Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 760: Surging Undercurrent

Chapter 760: Surging Undercurrent

Chapter 760: Surging Undercurrent

These three days seemed particularly slow, as if each day was as long as a year. Countless eyes were on Li Qiye and the Xian Clan as many people held their breaths in anticipation.

On the third day when the sun set in the west, many people waited for the sun to rise again. Inside Alchemy City, the crowd was ready for the upcoming battle.

At sunset, Li Qiye once again sent a message stating: “One night remains. If the Xian Clan still harbors their young and weak, then send them away now. Tomorrow, the Xian Clan shall turn into smoke. I am a merciful person and will allow time for you to send them away!”

These words spread across the entire city and the Xian Clan.

“Hmph…” But this time, no one showed up from their side, only a snort came as a response.

The moment this snort appeared, countless souls from those who heard it left their bodies. They quivered due to this threatening snort.

A Demon King felt a chill and murmured: “Was that a Virtuous Paragon?”

An old undying realized something and said in astonishment: “It is not an ordinary paragon. Even if it is not someone who is stepping onto the path of the heavens or the path of the grand era, they are still a peak paragon.”

Virtuous Paragon was a general title. This realm was vast, and once a paragon reached a certain level, they would be presented with two possible paths. One was to head for the Heaven’s Will. This road took one to compete for the Heaven’s Will to become the emperor.

The other path was to reach sublimation of the paragon realm so that they could obtain the divine investiture. This path would not compete for the Heaven’s Will. Once they reached the apex, these beings would be bestowed the title of Godking or maybe the even higher title of being an Emperor Assailant!

Before they stepped on these two paths, all paragons would be considered ordinary paragons. Ordinary paragons had five levels. In ascending order, they are Early Era Paragon, Rising Era Paragon, Peaceful Era Paragon, Prosperous Era Paragon, and Golden Era Paragon.

The five levels of ordinary paragons were easy to understand. Early Era Paragon meant the start of a new paragon. Being a Rising Paragon meant reaching some success during their generation. Peaceful Paragon meant that the being had the power to calm an era. Prosperous Paragons were able to strengthen their era while Golden Paragons were able to illuminate their era!

On this night, the Xian Clan’s snort disturbed the entire city. Many were aghast after hearing this sound. Some guessed that there was an extraordinary paragon residing within their residence.

There were no eternal secrets in this world. After the night’s curtain fell, news came out of nowhere regarding the Xian Alchemy Ancestor staying at their residence.

“Rumor has it that the Xian Alchemy Ancestor has long been a Legendary Alchemist but couldn’t reach Alchemy Emperor. It looks like he is actually a legendary master as well!” The hearts of many sank after hearing this voice. More often than not, juniors couldn’t really gauge the paragon realm, so they only used general titles.

For example, old undyings or great powers’ ancestors were mostly ordinary paragons. The majority of them were Early Era Paragons or Rising Era Paragons. Only a few of them were Golden Era Paragons.

Those known as legendary masters were no longer ordinary. They were definitely Golden Era Paragons, top level ones at that. They could even be paragons who had embarked on one of the two paths!

The first thought of those that learned that a legendary master was in the Xian Clan was that Li Qiye should stop messing around!

The Xian Alchemy Ancestor being there didn’t only mean they had earned his personal support, it also meant that the imperial family had revealed their stance because the ancestor was previously buried inside their ancestral ground. It could be interpreted as the imperial family supporting the Xian Clan.

“It seems like this is going to be a huge deal.” A Stone King with a good intelligence network spoke with someone next to him: “The Xian Clan does not only have the Xian Alchemy Ancestor, all five of their elders have also joined while the young and old were moved away to a different branch. It seems that the World-Pillar Monarch has earned the support from the clan and is ready to play.”

The Xian Clan was one of the branches of the imperial family, but the Xian Clan of today was not the one that originally separated. After the Xian Clan left the imperial branch, they formed several different clans. The Xian Clan of the World-Pillar Monarch was only one among many.

Now that their forefather, the Xian Alchemy Ancestor was back, how could the other clans of Xian not support the World-Pillar Monarch? With their full support, it seems that the monarch had sufficient force.

A worried cultivator murmured: “If the World-Pillar Monarch’s clan has earned the support of the imperial family, then even if Li Qiye is backed by the Allpine Treefather, I’m afraid he won’t be able to do anything.”

