Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 410: Yin Yang Pond

Chapter 410: Yin Yang Pond

Chapter 410: Yin Yang Pond

“Girl, you haven’t even married yet, but you are already acting like an old housewife. Do you really want to marry me that badly?” Li Qiye smiled and teased after seeing her posture with her hands on her waist.

At this time, Lan Yunzhu finally realized her rude appearance, so she became quite embarrassed. She angrily stomped her foot and said with exasperation: “Little Devil, I won’t forget this!” Then she immediately ran out.

After she left, even Lu Baiqiu had to softly remark: “Young Noble, Fairy Zhu definitely likes you!”

Li Qiye only smiled in response. Without saying anything, he began to contemplate while gazing towards the distance.

Seeing him in such a state, Lu Baiqiu also silently took her leave and didn’t bother him any longer.

The Yin Yang Pond was located on an island deep within the Thousand Carp Lake. The pond itself was not very large; it had an area of more than ten acres. However, its location was very special due to being at the center of the lake.

It was just as mysterious and was filled with unknowns like the Thousand Carp River. Although it was not that large, one could not see the bottom. The river sect once had Virtuous Paragons who tried to reach the bottom, but they were unsuccessful.

While standing in front of the pond, no one would be able to tell that this lake was somehow different. The water was very clear and lacked distinct qualities compared to an ordinary pond.

However, once an expert opened their heavenly gaze for a closer look, they would find that the water inside the pond was clearly separated; to the right was Extreme Yang Water while the left was Extreme Yin Water.

Extreme Yang Water was extremely clear; it was as if this water had boiled away all the impurities within. In contrast, Extreme Yin Water was as dazzling as ice. A quick glance would make people confuse it with a piece of a glacier instead of flowing water.

The intersection where the two types of liquid met consisted of a glue-like liquid that emitted a faint water vapor.

From the looks of it, both of these types of water behaved the same as regular water, but with just the slightest bit of contact with a drop of these liquids, one would find that the Extreme Yin Water could instantly encase someone in ice while the Extreme Yang Water could melt their body.

As such, the pond was an extremely strange place. There were some long and thin water grasses growing along the bottom of the pond. If ordinary eyes couldn’t discern the Extreme Yin and Yang Waters, then they could see these grasses to distinguish the two types of water.

The water grasses growing within the Extreme Yin Water were as black as iron. With just one glance, one could feel the cold air that emanated from them. Meanwhile, the water grasses floating in the Extreme Yang Water were as red as gold. One could sense its melting heat. What was even more wondrous was that when these two water grasses made contact at the intersection, in a split second, the two types of grasses would combine into one. With Yin and Yang, it would give birth to strands of laws that emitted blinding lights. These little strands of laws would then intertwine into a single unit.

The moment the two types of grasses joined together, that would be when this extremely rare and precious treasure was formed — Yin Yang Immortal Sungrass.

The Yin Yang Immortal Sungrass was quite an item since it could replace many rare herbs and serve as the main ingredient for life-prolonging pills.

The deeper the grasses were, the more precious they would be. There was a rumor floating around in the Thousand Carp River stating that the immortal sungrass found at the bottom of the pond was comparable to mythical immortal medicines!

On this day, the elders of the river sect all gathered next to the Yin Yang Pond. There was no shortage of disciples participating as witnesses.

In fact, every once in awhile, there would be people responsible for going into the pond to pluck immortal sungrass. Moreover, it required two people to complete this task.

Today, Daoist Bao Gui specifically ordered for two protectors to compete against Li Qiye. The two protectors were both experienced immortal sungrass pluckers and could even be referred to as masters within this domain.

“How about we use a day as the time limit? Whoever catches more will be the victor.” Daoist Bao Gui spoke.

Li Qiye looked at the Yin Yang Pond before him and revealed a faint smile before speaking: “I have no problems with this, one day it is!”

“Young Noble Li should understand that catching immortal sungrass requires two people. Who will your assistant be?” Daoist Bao Gui asked.

“Her.” Li Qiye smilingly pointed at Lan Yunzhu right next to him and declared: “We’ll catch the immortal sungrass together.”

“No!” Some disciples from the river sect immediately rejected Li Qiye’s proposal. In fact, a few elders were also against it, especially Elder Lin. He then spoke coldly: “Yunzhu is a disciple of our sect; if you want an assistant, you have to find someone else.”

Li Qiye lazily looked at him and said: “Elder Lin, it is true that Yunzhu is a disciple of your sect, but don’t forget, she is also my fiancee!”

Lan Yunzhu became irritated but was helpless. This matter had already become the truth!

“Wait until you pass the trials, then you can start saying such things!” Elder Lin snorted with a chilling glare. Right now, his disciple was still lying on his bed, incapacitated, so as his master, Elder Lin wanted to kill this brat at this very second!

“Very well, then Yunzhu can lend you a hand.” Daoist Bao Gui nodded his head and spoke with a deepened tone.

