Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 78: One Hand Kills a Thousand Enemies (2)

Chapter 78: One Hand Kills a Thousand Enemies (2)

Chapter 977: Changing Time

After settling everything with the godfiend, he finally called for the tower lord’s group who were waiting outside.

They came in and Li Qiye told Si Yuanyuan: “Yuanyuan, you stay here for now. This place is quite beneficial. Try to the best of your abilities to learn something here.”

“I, I can stay here?” Si Yuanyuan was stunned after hearing this. The Thunder Tower was a very important location to the Crimson Night Kingdom. Not just anyone could stay in here to meditate.

She had to look over at the Thunder Tower Lord because the tower was under his jurisdiction. If a disciple of Crimson Night wanted to meditate here, they would require his permission.

“Yuanyuan is a disciple of Crimson Night, so she is eligible to learn here.” The tower lord agreed right away. Even the godfiend held her in high regard, so the kingdom couldn’t possibly continue to waste her in this irrational manner.

For him, even if the backlash from the imperial family and fury of the Storm God were greater, he would still have to keep Si Yuanyuan here.

Chi Zixian was now dead, so the kingdom needed a new inheritor. If Si Yuanyuan could take this position, there was a big chance that she could return to the primal ground in the future. This made her a candidate with limitless potential!

“Now this is a sensible person.” Li Qiye gently nodded: “As long as your Crimson Night Kingdom understands the rules, the Thunder Tower will still be your property and Yuanyuan will still be a disciple of the kingdom.”

With that, his eyes became serious before continuing: “However, the old geezers there better sharpen their eyes. Since I am leaving Yuanyuan here, don’t blame me for being merciless if anything happens!”

“Yes, certainly.” The tower lord smiled wryly: “Young Noble Li can rest assured. I can guarantee that nothing will happen to Yuanyuan!”

Si Yuanyuan was in a daze while standing by the side. Not even in her dreams would she have imagined such a reversal. She had prepared for the worst; either being executed or exiled from her home, the Barren Earth! This result was completely outside of her expectations.

“If your kingdom doesn’t train such a good successor, it will surely decline.” Even the Bloodbull Godfiend commented.

The tower lord immediately felt a huge pressure after hearing the godfiend. He was a renowned character in the Crimson Night Kingdom. Alas, since he had to always guard the tower, the imperial family’s matters were out of his reach. More importantly, the Storm God had complete control. Even the few extremely powerful ancestors like him were somewhat helpless!

“If you have the chance to see Feng Piaoluo, tell her that this isn’t the generation when her father ruled the nine worlds. Don’t wallow in the illusion that she can still do what she wants!” The godfiend spoke: “There are a few people whom she can never afford to offend! This was true even back during her father’s generation! Once she does, there will be no one in this world that can protect her!”

Feng Piaoluo was the Storm God, the daughter of Immortal Emperor Chen Xue. Coincidentally, the godfiend was also her father’s dao teacher. Because of this relationship, the Storm God could do as she pleased like a tiger with wings. Rainfall and storms came and went at her beckons! In the Blood Race and even throughout the entire Barren Earth, countless lineages and experts were slightly fearful of her.

“This disciple will send the message.” Since the godfiend had spoken, the tower lord took a deep breath and bowed towards him.

It wasn’t as if the Storm God was the strongest ancestor at Crimson Night. However, her status as an emperor’s daughter and her ties to the primal ground caused these ancestors to make concessions at times.

However, it became a different story now since the Bloodbull Godfiend had given his input on the situation. Ye Chuyun was shaken as well since she was privy to more information thanks to her status as a ruler. His words meant that the Storm God wouldn’t be able to monopolize the kingdom’s future decisions.

Furthermore, the future successor of the kingdom was most likely no longer under her control!

The godfiend eventually spoke: “Let us go.” The Virtuous Paragons lifted the immortal coffin into the palanquin and were getting ready to leave.

Li Qiye looked at the Winter Matron who was leaving as well and smiled: “Little girl, don’t forget. I am your Blood Forefather, so you four sisters will have to carry my palanquin one day.”