On this night, the entire city was silent as everyone waited for the sunrise and the battle.


Ming Yexue slowly wandered around her garden inside an alchemy garden in the kingdom’s ancestral ground. She was enjoying the spirit medicines as Grandma Bai came to inform her of the newest information.

“What is the Xian Forefather trying to do?” The grandma couldn’t help but say after informing Ming Yexue: “He is not a foolish person. How could he become involved in the affairs of juniors? I wonder what benefits the Huangfu Clan promised him...”

The charming Ming Yexue was quietly savoring the spirit medicines. It seemed that her appearance was always alluring and fascinating.

“The Xian Forefather has certainly been bewitched by the Huangfu Sacred Ancestor.” Ming Yexue withdrew her gaze and mused: “What could the Huangfu Clan possibly have to move an ancestor from our kingdom?”

Ming Yexue’s words were correct. As an ancestor from the kingdom, the Alchemy Ancestor could have whatever he wanted. A clan like the Huangfu had nothing that could tempt him.

“The Xian Forefather didn’t mind coming into being and letting go of all pretenses. He even prepared a trap for Li Qiye… This is simply him coveting the manual of Li Qiye's dao of alchemy.” Ming Yexue spoke graceful words that would enchant all those who listened.

Grandma Bai couldn’t help but wryly smile and say: “The Xian Forefather is being too greedy. He is already at the peak and is only one step away from becoming an Alchemy Emperor. Plus, our kingdom has the alchemy manuals from four different Alchemy Emperors — this should be more than enough.”

“Grandma, this is different than before.” Ming Yexue shook her head and said: “If, say, the Xian Forefather was only a simple Legendary Alchemist, then it would be a different story. However, he has been just one step away from Alchemy Emperor for so long now!”

“Does that mean he still has aspirations of becoming one even now?” The grandma wryly smiled and said: “With his current age and his dried longevity blood, even if he could become enlightened, would his blood energy be able to bear the final dao test?”

Ming Yexue nodded and said: “Yes, he does want to become an Alchemy Emperor. He cultivated the supreme manuals of our ancestors, but he still couldn’t fathom all of it or surpass the final test! He needs a different alchemy manual to help him become an Alchemy Emperor!”

“Li Qiye’s dao of alchemy can’t help him become an Alchemy Emperor.” The grandma didn’t believe such a thing.

Regarding the dao of alchemy, their kingdom was untouchable in the entire Stone Medicine World. They had produced four Alchemy Emperors, so they had the most complete dao of alchemy manual in this world. No lineage could compare when it came to their alchemy dao.

Ming Yexue gently shook her head and said: “It’s hard to say. However, after the forefather heard about Li Qiye refining pills like frying beans, he was certainly tempted. At the very least, he would not be able to replicate it, so he must witness it with his own eyes.”

“I’m afraid the moment he saw Li Qiye’s wood mastery and insect mastery was when he became determined to capture Li Qiye. After all, he requires Li Qiye’s supreme dao of alchemy.” Ming Yexue gently sighed after revealing her speculation.

“LI Qiye’s mastery over insects and wood is indeed very scary.” The Grandma had to admit this. She then had some doubts and asked: “However, the four manuals from our Alchemy Emperors were not enough for him to become an Alchemy Emperor, so can Li Qiye’s manual do it?”

“Who knows…” Ming Yexue also pondered for a moment before responding: “Our four Alchemy Emperors could be said to be from the same origin. Their possible paths had been expended. The Xian Forefather needs another angle, a different sublimation to understand the final dao test!

“Moreover, Young Noble Li’s dao of alchemy is indeed scary. I have never seen or heard of such a thing before. I even suspect that his manual is not from any Alchemy Emperor, he might have obtained the legacy of the Alchemy God.”

“The Alchemy God’s legacy!” Grandma Bai was shocked. Since the start of time, there had been many Alchemy Emperors, but no one had dared to call themselves God. This was mainly out of respect for the Alchemy God, but it was also because none of the Alchemy Emperors were able to reach the heights of the Alchemy God!

The grandma couldn’t help but say: “That isn’t possible. The Alchemy God’s legacy has been lost for countless years. Our forefathers have been searching for it for generations, but no one was successful. How could Li Qiye obtain this legacy?”

Ming Yexue replied: “This world is unpredictable, so who can accurately predict its motions?”