“Sect Master, this isn’t right.” Many protectors and elders were not happy with such a decision, so they couldn’t help but voice their disagreement.

Daoist Bao Gui gently motioned his hand and said: “We sent out protectors — this is already quite an advantage. Although Yunzhu is a disciple of our sect, she is not an expert in catching immortal sungrass. Since they are engaged, it is quite reasonable for Yunzhu to lend him a hand.”

In the end, Daoist Bao Gui was still protecting Lan Yunzhu and was on her side.

“We shall start then!” Daoist Bao Gui overpowered the crowd and told the two protectors along with Li Qiye.

The two protectors didn’t say anything and immediately took action. One of them stepped into the Extreme Yin Water. The moment his sleeve met this Yin water, it was immediately frozen. In just a split second, each of his divine rings opened and began to block the cold energy from the Yin water as he slowly dived into the depths.

As for the protector on the Yang side, his sleeve was immediately burnt to ashes by the water. Although he was an amazing Heavenly Sovereign, he still had to immediately summon a treasure. It poured down a cold energy like a waterfall and protected him in an airtight manner as it combated the heat of the Yang water.

Once they reached a certain depth, they immediately no longer dared to descend any further since they would no longer be able to withstand it. At this particular depth, one of the protectors turned pale since he was penetrated by the cold air. At the same time, the other had to shoulder the heat as sweatdrops as big as beans dripped down his skin.

At this moment, they stared intensely at the water plants slowly floating up from the bottom. The moment when two strips of water grasses slowly reached the intersection, both of them held their breaths. In just flash, the two strips combined together into a Yin Yang Immortal Sungrass, and the two protectors immediately took action. One person manipulated the Extreme Yin Water while the other controlled the Extreme Yang Water. The two vortexes of water suddenly became chains that tried to lock onto the immortal sungrass. Moreover, the vortex of Extreme Yin Water tried to bind the root of the golden grass while the vortex of Extreme Yang Water bound the black grassroot.

“Clank!” However, they lost their focus for just a moment and the Yin Yang Immortal Sungrass immediately broke the chains, fleeing instantly.

The immortal sungrass was an extremely powerful medicine. Only the extreme waters were capable of binding them. Even those who reached a divine state would still be unable to catch them without using these waters.

Nevertheless, the two of them were experts. Despite their first attempt being ineffective, they were able to catch four Yin Yang Immortal Sungrass right afterward.

“Amazing.” Li Qiye laughed and told the glaring Lan Yunzhu: “It is our turn now.” Having said that, he grabbed Lan Yunzhu’s slender hand.

“What are you doing—” Holding hands in front of everyone caused Lan Yunzhu to be both embarrassed and angry.

However, the disciples present were even more enraged as they glared at Li Qiye. A few elders showed their dissatisfaction with a scowl.

“Do you trust me?” Amidst her raging temper, Li Qiye suddenly asked a strange question.

“Boom!” But before she could answer, Li Qiye immediately dragged her into the Yin Yang Pond. Moreover, they jumped into the intersection of the two water currents.

The moment they jumped into the water, suddenly, it became both hot and cold at the same time. Lan Yunzhu channeled her merit law in order to block the extreme waters.

“Dive down!” Li Qiye immediately pulled her down and said.

Lan Yunzhu could only listen to Li Qiye. Their speed of descent was extremely fast as they instantly disappeared into the pond.

“What are they trying to do!?” Seeing Li Qiye suddenly pulling Lan Yunzhu down to the bottom of the pond, everyone became startled. Keep in mind that even Virtuous Paragons were not able to reach the bottom.

“Hmph, foolish thing. He actually believes that he can dive down!” Elder Lin snorted.

Even Daoist Bao Gui grimaced and couldn’t help but worry for his disciple. As the sect master, he naturally knew about the dangers of the Yin Yang Pond.

Li Qiye carried Lan Yunzhu along and dived down at a very fast rate. Although the two of them were very strong, they still weren’t able to withstand the extreme heat and cold at a certain depth.

At this point. Li Qiye took out the Yin Yang Refining Immortal Mirror, and the Yin Yang Fishes immediately jumped out from inside. The fishes then playfully swam around them as if this was their natural habitat.

“Is this an Immortal Emperor True Treasure?” Lan Yunzhu was astonished to see the mirror. She was someone who was capable of discerning treasures very proficiently.

“It is not, but it is not necessarily weaker than a true treasure.” Li Qiye answered while holding the mirror, then he dived down even further under the protection of the Yin Yang Fishes.

[spoiler title='410 Teaser']“Girl, you still haven’t married yet, but you are already acting like an old housewife. Do you really want to marry me that badly?” Li Qiye smiled and teased after seeing her posture with her hands on her waist.

At this time, Lan Yunzhu finally realized her rude appearance, so she became quite embarrassed. She angrily stomped her foot and said with exasperation: “Little Devil, I won’t forget this!” Then she immediately ran out.

After she left, even Lu Baiqiu had to softly remark: “Young Noble, Fairy Zhu definitely likes you!”[/spoiler]