Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 447: Night Attack

Chapter 447: Night Attack

Chapter 447: Night Attack

Ye Sha was an assassin so, in a split second, he aimed to grip Qiurong Wanxue by the neck in order to finish her in one blow.

His cultivation was also much stronger than Qiurong’s so the moment he reached out, she couldn’t block it even if she wanted to.

However, before his palm could reach her neck, it suddenly stopped in midair. Another hand quietly clasped his wrist.

Li Qiye was standing by the bed as if he had always been there. Suddenly being gripped by the wrist caused even an assassin like Ye Sha to jump. After seeing Li Qiye, his expression greatly changed. Someone of his level knew the significance of being grabbed by the wrist after just one move.

“Crack!” Li Qiye easily crushed Ye Sha’s wrist.

“Snap!” He then pulled on it. Ye Sha’s hand was severed from his arm, causing blood to spurt everywhere as he miserably screamed: “Ahh!!”

Nevertheless, his killer’s instinct allowed him to run away instantly. After his hand was ripped off by Li Qiye, he immediately turned into smoke and escaped.

Li Qiye threw away the hand and looked at the pale and frightened Qiurong Wanxue. He then asked: “Are you alright?”

Qiurong Wanxue regained her composure and nodded her head. He then grabbed her waist and said: “We’ll catch him.” They then instantly vanished.

Ye Sha escaped to the east of Midtown right after he left the room. As an assassin, his speed and stealth were both top notch; those of the same cultivation level were not his match.

Ye Sha only had one foot into the Little Sovereign’s realm and didn’t actually possess a sovereign’s power, but due to his mastery of assassination, he had killed a Heavenly Sovereign before.

But tonight, he had met his match. He understood that his opponent was formidable, so he ran away with all his might.

The moment when he thought he was safe, Li Qiye’s lazy voice suddenly rang from behind him: “You think you could escape?”

With one hand holding Qiurong Wanxue, Li Qiye easily traversed the sky under the moonlight as if distance was not a hindrance to him. With one step, he easily caught up to Ye Sha.

Although Ye Sha was very fast, he was far too lacking compared to Li Qiye. Without taking into consideration Li Qiye’s cultivation of the Soaring Immortal Physique, the fastest physique in this world, he would still easily catch Ye Sha.

His Fate Law was the Kun Peng’s Six Variants, an emperor law with terrorizing speed. Although it could not completely make up for the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique’s lack of speed like the Soaring Immortal Physique, it was still much swifter than Ye Sha.

Ye Sha was scared out of his wits when he saw Li Qiye get right behind him with such ease. He unleashed a slash as fast as lightning towards Li Qiye, but Li Qiye easily evaded it.

The Kun Peng suddenly leapt into the air and the Dark Space Transformation came out. With an unbelievable speed, Li Qiye easily closed the distance between the two of them and appeared right behind Ye Sha.

He then stomped on Ye Sha’s back without having to use the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique. His normal strength and speed were more than sufficient.


With a deafening bang, Ye Sha was stomped down hard into the ground, creating a deep pit on the street.

The crisp sounds of bones breaking appeared. This kick destroyed numerous bones in his body as his back caved in, leaving him with only a thread of life. Nevertheless, Ye Sha did not dare to stop. He gritted his teeth and turned into smoke yet again to escape with his top speed.

“What happened?” Ye Sha slamming into the street had alarmed many young cultivators in Midtown. They came out to see what was going on and noticed the chase.

Seeing the drifting smoke, someone instantly recognized Ye Sha: “That… is Ye Sha, right?”

Many young cultivators were in disbelief while watching such a scene. Ye Sha was an expert assassin, a famous killer amongst the younger generation. Today, he was running for his life while being hunted down by someone. Who would believe such a tale?

After seeing Li Qiye, someone who had participated in the auction recognized him: “Isn’t that… the human brat?”

Many people became astonished. At that time, they didn’t respect Li Qiye at all; these young geniuses felt that a human brat like Li Qiye was just a weakling. In the eastern Nether Border, the human race was a weak ethnic group so the ghost race didn’t put them in their sight.

“Truly… unbelievable.” But now, watching Ye Sha running away from Li Qiye like a stray dog left them stunned.

With one hand hugging Qiurong Wanxue, Li Qiye easily chased after Ye Sha like a cat hunting a mouse.

“How far do you think you’ll get?” Li Qiye asked with a smile. He then shot out a finger beam.

“Pluff!” Ye Sha never had the chance to dodge. “Ahh!!” With a cry, blood spurted out after Li Qiye pierced Ye Sha’s chest with his finger strike.

Ye Sha screamed out in pain, but he still didn’t dare to stop dragging his bloodied body while trying to escape.

Qiurong Wanxue was frozen and forgot that she was being hugged by Li Qiye. Ye Sha was a famous assassin in the Sacred Nether World; he alone could easily massacre the entire Snow-shadow Tribe while no one could stop him.

But now, against Li Qiye, Ye Sha had become a stray dog without the strength to resist.

“This… Just what is the identity of this human brat? How could he be so domineering?” The spectating young cultivators all changed their expressions. They then followed them to witness the outcome.

