Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 527: Cultivation

Chapter 527: Cultivation

Chapter 527: Cultivation

The formation of twelve palaces meant that the person would arrogantly sweep over the nine heavens and ten earths. Di Zuo, who was this? Tian Lunhui, so what? Even if Tian Lunhui was actually a reincarnation of an Immortal Emperor, he still wouldn’t be able to stop Li Qiye’s ascension to the imperial throne.

The absentminded Lan Yunzhu could only force a wry laugh. A genius like her was nothing compared to someone like Li Qiye. In someone else’s eyes, having dual saint talents was an unreachable apex, a reason for pride, but she had no choice but to be convinced before Li Qiye’s aptitude. It was no exaggeration that even someone with tri-saint talents would not be comparable to Li Qiye.

Once Li Qiye has twelve palaces, his talents, body, and bones would just be fleeting clouds in the sky — no longer relevant. There was no need to mention other prodigies. The twelve palaces alone would render anyone breathless.

Four palaces to form a domain, eight palaces to form a kingdom, and twelve palaces to form the heavens! Once he has twelve palaces, he will be the heavens itself; which existence was greater than the heavens? Perhaps only the high heavens beyond the nine firmaments! [1. The high heavens here is most likely the utmost existence since “nine heavens” and even “heavens” are thrown around pretty frivolously.]

“Whoosh!” A slight distortion appeared while Lan Yunzhu had a forceful smile on her face. Her eyes then focused on something that appeared to be flapping its wings.

She couldn’t help but to take a closer look and noticed a figure appearing in Li Qiye’s chest like a soaring immortal. Behind the figure were portals to all the nine heavens and ten earths. These portals then eventually turned themselves into supreme immortal wings!

This flying shadow was surrounded by silky strands of immortal laws, creating a very serene spectacle as if everything had stopped in its tracks.

However, once Lan Yunzhu used her Heavenly Gaze to take a better look, she was quickly startled. These silky strands of immortal laws were not standing still, they were rotating at an unbelievable speed. Because they were moving too quickly, it appeared as if they were still.

“Soaring Immortal Physique!” She finally figured out which Immortal Physique Li Qiye was cultivating.

The Soaring Immortal Physique was considered the fastest physique in this world. Once it reached grand completion, nothing would be faster than it.

“How can anyone bear to live on after seeing this?” She couldn’t help but wryly smile once more.

Eleven palaces already took away the breath of others, but now, Li Qiye also had the Soaring Immortal Physique. This was akin to suppressing all the other geniuses in this world.

Now, Lan Yunzhu understood why Li Qiye didn’t care for Di Zuo. Although he was still at the Ancient Saint realm, this was a trivial matter. Eleven palaces already exceeded the limits of an Ancient Saint. What could a Heavenly Sovereign do against an eleven palaces Ancient Saint?

When coupled with the Soaring Immortal Physique, this was simply too heaven-defying. Even if Di Zuo were to reach the Heavenly King realm, his chances of winning against Li Qiye would be slim.

Maybe if Di Zuo could reach Existence Heavenly King, then perhaps the play could go on. However, there was no chance for this because Di Zuo was still very young. He could reach Heavenly King at this moment, but it would absolutely be impossible to reach Existence Heavenly King without a few more years.

“Rmmmbbb!” While she was wryly smiling, a streak of lightning suddenly struck Li Qiye; to be more precise, it struck the Inner Physique in the middle of his chest. However, the lightning suddenly disappeared as if it had been suppressed by something.

“Physique Tribulation... The minor completion tribulation is about to come!” Lan Yunzhu could tell what was going on after seeing the flashing lightning. His Physique Tribulation was about to come.

“No, wait…” However, she found it strange when the lightning disappeared because Li Qiye’s Inner Physique didn’t budge. It seemed that the previous bolt of lightning was suppressed. It was as if there was something even more powerful behind the Soaring Immortal Inner Physique.

In a split second, Lan Yunzhu saw another Inner Physique, an Inner Physique capable of suppressing the entire nine heavens and ten earths, an Inner Physique that caused both gods and devils to quiver.

“This is impossible...” Lan Yunzhu felt that she was only seeing things. Cultivators could only have one Inner Physique — this was unchanged knowledge since the start of time.

