Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 5893: Brothers

Chapter 5893: Brothers

Chapter 5893: Brothers

The dark law and its thorns made cultivators and mortals feel that the end of the world was coming.

Clank! Someone immediately a.s.sailed the law with a radiant slash. Its trail cut the law from top to bottom, dividing it into two halves.

Black liquid rained down over the continents but upon closer inspection, they were tiny pearls. They drilled into the ground, wanting to escape.

Clank! Bright sword energies manifested into reality, preventing the pearls from fleeing.

They descended and reduced the pearls into liquid form, sealing them into a special cauldron.

Triune Immortal! Peerless cultivators recognized the attacker - a fairy-like cultivator wielding one of the Nine Heavenly Treasures - Finality.

It released immortal flames into the cauldron and initiated the refinement process.

Nooo! Twilight was still alive and could sense his twin brothers current condition.

The dark being had no chance of escaping for his opponent was the mighty Triune Immortal wielding a heavenly treasure. She could kill any overlord while being empowered by Li Qiyes primordial tree.

Twilight sensed the pain and fear of his twin and couldnt help but scream. Tears inadvertently streamed down his cheeks.

Raa! Meanwhile, the darkness within the cauldron also sensed his twin dying despite lacking intelligence. He roared and attempted to break free from the cauldron.

Twilight thought he could use his twin as an ace card, preventing Li Qiye from trapping him.

Unfortunately, Li Qiye had figured this out long ago and gave Finality to Triune Immortal, entrusting her with defending Eight Desolaces at the right time.

Run! Twilight communicated with his twin, hoping that one would be able to escape: Run now!

His roar channeled tenacity into the younger twin, granting him the strength to overcome the most desperate situation.

Spectators found this scene hard to believe. Twilight had devoured the most powerful characters in history so they thought he had fallen to the darkness.

They had seen fallen overlords previously and could tell that these beings had no feelings toward anything. The world and its inhabitants were only food.

However, Twilight still loved his twin brother and was willing to pay the highest price - his life. This stirred the crowds emotion because how many of them would be able to do the same thing?

In a sense, one could say the reason for Twilights initial downfall was his twin, dragging him into the abyss and eternal d.a.m.nation.

Boom! Something unbelievable occurred and Eight Desolaces was nearly flipped over.

Was Twilights will empowering the darkness or did it wake up the little brothers ultimate potential? The darkness destroyed the seal and cracks appeared on the cauldron.

Triune Immortals expression soured and she swung Finality for the second time. However, the darkness target was neither her nor Eight Desolaces.

Boom! It turned into a maelstrom and a.s.saulted the sky, crossing through numerous stages and somehow entering the six continents.

Rumble! It didnt try to destroy or devour the six continents, choosing to rush for Li Qiye and a.s.suming the form of a dark giant.

Spectators trembled because it was large enough to devour their world physically.

Run! Twilight shouted again, not wanting his younger twin to save him.

Raa! The giants roar alone swept the stars away. His power surged dramatically. During the channeling, the fabrics of the six continents started changing and pulling toward the giant.

The being didnt know how to speak so it attacked Li Qiye with a punch. Spectators felt that the might of the six continents was within his hand.

Not bad. Li Qiye smiled and retaliated with a primordial punch.

The impact evaporated nearby oceans and flipped continents upside down.

Pop! Unfortunately, Li Qiye was still on another level and reduced the dark giant into a liquid form.

Instead of splas.h.i.+ng everywhere, it coiled around Li Qiye, wanting to engulf him. He activated his primordial light and caused devastating detonations, obliterating the darkness.