Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 768: Alchemy Kingdom’s God-Monarch

Chapter 768: Alchemy Kingdom’s God-Monarch

Chapter 768: Alchemy Kingdom’s God-Monarch

It was so silent that one could hear the wind blowing about. No one would dare to interfere in such a matter. The behemoth that is the Alchemy Kingdom had finally revealed itself. Any lineage would feel pressured by this development.

The atmosphere became extremely tense. There was a phrase that rang quite true: the world trembles before the fury of the Alchemy Kingdom’s imperial family!

The figure inside the divine light in the ancestral ground slowly uttered: “Little friend, the real culprit, the Huangfu Sacred Ancestor has already been killed. You have destroyed the Xian Clan and defeated the Alchemy Ancestor. Your goals have been accomplished, so what more do you want?” Each of his words was full of power and immense weight.

Li Qiye gently shook his head: “We won’t talk about future matters, but even in the present, this is far from enough without killing the Alchemy Ancestor. Unless he leaves his life behind, I will not let this go!”

All watched with bated breaths. No matter their view on Li Qiye or their grievances towards him, everyone had to admit that this kid was really courageous. To dare to bargain with the imperial family and still act nonchalantly before a God-Monarch — this was not something anyone could do.

Such boldness and courage made many feel inferior. Not to mention the younger generation, even those of the older generation and the ancestors would feel their knees giving in while standing before a God-Monarch of the imperial family.

“You!” The Alchemy Ancestor was vomiting blood from anger. However, even if he was enraged, he wouldn’t be able to do anything. His life was in the hands of Li Qiye! Today was the most shameful day of his life!

“Little friend, don’t be so aggressive. There is no need to go too far on every little thing. Leave a way out and bask in the immensity of the world.” The figure replied in a deep tone: “My Alchemy Kingdom is not the unreasonable type; we do not wish to bully the weak. However, if little friend goes too far, then don’t blame us!”

“Reasonable?” Li Qiye smiled: “I can reason with you any time. My bet with Cao Guoyao, what does it have to do with your Alchemy Kingdom? He owed me his life yet your Xian Clan chose to protect him. I demanded the person from your Xian Clan yet the clan wished to take my life.” Li Qiye paused before continuing: “And now, after I destroyed the Xian Clan, your Alchemy Kingdom is claiming that I am the aggressive one? What are you trying to do? To be frank, this is simply your kingdom desiring my supreme dao of alchemy and digging a pit for me to jump into!”

“Such venomous slander!” The captured Alchemy Ancestor cried out: “Our Alchemy Kingdom has four Alchemy Emperors, your dao of alchemy isn't worthy of entering my Xian Clan’s sight—”

“Shut up.” Li Qiye didn’t bother looking at him and simply swung his hand. “Pop!” A heavy slap landed on his face.

The ancestor grew even more enraged. To be slapped by a junior in front of the world — this was the greatest humiliation of his life!

The spectators’ jaws dropped to the ground. Just how domineering was it to slap an ancestor of the Alchemy Kingdom? Anyone would be dumbfounded at this lawless youth who dared to do anything.

“Little friend, you take it too far!” Even the God-Monarch could no longer remain calm. Not to mention that the Alchemy Ancestor was his junior, even if he was only an ancestor from the kingdom, to be slapped in the face like that was something unacceptable to their kingdom!

The monarch coldly stated: “If you release the Alchemy Ancestor right now, our Alchemy Kingdom will not pursue this matter any further and let bygones be bygones. If not, then suffer the consequences!” Although his words were not loud, everyone heard them very clearly. It made them feel suffocated, as if each of his words was a hammer bashing their hearts.

“Suffer the consequences?” Li Qiye smiled: “I like hearing these words the most. Come then, I want to see your kingdom’s abilities!”

“Boom!” The God-Monarch walked forward step by step with endless divine light accompanying him. Stars hovered around his body as if he was the ruler of the heavens and myriad dao.

The endless light didn’t allow for anyone to see his face. Under the vast God-Monarch aura, numerous people prostrated in worship!

He was high above like a deity, controlling the fate of all existences in the nine worlds as if they were mere ants!

God-Monarch! This was a true God-Monarch, the ruler of deities. When one was bestowed this title, they would accept the worship of countless existences and became the lord of their own domain!

