Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 995: Storm God

Chapter 995: Storm God

Chapter 1095: Deterring The World

After returning to the Imperial Frontier, Li Qiye ignored the chief ambassador, much to the guy’s chagrin.

For the ambassador, this was a kind of humiliation. His Soaring Immortal Sect was an unreachable existence. Sects with two or three emperors all had to give his sect some face and wouldn’t dare to oppose them.

As the chief ambassador, even ancestors from these lineages would have to personally greet him. But now, this Li Qiye ignored to his order. How could he not become furious?

The five days deadline quickly passed. The ambassador immediately sent out a message to the great powers: “Within ten days, Li Qiye has to personally admit his sins in front of me! Otherwise, Cleansing Incense will pay in his stead. From then on, it shall no longer exist in the nine worlds!”

Such an order worried many big shots. It was not only a maneuver to settle the score with Li Qiye, but also to set an example by killing a chicken to warn the monkeys.

The soaring sect had not descended to the nine worlds for several generations, especially the period when the Black Dragon King was in charge. Back then, the soaring sect was even more distant with zero news coming out. Their arrival this time was met with silent contempt from some of the other imperial lineages.

If the soaring sect were to destroy a few lineages, then they would once more be able to establish their unquestionable prestige.

Some were secretly happy after hearing this command. A mortal feud between Li Qiye and the soaring sect was a good thing. In their eyes, they could benefit by just watching on the sidelines.

The ambassador’s message was quickly spread with the help of many experts, even to the remote corners of the Imperial Border.

“Li, get your ass to the Nine Worlds’ Chief Ambassador and commit suicide or else he’ll destroy your Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect!” Outside of many experts spreading the message, some spoke arrogant words as well.

This type of harsh message was not said thoughtlessly. Some intentionally did so in this manner because they secretly want to see Fiercest fighting against the Soaring Immortal Sect.

If the soaring sect could destroy Li Qiye, this would eradicate the fear in many people’s minds. With his death, the path of becoming the Immortal Emperor in the future would be much flatter.

If Li Qiye could take the soaring sect down with him, it would be even more exciting. Of course, this probability was practically negligible. Across history, many imperial lineages had turned into ashes with only the soaring sect remained standing.

“Li, accept your death or else the ambassador will destroy your sect!” In a short period of time, people started to scream across the Imperial Border. Moreover, the ones who were sending these strong messages tried not to show their faces and only fanned the flames.

In the face of this undercurrent that was about to surge, many sects chose to only observe on the sidelines. They weren’t willing to provoke Fiercest or the Soaring Immortal Sect.

“Destroy my Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect?!” Li Qiye, who had been ignoring the ambassador, finally showed his face after hearing this message.

He flew to the sky with the ladies right behind him. A supreme imperial pathway emerged beneath his feet and stretched through the sky. This pathway emitted a peerless imperial momentum.

He was still wearing his imperial armor with its oppressive aura. The entire frontier was suppressed by his might as he walked forward step by step, causing the sun and moon to spin and the stars to be flipped upside down.

He was an untouchable Imperial King at this moment. Appalling visual phenomena emerged behind him. In these images were billions of existences worshipping him. He alone was the sovereign and ruler of the universe with the ability to control the Yin and Yang or sever the five elements!

Everyone in the border quivered under this supreme momentum. Even experts at the Virtuous Paragon level trembled. Needless to say about the weaker ones, they felt an impulse to submit to this atmosphere.

“The Soaring Immortal Sect is nothing! In my world, you dare to utter about destroying my sect?!” The moment Li Qiye spoke, these images poured down an imperial might as if he had a great army accompanying him, as if he was the invincible War Emperor on an expedition!

These words were extremely overbearing. No one in this world would ever dare to say this to the soaring sect!

“Fiercest is indeed the fiercest. His overbearingness is still somehow justified. In the nine worlds, no one is more fierce than him.” Even those from the previous generation took deep breaths and commented after seeing Li Qiye’s grand stance.

