Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 536: Jadewater Queen

Chapter 536: Jadewater Queen

Chapter 536: Jadewater Queen

“Outside of the many treasures in the nest, did you guys find anything strange in there?” Li Qiye quickly asked.

“There was, indeed, something strange. We found this particular place, but the masters and elders couldn’t figure out its mysteries. There was surely something strange going on there.” The protector answered: “But our Thousand Carp River took pretty much all the treasures in the nest, causing many great powers to become riled up, so the higher ups decided to temporarily avoid any trouble. They went to the Fire Realm to figure out the situation, but if there is nothing there, then we’ll leave the Prime Ominous Grave. The sect master was afraid that you two would come to the Water Realm to find us, so he ordered me to stay behind to inform you.”

This was a great harvest for the Thousand Carp River, but this also attracted the envy and jealousy of many other great powers, so the sect decided to go to the Fire Realm to have one last adventure. If they didn’t find anything there, then they would just leave the grave since they already had spectacular gains this time.

Li Qiye then asked the protector once more: “What was this place like?”

The protector answered: “It was a very big pond, and very strange looking at that. Walking into the pond would give birth to illusions as if the person had gone to a different location. The sect master said that it might not be an illusion. It was very hard to return after entering. The deeper one goes, the harder it is to come back. The sect master and elders couldn’t see through it, so they decided to temporarily leave.”

“Then I’ll go take a look.” Li Qiye stroked his chin while pondering for a bit before making up his mind.

The protector quickly advised: “I’m afraid that won’t be a good idea. There are many people from the great powers there at that place. Even imperial lineages like the Titanic Crescent Sacred Ground and the Insect King Imperial Lineage were present. They felt that we didn’t take the most important treasure and that there were more to find in that place.”

“That is the reason why we should go.” Li Qiye responded with a grin.

“There was also another strange event.” The protector added: “We didn’t find the Diamond Carp. We followed it and took the majority of the treasures, but we didn’t see any traces of it at all. After entering the nest, it suddenly disappeared, which is another reason why the great powers thought that we left behind the best treasure. The sect master and the elders also felt this way, but they still decided to retreat.”

“The Diamond Carp was gone?” This took Lan Yunzhu by surprise since it was not a small fish, it was the size of a mountain. For such a fish to escape would not be very easy.

The protector shook his head and answered: “It was as if the carp disappeared into thin air. We searched the entire nest but we didn’t see it.”

“All the more reason for me to go.” Li Qiye said as he narrowed his eyes while smiling.

The protector was quite worried and tried to convince him: “I’m afraid that once Young Noble goes there, the great powers who already hate us, such as the Titanic Crescent Sacred Ground, won’t treat you too well.”

Many great powers were annoyed with the Thousand Carp River taking all the treasures in the Diamond Carp’s nest. Some of them actually wanted to steal these treasures but were beaten down by the river sect. This deterred some of those with malicious intent from acting any further.

“So what?” Li Qiye nonchalantly said: “Those who block my path… shall be killed without mercy!”

The protector could only smile wryly after hearing Li Qiye’s domineering statement. But then, he remembered that back at the Snow-shadow Tribe, Li Qiye killed tens of thousands of ghosts so he believed that Li Qiye could actually do so.

“Protector, go to the Fire Realm and inform my master that we are going to that place.” Lan Yunzhu said.

The protector then looked at them once more and didn’t try to stop them any longer. He bid farewell and went to meet up with the sect master.

Li Qiye then told Lan Yunzhu: “We’ll go now. Maybe there will be something I need there.”

The Diamond Carp’s nest could actually move. Now that one though about it, it was strange since the nest was sealed by the Thousand Carp River. After being cleaned of all its treasures, the nest still stayed there at sea in the same spot even after the river sect had left.

The nest was a huge gulf in the shape of two hands hugging each other, causing the ocean water to form a small pond.

Its outer layer was formed by mountains and in the middle was a cloud-piercing peak that faced the pond. Many caves were right under this peak.

The river sect’s treasures came from these series of caverns. When the river sect took all the treasures was when the other great powers finally arrived.

At this moment, although the river sect had left, many great powers still remained, including emperor’s lineages such as the Titanic Crescent Sacred Ground and the Insect King Immortal Lineage.

Many sects camped on the highest peaks for several days, but they still failed to unravel the mysteries within.