“Little friend, it is not too late to let him go. When I take action, you will either be dead or gravely injured!” The God-Monarch continued to suppress the sky, engulfing myriad realms.

Everyone in Alchemy City was breathless. The entire Alchemy Realm was also shaking from his terrifying aura.

“I am someone who prefers soft over hard treatment.” Li Qiye smiled: “The more people provoke me, the more I will enjoy killing him.” With that, Li Qiye’s eyes became fierce as more gray death energy emerged.

“Senior Uncle, kill this ignorant brat and obtain vengeance for the Xian Clan… Ahhh!” The Alchemy Ancestor saw the God-Monarch taking action and thought that he was about to be rescued. He couldn’t help but shout, but before he could finish, a scream came about. The skeletal bird had torn him in two. Blood immediately sprayed out everywhere, signaling his demise.

The God-Monarch also felt unease after Li Qiye’s death energy emerged. His heavenly palm aimed for the skeletal bird. This attack could shatter the heavens and conquer myriad realms!

However, the God-Monarch was still too late and couldn’t save the Alchemy Ancestor from being torn apart.

It seemed as if the world froze. An ancestor of the Alchemy Kingdom was killed! Just how shocking was this scene? For a very long time now, no one had dared to do such a thing. But now, a junior like Li Qiye had done something that was taboo for the past one hundred thousand years!

“Boom!” One strike to break myriad laws. Although the God-Monarch couldn’t save the Alchemy Ancestor, he still struck the bird flying. The bird’s skeletal figure was shattered as fragments flew about.

“Die!” Li Qiye shouted with more death energy emitting from his body. In a split second, the black bones quickly came together again with the same death energy. The skeletal bird screeched like a phoenix roaring.

It flew to the sky with an absolutely perfect pose like a phoenix traversing the nine heavens. Under Li Qiye’s command, each of the bird’s actions was in accordance to the rhythms of heaven and earth.

The bird attacked with its wings across space. All of its actions and motions were absolutely incomparable. It reached a higher level by dragging the worldly order, no longer staying in accordance with it.

“Rumble!” The God-Monarch took control of myriad laws and also used a supreme gesture to derive the ultimate emperor law in order to stop this skeletal bird!

However, the bird’s offense was absolutely perfect. Each of its moves were able to stop the God-Monarch’s emperor law! Its attacks didn’t carry the laws of the grand dao or an unstoppable momentum, yet they were still flawless and capable of stopping all emperor laws.

In just a moment, the two sides fought above the firmament. If this battle took place on the ground, then it would definitely destroy Alchemy City!

Many big shots opened their heavenly mirrors and dao platforms to watch the contest between the skeletal bird and the God-Monarch. The battle shattered the void and annihilated the worldly laws, causing all spectators to be aghast.

“Just… just what is that thing?” Many were left in disbelief at seeing this bird capable of fighting against a God-Monarch. This broke the common sense of many since it was simply impossible!

Someone couldn’t help but murmur: “Just its skeleton is able to fight against a God-Monarch. If this is the case, then what kind of existence was it when it was still alive? An Immortal Bird? Or an existence comparable to an Immortal Emperor?”

“What kind of demonic art is Li Qiye cultivating? To be able to control a corpse… Could this be a puppet master technique? However, I have never heard of such powerful puppet mastery before.” Many were horrified while watching this battle, and many questions popped up in their minds. They didn’t know what this powerful corpse was, only that it exceeded the limits of their imagination.

Even the madam and Yuan Caihe who had always been with Li Qiye were astonished. Neither of them could imagine how this corpse reached such a level. No one would believe that a corpse could fight against a God-Monarch!

As for Tie Yi who was tending to his wounds, he was even more alarmed. He gasped while shuddering inside. He knew more than other people. It could even be said that he had searched around Alchemy City and its lands before. Although the deepest parts of this domain were full of dangerous seals and traps that were beyond his reach, he knew that below this land was an unimaginable mystery!

At this moment, these incomplete bone fragments coming together actually wielded such incredible power. Looking at the attacking skeletal bird like a phoenix soaring up high, looking at its perfect actions that were controlling the mystical rhythms of the world…

In the blink of an eye, it was as if Tie Yi had seen a phoenix. He thought about a very old legend that few were aware of.

“Impossible…” The shaken Tie Yi murmured. He was skeptical of this legend before, but he couldn’t help but be reminded of it after seeing this skeletal bird in front of his eyes!