Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 355: One Thought Creating Myriad Physiques

Chapter 355: One Thought Creating Myriad Physiques

Chapter 355: One Thought Creating Myriad Physiques

This heavenly immortal scripture was created after Li Qiye put in a countless amount of effort. It could be said that throughout the countless ages, after he obtained the Physique Scripture, he had always been trying to create an unprecedented miracle!

After millions of years of numerous attempts and research, he was finally successful with the Black Dragon King. He had created a miracle never-before-seen by anyone else.

“One Thought Creating Myriad Physiques!” Li Qiye gently sighed in his mind. Through years of arduous undertakings, he had finally created the most peerless immortal scripture in this world.

Seeing this scene, Zi Cuining couldn’t help but become stunned. She took out this box from the Little Sea Village and was quite surprised because it was personally sealed by her ancestor. The preciousness of the item inside could only be imagined.

But at this moment, the true value of this box was not with the item inside, it was within the black dragon seal. The box itself was only a ruse to fool others.

“Correct, this is the essential part.” Li Qiye noticed Zi Cuining’s thoughts and nodded his head: “Moreover, outside of your ancestor, only I can unseal this lock.”

“What is it?” Zi Cuining couldn’t help but ask.

Li Qiye didn’t directly answer her. He only smiled: “Throughout his life, what was your ancestor’s most powerful art?”

“The Heaven Protector Dao!” Zi Cuining immediately answered without any hesitation. In fact, her ancestor’s Heaven Protector Dao was feared by even Immortal Emperors!

“Wrong.” Li Qiye shook his head and said: “The Heaven Protector Dao is something your ancestor researched later on in order to leave behind something for his descendants. Your ancestor was invincible not because of his Heaven Protector Dao, but because of his dual Immortal Physiques!”

“Dual Immortal Physiques?” Upon hearing this, she became stunned for a moment. At this time, she suddenly realized something, but she did not dare to give it any more thought.

“That’s right, one body with two Immortal Physiques, two grand completion Immortal Physiques!” Li Qiye nodded his head and stated. One Thought Creating Myriad Physiques — this was the immortal scripture created by Li Qiye after he spent an eternity of research, and he used this scripture on the Black Dragon King.

“Impossible—” Zi Cuining uttered her thought. At the moment, she was aghast despite the fact that she had seen many miracles before!

Li Qiye revealed a wide smile and said: “But your ancestor made it possible! He was the only one across the ages to have dual grand completion Immortal Physiques — this was his pride!”

“This… How was it possible?” Zi Cuining was frozen for a while. One grand completion Immortal Physique was already unreachable. Legend states that a powerful Virtuous Paragon with a grand completion Immortal Physique could already oppose an Immortal Emperor.

What kind of existence was someone with dual Immortal Physiques? Since time immemorial, no one had ever heard of someone cultivating two different Immortal Physiques because it was an impossible matter due to having only one body!

“Your ancestor was a tyrant for three generations. Immortal Emperor Qian Li, Immortal Emperor Yin Tian, and later on, even Immortal Emperor Ta Kong’s Heaven’s Will was torn apart by your ancestor! Did you think your Heaven Protector Dao was enough to instill fear upon Immortal Emperors?” Li Qiye smilingly said.

The dazed Zi Cuining couldn’t say anything. Everyone knew that the Heaven’s Will was torn apart in that ultimate battle. It didn’t matter who won or lost because tearing apart the Heaven’s Will was already a marvel for the ages! Ask the heavens, who could actually accomplish such a deed?”

“Very few people know about this secret. Even only Gu Zun and a few others in your Heaven Protector City know about this!” Li Qiye nonchalantly said. [1. Reminder, Gu Zun is the highest ancestor of the Heaven Protector City at this moment.]

Zi Cuining calmed down and couldn’t help but gaze intensely at Li Qiye, then she asked: “How are you related to my ancestor?”

“I am not an illegitimate son of your ancestor nor am I a descendant sealed by him to come into being at this time.” Li Qiye smiled and knew that Zi Cuining would think that this was the case. He shook his head to say: “Your ancestor only loved one person throughout his entire life!”

Zi Cuining took a deep breath and was reluctant to ask about this mysterious matter that couldn’t be solved by anyone.

“Take out the Black Dragon Spear.” Li Qiye commanded.

Zi Cuining gave the Black Dragon Spear to Li Qiye without too much thought.

“Clankkk—” The Black Dragon Spear in Li Qiye’s hand turned into the Immortal’s Blood Spear.

Li Qiye stared at her and said: “You should understand something. You did not follow your ancestor’s Heaven Protector Dao at a young age because, on your path, the Heaven Protector Dao is but a leaf on a branch. Do you know why?”