Such words were directly humiliating the soaring sect. The ambassador acting as the sect’s representative naturally wouldn’t swallow this anger.

“Junior, don’t be so presumptuous!” As Li Qiye was walking in the sky, the ambassador slowly rose from an abandoned imperial city.

At this moment, his figure was gigantic. His head wore the heavens while his feet trampled the earth. Layers of suns appeared behind him alongside other visual phenomena. A blinding radiance emanated from his core so no one could look straight at him. These lights were truly too dazzling.

He released all of his blood energy at this time.

“Boom!” A force as unrelenting as an undercurrent assaulting the deep reefs emerged. This energy slammed into the firmament as if it wished to take down the stars in the nine heavens. It supported the might of a God-Monarch and aimed to stop Li Qiye’s imperial momentum.

“Junior, kneel and accept your death, then I can forgive your Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect!” The ambassador’s God-Monarch aura was at its limit and was seemingly causing the sky to crack.

A real monarch was beyond self-proclaimed monarchs. Moreover, the ambassador was from a lineage with five emperors, thus he was far more frightening than an ordinary one. For example, the Night Scorpion God-Monarch was simply no match for him!

Due to Li Qiye’s public disdain for the soaring sect, the ambassador was absolutely going to subdue him. Whether Li Qiye was powerful or not no longer mattered, he must eliminate Li Qiye to show the nine worlds that the soaring sect’s prestige was not something to be trifled with.

One side was Fiercest while the other was the unreachable chief ambassador. Neither side would yield, causing the cultivators in the Imperial Border and even the entire lesser world to hold their breaths. Everyone knew that a storm was swiftly approaching.

“Only a God-Monarch, not worth mentioning.” With his imperial armor, Li Qiye loomed over myriad realms.

“Boom!” His boundless blood energy surged outside and instantly burst through the vault of the heavens.

“A Virtuous Paragon.” Someone murmured after seeing his energy that resembled a soaring true dragon.

In fact, him being a Virtuous Paragon wouldn’t shock anyone. The only thing was that people wanted to know which level of the paragon realm he was currently at.

“Buzz!” His fate palaces also rose one after another.

“One, two, three…” People started counting after seeing so many palaces: “Twelve! No, thirteen! Wait a minute, it isn’t twelve! There really are thirteen palaces!”

The counter thought that he was mistaken. Just counting to twelve already left people in disbelief, so when they saw the thirteenth palace, they assumed that their eyes were mistaken, but this wasn’t the case at all.

“Impossible…” Many screamed after counting several times and confirmed the amount.

“Impossible! Impossible! This can’t be!” Some were so aghast that they instantly dropped to the ground. They couldn’t believe the scene in front of them.

“Thirteen, thirteen palaces!” A few young geniuses with aspirations of competing for the Heaven's Will squatted down on the ground. In this second, their eyes lost their focus and they didn’t know what they were saying any longer.

“Thirteen palaces can’t be real!” Even the invincible experts of the previous generation like Old Immortal from the Heaven Rampaging Mountain was shocked to see this. He had been through countless storms before, but his eyes were still dazzled at this moment.

“Legend states that Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng had twelve palaces. This was enough for him to remain undefeated throughout his life, but now, someone with thirteen palaces has appeared…” He murmured.

The progenitor of the Heaven Rampaging Mountain was an old servant of Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng, so they knew a few of his secrets. For everyone in the sect, including Old Immortal, they took pride in the emperor’s twelve palaces. After all, there were quite a few emperors across history, but not many had twelve palaces.

But today, someone actually had thirteen! How could an existence like Old Immortal not be astounded?

A hiding God-Monarch muttered in astonishment: “Thirteen palaces… this simply breaks all pre-existing beliefs, a unique miracle across the eons. Compared to thirteen palaces, three saint aptitudes or whatever are all not worth mentioning.”

Everyone knew that twelve palaces was the limit for cultivators. Through the ages, not many people had twelve. As for thirteen, this was something no one had even thought about since it was simply impossible. But now, this miracle appeared before everyone and completely overwhelmed them.