Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 59: Conspiracy (1)

Chapter 59: Conspiracy (1)

Chapter 958: Obtaining Dragon Platform’s Treasure

Father and son for war; trusted brothers to fight a tiger. Chi Tianyu was also supporting his junior brother at this point! [1. The first phrase is just awkward to translate into English. It is a phrase meaning that you should go into battle with those you trust. A commander is the father while his troops should be his children, whether it is metaphorical or literal. As for the latter half, fighting a tiger requires precision and trust, so it is best to do so with your brother who you know won’t betray/abandon you.]

“No, brother, our Pureblood School does not bully people, so we won’t bully him either.” The Swiftsword Marquis smirked: “Brother, I was a bit hasty with my words. However, I just said it like it is in order to wake him from his daydream.”

The marquis then glanced at Li Qiye and laughed arrogantly: “You said enlightenment from Tiger Hill and treasures from the Dragon Platform; very well, if you can obtain a treasure here, then I will apologize to you. No, I am a much more sincere person. If you can obtain a treasure, then I’ll commit suicide for not being able to recognize a master despite having eyes.”

“A master in your eyes must at least be of the Godking level.” A young expert laughed and said: “But as for others, can they really claim to be a master?”

Loud laughter ensued from the crowd. They were very pleased to see their love rival, Li Qiye, being attacked.

“Really now?” Li Qiye wasn’t angry at all. He smirked at the marquis and said: “So if I obtain a treasure, you will actually commit suicide?”

“Haha, are you dreaming?” Even Chi Tianyu burst out in laughter and looked at Li Qiye with contempt: “Do you really think you are an Immortal Emperor? The popular phrase isn’t for a mortal like you. According to the records, only a single Immortal Emperor obtained a treasure from here. Someone like you is not good enough!”

“Haha, Brother, just let him continue being an idiot. We want to see what kind of treasure he can get, right? Who knows, he might pick up a pebble and actually think that it is a treasure.” The marquis was the next to mock Li Qiye: “Go for it then, I’ve been waiting to commit suicide for so long now.”

Li Qiye leisurely answered: “What else can I say if you wish to die so soon?”

Many saw his confidence, but they didn’t believe it either. One sneered: “Who does he think he is? Heh, if he can get a treasure from the platform, then I would be able to lay claim to every single item in the trove.”

“Brother Shan, don’t you know? Some people think that there is nothing they can’t do after obtaining some favor. The truth is that they are nothing more than clowns.” Another young expert snorted. He was particularly jealous of Li Qiye winning Ye Chuyun’s favor!

“Hold on!” Chi Tianyu called out right when Li Qiye was about to take action.

“What, got a problem?” Li Qiye glanced at him and smiled.

Chi Tianyu coldly responded: “My brother is a straightforward person. If you obtain a treasure, then he will commit suicide, but what if you don’t? What are you going to do? Hmph, my brother’s life can’t be as valuable as your words.”

“So you are saying that you have something in mind.” Li Qiye grinned.

As the saying goes, brothers are of the same mind. The marquis naturally knew what his brother wanted to do. He sneered: “My life is one hundred times more precious than yours. However, I will not take back what I have said. Nevertheless, if you can’t get a treasure, then you will have to end yourself! If I have to do it for you, the outcome will be much worse!”

The marquis believed that this was a rare opportunity to deal with Li Qiye, to rid his brother of a rival. Moreover, this would be carried out in a justified manner. Even if Ye Chuyun was to protect him, his image in her heart would drop several levels due to his incompetence.

Li Qiye glanced at the two brothers and slowly uttered: “Why not? Since you two want my life, I’ll bet on it then.”

Even the two of them didn’t believe that Li Qiye would accept it so readily. The rest of the crowd glanced at each other as well. This brat was way too confident, nearly to the level of ignorance.

A Blood-devil expert coldly laughed and cruelly said: “Haha, just wait for him to end himself then.”

“Countless geniuses have never obtained anything, let alone a mortal like him.” Even those who had no ill will against Li Qiye couldn’t help but shake their heads after seeing his confidence.

