Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 762: Xian Clan’s Alchemy Ancestor

Chapter 762: Xian Clan’s Alchemy Ancestor

Chapter 762: Xian Clan’s Alchemy Ancestor

“Clank!” A loud knock on the wooden doors came about. At this time, the Xian’s gate slowly opened as if they weren’t prepared and were actually welcoming Li Qiye’s arrival.

Many watchers shuddered at the sight of the welcoming doors without any guarding disciples. This posture clearly showed that the Xian Clan was not afraid of Li Qiye’s attack and that they had complete confidence in their victory.

“Li Qiye! Don’t even dream about taking Brother Cao’s head!” The World-Pillar Monarch, Xian Miao, appeared on top of a mountain within the land of the Xian Clan and gravely uttered: “Those who stay at Alchemy City are our guests! Our Alchemy Kingdom has the responsibility of protecting their safety!”

This remark carried another meaning — this was not a problem for the Xian Clan alone, it was also a problem for the entire kingdom!

Those who were paying attention to this battle felt a cold chill after finding out that the kingdom indeed wanted to take action. Suddenly, no one favored Li Qiye any longer. No opponent would have a good end after the entire kingdom became involved in the conflict.

Li Qiye raised his brow and leisurely said: “I am not here to negotiate with you. I give your clan two options: one, hand over Cao Guoyao; two, allow me to destroy your clan!”

“Such a big tone!” Xian Miao coldly countered: “Do you really think Alchemy City is a place where you can act so wantonly? Be smart and beg for forgiveness, then we might settle this matter peacefully. Our Alchemy Kingdom’s prestige will not allow for dissention!”

The monarch once again brought up the Alchemy Kingdom as if he was its representative. Taking on this stance was very scary indeed!

“All right, it seems that you won’t cry until you see the coffin. Very well, I will help you.” Li Qiye slowly shook his head and said: “I have been merciful and gave ample time for your young and elderly to evacuate. It is now time for me to wash your clan with blood.”

“Child, you dare to utter such outrageous words outside of my gate?!” A shout came at this moment. Although it was not particularly loud, it rang like thunder in everyone’s ears. The entire city could hear this statement.

An old man appeared inside the grounds of the Xian Clan, standing above a peak. The moment this old man appeared, myriad existences prospered and hundreds of flowers bloomed. An alchemy aura as vast as a sea immediately flooded the entire Xian Clan. Any vegetation that sensed this aura immediately came alive with rich vitality.

One could only imagine just how frightening this old man’s dao of alchemy was to be able to immediately invigorate the plants and trees in this land!

“Xian Alchemy Ancestor!” Even ancestors from the great powers were astonished at his appearance and exclaimed in horror.

There had been early rumors of the Alchemy Ancestor staying at the Xian’s residence, but this was merely hearsay. Seeing his appearance in the flesh was quite different.

“Xian Forefather, one of the ancestors of the imperial family, a legendary master, a peak Legendary Alchemist!” A great character listed all of the Alchemy Ancestor’s titles as he shuddered.

Those who were called legendary masters were very powerful. At the very least, they had to be a Golden Era Paragon or even an existence that had taken their first step onto one of the two paths.

The Xian Alchemy Ancestor was not only a legendary master, but also a peak Legendary Alchemist. Just how prestigious was this status? For any great power, he was simply a priceless treasure.

The World-Pillar Monarch immediately prostrated on the ground to greet his ancestor’s arrival.

As for Li Qiye, he was not surprised as if it everything was within his expectations.

“Back when my Xian Clan showed its dominance, it caused storms in this world and myriad realms lost their colors!” The Alchemy Ancestor had a stately yet intimidating appearance. He looked straight at Li Qiye and coldly uttered: “Today, when my Xian Clan chose to maintain a low profile, an ignorant junior dares to come to our door to shame my Xian Clan!”

Any other junior would be incessantly trembling with weakened legs after getting stared at by a legendary master like this! However, Li Qiye was unperturbed without a care.

“If you are finished boasting, then it is time for me to take action. Any other serious statements you want to make?” Li Qiye lazily stared at the ancestor: “Of course, I can say them all for you. For example, I don’t know life from death, daring to provoke your Xian Clan, challenging the might of the Alchemy Kingdom, not knowing the immensity of the heaven and earth, after a bunch of righteous and solemn rhetoric comes the real goal...”

Li Qiye smiled: “Aren’t you just after my dao of alchemy manual? Why the need to talk so much? That old geezer Huangfu is also at your place, right?! You’ve been meticulously planning yet you still pretend to be innocent and righteous, why bother? Just be straight if you want to rob people. The world of cultivators is where the strong reign over the weak. Murder and robbery are nothing shameful. The most disgusting thing is being a prostitute while pretending to be pure — so nauseating!”

