Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 975: Bloodbull Godfiend

Chapter 975: Bloodbull Godfiend

Chapter 1075: Saber Against Immortal Physique

At this time, the Mortal King was ruthlessly glaring at Li Qiye. His expression could even be described as unsightly. In his eyes, the perfect phrase to describe this situation was 'the road was always narrow for enemies'.

Earlier, his words were full of bravado, but now, his heart was a bit shaken after seeing Li Qiye. Even though he had techniques to deal with Li Qiye, he was not completely confident.

And it wasn’t just him, Jikong Wudi, Heavenly Emperor Lin, and Zhan Shi were uncertain as well.

From beginning to end, they hadn’t seen Li Qiye’s true power. No one knew what realm he was in or what kind of merit laws he cultivated.

They couldn’t formulate a strategy due to the lack of knowledge about his openings and flaws.

Li Qiye glanced at the group from the palanquin and slowly said: “Very good, today is truly a nice day. Everyone is here already, what great timing.”

In just a second, everyone was holding their breaths. Some quietly left since they knew that wherever Fiercest went, a bloodbath would soon follow. They naturally didn’t want to be caught up in the mess.

Jikong Wudi’s group, on the other hand, didn’t want to leave. If they left the moment they saw Li Qiye, they would become laughingstocks. Others would think that they were afraid of Li Qiye. How could they compete against him for the Heaven’s Will in the future if that were to happen?

Li Qiye cheerfully smiled at the group and spoke in an insipid tone: “I heard some people want to step in for the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom.”

Zhan Shi and Heavenly Emperor Lin were still relaxed, but the Mortal King had gone too far. He already spoke tough words; it was the same as water that had been thrown out. If he acted timidly at this moment, it would be a great blow to his prestige.

“Brother Li, it is better to get rid of enmity than adding to it.” Jikong Wudi spoke as a mediator: “Brother Menghui was at fault, so he will apologize to you. Everyone can just take a step back and bask in the immensity of the heaven and earth. What do you think, Brother Li?”

“Apologize?” Li Qiye smiled: “Unfortunately, all pretenses have been shed so what’s the point of apologizing? If saying sorry was good enough, then why do cultivators still fight and kill?” Li Qiye looked at Jikong Wudi and emotionlessly declared: “I’ll let this go if you hand Shen Menghui over. Otherwise, I won’t wait till the Heaven’s Will competition, I’ll just kill all of you right now!”

Such contemptuous words left Jikong Wudi astounded. In the contemporary times, who would dare to speak to him like this?!

“Li, don’t think you are invincible!” The Mortal King finally lost his cool and shouted: “I know you are very powerful. Fine, I’ll fight you right now! If I lose, then I will have nothing else to say…”

“There’s no need for my Young Noble to fight against someone like you.” A cold voice resounded as the Mortal King finished speaking. Chen Baojiao came out with a challenge: “I’ll take you on!”

Her challenge was not an impulsive decision. Prior to this, the sacred school had been spreading a rumor saying that she was its disciple and a perfect match for the Mortal King. She had long wanted to settle this score, so after meeting the Mortal King here today, how could she restrain herself given her fiery temperament?

Li Qiye only chuckled and didn’t say anything. He let her do as she pleased with an obvious doting demeanor.

“I want to challenge Li…” The Mortal King spoke coldly.

She quickly interrupted him and uttered: “You are not worthy. Let’s go!”

The Mortal King was visually exasperated by this development and provocation. Anger immediately sprang up inside him.

In the past, the Chen Clan did not have a high position in the Jewel Pillar Sacred School. Now, he — as the sect master — was being gravely disrespected by Chen Baojiao. How could he ever stand this?

“Fine, I also want to see what kind of laws you have learned at the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect in the past few years.” He snorted and a divine saber appeared in his hand.

“Enough to slay you!” Her Tyrannical Immortal Saber left its scabbard.

“Clank!” The blade’s resonation filled the sky. She attacked right away with a slash that split apart the void. An eternal scar had already formed, even before she finished her move.

River Crossing First Slash — this was an attack from her eight sabers technique. The tyrannical saber instantly made it dozens of times stronger.

However, the river was not the victim of this move, it was the stars in the sky; even gods and devils had no place to hide.

The Mortal King was startled. He shouted and his own saber emitted a brilliant light. His attack resembled the rising of a thousand suns that emitted enough heat to scorch everything.

