Eternal Sacred King - Chapter 2969: Perfect Assassination

Chapter 2969: Perfect Assassination

Chapter 2969: Perfect

Immortal Queen You Lan was silent for a moment before sending a voice transmission, I might be able to hold back King Earth Kun and King Moon Witch with my full strength, but I definitely wont be able to hold them off for long.

Those words meant that Immortal Queen You Lan was already prepared to attack!

This decision was not easy for her.

How long can you hold out for?

Su Zimo asked again.

Immortal Queen You Lan did not understand what use this time was for Su Zimo.

Not to mention that she could not hold on for long, even if she could hold back King Earth Kun and King Moon Witch, could Peak Master Su save the young man right under the noses of the other four Kings?

Immortal Queen You Lan did not ask and only shook her head. Probably dozens of breaths or even less.

If Su Zimo wanted to save Carefree, he would definitely have to attack the black-armored man. Once King Earth Kun saw that the black-armored man was in danger, he would definitely go all out.

Therefore, she might not be able to last more than dozens of breaths.


Thats enough.

Su Zimo murmured softly.


Immortal Queen You Lan felt as though she was hearing things and was not sure. She turned to look at Su Zimo and asked again.

Su Zimo did not explain and merely observed the situation on the star.

Even though he had already decided to attack, he did not act rashly.

This attack was of utmost importance and any mistake could result in unimaginable consequences!

Su Zimo had to confirm that there was no one else on the star and there were no other variables. He had to calculate every single detail carefully before attacking.

On the nearby ancient star of the Land of Day and Night.

The black-armored man was still using Carefree to cultivate, devouring the power of Yin and Yang and plundering the Kun Peng bloodline. His aura rose slowly.

The bloodline of this Kun Peng is a little special.

King Moon Witch stared at the blood-colored threads that gradually flowed out of Carefrees body and his dark green eyes flickered as he said softly.

Brother Moon Witch, you have sharp eyes.

King Earth Kun nodded slightly. The bloodline of this Kun Peng is showing signs of atavism.


King Moon Witchs eyes lit up. Then, he took a deep look at Carefree and pursed his lips. What a pity.

Its nothing much.

King Earth Kun said casually, As long as the prince succeeds this time round and inherits his Kun Peng bloodline, it wont be a pity.

King Moon Witch said, Even if he can inherit the Kun Peng bloodline, theres probably no possibility of retaining the atavism.

King Earth Kun nodded. This Kun Peng came from the lower worlds. I dont know what opportunity he obtained to transform into the Kun Peng bloodline. Without anyone guarding him, he cant protect this bloodline at all.

This Kun Peng was quite smart. After his ascension, he never revealed any characteristics of his Kun Peng bloodline. He merely revealed the bloodline aura of the Kun race. Fufu

King Earth Kun chuckled. Unfortunately, he cant hide from the senses of Emperor experts in the end.

Right then, King Moon Witch seemed to have sensed something and swept his gaze, saying in a low voice, Theres someone around!

The next moment, four figures tore through the void and descended on the ancient star. One of them was Immortal Queen You Lan.

After appearing, Immortal Queen You Lan propped up her perfected Grotto-heaven without hesitation and enveloped King Earth Kun and King Moon Witch!

After the four of them descended, they split into two groups.

Immortal Queen You Lan charged towards King Earth Kun and King Moon Witch while the other three figures charged towards the black-armored man in midair!


King Earth Kun frowned.

Among the four figures, only Immortal Queen You Lan was a perfected Grotto-heaven expert. The other three were only at the Perfected One realm and could not threaten the black-armored man at all.

The black-armored man was protected by four Kings of the Kun race.

The three Perfected Spirits could not approach the black-armored man at all!

Against the peak Immortal King expert before him, King Earth Kuns mouth curled up into a cold smile.

Not to mention that he had a peak Immortal King of the Witch race by his side, even he himself was enough to suppress Immortal Queen You Lan!

You guys must have death wishes!

King Earth Kun did not hesitate either. The void behind him collapsed and a gigantic Grotto-heaven appeared. A dark and deep ocean surged within, emitting a cold aura!

Immortal Queen You Lan of the Flower World?

King Moon Witch recognized Immortal Queen You Lan and raised his brows.

He also propped up a Grotto-heaven and welcomed her.

Boom! Boom!

The three perfected Grotto-heavens collided directly with a deafening bang that shook the starry skies and the ground!

On the other side, three figures pounced towards the black-armored man in midair.

The four Kun Kings hiding in the dark appeared right away. One of them stood in front of the three of them with a disdainful expression. Suddenly, he opened his mouth and released a sound domain secret skill in their direction!

He alone was enough to deal with three Perfected Spirits.

In fact, he did not even have to summon his Grotto-heaven.

The other three Kun Kings watched this scene calmly.

Due to the gigantic body of the Kun race and their boundless blood qi, the sound domain secret skill would release an extremely terrifying lethality!

Even Kings of the same cultivation realm of other races might not be able to escape unscathed.

Against Perfected Spirits, the sound domain secret skill of the Kun King was enough to turn the bodies and Essence Spirits of the three Perfected Spirits into blood mists and kill them instantly!

Poof! Poof! Poof!


After the sound domain secret skill was released, the three figures could not withstand the impact and their bodies exploded instantly.

However, no blood leaked out after the bodies of the three figures were shattered.

In midair, there were only three jade scrolls floating in midair, emitting purple, scarlet and green light.


The Kun King was stunned for a moment. This is

Three Pure Ones Jade Manual?

The other three Kun Kings exclaimed in disbelief when they saw the three jade scrolls.

The Kun King who had just attacked seemed to have sensed that something was amiss.

However, he could not figure it out at that moment.

Right then, just as the void that Immortal Queen You Lan and the others walked out of was about to close, a figure rushed out.

It was way too fast!

Almost the moment the Kun King released his sound domain secret skill, the figure charged out.

The moment the Kun King saw the Three Pure Ones Jade Manual and was slightly distracted, he arrived in front of the Kun King and slashed forward with an emerald green sword!

The sword light flashed and entered the glabella of the Kun King.

That single slash severed the Kun Kings life completely.

No matter how strong the Essence Spirit of a King was, it could not defend against the sharpness of the Duckweed Sword.

The Kun Kings eyes widened in disbelief until his death.

The moment the sword light flashed, he finally understood something.

If the Three Pure Ones Jade Manual belonged to Immortal Queen You Lan, the clones should have been at the King realm, not the Perfected One realm.

In other words, the owner of the Three Pure Ones Jade Manual was someone else.

Apart from the three clones, there should be another true body!

However, even if he understood that, the Kun King would definitely not have expected a Perfected Spirit to kill him instantly!

This was a perfect attempt.

The timing of Su Zimos attack was the moment the Kun King released his sound domain secret skill and was in a daze when he saw the Three Pure Ones Jade Manual.

Be it a moment faster or slower, it could not achieve such an effect!