Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 130 - Offering A Tenfold Reward

Chapter 130 - Offering A Tenfold Reward

Chapter 130 - Offering a Tenfold Reward

In Ding Rui's residence, the Fire Hall Lord was talking to several subordinates in a room.

"Your Grace, we have imprisoned Hall Lord, wouldn't we...?" a subordinate stated his worry.

"What are you worried about? If anything happens, it will be on me, okay!?" Ding Rui rebuked coldly.

"Yes! This subordinate is just worried about that Gu Hai, what if ruins your Grace's plans?" that subordinate asked worriedly.

"Hmph, is killing some Xiantian and Golden Core cultivators amazing? Don't worry, I can pinch him to death like an ant!" Ding Rui a.s.sured him with a disdainful look.

"This subordinate is still worried that it would attract Grandmaster Liunian here..."

Ding Rui narrowed her eyes and nodded. "You are right, that Old Liunian sure is annoying, we have to prevent anyone from messaging the old b.a.s.t.a.r.d Liunian. Tonight, Gu Hai will-"

Suddenly, a commotion came from outside. The hubbub of noises was constant and drowned Ding Rui's residence with the noise.

"What's going on?" Ding Rui shouted as she made his way out of the residence with her subordinates. There was a cold look on her face.

Having come out of the house, she raised her head to look.


The sky was filled with collapsing endgames, transforming into countless clouds that were floating high in the sky.

"What?" Ding Rui's expression changed at the sight.

Right then, a subordinate rushed over from a distance.

"Throne Master, Throne Master, something big happened in the Entertainment Valley, all that commotion is coming from there!"

"What's going on? How did so many endgames got solved so suddenly?" Ding Rui demanded in shock.

"It's Gu Hai, he did it! First, he competed with the Southern and the Northern Weiqi Kings for ten hours, and during that period, each of them solved two hundred endgames!" her subordinate respectfully reported.

"Six hundred?" Ding Rui was shocked upon hearing this.

Ding Rui had also tried solving the endgames, but unfortunately, she was no weiqi expert. Even though she could solve them, she was very slow. Six hundred endgames was simply unimaginable for her.

"Yes, six hundred games! After Gu Hai defeated the two weiqi kings, another guy called Guan Jiu appeared from Heaven knows where to challenge Gu Hai. The two competed in a thousand endgames, a thousand endgames at once!" that man reported respectfully.

"A thousand endgames?" the other Fire Throne disciples cried in shock.

"Yes, moreover, they were also solved by Gu Hai! He solved a thousand endgames at once! The entire Entertainment Valley is in a pandemonium, everyone is raising a hue and cry!" that subordinate reported.

Ding Rui was speechless. "...!"

"Before Gu Hai arrived, we only solved a few hundred endgames in a month, but Gu Hai has solved sixteen hundred in just one day! No, Gu Hai also solved over a hundred endgames outside. So, Gu Hai has already solved over seventeen hundred endgames in this short while!" a subordinate exclaimed, flabbergasted at his own recounting.

"There are still six hundred endgames left, just six hundred!"

"Throne Master, are we still going to make our move tonight?" the earlier subordinate asked as a frown crept up on his brow.

Ding Rui had no words for a moment. "...!"

"Let's go take a look!" Ding Rui finally said with a gloomy look as she quickly jumped up to the peak of a hill with everyone.

The peak was covered in a veil of clouds. Standing on the peak, they could clearly everything happening in the Entertainment Valley below. However, the view from the Entertainment Valley was blurry, so what was happening at the peak could not be seen clearly.

Inside the Entertainment Valley...

The Butcher King was sitting up straight in the same spot. Next to him sat a black-robed woman, leaning on him. The crowd of disciples standing behind him had amazed looks while watching what was going on.

However, the crowd of cultivators brought by Gu Hai was most enthusiastic. After all, they supported one another, Gu Hai had given everyone the chance to come in! Everyone cheering for Gu Hai was also pretty normal.

The Southern Weiqi King and the Northern Weiqi King were staring at Gu Hai with wide eyes. Apparently, they were also shocked by Gu Hai's weiqi skills.

