Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 154 - Not Gone Crazy (Part 1)

Chapter 154 - Not Gone Crazy (Part 1)

Chapter 154 - Not Gone Crazy (Part 1)

"Gu Hai, why? Elder Guanqi is already dead! What are you worried about? Elder Guanqi's form and spirit completely perished under the wrath of Heaven!" Long Wanqing asked, unsure why Gu Hai was worried.

Gu Hai shook his head and replied, "I am not sure, either! It's just a feeling. Elder Guanqi left the Xiantian Endgame behind, left the seedling of the Weiqi Empyrean Court, left this weiqi game on Nine-Five Island behind! Surely it's not all on a whim! I am having a bad premonition, I am sensing a terrifying danger!"

"Feeling!? It's just a feeling, isn't it? Your feeling might be wrong!?" Long Wanqing could not understand Gu Hai.

Nonetheless, Gu Hai shook his head, not giving any more explanation.

"But Father, if we don't accept this inheritance of techniques, how will Grandmaster Liunian come out of the weiqi of death?" Gu Qin asked, worried.

"Yes, what about Grandmaster and the others?" Long Wanqing asked, worried as well.

Gu Hai, looking at the nearby weiqi of death, shook his head and said, "Who can say for sure that if I placed another piece, they could come out from the weiqi board of death?"

"Huh?" Everyone was taken aback for a moment.

"Since it's the weiqi of death, then, there could only be death! Once the final victor is determined, there will be a winner who will get the inheritance, alive! But if we placed another piece, there won't be any winner, just the losers. Perhaps, the weiqi of death might even disappear. Then, what about the people inside? Perhaps they might come out, or maybe there can only be one option!" Gu Hai stated in a heavy voice.

"They all might die!?" Gu Qin was slightly taken aback.

The worried look on Long Wanqing's face suddenly turned stiff.

"What should we do, then?" Long Wanqing asked, perplexed.

Suddenly, a thrum resonated from the weiqi board of death. Apparently, there had been some changes there. On the southern side of the weiqi board of death, a golden weiqi piece had suddenly appeared.

Soon after, countless threads emerged from the golden weiqi piece, connecting to the thirty thousand or so black pieces floating above the weiqi board of death.

"That's? A golden weiqi piece? Father, I heard that you obtained a golden weiqi piece in the Xiantian Endgame World, which could congeal your cloud beast? Is this also the same?" Gu Qin asked, astounded.

Suddenly, the silhouette of a palm emerged near the golden weiqi piece, grabbing it.

The instant that palm shadow grabbed the golden weiqi piece, the rest of the figure started to congeal.

It was none other than Meng Tai!

Meng Tai's one hand was grabbing the golden weiqi piece, while the other was embracing Feng Ling. Extreme excitement was clearly visible on his face.

"I got it, hahaha! Fu Xue, you struggled for so long, but I still got it first!" Meng Tai's silhouette suddenly shouted, a savage look on his face.

"Grand array, follow my will, rise for me!" Meng Tai shouted, holding the golden weiqi piece.


With the golden weiqi piece as the source, thousands of golden threads connected to all the black pieces.

Right then, over thirty thousand black pieces rose into the air before charging towards the transparent weiqi pieces with thunderous rumbles.

A series of crashes immediately followed, as the transparent weiqi pieces were promptly sent flying to one side.

"That's a projection! How did Meng Tai's image from inside the weiqi world appear outside the weiqi board...?" Long Wanqing wondered aloud, dumbfounded.

"Because Meng Tai has already escaped from the weiqi game. He is not a weiqi piece anymore!" Gu Hai's eyebrow twitched as he replied.

"He isn't a weiqi piece? Then, what is he?"

"He is a player!" answered Gu Hai, narrowing his eyes.

"Player!? Is it because of that golden weiqi piece?" a stunned Long Wanqing asked.

"Yes! After obtaining that golden piece, he can control all the black pieces, all the black piece clones of the people inside are Meng Tai's pieces. Perhaps, when we just arrived three days ago, we heard their voices because Meng Tai and the others were in proximity to the golden piece; maybe they were fighting for the golden piece, and Meng Tai won!" Gu Hai explained heavily.

"How come? Grandmaster and Commander Li, both are very proud, how could they let Meng Tai one-up them?" Long Wanqing cried out in disbelief.

"Because Meng Tai has the key, the key to the shortcut of this array!" Gu Hai stated solemnly.