Today, a great character came to the highest peak, rejuvenating the initially dejected great powers.

“The Jadewater Queen is here!” Someone uttered: “Maybe the Jadewater Queen will be able to see through the mysteries inside.”

Everyone gazed at a golden palanquin slowly ascending the mountain. On the palanquin was a woman wearing a phoenix dress — regal and full of eminence. This woman possessed a kingdom-toppling beauty that did not diminish her royal prestige. Her dignified gaze commanded respect from all spectators.

Someone sighed and spoke when she appeared: “The queen of the Charming Spirit race.”

The transcendent and wonderful Jadewater Queen came from the Charming Spirit race. Providence itself had determined for her to be extraordinary.

She was the ruler of the Jadewater Country, the purest Charming Spirit country in the entire Sacred Nether World. It could be said that the majority of Charming Spirits all gathered in this particular country.

Charming Spirits had two places to go in the Sacred Nether World: the Simple Mountain Immortal Kingdom in the southern Distant Cloud or the Jadewater Country in the western Green River. Unlike the Immortal Kingdom, the Jadewater Country consisted of purely Charming Spirits while the kingdom had both humans and Charming Spirits living together.

Among the four great domains of the Sacred Nether World, outside of the southern Distant Cloud, the other three domains were all ruled by ghosts. The Jadewater Country was in the Green River, a place still dominated by the ghost race.

In this domain, not to mention the seclusive clans, there were monstrous existences like the All-Eras Ancient Kingdom and the Insect King Immortal Lineage. As for the great powers, there was the Kingdom Of Gods and the Zen Ghost Tribe among others; they were all part of the ghost race.

How could one let a stranger sleep in their own bed? The entire Green River could be described as the ghost’s world, but the Jadewater Country was established there and stood strong for millions of years. Some said that this country was even older than the Simple Mountain Immortal Kingdom!

Such a thing was difficult to imagine in this location, but after knowing that it was a country of Charming Spirits, people came to accept it easier. Although they might be few in number, the majority of these spirits were cultivating geniuses.

They were the favored children of the heavens. In this world, when it came to talents, aptitude, and understanding of the grand dao, no race was comparable to the Charming Spirits.

There was a belief in the Nine Worlds: the Charming Spirits are natural geniuses and could cultivate much easier than the other races. While others require ten years to reach a particular realm, the Charming Spirits only needed five years or less!

Keep in mind that back in the Desolate Era, the first Immortal Emperor was Gu Chun, who came from the Charming Spirit race. This was such an ancient era, yet the Charming Spirits were already able to have an Immortal Emperor. One could easily imagine how heaven-defying this race must be.

The Jadewater Queen’s arrival caused the great powers next to the pond to become quite spirited. A sect master spoke: “Perhaps the queen’s divine reflection will be able to explore this strange pool.”

Charming Spirits were very similar to humans in appearance, but they had something that the human race was without — the divine reflection!

The divine reflection was a natural gift of the Charming Spirit race. Some people said that this was bestowed to them by the heavens since they were the favored children. This saying made sense because, due to their divine reflections, they were more suitable for cultivation compared to other races.

Although the divine reflection was inherent at birth, they needed to cultivate to a certain realm before it awakened.

After the awakening, these spirits would become geniuses among geniuses in cultivation, similar to a tiger being given wings.

The magical properties of these divine reflections contributed to their abilities to comprehend the dao and understand the void. They were capable of examining the changes of nature and sensing the heaven and earth!

Imagine that, when these spirits were cultivating, they didn’t need to learn the profundities of the dao since they had their divine reflection. With it, any complex and profound merit laws would suddenly become simple. This was the reason why it was so easy for Charming Spirits to cultivate any merit law.

However, the benefit of divine reflections was more than just this. Due to the incredible nature of these divine reflections, the Charming Spirits were special.

The crowd became excited, hoping that the Jadewater Queen’s divine reflection could see through the void of this old pond. This old pond was very strange and no one could see through it. Several great characters had gone inside, but not a single one of them came out.

“I heard that the Jadewater Queen is unfathomable. When shined on by her divine reflection, even Heaven’s Will Secret Laws become very simple. Maybe her reflection will be able to see through this pond’s mysteries.” All the important people here began to focus after the queen came down from her phoenix palanquin.