Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 99: Evil Infested Ridge (1)

Chapter 99: Evil Infested Ridge (1)

Chapter 998: Immortal Emperor Chen Xue’s Sentiment

“Rumble—” Something incredible happened after a series of rumbling noises. The six weapons actually flew away to chase the six bronze coins all the way out into space!

This was a very bizarre scene. If these imperial weapons were servants, then the coins were the mock ceremonial ingots. The moment they saw the money flying away, the servants had no choice but to give immediate chase.

Everyone knew that imperial weapons had seals on them. Before unlocking them, no one could steal these weapons. But now, even the daughter of an emperor couldn’t control her father’s six weapons and could only watch them follow the bronze coins into space.

“Boom!” The entire Holy City quaked. Without imperial weapons, the Storm God couldn’t compare to the Arcane Guru at all.

The guru chopped downward with both hands and whacked the Storm God down from the sky, causing her to slam into the ground. The result was a huge crater with traces of her blood everywhere. Who knows how many bones in her body had been shattered?

“I am someone who has always been respectful towards Immortal Emperors. It is a shame that you are incomparably ignorant.” The guru shook his head and sighed softly.

The entire city — including the Blood experts — became quiet. However, it was likely that very few people were feeling bad for the Storm God. Perhaps it was a different story for the younger generation of the Blood Race, but those from the previous generation did not like her.

“Boom!” In the blink of an eye, an eternal imperial aura rose! The Storm God stood up, a majestic figure behind her!

This stalwart shadow behind her had a profound pair of eyes that were capable of illuminating all ages. This pair of eyes was fixated on her, showing that the shadow would always protect her no matter how many years went by.

Someone couldn’t help but shout: “Immortal Emperor Chen Xue!” The Blood disciples became even more excited.

“Immortal Emperor Chen Xue, one of the rulers of the Blood Race!” Some Blood experts couldn’t help but kneel.

The figure gently reached out and, with a buzz, the Immortal Emperor True Treasure that was being led into space by the coins flew back into his hand.

“Boom!” An endless aura erupted from the true treasure. Every strand of this aura could cut down the stars in the sky and tear apart the fabric of space!

The whole world trembled instantly; many in the city prostrated. Some experts couldn’t stand straight even without being subjected to the suppression. They simply wanted to worship this true imperial aura.

An emperor controlling his own true treasure was a terrifying matter. Even though this was not a real emperor, it was still enough to cause God-Monarchs to bow!

The Storm God cried out: “Die!” The true weapon engulfed the nine heavens and unleashed a spatial attack directly at the guru.

Arcane Guru was astonished. He opened his golden coffin completely and many coins flew out. They joined together to form a gigantic bronze city in order to stop the attack from the true treasure.

“Boom!” However, even this city couldn’t stop its power. It broke down entirely; the city and the guru were blown into space. His blood stained the blue sky.

This strike was truly overbearing. Even a Godking might quiver after seeing this attack. Although it was not a Heavenly Annihilation, it could easily kill a God-Monarch.

After blowing the guru away, the Storm God hastily turned around and glared at Li Qiye before yelling: “No one has ever dared to act presumptuously before me, not even Godkings!”

She had now become hysterical. As an imperial princess, she had always been able to act imperiously, so the events today marked the biggest humiliation of her life!

Her hysterical shouting left many people trembling with fear, including ancestors. They were afraid that her fury might sweep by without discrimination and harm them in the process.

This hated witch was still an emperor’s daughter after all. She still had her father’s protection, allowing her to dominate all others — this was what many people dreaded the most.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile after seeing this. He slowly stood up and leisurely said: “What a shame, you could have left today with your life, but it seems like death is the only path for you now.”

“Little animal, keep on blustering. I will capture you today and flay your skin, tear off your tendons, and drink your blood!” She screamed while taking short strides towards Li Qiye. She was certain of victory and was not afraid even if Godkings were to come.

Everyone held their breaths at this moment. Even the human experts who wanted to side with Li Qiye turned silent. Virtuous Paragons were only insects in the face of such an imperial aura.

Li Qiye didn’t bother looking at the approaching Storm God. He glanced at the majestic figure behind her and smiled: “Immortal Emperor Chen Xue, unfortunately, you are no longer in this world. You’re only a strand of sentiment!”

“So what if it is only a sentiment, it can still crush you like an ant!” The Storm God laughed hysterically and then reached for Li Qiye.

At this time, it was no longer her hand but an imperial hand. Even the universe would not be able to escape his grasp; it could only be torn asunder.

Li Qiye was still smiling as the imperial hand was crashing down. He took out a silver arrow to meet it head-on.

Even the majestic figure was shocked. It used an unbelievable speed to create a gap with Li Qiye!

The Storm God didn’t know what was going on and immediately shouted: “What’s the matter? Kill him!”

However, the figure quickly formed a mudra and sealed the Storm God so that she couldn’t let out another word. Its profound eyes continued to stare at Li Qiye.

“Even though you are not a real emperor, I don’t really mind destroying you.” Li Qiye chuckled and pointed his silver arrow right at the figure before sighing: “Just how long ago was the legend involving the killing of an Immortal Emperor now?”

Such words frightened many people. They knew that the being protecting the Storm God was not a real emperor, it was only a strand of sentiment left behind by Immortal Emperor Chen Xue. However, this sentiment was still quite terrifying. Even a Godking wouldn’t boast about killing it.

But now, Li Qiye’s speech towards the sentiment was simply too aggressive and overbearing.

The majestic figure contemplated deeply. Its brilliance pulsated between white and black. Others might not know what the silver arrow in Li Qiye’s hand was, but as the sentiment of an emperor, it felt a soul-threatening deterrence from the arrow! He knew what it was! At the same time, he also knew who Li Qiye was!

“My daughter was ignorant and has offended Your Excellency.” The majestic figure was actually able to speak: “Here is an item, a token of apology to Your Excellency to redeem my daughter’s life!”

This shocked the entire city. This was an emperor’s sentiment, but it was actually conceding. How incredible was this sight to behold?

An item fell into Li Qiye’s hand. He opened it for a look before looking back at the figure and gently sighed: “Immortal Emperor Chen Xue, you truly have spent countless efforts on your daughter. It has to be said that the love of a father is as grand as a mountain.”

A sentiment capable of speech was not an ordinary sentiment. One could easily imagine that the emperor used heaven-defying means on his daughter. Moreover, he traded a supreme item for her life as well!

The figure stopped talking. It gazed at Li Qiye, awaiting an answer.

“Out of consideration for the fact that you participated in that war, I can spare her life. However, punishment must be carried out!” Li Qiye slowly answered and threw out his silver arrow!

“No!” The Storm God shrilly screamed but was powerless to resist. The arrow pierced her skull and actually pinned her in the sky.

The majestic figure pulled out the extremely feeble soul from her body. Her dao foundation was destroyed and only this weak soul was left. Even if she could survive, she had become an old woman without any power.

“Remember, don’t let me see her again. Otherwise, even if you refined the stars in the sky into treasures, they still wouldn’t be able to redeem her life a second time!” Li Qiye uttered.

The figure did not speak again. It immediately left with the Storm God’s dying soul. From then on, no one saw the Storm God again. She disappeared from this world without a trace!

Her body was still nailed up high in the sky. Anyone would be stunned before this scene. She ultimately couldn’t escape this fate despite receiving her father’s protection!

No one dared to make noise in the city at this moment. They quivered while looking at her crucified body! They would be unable to forget this scene for the rest of their lives.