"Thank you very much, Young Master Guan Jiu!" Gu Hai said, taking a deep breath and earnestly looking at the Ninth Young Master.

Ninth Young Master was also staring back at Gu Hai. There was a complex look in his eyes. At first, he wanted to make Gu Hai his subst.i.tute. But today, he had come to realize that he was simply unable to touch Gu Hai.

"Forget it, I can't give you my inheritance. I have just recovered from my cough, and even if returned to my peak, I would still have a long way to go. In the future, you and I will exchange pointers again!" The Ninth Young Master heaved a light sigh.

"Let's go!" the Ninth Young Master spoke up.

"Yes!" the subordinates behind him respectfully obliged.

The Ninth Young Master, followed by his subordinates, quickly aimed to depart the Ding Long Clan.

"Young Master Guan Qi, Young Master Guan Qi, please stay, there are still six hundred endgames left! Young Master Guan Qi, please stay, my humble self hasn't had the chance to serve you!" Ding Tong immediately stepped forward and cried out.

However, Ninth Young Master lazily looked back at him and then didn't pay any further attention to him. His subordinates quickly blocked Ding Tong.

Ding Tong continued haplessly, "Young Master Guan...!"

Looking at everyone basically ignoring him, Ding Tong's face grew stiff. Who are these people?

Once the Ninth Young Master left, the Southern Weiqi King and Northern Weiqi King's eyes lit up. Didn't Ninth Young Master say that he isn't going to give his inheritance to Gu Hai? Wouldn't that mean...?

"Let's go!" The Southern Weiqi King immediately chased after the Ninth Young Master.

"Let's go!" echoed the Northern Weiqi King as he also anxiously gave chase.

The people brought by the two weiqi kings quickly started to leave.

"Huh? Southern Weiqi King, why are you leaving so quickly? Northern Weiqi King, why are you leaving? My humble self has not performed any duties of a host!" Ding Tong anxiously blocked the two weiqi kings.

The Southern Weiqi King glared at Ding Tong with wide eyes. "Ding Tong, you dare to block me? Believe it or not, I will flatten your Ding Long Clan!?"

"Make way, don't block me!" Northern Weiqi King also shouted.

The two weiqi kings were incomparably anxious. The Ninth Young Master is slippery as an eel. If we lose Ninth Young Master, it would be extremely bad.

Ding Tong was rendered speechless. "...!" What's this? The speechless Ding Tong could only give way and let the two weiqi kings leave. He was completely depressed.

They want to leave? Then, what about the endgames? Ding Tong was suddenly struck with a jolt. He immediately looked at the remaining two people, the Butcher King and Gu Hai.

I can't let them leave! If they leave, Heaven knows when these endgames can be solved!

"Mister Gu, do you need anything? Whatever you need, my Ding Long Clan will fulfill it, we will try our level best to completely satisfy Mister Gu!" Ding Tong immediately came forward and said to Gu Hai with a big smile on his face.

"After playing so many games, I am a bit tired, I need some rest!" Gu Hai answered.

"Yes, yes, the best houses are here, you can choose any one you like!" Ding Tong hurriedly acquiesced.

Fortunately, Gu Hai didn't say he wants to leave!

A slight smile appeared on Gu Hai's face as he turned around and looked at the thousand or so cultivators he had brought with him.

"Patriarch Ding, one more thing, I have brought my friends with me, can you arrange accommodations for them as well, giving them a convenient place?" Gu Hai asked with a smile.

Ding Tong was slightly taken aback. At first, he was planning on letting them stay in the valley and not providing them with anything. That way, if they could not stand it, they could leave on their own. And once they were out, they would naturally not be allowed to come back in.

However, with Gu Hai speaking on their behalf, Ding Tong was in a difficult position.

"If you can't, I can take my friends and go search someplace for accommodations!" Gu Hai shook his head as he started to leave.

"No, no, since everyone is Mister Gu's friends, they are welcome to stay here, they can stay here!" Ding Tong immediately cried out, gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth.


"Thank you very much, Mister Gu!" the surrounding cultivators thanked Gu Hai right away.

