Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 132 : Secret of the Jewel Pillar Sacred School (2)

Chapter 132 : Secret of the Jewel Pillar Sacred School (2)

Chapter 132 : Secret of the Jewel Pillar Sacred School (2)

Chen Baojiao was a beauty capable of causing the downfall of cities and countries, a femme fatale that stole the souls of people, someone who incited mouth-watering greed. In close proximity, her particularly towering well-rounded breasts that were faintly showing caused others to feel overwhelming emotions.

Li Qiye smiled and came closer. Using an indescribable rhythm, he gently blew next to her ear. He spoke words that were both poisonous and tempting:

“Do you know what the rarest Physique in this world is?”

Finished speaking, he gently and unexpectedly nibbled on her earlobe.


Chen Baojiao was like a cat that had its tail stepped on; she screamed and jumped far away. Suddenly, her jade-like body was hot like the surging of a hot spring. This feeling struck through all of her senses.

At this point, Chen Baojiao’s face was blushed red like the sunset. She angrily shouted at Li Qiye:

“Little, Little Demon, do you want to be beaten!?”

Her current appearance was soul destroying. Anyone who saw such a charming and supreme allure couldn’t help but become smitten.

“It truly is this physique, the Chen Clan’s heritage, ah.”

Li Qiye enjoyed the beauty of Chen Baojiao and calmly smiled.

Finally, Chen Baojiao managed to stabilize her thoughts. She coldly glared at Li Qiye and spoke:

“Little Demon, you better give me an explanation, or I will not forgive you!”

Regarding Chen Baojiao’s outburst, Li Qiye didn’t seem to mind, and he smiled:

“Based on your situation, to be able to reach the Named Hero rank, this means that you spent ten times more effort compared to others. Let me guess, you are absolutely not willing. Regarding talents, you are not too bad, but your cultivation, time after time, was insufficient…”

“You are very confused about this matter. Because you hoped others wouldn’t consider you a flower vase with big breasts and no brains, you crazily cultivated! A young girl, to be able to spend so much effort on cultivating, it truly is not easy. Even though you have reached the Named Hero rank, you are not willing to settle for this because you paid far more than just this.”

Chen Baojiao’s face changed and her heart was alarmed. This was incredible because Li Qiye seemed as if he could see through her.

“You, where did you hear this from!?”

Chen Baojiao exclaimed:

“You, did you send someone to spy on me!”

Li Qiye shook his head and smiled:

“Spy on you? Where are you going with your thoughts? I am not one of your suitors and definitely not one of your admirers, why would I need to spy on you? The reason why I know is simple, I guessed.”

Li Qiye looked at the startled and uncertain Chen Baojiao, then he continued:

“Let me guess again. When you were practicing your Fate Merit, there was another problem. Your chest became swollen and sore, and your lower body was tightly shut as if there was a jade spring surging, and this disturbed your mind. Moreover, your blood energy became stagnated, and your True Fate’s absorption of the world’s essence was blocked!”

“Yo-ou, you little rascal…”

Hearing Li Qiye’s words, Chan Baojiao jumped far away and looked at Li Qiye in horror. She subconsciously protected her chest, as if it was being stared down by Li Qiye.

Seeing Chen Baojiao looking like a frightened kitten, Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh and shook his head:

“Why are you so nervous? I am not peeking at you. Plus, do you think anyone else would actually know these matters?”

Chen Baojiao was afraid and indecisive. The words that Li Qiye had previously said could be found out by spying on the Chen Clan, but his words just now couldn’t come from anyone else!

Cultivation was a very personal thing. And a matter like hers was even more private. She couldn’t tell others, not even the people closest to her!

“How do you know this?”

Chen Baojiao anxiously looked at Li Qiye as she asked the question. Under his gaze, she felt as if she was naked with no secrets at all.

Li Qiye shook his head and spoke:

“This isn’t important. What is important is that you have the Tyrannical Valley Immortal Spring Physique! Because you were born with this Physique, it led you to the current situation. This is why your blood energy is stagnated, and your True Fate is blocked! Even though your talents aren’t bad, but no matter how much effort you put in, you will never find a suitable Physique Merit Law. You will never be able to step into the Virtuous Paragon realm, or even the Heavenly King realm!”

“The Tyrannical Valley Immortal Spring Physique?”

Chen Baojiao memorized this name, but she had never heard of this Physique before.

Li Qiye smiled and said:

“It is not strange that you haven’t heard of this Physique. Your Chen Clan’s ancestral grandmother didn’t tell her descendants because this Physique essentially was impossible to appear again. Its possibility of appearance is even lower than an Immortal Physique!”

“Who are you?”

Chen Baojiao, in her shocked state, stared at Li Qiye and asked.

“Me? The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect’s prime disciple, Li Qiye.”

Li Qiye grinned and sat down on a rock nearby. Then, he patted the spot next to him and said:

“Come sit down, talk with me about your Chen Clan.”

