he suddenly fired a punch at Meng Tai.

"Go to h.e.l.l!" As Li Haoran fired off his punch, a vast golden aura charged straight at Meng Tai.

"Hmph, I know you are formidable. You the strongest of everyone here! I, too, am not your opponent. However, I am a player now, you are just a weiqi piece! On this weiqi board, I am the strongest! Hmph!" Meng Tai's eyes widened in anger as he waved his hand.

A thunderous bang immediately followed as countless palm auras were congealed in the air. With everyone under his control, tens of thousands of palm aura crashed straight into that oncoming palm of Li Haoran.


Under the concentrated attacks of tens of thousands of palm auras, Li Haoran's golden aura was smashed to nothing.

Soon after, Li Haoran was sent flying. His entire body, covered in blood, subsequently crashed to the ground.

"No matter how strong you are, you can't be stronger than tens of thousands of cultivators, can you? Your strength is also a.s.similated in this; in other words, you were struck by your power, as well! Hmph, you were too overconfident!" A sneer immediately appeared on Meng Tai's face.

"Ke ke ke!" Li Haoran coughed up a mouthful of blood as he slowly picked himself up.

As he raised his head to look at Meng Tai, a savage look emerged on Li Haoran's face.

"Come again!" Li Haoran firmly rushed again.

"No matter how many times you attack, you will still die! Commander Li, you are just a piece in here! I am player, I am the G.o.d here!" The corner of Meng Tai's lips rose into a ruthless smile as he spoke.

With a wave of his hand, tens of thousands of palms rumbled towards Li Haoran.

In response, Li Haoran surrounded himself with a golden aura to protect himself. Nonetheless, he was still sent flying.

Spurting a mouthful of blood, Li Haoran crashed into the ground yet again.

"Come again!" Li Haoran's eyes turned red as he picked himself up once more.

Inside the weiqi world, Meng Tai was the strongest. At this moment, even ten of Li Haoran weren't a match for Meng Tai.

Outside the Weiqi of Death...

Whether it was Gu Hai and his team, or the fifty thousand or so cultivators outside, there were all horrified at this moment.

"Player? That Meng Tai wants to kill all of the hundred thousand people inside!?"

"For Elder Guanqi's inheritance!?"

"Even Divine Battalion's Li Haoran isn't his opponent!?"...

Countless cultivators were extremely shocked and horrified. They were glad that they hadn't rushed into the peony flower.

In contrast, worry was written all over Long Wanqing's face.

"What to do? Gu Hai, how can we save Li Haoran? Tell me you have a way, you definitely have a way, right?" Long Wanqing anxiously looked at Gu Hai.

"You are quite concerned about Li Haoran!" said Gu Hai. A furrow appeared on his brow as he looked at Long Wanqing.

"After my mother's death, I was often bullied. One time, I was bullied by my cousin and was pushed down a cliff. I was about to die, but Li Haoran suddenly appeared and saved me. He saved my life. You can save him, right?" Long Wanqing looked at Gu Hai with a pleading expression.

Gu Hai stared at Long Wanqing for a while. He sank into silence.

Under the look on antic.i.p.ation in Long Wanqing's eyes, Gu Hai's heart softened.

"There is a way!" Gu Hai said, frowning.

"What way?" Long Wanqing asked, pleasantly surprised.

"The way is Li Wei, Li Wei is the final key. With Li Wei, you can approach Meng Tai. At the moment, Meng Tai simply has not taken any precautions against the dying Li Wei. As long as he is caught by surprise, we can steal the two golden pieces in his hand, eliminating Meng Tai in the process. Then, you will be the player, and he will be the weiqi piece!" Gu Hai stated in a deep voice.

"Then, what should we do?" Long Wanqing asked anxiously.

"This weiqi of death isn't difficult at all. I just need to locate the location and send people to Li Wei's proximity, and it will all be good. Li Wei should be close to Meng Tai! The most important part is locating a good position. You can send your two subordinates!" Gu Hai said as he turned his gaze at the two subordinates behind Long Wanqing.

"No, I will go!" Long Wanqing promptly refused.

"Hall Lord, we will go!" the two subordinates immediately cried out.

"No, I will go!" Long Wanqing commanded.

"You can go together!" Gu Hai shook his head.

"Alright, let's go together then!" Long Wanqing paused, before nodding in agreement with Gu Hai. "Gu Hai, send us into the game, you can give us a good location!"

Long Wanqing's eyes looked extremely determined, but were filled with worry as well.

Gu Hai, on the other hand, remained silent for a while before he spoke. "I can help you arrive near Li Wei, but I have one request, I hope Hall Lord can promise me something!"

"Tell me!" Long Wanqing anxiously asked.

"Don't believe in Li Haoran for a moment, no matter what!" Gu Hai, taking a deep breath, said in a serious manner.

"Ah?" Long Wanqing was slightly taken aback.

"I only have this request. As long as you promise me this, I will send you, or else...!" Gu Hai shook his head.

"I promise you!" Long Wanqing readily promised, worried.

Gu Hai looked at Long Wanqing for a good long while. Finally, he took a deep breath and said, "Alright, Hall Lord, I hope you remember what I just told you, otherwise, there will be unimaginable consequences!"

Long Wanqing opened her mouth, seemingly wanting to argue with Gu Hai. However, the situation was dire. Long Wanqing opened her mouth a few times, but in the end, she held herself back.