Such words enraged the matron. She glared at him before leaving.

Li Qiye, Si Yuanyuan, and Ye Chuyun returned to their abode. At this time, all of his actions attracted a lot of attention. Many people were speculating his identity.

Although the Blood Race didn’t recognize the Bloodbull Godfiend, even the Thunder Tower Lord had to kneel. This was more than enough to show that the person inside the palanquin had a heaven-defying background. Plus, they could be from the Blood Primal Ground.

Even without knowing his exact identity, some big shots from these lineages could still guess that a great character had arrived from the primal ground. Thus, this made many curious about how a human junior like Li Qiye was related to the Blood Race. Why did the primal ground view him so highly? This was truly difficult to believe.

“Rumor has it that Li Qiye is likely to enter the primal ground and will rule the Blood Race in the future.” No one knew who spread this message or whether it was even intentional or not.

In short, this message spread from the Holy City to the outside!

“What a joke.” Someone heard this message and didn’t believe it at all. They sneered: “Li Qiye is a human. How can he enter the primal ground, let alone rule the Blood Race?”

However, a few Blood experts found that the source of this message was very reliable, so they quickly came together to discuss this matter in private.

“We are Blood, we definitely cannot let a human be our ruler!” A big shot stated during the meeting: “No matter what Li Qiye did to infiltrate the primal ground, we have the responsibility to protect the purity of our bloodline!”

“Yes, he is not a real Blood, so he definitely has ulterior motives.” A great character from the Blood-devil Tribe commented: “The primal ground can’t publicly show itself in many matters. This has been true for millions of years now. Perhaps, Li Qiye caught their weakness or secret. However, we, the Blood Race and my Blood-devil Tribe, have the duty to eradicate external threats to protect our eternal legacy!”

In a short moment, an atmosphere full of scheming filled the night sky.


After returning to their place, Li Qiye told Ye Chuyun: “We’ll go to the Godwar Mountain tomorrow. If you want, I can help you go up and maybe you will be able to learn some nice things.”

“Brother Li, I also want to go with you, but I most likely can’t. I have to go back to the Pure Lotus School tomorrow.” She quickly replied.

“Go back?” Li Qiye was a bit surprised.

She answered: “Brother Li, I received a message from the sect recently. We have made contact with your Cleansing Incense, so now our two sects might be building a dao portal. I have to personally preside over this matter.”

The construction of a dao portal between the two sects meant that there would be a direct teleportation path. It was a test of the relationship between the two sects. Under normal circumstances, only trustworthy allies would build a dao portal to connect to each other. Otherwise, it would create an underlying problem in the future.

Because of this important matter, Ye Chuyun — as the schoolmaster — had to look over the process herself. Otherwise, both sides would not be able to reach an agreement.

“Then you should go.” Li Qiye gently nodded.

However, when night came, Li Qiye had yet to go to the Godwar Mountain and Ye Chuyun still hadn’t returned to the Pure Lotus School, but an explosion suddenly occurred.

The entire region trembled and everyone woke up from the shock. They all rushed out in order to see what was going on.

At this time, an endless light spewed out from the Godwar Mountain like an erupting volcano. The difference compared to last time was that the light was no longer just an immortal light, it also carried a bronze affinity!

This massive bronze light rushed out from the deepest area of the Godwar Mountain and illuminated the entire area, brightening the Holy City as if it was daytime.

This scene horrified others as if this was the end of the world since this surging bronze light engulfed the entire city.

Once enough bronze light was present, strange images began to appear in the sky. These images carved themselves into the night sky with blinding flashes, making it so others couldn’t really see them clearly.

There was an image of a kingdom and a city. In the midst of the commotion, there seemed to be living beings walking around across the streets and corners. It was a very crowded area.

However, with a more careful observation, people could see that the busy pedestrians were not humans or members of the Blood Race or even existences from any other race. These pedestrians all seemed to be bronze statues. However, this image was too faint, so it was difficult to completely see it.