The Ding Long Clan was starting to get more interesting. The cultivators were even ready to sleep on the ground, but they weren't planning on leaving any time soon. Looking at the Ding Long Clan's behavior, like they were guarding against thieves, the cultivators were originally ill at ease. But with Gu Hai taking care of everything, everyone immediately felt gratified.

Gu Hai nodded to the cultivators before choosing a clean courtyard and making his way over to it.

"I will stay there!"

"I will stay here, don't even think about taking it from me!"

"I will stay here!"...

In a flash, the Entertainment Valley was in a state of chaos as the crowd of cultivators picked their residences. At the sight of this, Ding Tong's facial muscles began to twitch. He turned his head around, choosing to ignore everything.

"Butcher King, please forgive my humble self for not performing any duties of a host earlier. Whatever you need, I will try my best to fulfill them. I hope that the Butcher King can quickly help solve the remaining endgames!" Ding Tong earnestly addressed the Butcher King.

"I am also tired, I need rest!" The Butcher King shook his head.

Having stood up, the Butcher King embraced the woman in his arms, and headed towards a small courtyard with his group of subordinates.

Ding Tong finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, Gu Hai and Butcher King chose to stay. I have to inform Aunt.

"Go and bring two thousand disciples here to watch the Entertainment Valley. Make sure they prevent any kind of disturbance here! Also, they must do everything to completely satisfy Gu Hai's and Butcher King's needs!" Ding Tong ordered a Ding Long Clan disciple.


Atop the summit of a nearby hill..

Ding Rui was watching everything happening in the valley with narrowed eyes.

"Throne Master, that Butcher King is the weakest among the three weiqi kings. Now, only Butcher King and Gu Hai are left behind, are we still going to make our move on Gu Hai tonight?"

"Yes! Perhaps Gu Hai will rest for some time, and then solve the remaining endgames!"

"We can't wait for too long. Perhaps, Li Haoran will soon find out and bring Divine Battalion disciples with him. We...!"

"Even if Gu Hai sent a letter, it will take a long time!"

"Gu Hai simply doesn't know we are here!"

"That's right! Throne Master, Gu Hai simply doesn't know you are here, what have we got to worry about?"...

Her subordinates all looked to Ding Rui.

An unsettled look appeared in Ding Rui's eyes. In her heart, she very much wanted to deal with Gu Hai as quickly as possible, and solve this unstable factor. However, after weighing the pros and cons, she could only give up helplessly.

"Keep a close eye on Gu Hai! If there is any news, inform me immediately! Also, hide yourselves better, don't let Gu Hai recognize you!" Ding Rui gave orders after orders in a grim voice.

"We aren't going to move on Gu Hai?"

"Let wait until he has solved the remaining six hundred endgames!" Ding Rui said coldly.

"Yes, your Grace!" everyone obliged.

"Increase the reward offered for solving an endgame by ten times. For each game they solve, they will be offered a hundred high-grade spirit stones!" Ding Rui stated calmly.

"Ah? A hundred high-grade spirit stones? Isn't they too much?" Everyone blurted out in surprise.

"I need time! I am going to use spirit stones to buy time, to speed things up!" Ding Rui stated in a calm and poised manner.

"Yes, your Grace!" everyone obeyed immediately.

This piece of information was very soon disseminated to the Ding Long Clan disciples.

A hundred high-grade spirit stones for solving an endgame!? Suddenly, the cultivators who still had not recovered from their previous shock were filled with vigor.

What's going on? Why was the reward increased tenfold?

The gathered cultivators rushed to solve the endgames. However, most of them were unable to solve even one. Slowly, they realized that this reward was simply too terrifying...

Of course, some cultivators even started eyeing the Ding Long Clan. The Ding Long Clan looked really rich in their eyes. One after another, the cultivators started staring at the Ding Long Clan disciples with bad intentions.

The Ding Long Clan disciples who were sent to the Entertainment Valley to monitor the cultivators suddenly started to feel uneasy.

We are monitoring them, but why does it feel like they are monitoring us? Why are they looking at us with such nakedly excited looks? To the cultivators, each Ding Long Clan disciple was like a moving mound of spirit stones. They could not wait to harvest them!

Very quickly, the atmosphere in the Entertainment Valley became rather strange...