She assumed that it was only an illusion because no one had ever been able to break this common sense. Only one Inner Physique per cultivator, even for someone with an Immortal Fate.

However, now she was not so sure and felt lacking in confidence. Common sense — it seemed that this had no effect on Li Qiye.

This wouldn’t be his first time breaking common sense. Just like back at the Divine Dragon Mountain when all the destiny stones chose to follow him. Until now, it had always been stones picking their masters, but now, Li Qiye was the one to pick the stones.

What if… What if Li Qiye actually had two Inner Physiques? Two Immortal Inner Physiques? She became dumbstruck at this point.

Anyone who heard this speculation of hers would immediately think that she was insane because it had never happened before. Having two Immortal Inner Physiques was even more unbelievable than someone with an Immortal Fate.

But at this time, this was her incredible conjecture. If Li Qiye had two Inner Physiques, then the other Inner Physique would have to be even stronger than the Soaring Immortal Inner Physique at this moment.

Having thought to this point, she felt that if this was indeed the case, then the three heroes of the Sacred Nether World were nothing at all!

After a good while, she calmed down and sighed gently, then she shook her head and no longer wanted to think. She stood up and noticed that Li Qiye was still lost in his trance. She didn’t want to disturb him, so she silently left the medicine field, intending to go to other places to witness the entire lost garden of the immortals.

Li Qiye was still sitting cross-legged back at the field while immersed in his own world. His dao foundation and True Fate had become impeccably perfect after the refinement from the extremely pure worldly energy.

Both this worldly energy and the medicinal essence from the trove of the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron helped him a lot. Because of this, he was able to easily open the eleventh palace.

Right now, opening the twelfth, to him, was not a challenge, it was already a foregone conclusion. The real challenge was opening the thirteenth palace.


While Li Qiye and Lan Yunzhu were cultivating inside the lost garden, many shocking things happened outside. There was finally someone who obtained a big harvest.

The Thousand Carp River had managed to chase the Diamond Carp all the way to its nest. Its elders were the first to seize the nest, and they obtained many divine items and immortal treasures, including numerous amazing metals and aquas. Such a great harvest further reinforced the sect’s strength!

By the time many other great powers ran to the Water Realm after hearing this news, the digging operation at the Diamond Carp’s nest had already come to an end. The river sect obtained the majority of the treasures there.

Such a rich harvest left many reddened with greed. A few great powers and experts wanted to sneak an attack for the treasures, but an emperor’s lineage could not so easily be provoked. The high elders of the river sect killed three Heavenly Kings and beat all the robbers into submission. Afterward, no one else dared to try again.

The Thousand Carp River’s power was not just in name. Many great powers realized that, in order to fight the river sect, at least two emperor’s lineages must cooperate or else there would be no chance. Multiple great powers working together would still be slaughtered.

The luck of the river sect caused many people to drool in both greed and envy. A bunch of cultivators in the Water Realm were full of regrets, and one of them said: “Aizz, should have just followed the river sect to the end. I gave up halfway so I lost this great opportunity.”

In the beginning, many cultivators chased the Diamond Carp for a very long time just like the river sect. However, after a while, group after group began to give up because they felt that wasting time chasing the Diamond Carp was not worth it.

Who would expect that the river sect actually reached its nest and obtained such an envious fortune?

However, fortunately for the ghost race, the river sect was not the only group with good fortune. Otherwise, they would have been beating their chests in anger!

Another piece of news of someone having great luck began to spread. Tian Lunhui, the descendant of the All-Eras Ancient Kingdom, had entered the Fire God’s Palace.

The ghost race was the most excited after hearing this. They quickly went around asking for more information: “What is the Fire God’s Palace?”

This was a reason for celebration since Tian Lunhui, one of the three heroes, had obtained a great fortune.

Before this, the river sect’s great harvest had left the ghost race dejected and envious, but now, someone in the ghost race had also obtained a great fortune and gained the ghost race some pride!

“The Fire God’s Palace…” After hearing this, an undying from an emperor’s lineage emotionally exclaimed: “Legend states that this is the biggest and most desired fortune in the Fire Realm. Some say that a grand completion Immortal Physique from the Myriad Bones Throne wanted to enter this palace when he was here at the Fire Realm at a young age, but alas, he was unsuccessful. Who would have thought that Tian Lunhui would get such a great opportunity like this?”