Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 4462: Accepting The Ancestor

Chapter 4462: Accepting The Ancestor

Chapter 4462: Accepting The Ancestor

They came in and saw Li Qiye which prompted further confusion. Various emotions emerged - surprise and perhaps disappointment.

They hoped that this would be the abode of an ancient ancestor - an aged cultivator with a dignified aura.

Alas, this person was too young and ordinary. Most importantly, they used their heavenly gaze and could see his cultivation.

Is he our ancient ancestor? A disciple asked softly.

No one could answer. Given the first impression, they believed that he was not an ancient ancestor.

Alas, it would be too hasty to come to a conclusion. It would be disrespectful if it turned out otherwise.

Clan Master An expert asked.

Sir, is this your home? Clan Master Wu bowed slightly and asked.

Li Qiye didnt answer or move at all.

The group exchanged glances and didnt know what to do. Mistakenly accepting an outsider as an ancient ancestor could turn them into laughingstocks, a detriment to their clans reputation.

Ancestor, what do you think? The clan master asked his senior.

Wise Ancestor contemplated quietly. He had no impression of an ancient ancestor from their clan resembling this youth.

Nonetheless, he held onto a sliver of hope because finding an ancient ancestor would be rather significant for them right now.

Maybe this fellow daoist is just training here right now, its a coincidence. One youth said.

After all, this place didnt belong to any sect so anyone could train here.

Take out our records, find out if we have an ancient ancestor resembling him. An expert whispered.

The clan master agreed with this: Right, Ill do it.

He took out a thick book made from the strings of ice-jade silkworms. It had yellow spots and other defects - a sign of its age.

He flipped through the pages and focused on the ancestral portion - their ancient ancestors and their deeds. Moreover, some had portraits as well.

Due to its age, the lines have become faint but were still somewhat discernible.

Not there. After one attempt, the clan master said.

Yes, seems like hes just another fellow daoist training here. One expert agreed.

Many nodded in agreement. In fact, the clan master thought so too. This wasnt his first time reading the ancient book.

This youth didnt resemble any of their ancient ancestors. He merely checked again just to be sure.

Not necessarily. Wise Ancestor borrowed the book and went to the last section with many empty pages still. The compiler didnt finish the book or perhaps left room for more additions.

One page stood out in this section. It had an incomplete portrait but one could still see that it depicted a youth.

Next to it was the start of a character. This made it seem as if the compiler wanted to write a description but refrained from doing so.

This is it, Ive seen this before. The ancestors expression became serious.

Hmm The clan master was moved as well and raised the book in order to compare it to the meditating Li Qiye.

It included very few lines and they have become faint. It was unclear whether this was due to the books age or that the artist purposely did so. Calling it a portrait was an exaggeration since it only contained the cheek. This made the clan master question. Did the compiler forget or not know the persons face? Or was it because of some other reasons?

The clan master leaned back and forth to check from various angles. He concluded: Doesnt look like him.

The group started doing the same.

I think they look familiar. Another had a different opinion.

All in all, it was impossible to come to a clear conclusion about whether this drawing depicts this youth or not.

Can this just be a coincidence? One of them wondered.

What if were wrong? An older expert said. Accepting a fake into their clan as an ancient ancestor would be rather dangerous.

Its best to be careful. The damage can be immense to our clan. An old man said.

Why do the last few pages only have this drawing? Someone else asked.

The book contained information about their history and ancient ancestors. On the other hand, this incomplete portrait was included in its own section. Was the compiler just having fun?

Its there for a reason. Wise Ancestor said: The compiler of this book is Benevolent Ancestor who takes history very seriously. Hes well known to be an erudite historian, he wont casually leave behind a random drawing.

The older cultivators agreed with Wise Ancestor. Benevolent Ancestor was renowned in their clan for both his knowledge and his stoic personality.

I dont know what to do then. The clan master hesitated.

We recognize him as our ancient ancestor. Wise Ancestor thought about it and gritted his teeth.

Really? The clan master thought that this might be too rash.

Yes. Wise Ancestor insisted.

The clan master took a deep breath and glanced at the other elders. They were at a loss as well.