Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 875: Bloodhand Butcher

Chapter 875: Bloodhand Butcher

Chapter 975: Bloodbull Godfiend

Li Qiye chuckled while looking at the old palanquin. He straightened his posture and said: “So it appears that you have personally come. Your primal ground is indeed acting in good faith.”

The existence inside replied: “You know who I am?” Its voice was feeble, yet carried an awe-inspiring prestige.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh at this response: “Others might not know who you are, but who else has the stench of cattle at the primal ground besides you?”

“How dare you!” Even the Winter Matron scowled and glared at Li Qiye.

Li Qiye met her glare and gently waved his sleeve to say: “Girl, I’ve always been presumptuous throughout the nine worlds! Moreover, it is you who wants to ask me for a favor, not the other way around!”

He paused for a bit and smiled: “I am actually a very amiable person. Otherwise, regardless of whether I feel like being presumptuous or not, none of you would be able to stand in front of me!”

Such words made the tower lord sweat a bit. He simply couldn’t imagine how Li Qiye was still talking in such an overbearing manner despite knowing who was in the palanquin.

Anyone else would be stricken with fear and fall to their knees after knowing who it was.

“Young Noble Li, confidence is a virtue. However, too much ego can lead to ruin.” The master inside spoke flatly.

“You are mistaken there.” Li Qiye gently shook his head: “I have never been egotistical. Bloodbull Godfiend, do you really think that I have been overstepping my bounds?”

The tower lord jumped from shock again. No one had ever dared to call out the title of the existence in the palanquin like this, but Li Qiye didn’t give a damn! Such arrogance couldn’t be described with words.

Even Ye Chuyun’s heart skipped a beat. Si Yuanyuan, on the other hand, didn’t know who the Bloodbull Godfiend was. Ye Chuyun — as the schoolmaster of the Pure Lotus School — had heard the legends before!

The Bloodbull Godfiend was the oldest existence in the Blood Race and was rumored to be a real godfiend, not a false, self-titled god!

Not to mention the younger generation in the Blood Race, not many experts knew of his existence even within the tribe. Only real masters like the Thunder Tower Lord knew of him.

He was said to have complete control and supreme authority within the Blood Race. As for how powerful he was, even the Thunder Tower Lord wouldn’t be able to answer this question clearly. This was because the godfiend had taught Immortal Emperor Chen Xue before.

“Domineering enough.” The godfiend inside did not become angry. He slowly retorted: “But you should know that you are not invincible even though you have obtained the legacy within the blood pond.”

The tower lord lost his voice as he exclaimed: “Legacy of the blood pond…”

He stared at Li Qiye in amazement then glanced over at the Winter Matron. After seeing their expressions, he realized that this was the truth. He took a deep breath to calm down. If Li Qiye had obtained that legacy, didn’t it mean that he had become the Blood Forefather?!

A human becoming the Blood Forefather of the Blood Race was simply unfathomable! The tower lord did not understand why the blood pond would pick a human to become the new forefather!

Li Qiye smiled and shook his head in response: “You’re greatly underestimating me. Within the bounds of the Thunder Tower, I am the true ruler. Even without your legacy, I can still slay both gods and fiends. Do you want to try, Bloodbull Godfiend?!”

The Winter Matron coldly stated: “Do you think you are an Immortal Emperor?”

He countered: “Even if I’m not one, an Immortal Emperor would still have to take the long way around me inside the Holy City!”

The tower lord became slack-jawed. The more Li Qiye talked, the more outrageous he became. To even look down on Immortal Emperors, could there be anyone more insane than him in this world? Although the tower lord didn’t view Li Qiye with any disdain, he still felt that these words were too arrogant. To be frank, it was just boasting.

“I haven’t heard such words in a long time.” The godfiend only murmured to himself.

“Since Your Bullhead is here in person, it clearly shows that you came in goodwill.” Li Qiye was very satisfied with the godfiend’s attitude. He gently nodded: “Very well, we can talk alone.”

The godfiend contemplated for a moment before ordering: “Carry me in.”

