Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System - Chapter 1719 Finally Embracing Her 1 (R18)

Chapter 1719 Finally Embracing Her 1 (R18)

Chapter 1719 Finally Embracing Her 1 (R18)


Before I could even start thinking straight, Andromeda got on her knees and started trying to get my thing out. It was going to be hard though.

The scales wrapped around dragon genitalia are even tougher than any other scales over their bodies, so naturally she wasn't going to be able to do it on herself.

"It won't come out Ah, I have yet to study dragon biology completely!" she lamented.

"Calm down," I said, patting her head. "You're so eager you surprised me a little bit But if you want this, alright. I wouldn't be a good husband if I denied it to my wife."

I quickly loosened the scales, as they rapidly moved aside, revealing what she was asking for, her big silver-colored eyes widened as her white face blushed, becoming red.

"Ahhh I-It's so huge! My love You're so blessed with such a huge thing"

"Is that so? I always thought of you as quite a shy woman, to think you would be so eager"

"Look! I was only like that because I just never had a physical body! But now that I have one, it's like I had a lot of acc.u.mulated l.u.s.t I just can't help it, ok?"

"Okay then, what are you- Ah!"

She quickly grabbed my c.o.c.k before I could say anything else, beginning to grasp it tightly and move it, giving me a rather sloppy but nice hand job.

Honestly I had never had s.e.x in my true dragon form, so this was all new to me. In my Ice t.i.tan/Dragonoid form I usually have much smaller things, and well, it is all done in a much more comfortable scale.

But right now, my c.o.c.k is probably over fifty meters long, its incredible how large I am, if Dragons didn't have their own Realms to have s.e.x they would destroy entire ecosystems while doing it!

"Ahh, does it feel good?" she wondered.

"Yeah, I was just surprised Everything is in a much larger scale after all- Ahh! f.u.c.k! Do it faster, like that"

"Like this~?"

Andromeda hastened her speed, as she looked at the tip of my c.o.c.k, her hands were so soft and warm, her movements swift and precise, even though this was her first time, she was learning quickly.

"Yeah Ah, I think I'm c.u.mming already?! This body is much more sensitive too! Ahh!"

"c.u.mming?! Ooh!"

I tried to tell her to move aside, but I ended c.u.mming all over her face, the jolts of pleasure rus.h.i.+ng through my c.o.c.k to the rest of my body made me roar in pleasure, my tail hit the ground, creating earthquakes, as my hot, steamy c.u.m covered her pretty face.

"Ahh~ Phew Ah, s.h.i.+t Andromeda, I'm sorry I'll clean you"

She looked so f.u.c.king hot with my c.u.m all over her face though, I wanted to take a picture even, but she didn't really got angry as I imagined.

"It's fine~ I'll eat it," she said, using her hands to clean it from her face and beginning to taste it, eating all of it. "Hmm, creamy A bit salty Hmm? Not bad I think this is my first ever meal!"

I can't believe I made her eat my c.u.m as her first meal!

This is a bit wrong. f?e???bn???l.com

But I can't stop now, she started this!

"I'm going to clean it for you, okay? Ahh~! You're still hard! I knew it, you're so strong, Drake! I've researched that some men can't keep it hard after c.u.mming once. But you're not the case, right?"

"I-I guess- Oh?!"

She quickly started licking my c.o.c.k the second she spoke, savoring the c.u.m covering it and using her long, slimy, and warm tongue to pleasure my enormous draconic manhood.

Andromeda didn't hesitate to use her lips, after using her tongue to give it a taste, she immediately began slurping it whole, sucking it deep.

Her mouth was warm and comforting, the warmth created a sense of immense pleasure, and the vacuum created from her sucking constantly made a delicious pressure, jolts of pleasure rus.h.i.+ng through my c.o.c.k all the way to my spine.

I couldn't help it, my tail hit the ground again, I continued making my entire Realm tremble and the heavens above rumble, but it was too good!

"Slurp~ Hmm~ Mmmggh~! Ahh~ You like it?"

She pulled my c.o.c.k out of her mouth just to ask that, as she was licking the lower side and then slurping the upper side with her lips, then licking the tip again!

"I love it! You're so good!"

"Hmm~ I love it too! Your c.o.c.k's so tasty I always wanted to suck it, to be honest"

So lewd!

She's way too shameless!

I'm going end up acting if she continues like this-

"Aahh! W-Wait- Ugh?!"

She didn't stop, continuously sucking and slurping.

Faster, stronger, and warmer.

I couldn't help it, I grabbed her beautiful head and started f.u.c.king her mouth, deep throating her like she so wanted so much.


The sound of my hips. .h.i.tting her mouth reverberated across the landscape, as the sound of her pleasured moans echoed too.

"Mmmggh! Ffmmghh~?! Hmmm~!!"

"I'm c.u.mming again! Ah!"

I gently pulled out my c.o.c.k to stop her slight asphyxiation, as I grew worried, but she suddenly grabbed me and pulled my c.o.c.k back into her mouth.

Before long, I came. It was too good, I felt like my entire body became completely weightless, all my senses became numb for a second, as I felt like I was floating I the clouds.

Yet another enormous load of c.u.m came out, filling her mouth and going down her throat almost without issues.

"Guhh Hmmm~ Aagh~!"

She moaned as I slowly pulled my c.o.c.k out, she opened her mouth, showing me her mouth still full with all my c.u.m.

Then she closed her mouth and swallowed it all.

"Gulp~ Phew, thank you for the seconds, honey~"

"Y-You're unexpectedly too lewd, Andromeda"

"Sorry I just after seeing you have s.e.x with other women for so long I want you all for myself now, maybe only for these few hours?"

"Okay Sure, let's do it Right here?"

"Yes Let's have s.e.x I want you to f.u.c.k me raw, so much"

She quickly sat over the gra.s.slands with her enormous t.i.taness body, spreading out her legs and showing me her beautiful, hairless p.u.s.s.y.

"Right here Put it in, hurry~!"

"My goodness"

Could I ever call myself a man again if I rejected this offer?