His technique was quite on point. An all-incinerating flame capable of rendering all creatures to ashes ignited on the blade.

“Soulburning Saber.” Li Qiye glanced at the saber technique and said dismissively: “The Jewel Pillar Sacred School doesn’t have a technique like this.”

“Clank!” A clash resounded in the sky. Even though the king’s saber was quite incredible, it was far weaker than Chen Baojiao’s own. He was not a match for her in regard to the dao of the saber. Otherwise, Li Qiye wouldn’t have chosen her as a saber maid.

One slash came down and multiple suns exploded. Amidst the hymns of the blades, the king’s saber was split in two. Even though his blade had a great origin, it couldn’t compare to the Tyrannical Immortal Saber.

“Boom! Boom!” The Mortal King quickly retreated right when his saber broke. He summoned various treasures including a pagoda, a heavenly seal, an immortal rope, and treasure mountains… All of these items were activated by his powerful blood energy and immediately went straight for Chen Baojiao.

Only his powerful and plentiful blood energy would be able to support so many treasures at once.

Chen Baojiao didn’t try to dodge this furious attack. She snorted and swung her blade down across the sky with the momentum of a surging river about to break through a dam.

Hatred Aqua Second Slash — the next move of the eight sabers technique. All of the king’s attacking treasures were annihilated. After several explosions, they were ripped asunder by her blade.

Such a domineering and fierce style made everyone take deep breaths. They had forgotten that she was a charming and beautiful girl.

“Thump!” Right when she was cutting the treasures into pieces, the Mortal King attacked by heavily slamming his hands down like a divine bludgeon.

Light exuded from his body with the emergence of his inner physique. It resembled a supreme deity that suppressed innumerable devils in hell in a frightful manner. He finally activated his Hell Suppressing Godly Physique and used his hands as a weapon. He ferociously struck Chen Baojiao’s blade.

“Bang!” Due to the immeasurable weight of the physique, Chen Baojiao went flying even though his direct hit couldn’t shatter her blade. Although she landed on her feet, the force resulted in many cracks on the ground.

“So what if you have an Immortal Physique?!” In high spirits, she soared to the sky again.

“Clank!” She slashed down once more. In the blink of an eye, this attack pierced through myriad realms, causing stars to fall and Yin and Yang to split.

The ground was torn asunder by this attack along with the sky. The slash carried the power of an endless army.

Handleless Third Slash — a cry of lamentation against a handleless earth! This third technique was an extremely powerful and direct attack. With the help of the Tyrannical Immortal Saber, it could slash through all things! [1. This is a particular phrase, hating the earth for not having a handle. It is describing someone with so much energy and power that if there was a handle for the earth, they could swing the earth around. The other part of this phrase is a hiltless heaven. Hiltless heaven and handleless earth - describing an overwhelming power]

The Mortal King’s expression sank. He let out a roar and his figure quaked. Layers of defenses emerged around his body. A divine mirror appeared in front of his chest to protect him.

“Clank!” The slash descended and the defensive layers were cut down like tofu. Eventually, even the Godking-level mirror that protected his chest was shattered by this attack as well.

The momentum of this saber slash was too strong. Despite having endless weight, the king was still sent flying from the force of the slash. He heavily slammed into the ground, creating a large pit while spurting blood. Without the mirror protecting him, even his tough body would have been chopped open!

“Tyrannical Immortal Saber and Heaven Traversing Eight Blades.” Li Qiye nodded gently and said: “This is a crowning technique and a supreme saber. To be able to exert such power… she isn’t letting their prestige down.”

The saber was the invincible weapon of the Tyrannical Lion Monarch while the eight blades technique belonged to the Martial Ancestor. People thought this technique was created by the Martial Ancestor, but in reality, this wasn’t the case.

Both the saber and the technique had the same heaven-defying origin. Even the lion monarch and Martial Ancestor didn’t really know where they came from.

The crowd was astounded by this scene. Many people knew about Chen Baojiao’s half completion Immortal Physique. However, she hadn’t even used it yet but was already able to send the king, who was using his physique, flying. This was too scary.

Of course, they didn’t know that she had gained some ground with her saber technique as well as mastery over her saber. Even without the Tyrannical Spring Physique, she was still very formidable.

“Very good, strong enough!” The Mortal King thought that he could compete against Chen Baojiao’s Immortal Physique. However, he was already losing before he even saw it — this completely infuriated him.