Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1243: Dragon Sound

Chapter 1243: Dragon Sound

There was actually a skull in this black hole. It had been affected since it was completely black like ink and seemingly fused with the black hole itself.

Without looking closely, one wouldn’t be able to see the skull at all. Onlookers would be confused by this scene from not knowing whether if it was the skull that gave birth to the black hole or vice versa. Perhaps it was the skull that was absorbing all the light instead. People couldn’t distinguish the fundamental cause of this phenomenon.

It was very strange, and judging by its shape, it was definitely not a human skull. It was too bizarre for description. In short, its particular awkwardness was not in tune with the common perception of skulls. Because of this, the spectators became instinctively uncomfortable; it was as if the eye sockets were peering into their inner darkness. As one gazed longer at this black hole, they would eventually notice the skull even though it blended in so well.

Ruyan’s group found it quite strange. They felt the same dreadful sensation as the others as they were made aware of the darkness residing in their hearts. They had no choice but to look away from this horrifying spectacle.

Very few things could scare characters of their level. However, this skull had truly frightened them in an unbelievable manner.

“This…” Li Qiye’s eyes flashed while looking at this skull.

“Clank!” The Dao Sword appeared in his hand, then he threw it out.

An incredible thing happened. The Dao Sword was suspended in the air instead of falling down, completely contrary to the crowd’s expectations.

Many have tried before. Both life and true treasures or even foreign dao types were all useless. They quickly crumbled after leaving the ships. There was even one person who became quite greedy and used a Godking level weapon. One could imagine the consequences; to this cultivator’s dismay, his weapon fell into the darkness.

“Buzz!” Li Qiye emitted a dazzling light as if a layer of crystals encased his body. He suddenly jumped out of the boneship.

The rest of the group blurted in shock: “Careful!” The two girls turned pale with their hearts hanging by a thread.

After seeing this, the other cultivators murmured: “Is he insane?” Everyone knew that leaving the ship would result in them falling into the darkness regardless of how powerful they were.

However, nothing of that sort happened. Li Qiye’s bright body jumped onto the Dao Sword.

“Buzz!” The sword lit up and a sword path as black as ink was paved below his feet, heading towards the skull.

This sword dao made others feel a bit strange. Only truly powerful cultivators could detect this anomaly. The power of this space seemed to be suppressed. All returned to the origin under the presence of this sword; no other powers could exert their influence. Techniques, laws, and rules returned to a primordial state while their effects were no longer present…

At the same time, Li Qiye’s flashing body could avoid all powers that came from this space. Suppressions and curses couldn’t affect him.

“What is that sword?” Only people as strong as Ruyan’s group could tell that this path paved by his sword dao was extraordinary. Even the strongest could only wash their neck in preparation to be decapitated by this sword. Resistance was futile.

The Ancient Purity Blade on the daoist’s back was a supreme creation. However, as he looked at this dao path created by the sword, he became quite stirred. His intuition told him that his sword was completely inferior.

“This is so devilish, how can this be?” An old paragon stared at this spectacle in astonishment: “Even if the sword could carry him in this space, how is he withstanding its suppression? Even a Godking’s hand would be rendered to a bloody mist if they were to reach outside of the ship, but he is completely fine!”

This paragon has been to the Bonesea more than just once. He understood the power of the void very well. Once someone’s body was exposed to it, their flesh would be destroyed instantly.

But now, Li Qiye not only didn’t fall, he was also unharmed. People couldn’t believe their own eyes that were gazing at this demonic scene.

A charming spirit murmured: “Fierce is too damn freakish. No wonder why he dared to challenge Meng Zhentian. Maybe he is the only one in this generation that can compete against Zhentian for the Heaven’s Will.”

“I have heard of this merit law before.” Daoist Puresun was fairly knowledgeable for being from the four branches. When he saw Li Qiye’s body emitting that crystalline glow, he commented: “In the legends, Immortal Emperor Jing Yu from the Stone Medicine World created a certain Heaven’s Will Secret Law. It could avoid all powers and forms of offense. It is called the ‘Heaven’s Will Crystal Physique’, praised as the only technique in this world comparable to the Indestructible Diamond Physique.”

“The crystal physique, huh…” The two girls were startled. Even though they had never seen it before, they had heard of its fame.

At this time, Li Qiye was close to the black hole. He grabbed the skull, but it was as steady as a rock; he couldn’t shake or move it in the slightest.

“So many years have passed. The power in this strange place not only didn’t weaken, it actually grew even more powerful. It looks like a terrifying era is about to come to Heaven Spirit.” Having said that, he laughed and took out a large egg, the one from where he found the Myriad Star Water.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” A burst of ferocious bangs resounded. Li Qiye used the egg to mercilessly slam the black hole. His speed became faster and faster like a relentless storm.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The entire void quaked in the face of his barrage. It seemed that his attacks weren’t only smashing the black hole, they were striking the entire space.

“That crazy fool will shatter this entire space if he keeps on doing this!” Everyone paled from fear as the fabric of space became distorted. The ships were shaking as if they were trapped in a storm out at sea.

“Bang!” Under the wild smashing, something seemed to have come loose. Many people heard a click sound as if an item was coming off.

Everyone knew that the treasures here seemed to be engraved into space itself. Without being destined, one wouldn’t be able to obtain them no matter how powerful they might be.

However, the skull loosened, much to Li Qiye’s amusement: “I knew you weren’t as hard as my rock!”

Having said that, he put away the Myriad Star Egg. He then grabbed and pulled out the skull from the black hole with ease. The black hole disappeared right after, but a black fog continued to surround the dark skull.

After taking the skull, he didn’t dare to linger around any longer and immediately walked on the sword path back to the ship with haste. He heaved a sigh of relief and dispersed his crystal physique once he reached the deck.

“So domineering! He forcefully seized that fortune!” All the experts on the other ships were dumbfounded.

“Even a Godking can’t do something like this at the Bonesea. Perhaps an Immortal Emperor would be able to...” An old paragon immediately said: “This Li Qiye is fierce to the level where he is able to do something like this.”

Many were at a loss for words. In this place, even Godkings would tread carefully without taking any risks lest they die. As for forcefully seizing a fortune, it was something they didn’t dare to even think about. But today, a junior like Li Qiye has done just that. This was incomparably domineering and unexpected.