Li Qiye took the initiative and mocked the ancestor. This made others take deep breaths.

A few big shots already guessed the Xian Clan’s goal, but no one wanted to expose this thin layer of deception. Now, Li Qiye’s brief remark made everything very obvious.

“How slanderous…” Xian Miao harshly shouted: “Our Alchemy Kingdom has four Alchemy Emperors, your dao of alchemy is not worthy of entering my ancestor’s sight…”

Li Qiye interrupted him with a lazy expression: “Okay, like I said earlier, don’t waste time acting pure if you are a prostitute. To be frank, I want to trample your Xian Clan; who told you to mingle with the Huangfu Clan geezers? Of course, destroying your Alchemy Kingdom is fine with me as well. There is nothing shameful to reveal these things. Since everyone is here today, go ahead and let it out!”

These words made all the spectators open their eyes wide. Declaring the destruction of the Xian Clan was already bold enough, but now he stated that he wanted to destroy the Alchemy Kingdom. This made others feel as if Li Qiye had become crazy!

“Your words just now are beyond redemption, even with death!” The Xian Alchemy Ancestor glared at Li Qiye. With a terrifying aura, he spoke awe-inspiringly: “Junior, will you give up, or do I have to personally take action?!”

“Okay, stop acting cool in front of me. I simply don’t give a damn about you.” Li Qiye retorted: “Today, I will sharpen my blade starting with you!”

With that, his eyes narrowed as a murderous intent shot out like a ray.

“Young Noble, why use a butcher’s knife to kill a chicken? He’s only an old man, there is no need for Young Noble to take action.” Before Li Qiye could attack, Tie Yi stepped forward and volunteered to be the vanguard: “This little demon is ready to pave the way for Young Noble!”

An inconspicuous little demon like this suddenly coming up surprised all the spectators. Earlier, everyone saw and thought that Tie Yi was only Li Qiye’s driver.

But now, this little demon dared to utter these bold words and called the ancestor an old geezer — this was too incredible. Some people even thought that Li Qiye purposely arranged for this in order to humiliate the Alchemy Ancestor.

Even the madam was astonished to see Tie Yi suddenly volunteering to fight. The Xian Alchemy Ancestor was a legendary master, but this unknown little demon still dared to fight him. How unbelievable was this?

“Good, good, I have not come out in a very long time, so even a random dog on the streets thinks that I am so easily bullied!” The ancestor laughed due to his overwhelming anger. He was nearly driven mad from Tie Yi’s statement.

He was a famous ancestor. In the Stone Medicine World, who wouldn’t fear his name? But now, a little demon came running, wanting to take care of him. How could he not be driven insane?

“Haha, you’re only a Golden Era Paragon. Calling yourself a legendary master is merely flattery.” Tie Yi hid his usual cowardly look and arched his chest forward with an engulfing aura while looking down on the ancestor.

“Very well, if I don’t break you into pieces today, I will cease being human!” The ancestor vomited blood from rage. His eyes became fierce and his great bloodthirst spanned for thousands of miles.

With a new demeanor, Tie Yi bowed towards Li Qiye and said: “Young Noble, please allow this little demon to take his head!”

Li Qiye slightly waved his sleeve and lightly said: “Go. Since you want to contribute, then let this merit belong to you!”

“Little beasts, die!” Seeing the master and servant playing their tune left the ancestor furious. He crazily roared as his grand palm came forward. His five fingers were as mighty as a suppressive mountain, capable of crushing the world.

“Only a minor technique.” Tie Yi’s body flashed and disappeared as fast as lightning. In the blink of an eye, no one saw how he appeared before the ancestor.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Amidst the commotion, the ancestor was struck six times by Tie Yi. Even if the ancestor had energy protecting his body, he was still one step too late. After the loud detonations, he shattered a peak with his feet after being blown away by Tie Yi. His face was pale and his breathing ragged.

Without a doubt, the six strikes from Tie Yi had wounded him. However, it was not serious.

This sudden change amazed everyone. This Tie Yi was a little demon who no one valued; everyone thought that him attacking the ancestor was courting death.

However, Tie Yi actually hurt the ancestor. Of course, some of this was due to the ancestor underestimating his enemy, but it was still enough to show that Tie Yi was powerful enough. He was definitely a Virtuous Paragon. Otherwise, without any weapons, he wouldn’t be able to injure a legendary master!

A paragon acting as Li Qiye’s driver caused many people to shudder!