With that, the men carried out an old coffin from the palanquin. It was completely blood-red, as if the coffin was sealing immortal blood.

A bloody gloss cloaked the coffin and created many strange images. There were flying phoenixes and humming dragons. Stars were also falling from the sky…

One could faintly see a figure inside this coffin. This figure was lying inside quietly, but no one could see their true appearance.

“An amazing immortal coffin.” Li Qiye had to praise after seeing the coffin: “If it wasn’t out of consideration for providence, I would have seized this coffin already!”

“It isn’t easy to meet someone who has such discerning taste.” Li Qiye’s words were very rude, but the godfiend didn’t mind at all. On the contrary, he seemed to have taken it as a compliment.

His appreciation was not unfounded. This immortal coffin had a heaven-shattering origin. It was the reason why he was able to sleep here from one generation to another; this coffin weakened the erosion of time to its lowest level!

The godfiend commanded: “All of you, leave.”

The tower lord naturally wouldn’t dare to say no and immediately left along with the palanquin bearers. Even Immortal Emperor Chen Xue was only a junior before the godfiend, let alone him. The Winter Matron only glared at Li Qiye one last time before leaving as well.

Li Qiye gently waved his sleeve. Both Si Yuanyuan and Ye Chuyun went out right afterward.

A private conversation between the two of them meant that this was not a trivial matter. It involved secrets that others weren’t allowed to know.

“If you are willing, I can let you rule the Blood Race and have its full support. I trust that you will definitely become a brilliant Immortal Emperor.” The godfiend spoke when it was only the two of them left.

Li Qiye shook his head: “No, you misunderstood my intentions. Even without the Blood Race, I will still become the most brilliant Immortal Emperor across all the eons! I want to talk to you alone, but not about the matter of the Blood Forefather.”

Li Qiye paused for a bit before continuing: “Of course, if you or the Blood Race deem it necessary, I can still become your Blood Forefather. It would still be convenient and easy, but I do not wish to command the Blood Race.”

The godfiend pondered for a moment before asking: “Then what do you want?”

Li Qiye smiled and answered slowly: “What I want is very simple. When necessary, I want you to come into being! Take that item from your Blood Race and exert your power to fight for me!”

“That’s impossible.” The godfiend smiled: “Even when Immortal Emperor Chen Xue vied for the Heaven’s Will that year, I still didn’t come out to protect him; there’s no way I will come into being for you. I can lend you a hand, but I won’t come into being.”

The godfiend was too important to the Blood Race. He was their soul. Outside of the legendary progenitor, no one had a greater importance to the Blood Race than him.

“I know your reason to live on!” Li Qiye smiled: “You have kept on struggling with your last breath till now to prevent the fallen from seeing the sunlight again. You are afraid that the Blood Race will descend to their doom and become void of sunlight!”

“Who are you!” The godfiend raised his voice after hearing this.

“This private conversation should show my goodwill in discussing this matter.” Li Qiye solemnly said: “In the Blood Race, you are known as the Immortal Emperor’s dao teacher because Immortal Emperor Chen Xue was your disciple. However, I’ll be frank, you are not qualified for this title.”

He continued on slowly: “You should have heard as well. Across all the eons, only one person is qualified to be called the teacher of Immortal Emperors! And that person is me!”

The moment Li Qiye finished speaking, the immortal coffin loudly shook. There was no doubt that even an existence like the godfiend was shocked by this.

Others might not know what Li Qiye was referring to, but the godfiend was privy to such information and understood Li Qiye’s intent!

“I should have thought of this much earlier…” The godfiend murmured: “I should have realized this when the Black Dragon King tore apart Immortal Emperor Ta Kong’s Heaven’s Will. He didn’t wish to compete for the Heaven’s Will with the emperor, he did it for you, Your Excellency Dark Crow!”

Since the ancient ages, even the great ancestors who knew of the existence behind the curtains would have to call him “Your Excellency”. On the other hand, those who would dare to call Li Qiye “damned crow” were all eternal existences!