"Feng Ling!?" Long Wanqing's expression distorted as she stared at the dazed Feng Ling. There was a peony tattoo on Feng Ling's head!

"Player? Then, wouldn't that mean that Meng Tai has won? Are the others about to die?" Gu Qin exclaimed, his expression changing.

"Not necessarily! In weiqi, there isn't just one player!" Gu Hai narrowed his eyes as he replied, shaking his head.

Indeed, another golden piece suddenly emerged on the northern side of the weiqi board.

Soon after, countless golden threads emerged from the golden piece, connecting to all the white pieces.

Right then, a palm appeared, holding the golden weiqi piece. Soon after, two silhouettes slowly congealed, of Wei Yang and Li Wei.

Li Wei idiotically looked at the opposite Feng Ling. Wei Yang, who was holding the golden piece, stretched his hand out.


Followed by his voice, over thirty thousand white pieces suddenly gathered at the northern side before cras.h.i.+ng towards the transparent weiqi pieces.


With thunderous crashes, many white pieces broke the transparent weiqi pieces.

"Filthy beast, you think that it would be useful to demonize this group? It's not yours, it was never yours! Hmph!" Wei Yang shouted aloud.

"Wei Yang has also escaped the weiqi game, he has also become a player! He is in charge of white pieces!?" Gu Qin's countenance changed.

"Is it because of Li Wei? Li Wei also has a peony tattoo on his head!" Long Wanqing's face turned slightly ashen.

Another thrum resonated from the weiqi board as another golden piece suddenly emerged.

"Third piece!? How can there be a third piece!?" Gu Qin exclaimed.

Soon after, golden threads emerged from the third golden piece, connecting to all the transparent weiqi pieces. A silhouette was immediately congealed out, holding the third weiqi piece.

It was the flood dragon, Fu Xue. With one arm, Fu Xue was grabbing the golden piece, while the other was clutching a white-robed woman by her neck, a pained look on her face.

The white-robed woman's hair turned into snakes as she cried out in pain.

"That white-robed girl is the Peony Clan's Matriarch, Qiang Wei!" Long Wanqing stated, taken aback.

"She has been demonized by Fu Xue. There is a peony tattoo on her head, she is also a key!?" Astonishment was clearly written on Gu Qin's face.

"Brother, Great Brother, save me!" the shuddering Qiang Wei cried out after being grabbed by the neck.

Her arm was pointed in Meng Tai's direction. There was a pleading look on her face.

"Great Brother!?" Long Wanqing blurted out, dumbfounded.

"Fu Xue, you actually obtained one as well, through Qiang Wei!?" Wei Yang's face was unsightly as he spoke.

"Come on! Hahaha, Meng Tai, I have your sister! If you have the guts, come again!" Fu Xue shouted, a savage look on his face.

"Sister!? Hmph, you have demonized her, right!? All this acting, for what, to garner my sympathy? I have long lost any compa.s.sion I had!" Meng Tai stated in a cold voice. Having said that, he turned his head, looking at Wei Yang. "Old man, everything is your fault!"

"Hmph, vile b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you brought it upon yourself!" Wei Yang retorted, staring back at Meng Tai.

"I brought it on myself? Hmph, who brought it upon himself, we still have to see! However, between our fight, we don't need to be taken advantage of by this beast, do we? I wonder what just happened that the ground suddenly turned transparent! Did you see the earth dragon vein and the eight-colored peony!?" Meng Tai proposed in a cold voice.

"Very well! Li Wei, my disciple, I will transfer my strength into your body, let's eradicate this filthy beast first!" Wei Yang said in a chilling voice.

"Yes, Master!" Li Wei complied promptly.

Wei Yang stretched his hand out towards Li Wei. Li Wei also stretched his hand out, driving a palm in Fu Xue's direction.

A transparent ball of light emerged around Fu Xue, enveloping the dragon and Qiang Wei.


The palm strike landed on the light ball with a thunderous boom. Although the light ball trembled fiercely, it held!

"Everyone's strength, follow my will!" Wei Yang shouted.

Immediately after, all the white pieces shook slightly, as their strength traveled down the golden threads, surging towards the golden piece in Wei Yang's palm. Wei Yang immediately transferred this strength into Li Wei. The strength behind Li Wei's palm immediately soared to an unimaginable level.