In fact, such surprise was quite normal. Ye Sha’s cultivation was really strong, at least amongst the younger generation. Unfortunately for him, Li Qiye was someone who could kill Heavenly Sovereigns. Moreover, Ye Sha lacked emperor laws and Immortal Emperor Life Treasures. No matter how strong he was, he still couldn’t compete against Li Qiye.

Within the same realm, cultivators who cultivated emperor laws and possessed Immortal Emperor Life Treasures would easily suppress their opponents. Even opponents one level higher would not be able to escape this fate.

“Bang!” Eventually, Ye Sha dragged his battered body into a pavilion and exclaimed: “Brother Mo, save me!” He then collapsed after uttering these words.

Someone helped him up. This was Mo Lidao, the descendant of the Sky-devil Gate. They had a deep friendship so at the moment of life and death, Ye Sha ran to find him.

After propping up Ye Sha, Mo Lidao noticed that Li Qiye had already reached this place, so his expression turned sour.

Mo Lidao let Ye Sha into the room and then immediately blocked the entrance. Li Qiye laughed and stood in the sky while gazing down at Mo Lidao before declaring: “Hand Ye Sha over!”

Mo Lidao replied with a deep tone: “Junior, dying is only having one’s head fall to the ground — not a big deal. If you want to resolve your grievances with Brother Ye Sha, then wait for another day. Brother Ye Sha can’t see you tonight!” [1. I could have modified this entire line a lot more to make it more English friendly, but I chose to keep the original phrase. So the first is an idiom from “Dream of the Red Chamber”, one of the four great classics. It has a couple different meanings, but all of them strive for the same goal of asking your enemy to leave. The first is that dying is nothing to be afraid of, so do not push us since we will fight to the very end. The second is that if the opponent has already bowed his head down to the ground and apologized, then it is the same as dying (head hitting the ground), so why not just forgive them and let it go. The third is that when one has reached their goal, do not push it any further/burn all the bridges beyond repair. So in this particular line, Mo Lidao is saying not to push it too much for they were not afraid of death, and Ye Sha was already gravely injured or punished. The second line about Ye Sha not being able to see him tonight is more of a conversational way of rejecting an audience, and this was harder to translate since the idea behind the text itself is different on a cultural/conversational level.]

Ye Sha was part of the Blood Race while Mo Lidao came from the Heavenly Devil Race; these two races had always maintained good relations, especially with the alliance between the Nightwalker Sect and the Sky-devil Gate in the southern Distant Cloud. This alliance was essential because the demon race and human race were very powerful in this region. Emperor’s lineages such as the Thousand Carp River and the Simple Mountain Immortal Kingdom were all heritages that consisted of humans, demons, and charming spirits.

Because of this, the Blood Race, the Stone Golems, and the Heavenly Devils had to form an alliance in this region. Now that Ye Sha came running for help, Mo Lidao couldn’t just let him be.

Li Qiye laughed and shook his head in response: “That is impossible. Once someone provokes me, there is only one path for them — death. However, he does have two choices. He can either die in a swift and painless manner or die an agonizing death!”

“Such a big tone!” Mo Lidao’s expression sank as he coldly declared with a sharp gaze: “Junior, take a step back and appreciate the boundless open vistas! You should know that this is not the southern Distant Cloud, it is the Nether Border! The world of the ghost race!”

Mo Lidao made a blatant threat. He was a genius of the younger generation and had quite a few friends from the ghost race.

Li Qiye leisurely smiled and said: “So what if it is the Nether Border? Although the Nine Worlds are vast, I am free to tread where I please. I will come and go as I wish no matter the location!”

“Such blustering!” The Divine Spark Prince had also arrived at this time. He was antagonistic towards Ye Sha so he would not aid a foe. However, Li Qiye’s words annoyed the prince, not to mention that Li Qiye ruined his business earlier — this had been clearly engraved in his mind. Now, the prince couldn’t help but sneer after hearing such an arrogant proclamation.

Golden Child had arrived as well along with many other young geniuses who were attracted by the commotion.

Under the watchful eyes of so many, Qiurong Wanxue, being held by Li Qiye, felt her body becoming hot as her cheeks started to blush. Li Qiye ignored the prince. He looked at Mo Lidao and demanded: “My patience is limited. Quickly hand over Ye Sha to avoid making a mistake.”

“A mistake?” Mo Lidao proudly laughed and then stepped forward with a bold aura.

“Buzzz!” His body then released two divine rings.

“He really is a Little Sovereign!” Seeing the two divine rings shoot out from Mo Lidao’s body, many youths became alarmed. Mo Lidao being able to reach the Little Sovereign realm at such a young age meant that he was definitely an amazing genius.

[spoiler title='447 Teaser']Ye Sha was an assassin so, in a split second, he aimed to grip Qiurong Wanxue by the neck in order to finish her in one blow.

His cultivation was also much stronger than Qiurong’s so the moment he reached out, she couldn’t block it even if she wanted to.

However, before his palm could reach her neck, it suddenly stopped in mid air. Another hand quietly clasped his wrist.

Li Qiye was standing by the bed as if he had always been there.[/spoiler]