For so many years now, brilliant geniuses and Godkings had tried to obtain something, but they all went home empty-handed. Enlightenment from Tiger Hill and treasures from the Dragon Platform — this was only a legend after all.

Li Qiye ignored them and continued to go around the giant hole. However, he reversed his direction this time. His pace became quicker and quicker, causing his heartbeat to increase as well. His pulse and the rhythm of this location began to synchronize.

At first, Ye Chuyun didn’t realize anything. However, after one complete circle, she furrowed her brows and felt that something was amiss. Alas, no matter how hard she looked, she was unable to see through the profundities in his steps.

In fact, Si Yuanyuan had been watching for a very long time now. She, as a genius who excelled in self-study, also failed to figure it out. Ye Chuyun had only just arrived, so she naturally couldn’t see through the esoteric events either.

Li Qiye’s pace became quicker and quicker. The rhythm became more and more abstruse. Now, his heartbeat was no longer synchronizing with the area, it was actually leading the area’s pulse.

He was the only one who knew the mysteries of Tiger Hill, the Dragon Platform, and even the Hidden-dragon Mountains. In order to open this mysterious treasure trove, one must be able to control the pulse of this area!

“Obtaining the treasures at the Dragon Platform relies on fate. Even if you walk around ten thousand times, it is still useless.” Chi Tianyu laughed and mocked him.

The marquis added: “Brother, the guy is only stalling for time. Heh, it’s fine, just let him walk ten thousand laps around the hole. In short, no matter how many laps he makes, it won’t change the dire situation he is in. Wait until he is tired, then we’ll take his life…”

“Open!” But before the marquis could finish his sentence, a shout came from Li Qiye. No one could clearly see what happened as the entire hill and platform began to shake as if there was an earthquake.

“Boom!” In the blink of an eye, a golden light surged out from the cavern like a geyser or an unstoppable volcanic eruption.

Such a sudden change left everyone on the platform terrified. Many people in the Holy City were alarmed as well and looked towards the direction of the platform.

“Did someone obtain a treasure at the Dragon Platform?” Someone from the previous generation was startled and murmured after seeing this.

Once the golden light disappeared, a treasure could be found in Li Qiye’s hand. He grabbed the item flying out from inside the light with incredible speed.

This treasure resembled a little Golden Dragon. It emitted golden rays that resembled willow branches that were seemingly filled with life.

Before everyone could see what it was, Li Qiye took out a box and carefully stored the treasure inside.

He smirked after doing so. Beneath this earth were too many good items. In the past, the Ancient Ming failed to drain this land dry. Even the absolutely stunning Immortal Emperor Tian Tu couldn’t do so after personally coming here, let alone other people.

The only thing that made him sad was that only one treasure would escape each time the trove was opened; it was impossible to take more than one item at a time.

In just a brief moment, the platform turned extremely quiet. Many people had their mouths wide open and couldn’t close them right away. They were all astounded by this event.

After what seemed like an eternity, someone suddenly woke up from their daze and took a deep breath. Even at this moment, they couldn’t believe their own eyes. This was simply too astonishing!

A young expert murmured: “This, this can’t be real.” Even though they had witnessed it themselves, they still found it unbelievable. Countless brilliant geniuses and God-Monarchs had tried to obtain something, but all of them failed to receive anything of value.

The popular phrase became part of the legends for the future generations, but today, it actually happened. The legend played out before them in such a stunning manner.

Bai Jian composed himself and muttered: “The legend is true, Immortal Emperor Xue Xi obtained an incredible item from this place!”

As for the Swiftsword Marquis and Chi Tianyu, their expressions kept on changing colors from white to red. Earlier, they wanted to take Li Qiye’s life, but now, they were violently slapped in the face.

“I recall that someone wanted to hand over his dog life.” After putting away his box, Li Qiye lazily glanced over at the marquis.

The marquis stood still. At this moment, he was riding a tiger and had to follow through in this difficult and embarrassing situation. He couldn’t commit suicide. Who didn’t value their own life?

But now, if he went back on his word, he would lose all of his reputation and wouldn’t be able to show his face in the Barren Earth any longer.