Chen Baojiao stared at Li Qiye, who was even younger than her. This seemingly harmless young man astonished her. He was unfathomably frightening.

Eventually, she slowly went over and sat down next to Li Qiye with some caution, then she coldly said:

“What do you want to say?”

Seeing Chen Baojiao acting as if she was afraid of a thief, Li Qiye couldn’t help but chuckle. Then, he leisurely said:

“There is no need to be so alarmed, we will just talk about family things.”

He looked at Chen Baojiao and continued:

“How is your Chen Clan right now in the Jewel Pillar Sacred School? Is it still ruling over the Jade Valley Country?”

“Ruling the Jade Valley Country?”

Chen Baojiao bitterly responded:

“The Jewel Pillar Sacred School is in control of the Jade Valley Country. My Chen Clan is only a Regional Monarch of one direction inside the Jade Valley Country, our jurisdiction is no more than one hundred thousand miles.”

In the past, her Chen Clan’s ancestor was the Progenitor of the Jewel Pillar Sacred School, and the Jade Valley Country belonged to her clan. Unfortunately, their Chen Clan had declined for a very long time. Even as the first branch of the Jewel Pillar Sacred School, at the moment, they could only be a Regional Monarch of one direction.

Even though Chen Bao Jian was a princess, it was only bestowed to her later since she had values that could be exploited. Dao Child Shengtian wanted to marry her, and the Jewel Pillar Sacred School wanted to be in-laws with the Heavenly God Sect. To the school, the ancestor of the Heavenly God Sect was a powerful backing! This was why, she, who was only a regional princess, became an official princess. It was only so that she would be worthy of Dao Child Shengtian.

To the school and to the country, she was only a tool for political marriage! She vehemently opposed this marriage and was not willing to be married to Dao Child Shengtian.

However, growing up in the Jewel Pillar Sacred School and living in the Jade Valley Country, in such a powerful heritage, her face was not her own. Even when her parents wanted to shelter her, they were still not able to be the masters of this matter.

“One can only say that your ancestors were too honest.”

Li Qiye slightly shook his head and said:

“It is a shame for your ancestral grandmother’s efforts. In the end, even her dowry is gone. However, the good news is that at least her first branch is still lasting till this day.”

“What is the meaning behind your words?”

Hearing this, Chen Baojiao asked as she stared at Li Qiye with a bit of perplexity.

Li Qiye revealed a wide smile and said:

“Do you feel that your Chen Clan is named after your ancestor, or your ancestral grandmother?”

“Of course it was from my ancestor, his surname is Chen!”

Chen Baojiao angrily exclaimed:

“This is clearly written on the family’s historical annal.”

“This is where you are wrong.”

Li Qiye shook his head and said:

“To be exact, your ancestor followed the surname of your ancestral grandmother. At that time, your ancestor’s surname was not Chen. Even though he was born at the very bottom, he was not a bad man. His only flaw was that he was too honest of a person. That year, your ancestral grandmother was from the royal family of the Jade Valley Country. She was originally a princess and then became the Empress of the Jade Valley Country. Later on, your ancestral grandmother married your ancestor, and he was really in love with her, so he took her surname, Chen. They formed the first branch of your Chen Clan, and the vast territory of the entire Jade Valley Country became the dowry.”

Regarding her family name, she always thought that it was from her ancestor. However, regarding the legends of the Jade Valley Country, she truly had heard some rumors before that actually referred to the matter that the country belonged to her ancestral grandmother.

However, heritages and the origin of the Jade Valley Country were destroyed under the contemporary ruling party of the Jewel Pillar Sacred School. There were very few people that knew that the country originally belonged to the Chen Clan. They all assumed that after the Progenitor established the Jewel Pillar Sacred School, he then created the Jade Valley Country.

“Later on, your ancestor established the Jewel Pillar Sacred School.”

Li Qiye continued:

“This person, yah! Everything about him was excellent, outside of being too honest. He said that whoever was the wisest will be the ruler for the Jewel Pillar Sacred School. Unfortunately, in the end, your Chen Clan lost the school along with the country.”

Here, Li Qiye couldn’t help but sigh out of lamentation.

The Progenitor of the Jewel Pillar Sacred School and princess of the Jade Valley Country — this was a distant memory. Back then, when he was the Dark Crow, Li Qiye had met the Progenitor of the school when he was younger.

Seeing that this young man was not a bad person, he taught him a thing or two. However, at that point, he didn’t guide him to become an Immortal Emperor.

At that time, he was impressed by the princess, instead, and she even had the qualities to become an Immortal Emperor. Alas, she didn’t have any ambition. She only wanted to be a virtuous wife and a good mother.

Later on, as the Dark Crow, he made her form a vow and passed on to her the Tyrannical Valley Immortal Spring Physique! Even though she was a good candidate, her heart was not into becoming an Immortal Emperor. In the end, Li Qiye had to give up on grooming her.