“I heard that it was the will of the ancestor!” In fact, she didn't understand why her ancestor declared her as the inheritor even though they were thirty thousand years apart. Could it be that the ancestor could divine the future?

Li Qiye simply smiled and didn’t reveal the truth. At this time, a ripple appeared in his mind as a universal law appeared on his forehead and shot out onto the Immortal’s Blood Spear.

A sanguine brilliance suddenly appeared on the spear. This brilliance and Li Qiye’s universal law came together and turned into an immortal rune that was engraved onto the spear’s body.

“Clank!” Li Qiye clapped his hands together, and the Immortal’s Blood Spear turned into the Black Dragon Spear once more. He returned it to Zi Cuining and then said: “The grand dao of the Immortal’s Blood Spear is the correct future path for you. One day, you will stand at the apex and be able to kill gods and devils! Carefully study it ah! When the day comes where you grow to such a level, if there are immortals in this world, then you shall be able to slay them!”

Having heard this, Zi Cuining couldn’t prevent herself from showing her astonishment. Killing immortals! These words were not just from the legends nor was it an exaggeration! After taking a deep breath, she asked with curiosity: “Why don’t you cultivate it?”

The Immortal’s Blood Spear was an unbeatable weapon and the path of immortal killing was the ultimate ferocious dao, but Li Qiye returned it to her! If it was someone else, surely they would have kept it for themselves.

Li Qiye stayed silent for a moment before he finally uttered: “I’ve grown weary!” One answer with multiple meanings, but it was not important whether Zi Cuining understood the implicit meanings or not.

This spear was stained with immortal blood throughout numerous massacres. The past was too heavy and Li Qiye didn’t want to remember it, thus he didn’t like keeping the spear by his side.

Zi Cuining put away the spear and silently left.

However, before she departed, Li Qiye asked: “How was your battle with Jikong Wudi.”

“He is indeed worthy of being Immortal Emperor Ta Kong’s descendant.” Zi Cuining answered: “It was a shame that before the victor could be determined, we were expelled from the space. He had already left when I landed outside. If we fight again, I will surely defeat him.”

“That is a matter of course.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “Your Immortal’s Blood Spear can even pierce the throat of an Immortal Emperor, so a mere descendant is nothing. Next time, use the Immortal’s Blood Spear instead of the Black Dragon Spear!”

Zi Cuining nodded her head and left. However, she was still staying at the Heavenly Dao Academy.

When it came to attracting attention, she was right behind Mei Suyao and Jikong Wudi. And after the two of them left the academy, Zi Cuining became the center of the limelight.

However, contrary to Mei Suyao and Jikong Wudi, Zi Cuining was a person who trod on a solitary path with a terrorizing aura, so no one dared to go near her.

Mei Suyao came into this world to cultivate and preach the dao. It could be said that wherever she went, such places became lively.

Jikong Wudi had the will to rule this world so he purposefully recruited many followers. His path always had the presence of a great force.

However, Zi Cuining trod alone. Anyone who wanted to get close would become breathless from her aura. Her title suited her very well. [2. 鎮, Zhen can mean calm/suppress/guard. I chose Heaven Protector in the beginning so I won’t change the name now, but the name also means Heaven Suppressing Goddess.]

Outside of meeting with Li Qiye, she rarely showed herself during her stay at the academy.

Although she was arrogant, no one dared to mess with her. Not to mention the younger generation, even the great lineages wouldn’t want to mess with the Heaven Protector City.

After Zi Cuining left, Li Qiye stayed in his room to meditate. His six palaces appeared to form a domain led by the master palace.

His True fate inside the master palace was like the tyrant of this domain — noble and unreachable as it encompassed these nine heavens. It could be said that within his domain, this True Fate was the pinnacle of all existences, and its one thought was capable of deciding life and death.

The dao foundation built by the Kun Peng’s Six Variants was majestic and boundless. Sometimes, it would turn into an immortal citadel, a divine palace, or a gigantic Kun Peng. It flew around and protected the True Fate.

This was different from the previous dao foundation. Universal laws became divine orders that were able to create a divine world and channel the ultimate profundity of myriad dao.

The more shocking matter was that this dao foundation was filled with primordial energy as if it was created before the formation of the heaven and earth. This dao foundation was much more perfect and mystical. It showed the signs of becoming one; it was as if Li Qiye’s grand dao was also turning into one solitary truth that was without any flaws or defects.

This dao foundation did not look like it was created after the heavens, but more like it was naturally formed. Anyone would be shocked after seeing such a dao foundation.

No matter how great a genius was, they would have certain flaws when cultivating on the path to the grand dao. In the end, the grand dao was long and arduous, and no one could guarantee that a problem would not occur.