On the northern side of the weiqi board of death, phantoms emerged one after another. In the blink of an eye, over thirty thousand phantoms a.s.sembled. Each and every one had an extremely unwilling look, as if they didn't want to lend their help, or transfer their strength into Wei Yang, who in turn was transferring it to Li Wei.

Over thirty thousand people were merely weiqi pieces. They were just like the clay in the hands of a potter. At this moment, their faces were laced with painful looks due to the forceful extraction of their power. Some of the people with weaker cultivation even started to shrivel up.

With their entire strength completely extracted, those shriveled people died. The white pieces corresponding to them also immediately broke into pieces.

"Ah!" Long Wanqing cried out in shock and horror.

They are dying from the forceful extraction of their strength!? It's just so sad, being treated as weiqi pieces!

"That's Grandmaster Liunian!?" Gu Qin blurted out in surprise, pointing at one of the thirty thousand or so phantoms.

"Where, where?" Long Wanqing immediately cried out. Grandmaster is still alive! Great!

At the same time, Meng Tai also slammed out a palm. Following which, strength from all the black pieces was drawn out under his control, surging straight towards the light ball around Fu Xue, and smas.h.i.+ng into it.


At the same time, over thirty thousand phantoms also emerged behind Meng Tai. Each of them had a pained look on their faces as their strength was drawn out.

"That's Li Haoran!?" Gu Qin suddenly located Li Haoran amid the thirty thousand phantoms.

Fu Xue let out a roar as he mobilized the transparent pieces' strength through the golden piece in his hand, resisting the strength of black and white pieces being hurled at him.

On the weiqi board, the transparent weiqi pieces seemed to be colliding with the white and black pieces instantly.

Behind Fu Xue, over thirty thousand phantoms emerged as well. But to everyone's surprise, everyone's hair had turned into snakes.

"Everyone is demonized?" Gu Qin's expression changed.

"How did Fu Xue do it?" Long Wanqing also cried out in surprise.

A savage and painful look appeared on the faces of over thirty thousand demonized humans as they roared out, transferring their strength to Fu Xue.

"Ancestor, I can't do it anymore, please let me go!" One of the demonized men's strength was extracted to the point that he was shriveling up.

The transparent weiqi piece corresponding to the demonized man suddenly broke into pieces with a loud bang. That demonized human had died!

Under the terrifying strength of Meng Tai and Li Wei, countless cracks suddenly emerged on the transparent ball of light protecting Fu Xue.

"It was the right choice to demonize Qiang Wei, for she was the key to escaping the weiqi game! Otherwise, even if you demonized everyone else, you couldn't do anything! Unfortunately for you, the golden piece you found is useless! Although you can link all your demonized people through this piece, inspire their potential so that you have even more strength, so what? At the end of the day, they are just inexplicable transparent pieces. There are only places for black and white pieces on the board!" Meng Tai stated in a chilling voice.

"All the transparent weiqi pieces can do is defend, they can't attack. It's indeed useless!" Wei Yang stated coldly.

With a deafening boom, the transparent light cover around Fu Xue suddenly shattered into pieces.

Meng Tai's and Li Wei's palms, combined with the strength of over sixty thousand cultivators, immediately landed on Fu Xue.

Even if Fu Xue could mount a rather st.u.r.dy defense, he could not take any action. All he could do was get pa.s.sively beaten.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!" Fu Xue was sent flying, spurting a mouthful of blood.

At that moment, Wei Yang immediately made his move. He stretched his finger out at once, pointing at Fu Xue. A beam of sword qi surged out from his finger, shooting towards Fu Xue's palm.

BOOM! The golden weiqi piece in Fu Xue's palm was immediately broken apart with a deafening bang.

"What? No...no...!" Fu Xue screamed in shock and horror.

"With your golden piece broken, you are nothing more than a cripple! You are out of the game!" Wei Yang stated emotionlessly.

Indeed, with the golden piece broken, the golden threads connected to the transparent weiqi pieces collapsed in the blink of an eye, disappearing quickly.

Fu Xue's silhouette also slowly started to fade away.

Only those holding the golden pieces were the players. Without a golden piece, Fu Xue had been pulled back into the weiqi game, turning back into a weiqi piece.

"No...No...!" As Fu Xue's silhouette figure started to disappear, Fu Xue made a grabbing motion towards Qiang Wei.

Just as it appeared that he was about to grab hold of her, she was beheaded by a sword. There was an extra longsword in Meng Tai's hand!

"What?" The phantom of Fu Xue, who was still reeling in from the shock and horror, finally disappeared.